25 Most Important Badminton FAQs and Their Answers (Proven)

1.    When badminton was invented

Badminton has a rich history and various links to early civilization in Asia and Europe. Badminton’s first games can be traced in India around 1870. Initially, badminton used to be a game for the Royals and upper-class although it was discovered by British soldiers working in India.

Badminton’s first known name was Poona although there are other suggestions that shuttlecock and battledore, which were popular games with the upper class in the 1600s, are also part of the badminton history. Both sports were largely played by the upper class in many European countries and England.

Badminton FAQs

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2.    When is the badminton season?

The overall badminton circuit season organized by the badminton world Federation starts in January and ends in December every year. The 2017 season began on January 10 while the 2018 season started on January 9.

3.    What are badminton rackets made of?

Badminton rackets are made using a combination of various materials which include synthetic strings, graphite and carbon fiber among other materials. Custom-made badminton rackets might include high-end but light materials as well.

4.    Who is badminton world number 1?

As of 18 January 2018, Viktor Axelsen is ranked the number one a badminton by the badminton world Federation with 79,580 points.

5.    Who invented badminton racket?

Since badminton has been linked to earlier games played in the 1600s using a shuttlecock such as a battledore, it is challenging to pinpoint the badminton racket inventor. However, going by the badminton’s history, then the British Army officers deployed in India invented the badminton racket.

6.    Can badminton help lose weight?

Yes, badminton is an intense sport which requires a lot of movement and energy use. Depending on the intensity of the game, players are expected to burn between a hundred to 500 cal per hour.

7.    Can badminton shoes be used for running?

Various sports shoes can be interchanged which means that you can use running shoes to play badminton and vice versa. However, it’s recommended that you use the right shoes for the sport because they are made uniquely to handle the various situations involved in each sport.

For example, using badminton shoes for running will automatically be uncomfortable as badminton shoes are not created with cushioning in mind but rather created for the court. In this regard, you will end up using more money as a result of feet injuries and sole replacements.

8.    Can badminton increase height?

No. Your height is determined by various factors which include diet, genetics, and lifestyle. However, the most important factor in regards to height is genetics. It is believed that being active in sports helps in the release of growth hormones which in turn helps you grow tall.

9.    Are badminton and volleyball nets the same?

Badminton and volleyball nets are different in various capacities. For instance, the holes in the nets are different wherein volleyball they are more prominent. Furthermore, volleyball nets are much stronger and raised much higher as compared to badminton nets.

10.    How are badminton rackets made?

      Badminton rackets are manufactured in large-scale production companies in various parts of the world. Badminton rackets are mostly made from lightweight materials such as aluminum and graphite with a steel handle.

11.    Where badminton is played

Badminton is played in a court resembling a tennis court but smaller in size bearing different markings as compared to the tennis court. However, street badminton can also be played on a tennis court as all you need to do is make temporary marks on the court and adjust the height of the net.

In most cases, badminton is played indoors but can also be played outdoors. Today, badminton is played in virtually all countries in the world.

12.    Why is badminton the best sport?

There are various reasons as to why badminton is the best sport which ranges from logistics issues to numerous health benefits. For instance, most badminton players are confident in their health status because of the numerous health benefits associated with badminton such as weight loss, better mental health, better metabolism, better eyesight, better physique and reflex among others.

Moreover, badminton is easy to play, doesn’t require a lot of money to start, it’s a non-contact game meaning fewer chances of injuries and can be played anywhere among other logistical issues.

Playing Badminton

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13.    Will playing badminton help lose weight?

Yes! In fact, if you are bored with your gym instructor’s dull routine and exercises, you can commit to having some fun and at the same time lose some weight by playing badminton. Badminton is a vigorous game which requires a lot of movement and energy use. In this regard, depending on the intensity of the game, we automatically burn some calories consequently losing extra weight.

Moreover, badminton increases your metabolism which leads to more sweating and better feeding routine. When playing badminton professionally, you are required to exercise almost regularly which automatically ensures you are in good shape at all times.

14.    Can badminton be played outdoors?

Badminton can be played indoors or outdoors depending on the availability of space. There are no restrictions on where you can play badminton. However, it is recommended to play badminton indoors especially in areas where the conditions are always windy.

Since the shuttlecock is made of feathers, it means it can be easily blown away during a game when playing outside in windy conditions.

15.    Can badminton shoes be used for futsal?

Badminton shoes are typically identical to futsal shoes and in many cases way cheaper. In this regard, I think it will be a great idea to use badminton shoes to play futsal although the feel will be a bit different.

Moreover, you need to consider the type of court because if you are playing futsal in turf, then it will feel different since badminton shoes are made for the court. However, using futsal shoes to play badminton is a big no.

16.    Can badminton shoes be used for basketball?

Badminton shoes can be used to play basketball as both sports have similarities when it comes to playing techniques and movements. However, you should be very cautious when interchanging sports shoes especially if you plan to play badminton or basketball professional.

For casual badminton or basketball, the use of special shoes is not necessary as at most times, street basketball and badminton do not require extreme maneuvers. However, if you want to pursue any of the sports professionally, I would suggest sticking to the particular sports shoes as using different shoes might take a toll on your physical health without realizing it.

17.    Can badminton be played on a tennis court?

Yes, badminton can be played on a tennis court with various adjustments and markings as a badminton court is obviously smaller than a tennis court.

Since the court is also broader, you need to figure out a way to add extra poles to hold the badminton net which should be a bit higher than tennis net. You will also need to mark the court temporarily as badminton and tennis have different markings.

18.    Can badminton cause tennis elbow?

Tennis elbow is a physical injury caused by overuse of the elbow muscles which can affect any racket sports player. In this regard, tennis elbow can be caused by playing badminton regularly. However, tennis elbow is one of the easiest injuries to avoid and treat. To prevent the injury, make sure that you exercise regularly, ensure you warm-up and warm down after every game.

If you play badminton regularly, ensure to take a break and a massage if possible after a session. Furthermore, it’s advisable to know your limits and always avoid pushing extra. However, overuse injuries are expected as you age.

19.    Can badminton shoes be used for jogging?

Although it is advisable to use specific shoes for specific sports/purposes, you can still use badminton shoes for jogging. However, you should expect a few shortcomings from using the wrong shoes. For instance, badminton shoes have gum soles while running shoes are made of rubber soles.

Furthermore, running shoes are comfier and have specific advantages in regards to traction and adaptability.

20.    Can badminton shoes be used for table tennis?

Badminton shoes and other racket sports shoes are good and can be used to play table tennis and other racket sports.

However, you should be very cautious if you are planning to take any of the sports professionally as some of the minor technicalities involved in the making of these shoes can eventually become major issues to your health in regards to body part movements.

The most critical issues to look at when interchanging racket sports shoes is obviously the type of court used as it is a major factor considered by the manufacturers.

21.    Can badminton reduce weight?

Badminton is considered as one of the best sports for exercising and keeping fit. In this regard, I am confident that badminton can reduce weight significantly depending on the amount of time spent playing badminton and the intensity of the game.

Apart from vigorous exercising, badminton also improves your metabolism which in turn significantly affects your food intake and diet. Badminton also requires a person exercise during warm-ups and warm-downs which mean that you get additional chances of losing weight when you are out of the court.

22.    Can badminton racket cross net?

No. To avoid unfair advantages against an opponent, there are badminton rules that dictate when you are supposed to hit the shuttlecock and the limitations of your racket. In this regard, you are only required to hit the shuttlecock once it crosses the net to your court. Extending your racket to the opponent’s court is illegal and should be discouraged at all cost.

23.    Can badminton shoes be used for tennis?

Generally, most racket sports shoes can be interchanged depending on the court surface. In this regard, it means that you can use badminton shoes for tennis casually.

However, if you are planning to go pro on tennis, you need to use the correct shoes as there are some minor but very significant differences between these shoes such as traction and weight. Since different activities are involved in the different sports, the shoes are also made to adapt these conditions such as running and jumping, therefore, the need to find specific shoes.

24.    Can badminton shoes be used for squash?

Badminton shoes can be used to play squash casually depending on the surface of the court. However, it is advisable to use specific sports shoes to play their respective sport due to the customization that goes into consideration during the manufacture of these shoes.

25.    When badminton became Olympic sport

Although badminton’s history goes back to the 18th century, it wasn’t until 1992 when the sport was officially introduced as a competitive game in the Olympics.

However, badminton was first introduced to the Olympics in 1972 as a demonstration sport only to be formally recognized 20 years later.

Today, there are five events played in the Olympics, unlike the original four events which included men’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s singles and women’s doubles.

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