11 Best Basketball Shoes for Kids 2019 | Buyer’s Guide (Reviews)

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The kids play the sport at a very young age to train for when they are grown up. For children to play they need the right shoes as their foundations.

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Picking the right ones can be troublesome which is why we have compiled this guide to help you through the process.

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Take a look at our product reviews to find the best basketball shoes for kids in the market.

Our buying guide will help you in making a checklist of things to look before purchasing.

For any remaining queries, you will find our answered buyers’ questions to be helpful.

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Best Basketball Shoes for Kids

Top 11 Basketball Shoes for Kids Comparison Table



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AIR JORDAN Boy's Air 1 Mid Big Kids Style


Under Armour Boys' Boys’ Pre School Jet Mid


Nike Youth KD 8 Basketball Shoe


Under Armour Boys' Boys’ Grade School Jet Mid


adidas NEO BB9TIS MID K Sneaker


Under Armour Boys' Grade School UA Curry 3 Basketball Shoes


Nike Boy's Team Hustle D 7 Basketball Shoe


Nike Men's Air Jordan 1 Mid Basketball Shoe


Nike Jordan Kids Jordan True Flight Bg Basketball Shoe


Under Armour Boys' Grade School UA ClutchFit Drive 3 Basketball Shoes


NIKE LeBron XIII Boy's Basketball Shoes

11 Best Basketball Shoes for Kids Reviews

1.    AIR JORDAN Air 1 Mid Big Kids Style

The Air Jordan shoes by Nike are one of the best basketball shoes for kids that are designed especially for the purpose. There are many different designs for boys available in the design and almost all sizes.

The leather and synthetic mixture allow durability to the shoes. For breathability, the shoes are perforated from the toe. The rubber outsole prevents slipping on the basketball court.

The shoes are high topped, but they are cut in a fashion that prevents the imprisonment of the feet from the ankle joint area.

AIR JORDAN Boy's Air 1 Mid Big Kids Style
  • plus-circle
    The rubber outsole is there to prevent slipping on the smooth basketball surface
  • plus-circle
    Almost every size for young boys is available
  • plus-circle
    The durability of the shoes is increased with the synthetic and the leather material
  • plus-circle
    A perforated toe area prevents heat and smell to accumulate in the shoes and allows the feet to breathe
  • plus-circle
    The high top with a cut ensures that the foot is not restricted while playing
  • minus-circle
    The shoes are not lightweight.
  • minus-circle
    These shoes have no impression on the midsole or the innersole as a whole

2.    Under Armour Boys’ Pre School Jet Mid

Under Armour has always been a remarkable brand when it comes to high-end products of the high quality. Its quality sporting and health equipment are world renowned.

This shoe has a leather molded quarter panels built for the breathable and structured support that comfortably locks in the foot. It gives the foot a more secure support system. The breathable structure and anti-odor technology, which prevents the growth of organisms that produce foul-smelling sweat, helps to keep your feet odor-free.

The mesh tongue and small perforations have been engineered so that the breathability and ventilation of the shoe are further improved. A solid rubber outsole with herringbone traction pattern. This pattern helps to improve the grip and traction that the shoe provides. It makes it easier to run with a firmer grip on the ground.

And also, it helps to change direction quickly and efficiently. Its lightweight structure helps to provide a more comfortable experience. It makes for easier and lighter use so that you tired after longer and longer periods of time.

Under Armour Boys' Boys’ Pre School Jet Mid
  • plus-circle
    Great traction provides great grip to the shoe.
  • plus-circle
    Lightweight of the shoe makes it much easier to wear.
  • plus-circle
    Allows for fast change of direction.
  • plus-circle
    The breathable structure doesn't allow smelly feet
  • minus-circle
    Weakening soul that trays after a few uses.

3.    Nike Youth KD 8 Basketball Shoe

Now, who doesn't know the name Nike when it comes to all things sports and fitness. With equipment that uses state of the art technology, it provides its users with the most amazing of all features.

The Nike Youth Shoe features a modified herringbone pattern that appears to be completely digitized. This traction pattern provides the user with the most fantastic grip on all kinds of floorings.

The rubber used is weak and has been even to start fraying after a few uses. The cushioning provided by the shoe is great for its comfort and ease. It allows use for longer and longer periods of time.

The sole feels incredibly springy and make it very easy to lift your feet up after every step. The fit is incredibly comfortable and snug, without being suffocating. It provides great ankle support.

Nike Youth KD 8 Basketball Shoe
  • plus-circle
    Unbeatable traction and grip give a remarkable experience.
  • plus-circle
    Great cushioning from the sole
  • plus-circle
    Sole works to put a literal spring in your step.
  • plus-circle
    Amazing ankle support and snug fitting
  • minus-circle
    Weak rubber sole.

4.    Under Armour Boys’ Grade School Jet Mid

Under Armour manufactures a large number of sporting goods that are top of the line and the high quality. They produce sporting goods and fitness equipment that is world-renowned for its quality and durability.

This shoe has a leather upper that gives the shoe an edgy and cool look. It's a look that your kid will love till the end of time. It provides structured support to the ankle that locks the foot in and prevents any unnecessary pressure on the foot.

Specialised perforations have been created that provide maximum ventilation to the feet to keep them from getting all sweaty and wet. Similarly, the mesh tongue increases ventilation so that you can have dry feet all day long.

The presence of anti-odor technology along with ventilation helps to decrease, and even prevent, the growth of bacteria that produce sweat that is foul smelling. The shoe is incredibly lightweight with a comfortable ride.

Under Armour Boys' Boys’ Grade School Jet Mid
  • plus-circle
    Excellent ventilation of the shoe.
  • plus-circle
    Amazing pattern of traction by the shoe provides grip that is solid and strong.
  • plus-circle
    Lightweight of the shoe provides comfort
  • minus-circle
    The sole is a little shaky

5.    Adidas NEO BB9TIS MID K Sneaker

Adidas is a brand that works in great coordination to provide the maximum amount of comfort. The quality of the equipment produced by Adidas speaks for itself. It is remarkable and integrated with the most innovative of technologies for the best user experience.

The Adidas NEO BB9TIS sneaker has a synthetic leather upper. The shoe itself is made in the USA and has a synthetic sole that provides incredible traction and grip. The grip of the shoe helps to prevent slippage.

There is a pop in the sidewall of the shoe that gives it a special pop of color and fun. This is something that is very innovative and that kids would love so much.

adidas NEO BB9TIS MID K Sneaker
  • plus-circle
    Great traction of the shoe prevents slippage
  • plus-circle
    The color locked cup-sole means that the shoe can be cleaned repeatedly without having to worry about it losing its color.
  • minus-circle
    Has limited ventilation

6.    Under Armour Boys’ Grade School UA Curry 3 Basketball Shoe

Under Armour is amazing and remarkable in its wide display of basketball shoes that they have made available to the market.

The shoe provides the best traction because of the presence of a thread borne design, it provides directional strength and makes it easier to find a firmer grip. The shoe has a lightweight design and support that fits the shape of the foot and molds itself accordingly.

It enhances the speed of directional change and increased speed. It has a Meta-wing shank that provides locked instability through the heel, arch, and the forefoot. It provides the user with total and absolute control of the feet and makes the shoe feel as an extension of the foot.

Under Armour Boys' Grade School UA Curry 3 Basketball Shoes
  • plus-circle
    Threadborne design gives a greater grip
  • plus-circle
    Enhances speed and directional change
  • plus-circle
    Lightweight design of the shoe makes it springy
  • plus-circle
    Provides stability to the ankle and arch of the foot
  • minus-circle
    Limited ventilation is the only thing wrong with this shoe. Lack of ventilation makes it very hot and sweaty inside the shoe after a small amount of time.

7.    Nike Boy’s Team Hustle D7 Basketball Shoe

These basketball shoes are specially designed to give excellent ankle support and comfort to the foot of your kid. When it comes to choosing the right shoes for your kid, you don’t want to compromise on the comfort of the shoes.

Comfortable shoes add to the confidence of your kid on the court. These shoes are comfortable and provide good ankle support. They have a light-weight cushioning and flex grooves which provide natural motion and make running and jumping very easy.

Quality and durability of the shoes are essential; you cannot replace your kid’s shoes again and again. These shoes have a rubber outsole, which provides excellent grip on a dusty court. They are made of high-quality material and don’t wear off easily.

Nike Boy's Team Hustle D 7 Basketball Shoe
  • plus-circle
    It provides excellent support to the foot which helps your kid to kick and jump without making much effort
  • plus-circle
    They are very comfortable. Your kid will be able to move around very easily
  • plus-circle
    Made of a rubber outsole and can be easily wiped off.
  • plus-circle
    They provide the right amount of breathability one might desire from athletic shoes
  • minus-circle
    The outsole is hard to clean if they get very dirty.
  • minus-circle
    They are very noisy. They make noise while you are walking and jumping.

8.    Nike Men’s Air Jordan 1 Mid Basketball Shoe

Carrying on the legacy of Air Jordan shoes which goes back to 1984, Nike continues to provide new styles and designs in the Air Jordan series. Jordan shoes were specifically made for the renowned basketball player Michael Jordan at first before becoming publically available.

If your kid is a die-heart Jordan fan, these basketball shoes are best for him. They are available in tons of different colors. The best thing is, they come in every size. You can buy them for your kids and yourself as well.

They are very stylish, comfortable and very popular Nike shoes which tribute the legend player Micheal Jordan.

Nike Men's Air Jordan 1 Mid Basketball Shoe
  • plus-circle
    The shoes are very comfortable on the feet and make jumping and running on the court very easy
  • plus-circle
    Even though they are specifically basketball shoes, but you can also wear them casually because of their elegance and style
  • plus-circle
    The shoes have a very supportive cushioning which makes them extra comfortable because the cushioning softens the impact on the road
  • plus-circle
    The shoes are made of genuine leather which gives them a classic look
  • minus-circle
    Because they are made of genuine leather, you have to be very careful about staining them. They are easily stainable
  • minus-circle
    The outsole is not easy to clean

9.    Nike Jordan Kids Jordan True Flight Bg Basketball Shoe

The secret to being the best player on the court is choosing the right shoes for the sport. Basketball is a game in which you cannot ignore the selection of shoes.

If your kid loves to play basketball, it is necessary for him to have the best shoes which are comfortable enough for him to play the game. When it comes to choosing the most comfortable shoes for your kid, Nike Jordan True Flight basketball shoes are the best option.

They provide ample support to the ankle of the foot which enhances your kid’s overall performance on the court. They are available in a wide variety of colors. You can choose your kid’s favorite color.

NIKE Jordan Kid's True Flight Basketball Shoes
  • plus-circle
    The shoes have a very comfortable fit from toes to heel; your kid will be able to run comfortably on the court.
  • plus-circle
    A must-have because of their design and durability
  • plus-circle
    These shoes are lightweight, which makes it easy for your kid to move around the court
  • plus-circle
    They have a solid rubber outsole with herringbone pattern, which gives a good support to the foot of your kid
  • plus-circle
    They have an accurate pull-on tab which makes it easy for your kids to put them on and take them off
  • minus-circle
    The shoes may tend to break apart easily

10.    Under Armour Boy’s Grade School Basketball shoes

These basketball shoes are incredible and a must-have. They are very comfortable and affect the performance capabilities of your kid very positively.

While playing on the basketball court, your kid’s feet are going to go through high amounts of challenges from the constant moving and jumping on the court while chasing the ball and aiming for the goal.

He cannot perform well if he is not wearing the most comfortable shoes. These shoes are made of updated ClutchFit technology which makes them more breathable and supportive. The Achilles pillow around the heel provides additional comfort and padding.  The antimicrobial top cloth minimizes the risk of causing smell and infections.

Not only they are good on the basketball court, but you can wear them casually as well. They are very stylish and classy. They can do wonders to the confidence of your kid on the basketball court.

Under Armour Boys' Grade School UA ClutchFit Drive 3 Basketball Shoes
  • plus-circle
    They give your kid’s foot maximum ankle support which makes it easy for him to perform well on the court.
  • plus-circle
    The outsole gives a firm and steady grip
  • plus-circle
    The rubber sole enhances the performance on the court and prevents dangerous slips.
  • minus-circle
    They can get dirty very quickly.

11.    Nike Lebron XIII Boys Basketball shoes

Nike is a popular brand which has been one of the leading brands in the world of sports and clothing. Nike is known to provide stylish, trendy and comfortable shoes to the gamers since ages.

Nike Lebron XIII basketball shoes are designed to provide basketball players amazing comfort which is important to enhance their confidence on the basketball court. Your kids will love to own a pair of these shoes. The shoes provide proper cushioning which helps the player to make quick movements on the court. 

They feature a rubber sole which makes the shoes durable. The shoes are lightweight. These combinations make quick moves very easy for the player. They are the ultimate basketball shoes which should not be missed.

NIKE LeBron XIII Boy's Basketball Shoes
  • plus-circle
    The shoes are very resistant and flexible
  • plus-circle
    They have a cushioning which gives proper support to the ankle of the foot
  • plus-circle
    You can wear them casually as well.
  • plus-circle
    Durable and strong.
  • plus-circle
    Bag for storage.
  • minus-circle
    Cleaning the shoes can become a hassle if they are used quite often in the outdoor.

Basketball Shoes for Kids Buying Guide

With so many different features they are, you are bound to wonder what works best for your child. To help you in buying the right basketball shoes for your children, we have compiled all the points that can help you make a checklist. Following these can help in achieving the right pair for your children to play at a suitable price.

Choose According To the Foot

An important factor to consider when buying shoes for your children are the style of their foot. Notice if your child is flat-footed, arch footed, high arched, or any other type. There are shoes for each style, and it is necessary to get shoes according to that so that your child can get all the foot support.

Great support will also help your child in achieving their full potential without any hindrances.

Take a Note on the Comfort Level

Comfort is highly important for shoes for basketball players. No matter what company shoes you are taking, you need to inspect the comfort of the shoe. A fully focused midsole and innersole allow the footwear to provide support for your young athlete.

The comfort will also depend on the foot style of your child, so you need to take notice of that too. Lack of comfort can bring a huge difference in your child’s game.

If you have found the perfect shoe without a good midsole then it is ideal to look for something different for the betterment of your child and their game.

Select the Right Outsole

The outsole is as important as the insole of the shoes. The outsole of the shoe will determine its traction which is the ability to grip the ground. Rubber is your best bet for comfort as well as good traction on almost every surface.

However, there are several different qualities and firmness of rubber that you may want to take notice.

Also, make sure not to take a thing outsole otherwise it is more likely to tear apart in a short time. The patterns on the outer sole are made for gripping which is why they are also something that you will need to select.


The size of the shoes is a tricky aspect in this case because the shoes are for children who grow every day. You may find it to be a little expensive, but you cannot take one pair of shoes that your child can use even after they grow into it.

Make sure that you buy the right size by measuring or trying the shoes on. You can change them with time.


The durability of the shoes is essential because you do not want to waste money on shoes that would not even last two days. You can determine the strength of the amount of time your child uses them and the amount of skill level he plays at.

Talk to your child’s coach for the intensity they play at so that you can choose the right skill level of the shoes. With the practice schedule, you can determine the amount of time and pay as much heed as you require for the durability of the shoes.

Basketball Shoes for Kids

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Basketball Shoes for Kids FAQs

Choosing the right product may seem to be a lot of pressure especially when it is something like basketball shoes that can change the whole game. Being a customer, you may have some questions in your mind. Many queries by the buyers are mentioned below and are answered to the best of our knowledge. Take a look at them to remove any further confusion.

1.    Are there different shoes for boys and girls?

Yes, young boys and girls like adults have different sizes and growth rates. They also have different built-in feet and sizes which is why it is important that you buy the ones according to your child’s gender. The wrong pair can cause much harm in the game of the athlete. The lack of support will also be a problem in this regard.

2.    Are unisex shoes a good option?

You can always opt for unisex shoes, but they are most likely to have common features for every foot which does not provide the best support for the purpose-built styles do. You will most likely be taking small sizes for girls and the bigger ones for boys, but none of them will have a good tongue, midsole, collar, and cut for the shoe style. In some cases, they may also seem very girly and very boyish to children.

3.    What if my girl wears boys’ shoes or vice versa?

Of course, the first thing that you will have to go through is the fuss your child makes about the style that does not fit their gender. If this does not seem to be a problem, then the shoe support style will deem to be a problem.

The built of a boy’s’ foot is different from a girl’s foot, the cushioning and pressure points on the shoes will be different. This difference will affect their game in the form of comfort, lack of stability, and lack of balance. Sticking to the gender particular is a perfect idea.

4.    Should shoes be high top or low top?

For basketball, you need to make sure that the shoes are made of a cut that does not restrict any joint of the foot since players need it all. There are low tops that might be very pricking which are why they do not look like great ideas.

However, some companies produce high top shoes that designed in a way to keep the back of the foot free, and it does not dig into the skin. Eventually, the low top and high top do not matter unless and until there are no restrictions and lack of comfort in the shoes.

5.    Do the color and style matter?

Of course, the color and the style of the shoes matter and it should be left upon the choice of the children. If you choose something that they do not like, they will spend every minute hating it and even subconsciously think of it which will affect their game.

Studies show that wearing shoes of your choice can boost the confidence system and can make your child play their best. Unless there is some restriction on the team, make sure your child chooses the ones that have features best for them and colors and designs that they love.

6.    What if the shoe I liked does not have focused insoles?

Some shoes have soft insoles, but the pressure points are not plushy or focused upon. This problem may cause you to wonder if the shoe is worth the purchase or not. The ideal reply to this is that you should look for another pair that has everything.

However, if for some purpose you would want to go for the same shoe, then you can use the removable insoles that are available in the market. The medicated ones have plushy parts that help in the pressure points of the foot, and they return energy in return that helps the child to perform better.

It is important to remember that the insole should be a perfect size and should be stuck properly so that it does not move and cause discomfort.

7.    What should be the weight of children’s basketball shoes?

For a basketball player, light shoes are the ideal ones that help the player in jumping high without feeling as if they are tied down by excessive weight on their foot. For children, the shoes are lighter than they are for adults.

Make sure that the shoes that you purchase feel like air on their foot so that they can wear it and play to their full potential.

8.    Are basketball shoes for children all very expensive?

Just like every other thing in the market, basketball shoes for kids come in several prices and quality ranges. The first thing that you need to do is set your budget before you go shopping. You can tell the salesperson your budget, and they can show you different qualities.

Not all of them are very expensive, but it is not smart to keep a few features aside for the sake of money. You are bound to find one that holds all of the qualities you are looking for under your required budgets. 

9.    Which shoes are better, the one with laces or slip-on?

Laces and slip-on are something that is entirely up to your choice or the requirement of your child. If your child has problems in tying their shoes; or if they can easily tangle in the laces and fall more often, then laces may not be a brilliant option.

Many professionals also use slip-on since they take less time in wearing and there is a small chance of the player getting tangled in the laces and falling. However, if you are going for slip-ons make sure that they can be tightened as your choice, and the elastic is not something cheap that may stretch out sooner than you want it to be.

10.    How can I make sure that the size is perfect?

Buying the right size for basketball shoes is not only about the number of the size. When you go to purchase then ask the salesperson to measure your child’s foot, and they're grim to bring out the perfect shoe.

Try on the shoe no matter how perfect it looks for checking the best fit. The shoe should have enough room for the foot to breathe but not enough that it becomes lost.

A handy trick is to take the socks that you want to wear the shoes on with you to try them to fit your child as they would in the final game. You can also place fingers on the back of the foot, and that distance should be the limit of losing on your child’s shoes.


Buying the best basketball shoes for kids is not a walk in the park. It takes time and focuses on picking the right one that suits all your child’s needs. Take a close look at our guide and make sure to research the market as well since if you end up buying the wrong one, it can affect their game.

After reading our guide, you may have been able to pick out the features that are compulsory, and you may have lost much confusion that arises while purchasing shoes. Keep all that you read in mind and consult your child’s coach too for the best results.

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