11 Best Basketball Ankle Braces 2019 – A Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Are you a basketball lover?

Then you must know the movements involve in the game.

Unlike other games, it doesn’t involve a single type of actions. Rather, you run, take sudden turns, make high jumps, dodge, and stop. Such activities ask for excellent stability and practice.

What is important to know?

In this energetic game, a huge number of players face different injuries. What is common among them? It is the ankle injury. The right way to avoid it by having best basketball ankle braces.

How does it work?

It provides support to your ankle and prevents it from rolling out. Players don’t’ use these braces for defensive purpose only. Rather, its major goal is to offer support and healing to already present ankle injury.

Do you want to buy one?

Then, we have something useful for you. We are going to talk about buying guide related to basketball ankle braces.

So let’s start now!

Best Basketball Ankle Brace

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Top 11 Basketball Ankle Braces Comparison Table



Our Review



Med Spec ASO Ankle Stabilizer


Kunto Fitness Ankle Brace


Liomor Ankle Support Ankle Brace


McDavid Ankle Brace Support


McDavid 199 Ankle Brace


Active Ankle T2 Ankle Brace 


Venom Ankle Brace


Zamst Ankle Brace


Nordic Lifting Ankle Compression Sleeves


Shock Doctor 851 Ultra Wrap Laced Ankle Brace


Active Ankle T1 Rigid Ankle Brace

11 Best Basketball Ankle Brace Reviews

1.    Med Spec ASO Ankle Stabilizer

This ASO Ankle Stabilizer is a product of Med Spec. This company provides huge varieties of braces for orthopedic injuries. With their superior performing products, they meet the needs of serious athletes and patients.

This ASO Ankle Stabilizer is available in two colors black and white. You can purchase it in huge varieties of sizes from XX-Small to 3X-Large.

This ankle brace is made up of nylon material. This stuff helps in providing durability and strength to the braces. Nylon through its tight attribute makes sure to provide fitting support to your feet. In this way, it keeps your foot at the place.

Its eminent feature is its straps. First one is lace strap present at the front of the foot. It is adjustable and offers great support.

The second one is stabilizing strap that you can also adjust without removing your shoes. It gives protection to your ankle.

The third one is front-foot elastic cuff closure. It besides providing support keeps lace and straps strictly in their place. 

These braces come in bilateral design. In this way, you can use them for either right or left foot. The overall look of this brace is kept low-profile. Therefore, you can wear them easily with any your shoes along with socks.

You can wash these braces in a machine with gentle cycle. However, air dry and bleaching is not suitable. Moreover, this product is made in the USA. That’s why it is made available to customers after meeting all quality control standards.

ASO Ankle Stabilizer
  • plus-circle
    Due to its bilateral design, you can wear this brace on your both feet.
  • plus-circle
    Machine washable property gives you easy cleaning.
  • plus-circle
    Cuff strap keeps everything at the right place
  • plus-circle
    Nylon material offers durability.
  • minus-circle
    This brace might feel tight with small sized shoes.
  • minus-circle
    These braces are available in a single. You will need to buy two for your both feet.

2.    Kunto Fitness Ankle Brace

This ankle brace is a product of Kunto Fitness. This brand mainly aims to offer quality fitness products. With their quality products and great customer services, they try to win their customers' trust.

This ankle brace is available in black color with a multi-color design pattern. It is available in sizes from extra small to large.

This ankle brace provides leveled compression all around your ankle joint. In this way, it gives reasonable aid in different types of problems. It is helpful for arthritis, sprains, muscle fatigue, swelling, and other problems.

This brace is constructed using the non-neoprene material. In this way, it helps in preventing irritation that other products might cause.

In its manufacturing, a blend of fabric is used. It provides four ways stretching capability to give support and protection to your ankle on the whole. 

Its material is made highly breathable. Moreover, its great compression doesn’t ask for any compromise on your mobility. You can move around freely while wearing it.

Kunto Fitness Ankle Brace Compression Support Sleeve
  • plus-circle
    With its breathable material, it gives great comfort.
  • plus-circle
    You can stay sweat-free during your whole activity
  • plus-circle
    Its adequate compression relieves pain.
  • plus-circle
    People of all ages can use it
  • minus-circle
    You can’t use it in swimming pool due to the presence of chlorine in the water
  • minus-circle
    You might have a size problem with this brace

3.    Liomor Ankle Support Ankle Brace

Ankle Brace from Liomor prevents you from ankle injuries by providing you the stability your foot needs. It is lightweight and breathable and makes running and jumping easier for you while playing basketball.

This ankle brace is not bulky and heavy. The strap provides tremendous strength to your ankle and helps you eliminate the risk of being injured on the court.

A good and stable ankle brace is the one which provides concentrated support to your foot without causing much hindrance in motion. Liomor has an impressive stabilizing capability.

It is very easy to use and gives you a very comfortable fit. It can be worn on both foot and is suitable for men and women.

Liomor Ankle Support Breathable Ankle Brace
  • plus-circle
    The ankle brace is breathable which stops you from worrying about skin irritations and bad odor.
  • plus-circle
    The ankle brace has adjustable straps which are not too tight and not too loose.
  • plus-circle
    It can be worn by both men and women which is a good point.
  • plus-circle
    The ankle brace is made from a high-quality material which makes it long-lasting.
  • minus-circle
    The ankle brace does not provide the right stability to people who have severe injuries

4.    McDavid Ankle Brace Support

McDavid Ankle brace is designed with high-quality material for athletes who are looking for full ankle support to perform effectively on the basketball court.

This ankle brace is designed with a 6-figure strapping pattern which makes it easy for the wearer to adjust. You can tighten and loosen it quickly without taking your shoes off. The tighter you pull the strap, the more support it gives to your ankle.

The McDavid Ankle brace is constructed to provide all-out support to your ankle and prevent ankle sprains and heal injuries.

The Ankle brace is adjustable and durable. It can be worn on either foot.  This ankle base is constructed to lower the risk of injury.

McDavid Ankle Brace Support
  • plus-circle
    Because of the adjustability of the brace with the 6-figure strap, you can easily make it loose or tight
  • plus-circle
    This ankle brace has a padded lining which gives an ideal cushioning to the foot
  • plus-circle
    The ankle brace is breathable and made from high-quality material which makes it sweat resistant
  • plus-circle
    The ankle brace can be worn on left and right ankle
  • plus-circle
    It is easy to wear and move around.
  • minus-circle
    The polyester fabric makes the ankle brace stiff and uncomfortable sometimes.

5.    McDavid 199 Ankle Brace

McDavid 199 Ankle Brace is one of the top-selling ankle braces with laces. It is constructed with a spring steel medical grade which makes it solid and the ankle brace provides concentrated support to your ankle.

This ankle brace is designed for athletes to prevent injuries and ankle sprains. It gives the mobility and stability you require to play basketball well on the court.

The ankles brace light-weight and ideal for basketball players to enhance their performance.  For concentrated support, it is constructed in arch-shaped design.

The breathability of an ankle brace is essential. This ankle brace is highly breathable because it is constructed with the combination of two-layer polyester and vinyl mesh.

McDavid 199 Lace-up Ankle Brace
  • plus-circle
    The ankle brace is breathable, lightweight and fits well on both ankles.
  • plus-circle
    It is easily washable and durable; it can be used for years.
  • plus-circle
    The brace can be worn by athletes, trainers, and coaches to prevent injuries.
  • minus-circle
    It is bulky with some shoe types.

6.    Active Ankle T2 Ankle Brace

Ankle braces are very important for basketball players to prevent ankle sprains and injuries. They are also helpful to enhance their performance on the field.

Basketball is a very rigorous game which requires a lot of jumping and running on the court, T2 ankle brace provides good support to your ankle.

It is constructed in such a way to make the players feel confident on the court no matter what the condition of their ankle is.

Active T2 ankle brace makes it easy for the player to hit the court faster with an ankle injury. It allows the ankle to heal quickly and provides grip to the injured ankle.

The ankle brace has a feature of an anatomical bilateral hinge which makes it easy to move around even with sprains and strains.

Active Ankle T2 Ankle Brace
  • plus-circle
    The ankle brace has a single strap which is easily adjustable for both low-top and high-top shoes.
  • plus-circle
    This ankle brace is breathable, lightweight and can easily be worn with any shoes.
  • plus-circle
    It fits well on the left and right ankles.
  • minus-circle
    The ankle brace does not stabilize the ankle well

7.    Venom Ankle Brace

Basketball players have to deal with very demanding activities on the court. They need to have ideal ankle support to face the challenges the game throws.

Venom Ankle brace is designed to provide concentrated protection to your ankle. It offers exceptional stability and total support against injuries.

This ankle brace is suitable for all the athletes to prevent their ankle from sprains, fatigue, and chronic pain.

It is made from high-quality neoprene which is sweat resistant. The ankle brace is highly breathable and fits comfortably.

This ankle brace is available in different sizes. You can choose the one which is suitable for you.

If you are looking for an ankle brace which is high-quality and provide reasonable support to your ankle, this ankle brace is ideal for you.

Venom Ankle Brace Neoprene Lace Up Compression Sleeve
  • plus-circle
    Venom ankle brace has double strap support and laces which makes it fully adjustable.
  • plus-circle
    This ankle brace is breathable and sweat-resistant
  • plus-circle
    Adjustable and can be modified according to your needs
  • plus-circle
    Provides relief to the ankle injuries like ankle sprains, muscle fatigue, and swelling
  • minus-circle
    It is bulky with some shoes

8.    Zamst Ankle Brace

Zamst Ankle brace provides sufficient support to your ankle while playing your game. Whether you are a soccer player or a basketball player, you need to have stable support for your ankle to move comfortably on the court.

This ankle brace possesses exo-grid dual molded support structure with grip technology which provides the ankle with optimal support.

This brace offers a comfortable fit to the basketball players. The comfort the braces provide enhances the players’ performance on the basketball court.

There is a reason that Zamst Ankle brace is ideal for your ankles, the brace is made from the high-quality material with several technologies. This ankle brace is perfect for muscle strains and fatigue and provides relief to the sprained ankle.

Zamst Ankle Brace Support Stabilizer
  • plus-circle
    Zamst ankle brace provides optimal support to the ankle.
  • plus-circle
    This ankle braces is durable and lasts for longer periods.
  • plus-circle
    The X-strap stabilizer gives a good grip and prevents the foot from moving forward.
  • plus-circle
    You can easily tighten and loosen the strap according to your requirements.
  • minus-circle
    Only available in one color which is black
  • minus-circle
    It is a bit stiff and uncomfortable.

9.    Nordic Lifting Ankle Compression Sleeves

These Ankle Compression Sleeves are constructed with high-quality nylon yarn which gives a perfect fit to your ankle. They provide relief for sprained ankles, swelling, arthritis, and general muscle fatigue.

If you are someone who is prone to ankle sprains and injuries, ankle compression sleeves are ideal for you to provide reliable support to your ankle to maintain your balance.

Prevention is better than cure. It is good to prevent an injury by wearing these ankle sleeves if you are a rigorous sportsman. These ankle sleeves provide optimal support to keep your balance and to avoid ankle strains.

They provide compression to the foot and ankle which helps you perform better on the court. These ankle sleeves come with a 1-year warranty.

These sleeves are extremely comfortable and easy to put on.

Ankle Compression Sleeves
  • plus-circle
    These ankle sleeves provide a good support to the ankles
  • plus-circle
    Both men and women can wear these ankle sleeves.
  • plus-circle
    These ankle sleeves provide easy mobility with joint support
  • plus-circle
    Good for pain relief.
  • minus-circle
    These ankle sleeves are not tight enough and can become loose overtime.
  • minus-circle
    They are only available in one color.

10.    Shock Doctor 851 Ultra Wrap Laced Ankle Brace

Shock Doctor may not be the well-known brand when it comes to ankle support. But they have made it their mission to provide quality products that encourage healing and prevent sprains.

The 851 Ultra Wrap Ankle Brace boasts its anatomical low profile that provides a very natural feel to the ankle. It further provides support for minor or moderate sprains or instabilities of the ankle joint.

The Ankle Brace provides alignment which helps it heal faster and with proper therapeutic blood flow.

This ankle brace also makes use of a neurological fact of proprioception. It manipulates our sense of proprioception to allow for fairly constant contraction of the muscle that helps to heal it.

Shock Doctor 851 Ultra Wrap Laced Ankle Brace
  • plus-circle
    Provides great protection, alignment, and support that help to heal strains and sprains faster.
  • plus-circle
    Good for active recovery, since it maintains a proper angle of the ankle so that you can continue all your daily sports and activities.
  • plus-circle
    It is lightweight, non-bulky and comfortable, which provides a feel that you can get used to easily.
  • plus-circle
    The material is thin but snug thus providing firm ankle support without being suffocating.
  • minus-circle
    You cannot use it during water activities like swimming.
  • minus-circle
    Cannot be used as a replacement for medical advice and consultation.

11.    Cramer Active Ankle T1 Rigid Ankle Brace

Cramer has been a staple of medical sports equipment for years. They provide products that are known not to compromise on quality and give their customers the widely accepted features in the market at any given time.

The T1 Rigid Ankle Brace provides ankle support that is both medial and lateral. The ankle braces support on both sides provides remarkable stability without having to compromise on movements of flexion and extension.

These movements are especially important when going for an active recovery program or beginning rehab activities. It can further be used as a preventive measure in people who are more prone to ankle strains or sprains.

The ankle brace also has neoprene bars that provide added support and security to the ankle. They are good for people with the chronically sprained ankle.

Active Ankle T1 Rigid Ankle Brace
  • plus-circle
    The bilateral hinge provides unparalleled security and support to the ankle along with adequate compression
  • plus-circle
    Works to retain heat and improve blood flow which encourages healing.
  • plus-circle
    Very comfortable and has good flexibility and range of movement. It is also exceptionally lightweight.
  • plus-circle
    Great for all kinds of people with all kinds of needs whether cheerleaders or players.
  • minus-circle
    Can be quite bulky and big, this can make it slightly inconvenient to wear

Basketball Ankle Brace Buyer’s Guide

In this buying guide, you will get an idea about basic things that you should consider while purchasing an ankle brace for playing a basketball game.

Things to consider while buying a basketball ankle braces

Different factors play important role in deciding the performance of any product. Here we are going to start systematically.

Are you planning to buy an ankle brace? What first thing you should think about? Let’s discuss it first.

Purpose of purchasing ankle braces

First of all, you should see why are you getting ankle braces? Normally, there are two purposes behind. One of them is recovering from the previous injury. Another one is for taking preventive actions, and to gain stability.

In the first case when you have to recover from injury, you should look for high-performing braces. Why? The reason is you already have improper ankle with less stability and functioning.

If you belong to the second category, you can go for lightweight braces. You can also go for compression style guards or socks that can give you adequate support and protection.

Once you have decided the purpose, now check for the following things:

Size Fitting

It is one of the important things that you should look for. What are you going to do with the braces that don’t fit well on your foot?

Therefore, pay special attention to this point. You should opt for the braces that fit well on your feet even with your socks and shoes. In this regard, you can also look for adjustable braces. They will help you in making size adjustments. 


It is a second important factor that asks for your consideration. Always check the comfort level of your ankle braces. The comfort depends on different things. One of them is fabric involved in its construction, and the second is a way of construction.

What if your braces keep your feet stable, but feel uncomfortable? You will definitely go to lose a game in this scenario. Regarding comfort, it is also important to see the number of hours you can easily wear them.


Normally, you will get this feature in almost all ankle braces. However, still few don’t come with this attribute. Lacking breathability means your feet are going to feel sticky throughout the game.

You surely won’t like to have this feeling. Moreover, it will make your feet smell bad as well. Therefore, check for material breathability before purchasing your basketball ankle braces.


You are going to wear your braces while playing a basketball game. As we have already mentioned, it involves a lot of different movements. What if your braces don’t let you move freely? You will obviously lose your goal.

Therefore, check for this attribute properly. Ask your salesman. Also, it’s better to check brace by wearing them for a long time before purchasing them. 


It is a factor that you should look while getting all types of products. it is the durability of your purchased item. Are you going to play basketball for once? Definitely not!

Then, check for your ankle braces durability. Good quality braces are those that serve you for numerous matches.


Normally ankle braces aren’t very expensive. You can afford them easily. However, we will recommend buying good quality braces, even if you have to pay more.

The reason behind is its purpose. It is the matter of your health and body. One should not compromise its safety just for saving few bucks.

Basketball Ankle Brace Reviews

Image: gq.com

Basketball Ankle Brace Buying FAQs

1. How getting right ankle brace can assist me in my recovery process?

It is very much important to get a high-quality right type of ankle braces, especially for recovery purpose. The reason is the level of confidence you will have on it.

If you purchase the right type of ankle brace, you will feel confident in its performance. This confidence will eventually help in your rehabilitation process.

Ankle injury needs time to recover. During all this time, you can face swelling, pain, and problem in moving. If you wear right braces, you can move around freely and confidently without worrying about your ankle.

Many players even give out-class performances with ankle injuries by wearing a right type of ankle braces.

2. Name top brands of basketball ankle braces and what do they aim for?

Many companies manufacture different products. But things become more crucial when it comes to the safety. As ankle braces offer safety to athletes, manufacturers need to pay extra attention in delivering a quality product.

Same is the case with basketball ankle braces. Brands that come at leading position in this category are ASO, McDavid, and Zamst. But they are not only good-performing companies. There are many others.

While producing braces, they especially concentrate on delivering comfortable, effective, lightweight product that decreases the ankle roll.

3. What would happen if I cannot get the right size for my ankle braces?

As we have already mentioned, getting a right size is highly important when it comes to your basketball ankle braces.

However, if you fail to get the right size then following issues can be created:

Getting braces that are too lose on your feet aren’t going to offer enough support and protection. They will rather end up in giving you blisters around your ankle/feet. You can’t heel your blisters with these braces then.

If your braces are too tight, they can give you support and protection. But, they will cut off the blood flow around your leg and ankle. This will end up in you feeling numbing during your game.

4. How to choose right size ankle braces?

In case of making an online purchase, you can first check and take guidance from sizing chart. These guides are available online. Read them thoroughly, and choose the right size option for you.

Otherwise, if you are physically going to shop for your braces, then take proper time and wear the required product. Move around to check their fitting on your feet.

If both these are not your cases, then you can also take help from anyone you know. Ask them about their size, and check if their size matches yours. You can also take their braces for few days to check their fitting with your feet size.

5. Basketball ankle braces are usually available in which material types?

There are different types of material used in the manufacturing of these ankle braces. The choice depends on manufacturers. But here, we are going to discuss two common materials.

One of the widely used materials is neoprene. It is considerable affordable material options. However, this material is less breathable.

The other material is ballistic nylon. Many manufacturers use it along with Vinyl. It offers good protective shell over your feet. It is quite durable material provides great support. Moreover, it is also preferred because of its breathability and lightweight attributes.

6. What closure mechanisms can I get in ankle braces?

For the majority of basketball ankle braces, you will get strapped mechanism. It is a good and speedy choice used by many players.

However, in few braces, you can also get lacing up mechanism. What’s unique with it? It is its adaptable fitting. It can fit easily on different sizes of ankles and feet.

In few braces, you can also get a combination of both for additional support.

7. How to check the comfort level of my basketball ankle braces?

You cannot decide the comfort level of your ankle braces unless you try it. That’s why it is essential to look for ways to check their comfort.

Many online sellers give their products for trial purpose. You can avail this offer. Remember, your braces should offer you comfortable feeling during the whole game. Your game is going to last for hours.

Therefore, before finalizing any product, make sure to check it by wearing for enough hours.

You can also take any partners’ braces for few days. Wear them and play for hours. Once, you find them comfortable from all aspects, go for purchasing the same.

8. Can these ankle braces offer full support and protection to my ankles?

No, these ankle braces are not going to give 100% results. Definitely, not product does. However, they can greatly reduce the impact of any injury on your feet. Also, they can help you in moving while having previous ankle damages.

Need more? Then, the greatest thing these braces can offer is the satisfactory feelings and peace of mind. You can play freely while wearing them on.

9. What additional features should I look for while buying ankle braces?

Maintenance is an important thing that you should look. Check for the precautionary measures you will need to take while using them.

Ask for cleaning process of your braces, as it is obvious you will need to wash them many times. Also, check for any warranty or guarantee your seller is offering you.

Ankle braces is a long-term investment. You are not going to buy them every other day. They should be able to serve you at least for months.

10. Does wearing ankle braces for a long time can harm me in any way?

No, wearing your ankle braces for a long time isn’t going to harm you in any way. Yes, they will harm you if you are not wearing a right type of product with the right size.


Who wants to get injured during the game? Well, many of the high-potential players cannot concentrate fully on their game. Why? The reason behind is the fear of getting injured.

Undoubtedly, ankle injuries are one of the painful and frustrating damages. It can even keep any player out of the whole tournament. In some serious scenario, it can cause lifetime defects.

Keeping these facts in mind, it becomes more important to get one of the best basketball ankle braces. These braces not only provide support to your feet but also prevent devastating incidents.

Prevention is always better than cure. If you are enthusiast player, better purchase your ankle braces soon. We have given a short help in this write-up. It can assist you in going through buying process successfully.

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