6 Most Essential Badminton Beginner Mistakes and How to Overcome

Badminton is probably one of the most exciting racket sports that can be played by virtually anyone who can swing a racket.

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Due to the simplicity of the racket game, a lot of people are quick to get into the sport consequently making simple mistakes that can be avoided with a little more keenness.

It’s obvious that learners will make mistakes but don’t you want to know how to improve your game by avoiding the very common badminton beginner mistakes?

So let’s begin

Here are some of the most common badminton mistakes made by beginners and how you can overcome them.

Badminton Beginner Mistakes

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1.    Wrong grip

If you want to learn badminton quickly, the first step that you should master is getting the grip correctly. However, many beginners tend to overlook this aspect and try to hold the racket they way they see it fit for them as opposed to the professional way.

For instance, one of the most issues with holding the racket correctly is panhandling it instead of successfully wrapping your hand around the racket handle and creating a V shape between the thumb and the index finger.

Beginners tend to hold the racket like a pan when playing a forehand shot while it is only required for drive shots. Another common gripping issue with beginners is that they hold the racket very tight while playing eventually leaving the players exhausted and with very little chance of maneuvering or changing the grip quickly.

There are other numerous gripping mistakes associated with beginners which can be easily avoided with proper training.

2.    Wrong serve

Illegal serves are very common for beginners as they constantly forget the point of contact.

In most cases, beginners are very rigid which means that they always look forward to very minimum movement of their body parts leading to illegal serves. Beginners tend to serve above the recommended point of contact which is just below the lowest rib.

To get this right, it’s a matter of practice and playing with knowledgeable people in regards to badminton rules. In street badminton, illegal serves are not always taken into consideration, but it turns out to be a big deal in case of a tournament situation.

3.    Poor serve

Badminton beginners always want to play it safe which sometimes becomes an advantage to the opponent. For instance, sending high serves allows for an instant kill from the opponent.

On the other hand, serving too low might hit the net and drop on the non designated service court. To overcome these issues, you need to practice regularly where you get used to the weight of your racket and the shuttle as they guide you on the amount of force that you need to put on a particular shot or service.

4.    Poor reception

As mentioned above, many beginners find it convenient to clear the shuttle off their court which is a poor playing strategy and one that can cost you a lot.

Since beginners do not want to make mistakes when receiving a serve, they tend to have the most basic return which is a clearance shot. Clearing all shots does not only give your opponent an easy opportunity to send a drive shot, but also deprives you the opportunity to smash or trick your opponent.

The only remedy for these issues is a regular practice. Once you have realized how to control the shuttle speed and power, you easily gain confidence to smash a service from your opponent or return a very low shot that will have your opponent struggling to send it back to your court.

5.    Being frustrated

In every sport, it’s quite possible to feel frustrated after making a couple of mistakes during the game such as missing a clear shot, losing all your serves or booing from the crowd.

To avoid this kind of frustration, the first step is to acknowledge it. The moment you realize that you are going to make mistakes, then you won’t be so hard on yourself when playing which gives you an opportunity to focus on to the next event.

Always remember that every shot in badminton counts which means that you shouldn’t waste the next shot thinking about the previous one. In this way, you can be able to salvage a few points before the end of the game. Better yet, learn from your mistakes and practice to improve on the areas that you find wanting.

6.    Smashing too hard

Once you learn how to smash, it becomes exciting, especially for beginners. Smashing is fascinating and essential in badminton as it catches your opponent unawares and forces them to return a weak shot consequently giving you an advantage over him/her.

However, it’s not uncommon for beginners to smash carelessly.

As a beginner, you might be excited about smashing to a point where you have no clue which shots should be directed elsewhere instead of smashing.

Another issue with smashing is that sometimes beginners do not know the amount of power to put in a smash. The issues are numerous including using the wrong grip to smash and using your hand instead of your whole body to put weight on the smash. To overcome these challenges, you need to learn some of these techniques from a professional or an experienced player.

 As a beginner, you can quickly notice when you are using up too much energy on a smash by getting mild muscle aches around your arm. A good player can distribute his/her energy throughout the game.

If you realize that you get tired very quickly during a game, then you should consider reducing the energy used in smashes or reducing them altogether.


Although we do have different playing techniques and styles, some mistakes outrightly need to be corrected before going into the next game. However, nobody is perfect, and instead of crying over spilled milk, you should recollect yourself and learn from your mistakes as you improve and polish up your playing style.

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