16 Best Basketball Knee Pads, Sleeves and Braces | A Buyer’s Guide

The game needs Strength:

While playing basketball or any such sport, one thing that you don’t want to regret is your joints. Knee joints and muscles need to stay as healthy as possible; and if they are not strong enough, then your game is not good enough.

Need a support?

To give your knee that best support you need to look out for some sleeves, which will allow the blood circulation to go through the right cycles also it helps you in giving your best in the matches.

Read on:

We have gathered for you some of the best basketball knee pads, sleeves, and braces.

Top 16 Basketball Knee Pads, Sleeves and Brace Comparison Table



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UFlex Athletics Knee Compression Sleeve Support


Bracoo Knee Support


Winzone Knee Brace Support Sleeve


McDavid 6446 Hex Leg Sleeve


Shock Doctor Ultra Knee Supporter


Mava Sports Knee Sleeve


Sable Knee Brace Support Compression Sleeves


EXOUS Knee Brace Support Protector


McDavid HEX Protective Knee Pads


Bear KompleX Knee Sleeves


Bauerfeind GenuTrain Knee Support


Compressions Knee Brace Support


PowerLix Compression Knee Sleeve


Bauerfeind Sports Knee Support


Venom Knee Sleeve Compression Brace


Kuangmi Knee Brace Compression Sleeve

16 Best Basketball Knee Pads, Sleeves and Braces Reviews

1.    UFlex Athletics Knee Compression Sleeve Support

The Uflex knee sleeve gives the compression for players who need moderate support. If your muscles are somewhat injured and need recovery, this would protect your knee and will give enhanced recovery.

Uflex also releases the pain, and it can be used whenever you are playing to keep your knee safe from getting any injury. It comes up with a double silicone layer that gives the sleeve a good support.

The material is nylon and a Lycra blend which makes it lightweight and you hardly feel a thing on your knee. A new technology with 3D has come into existence by this knee sleeve.

UFlex Athletics Knee Compression Sleeve Support
  • plus-circle
    Full day comfort due to the ultimate lightweight.
  • plus-circle
    Nonslip construction of silicone
  • plus-circle
    Supportive compression, it will not make you feel too tight on your knee.
  • minus-circle
    On larger legs, the sleeve could bunch up.

2.    Bracoo Knee Support

The Bracoo knee support is used as a full support for your knee joint when you are playing basketball. The design is unique in its own way, an open-patella that helps in relieving the pressure and lessens pressure on your joint.

A reinforced ring has been used which acts as a stabilizer, and it always makes sure to keep the kneecap in one place, also keeps the stress distributed across various ligaments, there is very less chance of re-injuring.

Neoprene material is used which is extra-thick, so it provides the ultimate support and helps in improving the circulation.

Bracoo Knee Support
  • plus-circle
    There are dual stabilizers which can be used if extra support is needed to the player.
  • plus-circle
    The stabilizer ring helps in keeping the band intact at one single place.
  • plus-circle
    It is comfortable, can be worn under the clothes easily.
  • minus-circle
    Bracco's knee stabilizer might be a bit too warm for players who use it in warm weather.

3.    Winzone Knee Brace Support Sleeve

While playing basketball, this is known to be one of the better basketball knee braces. It is very comfortable in its way and gives good support to your knee. Players that have arthritis do not need to sit back, but they can use this brace to avoid any injuries.

The sleeve helps in keeping the movement free; you won’t have to feel restricted due to it. It has dual stabilizers which result in durable protection and adjusts in to place in no time. You get used to it soon and can benefit from all sorts of its advantages.

Winzone Knee Brace Support Sleeve
  • plus-circle
    There is customized support so you can easily adjust the sleeve according to your need.
  • plus-circle
    The material is flexible which in result gives good comfort.
  • plus-circle
    Money back guarantees of the product.
  • minus-circle
    By frequent daily use, the Velcro bands start to wear out.

4.    McDavid 6446 Hex Leg Sleeve

McDavid 6446 Hex Leg Sleeves are made of a combination of nylon, spandex and polyethylene foam.

The knee sleeves are specifically constructed for athletes to provide concentrated support to their knees while enjoying the basketball game.

They are innovatively designed with HEX Technology to protect the knees of the basketball players from being injured. They even help to heal up the injured knee with the added protection they provide against cuts and scratches.

These knee sleeves are breathable and keep moisture away from your knees. Their hDc moisture management technology is superior, and the basketball players can keep your knees dry and cool.

McDavid 6446 Hex Leg Sleeves give remarkable confidence to enhance your performance on the court by providing your knee with the right support and backing it needs.

McDavid 6446 Hex Leg Sleeve
  • plus-circle
    Provides optimal support to your knees.
  • plus-circle
    These sleeves give you a good fit if you choose the right size for yourself.
  • plus-circle
    Keeps knees dry and cool.
  • plus-circle
    Easy to clean and machine washable.
  • minus-circle
    The fabric can tear off easily.

5.    Shock Doctor Ultra Knee Supporter

Shock Doctor Ultra knee supporter features bilateral hinges which provide optimal support and comfort to your knees.

These knee sleeves are designed with integrated support features which give the required stability and protection to the basketball athlete to play on the court without any worry of being injured.

To strengthen stability, the knee sleeves are constructed with X-strip strap system which easily secures the leg which makes movements on the court easier for the basketball player

These knee sleeves are very comfortable, and you can easily wear them for an extended period and even use them every day.

These knee sleeves provide an adjustable compression fit which makes it easy for the player to have good knee support.

Shock Doctor Knee supporter has therapeutic benefits and players with knee sprains, and muscle strains can recover quickly by wearing them.

Shock Doctor Ultra Knee Supporter
  • plus-circle
    Lightweight and flexible.
  • plus-circle
    Shock Doctor Knee supporter also helps a player to heal their knee sprains and unstable joints.
  • plus-circle
    Therapeutic benefits provide accelerated healing.
  • plus-circle
    Highly breathable and keeps your knees cool and dry.
  • minus-circle
    These knee sleeves are not machine washable.

6.    Mava Sports Knee Sleeve

Mava sports knee sleeves are ideal for basketball enthusiasts to provide determined support and stability to their knees while playing the game. They enhance their performance by giving an ultra-protection to their knees.

They are uniquely anatomically shaped which provides proper circulation of blood to your knees and gives a good healing effect.

These knee sleeves are light-weight which makes it possible for the basketball players to wear them easily and use it on a daily basis.

If you have a knee sprain or a muscle strain, wearing Mava sports knee sleeves makes it easy for you to heal quickly.

Basketball players require a lot of movement and mobility on the court. These knee sleeves give them easy mobility and make it easy for them to focus on their game without worrying about injuring their knees. Not only they are ideal for basketball players, but they can be used for running jogging and other sports activities as well.

Mava Sports Knee Sleeve
  • plus-circle
    These knee sleeves are not itchy and irritating on the skin.
  • plus-circle
    They are built with an anti-slip silicone technology which prevents it from slipping.
  • plus-circle
    Light-weight and durable.
  • plus-circle
    Easy to wear and adjust.
  • plus-circle
    Unisex, both men, and women can use it.
  • minus-circle
    These knee sleeves are not moisture wicking.
  • minus-circle
    They can have a bad odor.

7.    Sable Knee Brace Support Compression Sleeves

Sable knee support compression sleeves are ideal for high-intensity sports like basketball. They give the optimal support and protection to the knees of basketball players who play their game with full intensity.

Sable knee support compression sleeves are constructed with flexible and breathable fabric which gives a perfect fit to the knee.

These sleeves provide the right level of tightness and compression to the knees which enhance the player’s performance on the court.

If you are someone who has weak knees or someone who is prone to knee injuries while playing basketball or any other high-impact sports, sable knee support compression sleeves guarantee you the support and protection you require for your game.

These sleeves are constructed of an elastic material with an anti-slip design which gives you an ideal fit.

These sleeves also help you recover from knee injuries and sprains quickly

Sable Knee Brace Support Compression Sleeves
  • plus-circle
    Provide tight compression to recover from muscle strains.
  • plus-circle
    Easy to clean and wash.
  • plus-circle
    Highly breathable fabric and excellent moisture wicking capabilities.
  • plus-circle
    Provides equal pressure distribution.
  • minus-circle
    They are not long lasting.

8.    EXOUS Knee Brace Support Protector

Exous knee supporter protector knee braces are a top-pick for all the high-impact sports, specifically basketball, which requires a lot of mobility and intense movements.

These knee braces are designed to provide outstanding compression and support to your knees with the 4-way compression system.

These knee braces have a 4-way strap design which gives a non-slip fit to your knee giving it the required protection it needs.

The patella tendon support helps reduce knee pains and inflammations and makes it easy to recover your injured knee.

These knee braces have a dual lateral stabilizer system which helps basketball players to have excellent support and protection for their knees.

These knee braces give a proper balance and stability to your knees to enhance your performance on the court.

EXOUS Knee Brace Support Protector
  • plus-circle
    Premium thicker tabs which prevent them from bending and curving.
  • plus-circle
    These knee braces are highly durable.
  • plus-circle
    Concentrated support and stability.
  • plus-circle
    Very comfortable, enhances confidence.
  • minus-circle
    They are not breathable and not easy to wash.

9.    McDavid Hex Protective Knee Pads

Mcdavid is a well-known company which provides excellent knee pads and braces for athletes to protect them from injuries and sprains.

These knee pads are an ideal choice for basketball players who want to have concentrated confidence by protecting their knees from being sprained.

These protective knee pads have multiple usages. You can even use them as elbow pads and shin pads. They fit everywhere easily.

They have a moisture management technology which makes them moisture wicking and keeps your knees dry and cool. These Knee pads from Mcdavidare perfect for high-intensity sports games.

McDavid HEX Protective Knee Pads
  • plus-circle
    They are made from superior HEX technology which gives the player remarkable support and confidence to deal with the knee stresses on the basketball court.
  • plus-circle
    Light-weight, breathable, durable and long-lasting
  • plus-circle
    Moisture-wicking capabilities keep them odor-free
  • plus-circle
    Easily washable in machine
  • minus-circle
    Extreme tightness which causes discomfort.

10.    Bear Komplex Knee Sleeves

Basketball is a game which gives a lot of knee injuries. The game involves a lot of jumping and moving, and stresses the knees and joints of the players. It is, therefore, important to have strong knees and joints to enhance performance.

Komplex knee sleeves are excellent for players who are looking for good stability and balance for their knees to increase their confidence on the court to give an exceptional performance.

These knee sleeves are induced with high-quality material neoprene which gives the warmth and supports your knees require

These sleeves are designed to increase your blood circulation and heal knee injuries quickly.

Bear Komplex knee sleeves are ideal for wrestling, weightlifting, basketball, cross training, squats and other high-impact sports and exercises.

Bear KompleX Knee Sleeves
  • plus-circle
    They are available in 7mm and 5mm thickness to provide optimal support and comfort.
  • plus-circle
    Easy to put on and off.
  • plus-circle
    They are unisex and available in multiple colors and sizes.
  • minus-circle
    They are not durable and long-lasting.

11.    Bauerfeind GenuTrain Knee Support

Basketball players rely on knee sleeves and knee braces to protect themselves from severe knee injuries. Even if they get their knee injured, knee brace and knee sleeves help them heal quickly.

Bauergiend GenuTrain knee support braces are designed to give concentrated support and stability to the knees of the players.

They are induced with silicone Omega pad which provides excellent compression to the knees and keeps the kneecap pressure free.

These knee braces are ideal for players who have knee sprains and knee strains. They are also useful to prevent and treat arthritis and degenerative joint disease (DJD).

These knee support braces are breathable and sweat resistant. They keep sweat away from your skin and remain odor-free.

Bauerfeind GenuTrain Knee Support
  • plus-circle
    These braces are light-weight and machine washable
  • plus-circle
    Bauergiend knee support has an ideal fit and support because of its elasticity.
  • plus-circle
    Breathable and moisture-wicking which enhances mobility
  • minus-circle
    They are not long-lasting and durable
  • minus-circle
    Can tear off easily.

12.    Compressions Knee Brace Support

These high-quality knee braces are designed with excellent neoprene patella material which aims to protect the knees of basketball players from knee sprains and strains.

Neoprene is breathable and light-weight and keeps the moisture away from your skin. It provides optimal compression and supports your knee requires.

An essential purpose of these braces is to provide excellent mobility and confidence to the players on the basketball court without worrying about being injured in their minds.

These braces have multiple uses. You can use them for high-intensity workouts, running, cycling, basketball and other sports.

The company offers you money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.

They give you fast relief from joint and knee pain. They are highly adjustable and have a comfortable fit.

Compressions Knee Brace Support
  • plus-circle
    These braces are ideal for the sportsman who want to enhance their productivity and performance on the field.
  • plus-circle
    They are light-weight and easily adjustable for a comfortable fit
  • minus-circle
    Not suitable for highly vigorous activities

13.    Powerlix Compression Knee Sleeve

Powelix compression knee sleeves are perfect for basketball players who want to enhance their mobility on the court to increase their performance.

Powelix compression knee sleeves are designed to give concentrated support and comfort to your knees. They give accurate stability and exceptional balance to your knees to deal with the knee stresses on the basketball court.

They are made from premium quality fabric which is soft and comfortable enough to provide superior protection and support to the knees.

Powelix compression knee sleeves allow your skin to breathe and stay moisture-free. They have a high sweat absorption capacity which makes them ideal for casual workouts and daily exercising activities.

PowerLix Compression Knee Sleeve
  • plus-circle
    They have a 4 compression system which gives a good compression and tightness to the knees.
  • plus-circle
    They keep you a step ahead in injury prevention.
  • plus-circle
    Perfect fit and helps relieve pain.
  • plus-circle
    Increases blood circulation.
  • minus-circle
    Size could be an issue for some people.

14.    Bauerfeind Sports Knee Support

Bauerfeind sports knee support compression braces are excellent for athletes who tend to play vigorous games. They are one of a kind and are ideal for basketball players who want to be confident about their joints on the court.

These knee braces are anatomically shaped to give the right balance and compression your knee requires.

These braces provide exceptional compression which enhances the blood circulation and keeps the knee warm.

They are made of premium quality fabric which is breathable and lightweight. 

Bauerfeind sports knee support compression braces are specifically designed for athletes who want immediate pain relief and recovery from a knee injury.

These braces live with the company’s name and enhance the player’s performance on the court.

They are made in Germany and have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can return them or replace them within 30 days.

Bauerfeind Sports Knee Support
  • plus-circle
    These braces are durable and long-lasting
  • plus-circle
    They can be used for multiple sports activities like baseball, basketball, soccer, football, tennis and weight training.
  • plus-circle
    The material allows breathability and are easily washable.
  • minus-circle
    Size could be an issue.

15.    Venom Knee Sleeve Compression Brace

Venom knee sleeve compression brace is designed to prevent knee injuries, knee sprains, and knee stresses by providing enhanced cushioning.

These knee sleeve compression braces are constructed to reduce and recover chronic knee injuries.

They are induced with an anti-slip design which makes it easy for you to put it on. These knee sleeves are available in different sizes.

Basketball players stress their knees a lot on the court. They need to enhance their mobility and movement to pay better. Venom knee braces are made from high-quality and light-weight material to provide the support and comfort your knee needs.

Venom has a perfect blend of breathability and comfort a player needs to have the right confidence he needs to enhance his performance.

Venom Knee Sleeve Compression Brace
  • plus-circle
    They are light-weight and flexible
  • plus-circle
    Provides enhanced cushioning and mobility
  • plus-circle
    Elastic binding reduces the risk of slipping
  • minus-circle
    They are not durable.
  • minus-circle
    Finding a perfect size could be a challenge.

16.    Kuangmi Knee Brace Compression Sleeve

Kuangmi knee brace compression sleeves make it easy for intensive sportsmen to play healthily. They help you keep your knees and joints strong and healthy.

These braces are available in 3 different versions which are general, advanced, and upgrade. You can use the one which fulfills your needs.

These braces are perfect for knee strains and sprains. They reduce knee stresses and injuries.

The braces are designed to give an ideal compression to your knees to increase your blood circulation. They keep your knee warm and protected.

The general version of the braces is not for daily use. They advanced version, have all the qualities of the general version, with the added quality of being an anti-slip. It provides a good grip on the knee.

The upgrade version of the braces is induced with a gel pad which helps you keep your knee stable.

Kuangmi Knee Brace Compression Sleeve
  • plus-circle
    It prevents arthritis and boosts your performance.
  • plus-circle
    Suitable for both men and female.
  • plus-circle
    It also contains a silicone pad with 2 spring support to give you a good grip.
  • minus-circle
    They are a bit uncomfortable and tight.

Buying Guide

Before you make yourself comfortable by reading the review and think that you know which knee pad are you going to buy. Make sure to go through the buying guide so you can understand each and everything about it.

What are knee braces?

Knee braces are used by basketball players when they have pain in their knees. Players, if haven’t been using the knee supports since the start they might have pains in their knees after playing for a longer time.

That is when these braces come in so that they keep you away from having further injuries on your knees. They also help in the speedy recovery of the already hurt knees. Braces are made from many different kinds of materials it totally depends upon the need of a person that which material they would opt for. They come in various colors, sizes, and designs.

Are knee sleeves and knee pads the same?

They might seem to be the same things, but they are not. Knee sleeves are softly padded which are used for just the right amount of compression for your knees. It is used to give that slight warmth so you can play better.

Whereas knee pads are not for the warmth, they are a protection to your knees so if you fall your knee doesn’t get injured. For serious games, you use knee pads. For small workouts or exercising or for the games that do not have much danger of injury, you can use knee sleeves.

What are knee pads used for?

There are essential coverings for most of the part of your bodies while you play specific sports. While playing, you need to take care of sensitive parts of the body. Knees are one of them, so player use these pads which are made up of some hard surface.

Once you fall during a game, the first thing that hits the ground is your knee as you take support from. Therefore, knee pads are very essential, and you can use them to save your knee from any injuries.

Which thickness of the band suits well to players?

It entirely depends upon the players that which sort of bands they require. The thickness makes the person play well or bad. If the band is of much thickness, then it will affect the overall game performance as you can’t even run properly on it.

With less thickness, your knee might not have enough support, and it might not bring that compression or warmth to your knee.

The nominal price of the bands?

The nominal price of these bands depends upon the type of band you are going to buy. If you are looking for a knee pad, then it might be of different prices depending upon its brand and quality. It usually is above 10 dollars.

If you are opting for a knee sleeve, then you can find it even for a cheaper price, but knee bands are usually for a bit higher price as they are mostly used and work well for your knees.

Best Basketball Knee Sleeves, Braces

Pinewood senior guard Kelly Doran (left) tries to drive past St. Ignatius junior Crystal Sun on Thursday at St. Ignatius Prep. (Photo by Matt Zheng)

Kee Support FAQ’s

1. What to look for when buying a knee pad?

There are various things that you need to check before buying a knee pad, sleeve or brace. Material, shape, and size of it are one of the most important things which need to be looked at before you buy this band.

Your performance is dependent upon is, so you need to be careful with your choice. It is not a matter of the fact that you just go and buy the one which you like. Size up your knee and mark down your knees health then you can see either you need a knee pad, brace or a sleeve.

2. Which size is best for me?

There are no usual sizes in which knee pads come. They are fixed to all sizes type as they are elastic enough all you need to do is tighten them up to the extent where your knee f=would fit best.

Therefore, always make sure to measure your knee and read how much feet of the pad is then use it accordingly.

3. Does the material matter?

The material of each and everything does matter. As if it is made up of a good elastic material it will fit you easily, and you won’t have to feel any compression. But if the material is not much good and even itches your knee then for sure, it is time to discard that knee pad and get a new and better one.

4. Does performance of player get affected by wearing a knee band?

The performance of player does get affected by a knee pad but entirely in a positive manner if you have the right sleeve for you. It makes you run and jump off better. You are not scared of any serious injury, so you perform even better.

This results in a better game for a good player.

5. Is it okay to wear the pad for long hours?

For some hours, you can keep your knee sleeve on. It will not harm you, in return, it will heal up any of your sore muscle. But you should always be careful with the timings because too much compression can clot up at times and instead of healing it starts hurting you.

Try to wear your knee pads only while you are playing, other times it is better to keep them off.

6. Does knee sleeve heal up your broken knee?

In many cases, an injured knee is healed up by a knee sleeve. But it is not the case at different times. You should see your doctor, and he could guide you properly. One thing that a knee brace does is that it keeps you safe from further damaging your knee to any extent.

7. If I feel too much compression what should I do?

Knee braces are for your comfort, not to discomfort you while you are playing your game. Therefore, you need to be at ease; if you are not and the pad is compressing your knee a lot, then you should immediately change it.

Try buying the one that has more of an elastic material, as it will fit your knee properly and give you a comfortable fit.

8. After how long should I buy a new knee band?

Depending on the company, it is usually decided then when should you be ready to buy a new knee band for yourself. If you see that your knee pad isn’t providing you with that compression, then it is for sure the time to buy a new one.

You can also judge by the quality if it has started to worn out or loosen up and you feel any discomfort, then it is the time for replacing your knee pads.

9. Will I be able to run and jump properly while wearing it?

This is one of the main questions that many people have in mind. It has a very simple answer, can you jump or run easily while wearing clothes? Of course, yes. Then, it is no big deal for any person to have difficulties while wearing any knee pads. As it only makes you feel better and your knee muscles become tight, so you have an ease of running and jumping.

10. Does the knee pad work as a heating pad for my knees?

The knee pads do work as a heating pad for your knees, but you need to see the difference between the two. A heating pad usually doesn’t compress the muscles and do not show results soon. Whereas, the knee pad provides enough compression along with the heat so that the muscles feel the warmth and try to heal up as soon as possible. In result, they are better off than those ordinary heating pads.


Once you have gone through this article and read the buying guide, then you can find out the best knee pad which suits you. If you have a sore knee, then the best thing for you is to get a knee sleeve. If you are a player who needs to protect their knee then for sure, you need to buy a knee pad so you won't get hurt even if you fall.

Above-mentioned are different types of best basketball knee pads sleeves and braces, the best one is the Uflex knee compression which you can use for keeping your knee muscles at the place and let that blood circulating through your body all the time without any difficulty.

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