Advanced Pickleball Strategies: The Complete List of Better Gameplay

Pickleball is an emerging sport around the world that is a combination of badminton, racquetball, tennis, and table tennis.

You can enjoy a single or a doubles game. 

Like every sport, you need to strategize to win the pickleball game.

We have compiled a few factors that will help you in deriving the advanced strategy of pickleball doubles and singles match.

Each trick is a professionals’ recommendation. These strategies include a few mistakes that you tend to make and a few tips that you can follow to make your game stronger than your competitors.

So Let’s get started

Advanced Pickleball Strategies


Strategies for an advanced doubles game

Determine the teamwork with your partner

The first and foremost thing is to practice and determine the coordination level that you and your partner have. This tip is for very level pickleball, and even though many people do not realize it, it is one of the most important strategies that work in a game also if you do not have any others then.

Teamwork will help you in understanding every shot that you or your partner has to take even when it is unexpected form the opposing team. Besides practicing for the final game, you can bond with your partner through several different activities to build a mental actor with them and use those habits in the game to your advantage.

Many professionals tend to do this in secrecy to show their competitors that they are not in a good state; on the court, they surprise them with their coordination and understanding. Once you have established a foundation with your teammate, you can look forward to using the more difficult techniques. Teamwork will also help you in confidently discussing the weaknesses and strengths without having a complex, which will enable you to play according to them.

There are many tricks you can use to win which are legal, yet they only work if you and your partner decide it as a team together. Remember never to use a trick that your partner is weak at unless you have no other choice. You cannot make yourself look good by declaring that you played a good game while your partner was weak. If one goes down, the other goes down with them.

Target Players – Poaching

Poaching is a technique that is legal in the game and is professionally used. Playing or seeing an amateur match, you may have noticed the ball sometimes continually being targeted to one player, and the other player seems to be just standing there. This technique is used to focus players that are comparatively weak in a systematic way.

Once you and your teammate have understood each other, you will learn how easy it is to study the body language of both your opponents. A perfect trick is to examine your players and find which one is the weaker of the two and target them. Keep the ball in their direction always which will give you a fair advantage in the game.

Making it evident can turn the tables on you and change the game. Keep it as subtle as possible and divert the ball towards the player that is weaker than the rest of the game. This strategy if played correctly will confuse the other team as well, and they may have a hard time coming up with a block for this play impromptu.

Not only can you steal points from the other side with this method, but you can also gain score of your own since one direction will allow you to make fewer fouls and hit it in a well-versed are all the time.

Replace yourself – Stacking

Stacking is another one of the methods that are used in pickleball to play a fair yet tough game against the opponents. It is when you can see that the game is about to begin yet the players stand in a nontraditional way and arrange themselves in a strategic position. As a team, you need to sit and talk about this strategy before attempting it.

You might even want to practice with the places that you want to take before opting to try stacking. If you feel that your team is a little weak on a few spots, this tip will work out good for you. You can help hide your weaknesses and be subtle about them. You can stack in different ways that you can choose according to your game plan and deficiencies

  • A combination of right and left will keep your forehands in the middle and reduce the gaping hole in the middle
  • The one direction combination can be right and right, or left and left. This stacking method can hide a dominant or weak fore and backhand
  • In further advanced games, users stack for poaching which turns beneficial for them and confuses the other teams

Control the ball –Spin

Now that you have excelled in your body and movements, it is time to know that you can also control the ball in the game without it being a foul. Once again, since you will be playing as a double, it is crucial to remember that whatever power you exert on the ball, you should know your partner can play with it or not. Do not use a technique that will help you shoot quickly and cause a nuisance to your partner since you both will lose a point.

There are several different types of spins that you can add to the ball, even though some players tend to think it does not serve advantage if the other team does not play it well. You can add a spin that moves forward in the air which is topspin or a backspin which is the ball’s state of rotating backward in the air.

Topspin will bounce lower while the later will be a little higher.  An unexpected spin on the opposing players will give you a generous benefit and may get you some points. However, the real trick is to know how to hit it back if the other players survive the ball.

Strategies for an advanced singles game

In a singles game, you will solely depend on yourself and the game that you play. Hence, you will need to brush your skills before each match more than ever, identify your weaknesses and strengths and perform according to that. The following are a few legal strategies that5 take a lot of hard work and effort before putting into play.

Bring depth to the serves and shoots

In most singles games of Pickleball, one player will score in under four shots. Using the strategy to play with a thick and hard serve will give an advantage to you since the return to these shootings is usually very difficult and it gives you a chance to gain an early score. These shots need great practice because if they are done in the wrong way, they can backfire.

Additionally, if the opposing player can answer to the shot taken, then you need to learn the technique of playing the ball immediately with a new and unpredictable technique to keep the game in your favor.

In case your opponent uses this trick, the best way to answer it is to be within three feet of the baseline and directing towards the backhand side. You can also use this placement once you are done initiating the serve to remain on the safer end of the game.

Use strategic direction

For a doubles game, it is ideal to shoot in the center since players tend to leave that space while stacking strategy or even otherwise. Even though the court is a little small for Pickleball, single players cannot direct the whole area in one go. Hence, it is a smart idea to hit towards the corner to have more chances of scoring. Your opponent might have the same plan, so it is smart to stay vigilant of the edges if you are playing in the center.

Use the kitchen to your advantage

Your competitor is bound to have a few tricks up their sleeves which can leave you shocked throughout the match. Keep yourself alerted and calm when you see the shots and do not attempt your weaknesses in harsh shots since they may cause you to lose points.

For a challenging change, the most content strategy that you need to build is to neutralize the turn to confuse the other player into their play. Hit a third shot dink to the backhand just like in a doubles game to balance the fierce shot with a comfortable reply. Instead of shooting a wild ball, it is better to use an easier one that you know from the kitchen line.

Tips for all types of pickleball games

Apart from using these strategies, it is ideal for you to follow the following tips and tricks as a single player and as a team to help you throughout the game. Remember the foundation of any sport lies within a few regulations that are ideal for you to follow.

Tip 1 – follow the attire

Every sport has a clothing system which is not for fun. It is systematically chosen so that no matter what skill level the player is at, the clothes are not troublesome for them, and they can play well. For pickleball, you need to make sure that you are wearing a t-shirt that is not too tight that it restricts your movements and not also lose that it freely moves around.

Shorts are most favored, but if you think you can play in jeans or trousers, then you can go for it. No matter whether you play indoors or outdoors, you need to pick out the perfect shoes for your game. They should have a convenient grip and a comfortable fit. An additional bonus in the footwear is when they can help you in shifting weight without causing fatigue.

Tip 2 – Pick the right equipment

Your equipment is the Robin to your Batman. So, pick the right paddle that is neither too heavy that you quickly tire your arm, or too light that it flies off in the crowd. A little cushioning on the handle will allow you to grip it for a long time without having fatigue. Use your paddle to test out shots including spins, speed, and overall performance. An essential tip to pick your paddle is to see if it gives you power when you hold it.

Tip 3 – never lose the focus and position

A common mistake that players make is that they hit the ball and they lose their body language and their attention for a second. Even a second can cause you the whole game, so it is essential to wait for the ball to come to you in the right posture. Ensure that your paddle is high and centered on your chest. In this pose no matter what shot your opponent throws, you are ready for it. You should be on your toes, and you shall be prepared to shift weights while looking out for the next shot.


There are many other strategies that you can use to ensure that your game is better than your opponent’s. The common ground that stands in all of them is identifying your weaknesses and subtly avoiding them so that the other player does not recognize them.

Additionally, playing with your strengths will give you a higher chance of winning more points. If you are playing on a team, then make sure you and your player are not playing with different plots or arguments. If you do not like each other, then learn to get along in the spirit of the game so that you can win against your competitors.

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