10 Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet 2019 | Buyer’s Guide (Reviews)

I think you’ll not disagree when I say:

When it comes to basketball, we like to make no compromises whatsoever.

You see:

The thing is, a lot of people play basketball, but a lot more worship it. And as finales and tournaments come closer, we like to make sure that our basketball experience is flawless and up to the mark.

So when someone tells us to “just make do” with what we have, we protest with an ambition for what we yet do not possess.

But the question remains, which shoes will best enhance our playing experience?

While we cannot provide a definite answer, here are the best basketball shoes for wide feet in the 21st century:

Let’s dig right into it:

Top 10 Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet Comparison Table



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adidas D Lillard 2 Men's Basketball Shoe


Under Armour Men's UA Fireshot Basketball Shoes


Under Armour Men's Drive 4


Jordan Nike Men's CP3.X Basketball Shoe


adidas Performance Men's D Rose 7 Basketball Shoe


NIKE Men's Lebron XIII Basketball Shoe


Nike Mens Air Jordan XXXI Basketball Shoes


adidas Men's Basketball Harden Vol.1 Shoes


Nike Air Jordan XX9 Men's Basketball Shoes


Nike LeBron XII EXT "Prism" Men's Basketball Shoes

10 Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet Reviews

1.    Adidas D Lillard Men’s Basketball Shoes

Adidas has always promised excellence and quality product. And this shoe is no less. Designed to cater to all your basketball needs, the Adidas D Lillard Men’s Basketball Shoe provides a strong hold on the ground as well as beauty and grace.

If you haven’t added this to your cart already, well, what are you waiting for? Adidas has always stood by its promise of dignity and stability, and this product is just the same.

The Adidas D Lillard Shoes have a rather unique and eccentric external design. Not only are they highly fashionable and professional looking, but are comfortable and cleverly engineered from the inside as well.

These shoes have been constructed with the firmest yet comfortable synthetic fabrics to provide maximized traction and speed. The shoes come in various colors and have a mesh covering as well to allow your feet to breathe and to avoid the breeding of obnoxious bacterial infection and fungi.

The Adidas D Lillard Basketball Shoes have been designed to enhance your experiences and to provide a more comfortable and safer grip on the field. These shoes have a padded collar as well as a mesh body to provide stability, ease, comfort and satisfactory traction.

adidas D Lillard 2 Men's Basketball Shoe
  • plus-circle
    An exquisite and modern design that has been perfected to give you the best game experience
  • plus-circle
    Strong and firm mesh borders and fabric provide an airy and breathable product.
  • plus-circle
    Rubber soles promise stability and a good grip.
  • minus-circle
    Size may not fit some users, though 84 %of all users are satisfied.

2.    Under Armour Men's UA Fireshot Basketball Shoes

Under Armor has also come into the spotlight lately. Under Armor provides the most exaggeratedly graceful and robustly colorful basketball shoes for the average user. These shoes are paralleled only by Adidas’s basketball sneakers.

These trainers are the most exquisite and exceptional basketball shoes and stand out from the others. Under Armor has truly delivered its promise through these shoes, and they are sure to find their way into your cart.

Furthermore, these have a nice and sleek design and can be found in hundreds of different colors. With these bad boys, UA will make sure that you’re the only one they’re talking about at the end of the game. They come in fluorescent as well as sober colors.

It has been engineered with CompFit technology around the ankles to provide a firmer grip and easier traction. This prevents ankle sprains and ensures that your feet stay on the ground. Other than that, the UA Fireshot Shoes have been specially designed for minimized pain and discomfort, and provide a mesh body for easy flow of air.

Under Armour Men's UA Fireshot Basketball Shoes
  • plus-circle
    Professional and sleek design that can be flaunted in almost all friend groups.
  • plus-circle
    CompFit ankle fit provides a snugger fit around the ankles.
  • plus-circle
    Lightweight and comfortable.
  • minus-circle
    Size may not fit some users.

3.    Under Armour Men's Drive 4

These bright colored and high cut shoes by Under Armour are successors of the clutch it drive. The new technology used has enhanced the comfort and flexibility of the shoes for a better gaming experience.

The herringbone pattern has been common in all the Under Armour branded shoes for basketball. The traction provided due to this pattern has never disappointed which is why it is common in all shoes. The pattern is made in a way that maximizes traction but at the same time does not affect the swift movements. 

These shoes come with Micro G foam that is soft, adaptable yet responsive. The inside of the foam is harder which eliminates instability as well. The forefoot of the shoe does not contain Micro G, but it doesn’t cause any problems.

The upper part of the shoe is made with a tightly knit mesh and under the mesh neoprene is used to provide the required flexibility and support.

Under Armour Men's Drive 4
  • plus-circle
    Ankle collars are made to stop heel slip, and traction is on point.
  • plus-circle
    The base of the shoe is wide which is why cushioning is stable.
  • plus-circle
    The support and traction work both for indoors and outdoors.
  • minus-circle
    The upper material used is stiff which is why there is extra space in your shoe if you have a narrow foot.

4.    Jordan Nike Men's CP3.X Basketball Shoe

This product by Nike is Chris Paul’s signature shoe which covers almost all the features that basketball shoes should have. They also come in a wide range of colors.

These shoes come with zoom air in the bottom part, but unfortunately, the cushioning on impact is not ideal. You can feel the court more than the provided cushion.

The traction pattern of these shoes is a multi-directional pattern that covers the whole shoe. The combination of the heavy rubber compound with this pattern makes its traction ideal but sometimes in outdoor courts, due to dust the pattern and rubber don’t work, and traction is not up to the mark.

The upper part of the shoe is made with Flyweave that is a performance woven material. Apart from this, the midfoot and heel are wrapped in a thin TPU for maximum support.

Jordan Nike Men's CP3.X Basketball Shoe
  • plus-circle
    The shoe is fit to size which means they provide maximum support.
  • plus-circle
    Advanced materials used give the best traction which is ideal for indoor playing.
  • plus-circle
    They come at a very reasonable price.
  • minus-circle
    The laces don’t stretch which is why putting them on is a little difficult.

5.    Adidas Performance Men's D Rose 7 Basketball Shoe

These shoes constructed in honor of Derrick Rose by Adidas have an ideal structure that is completely ventilated. Moreover, its design is aesthetically pleasing and comes in a wide range of colors.

The traction of these shoes is like nothing else. The rubber is highly durable and provides the best traction in comparison with all other shoes. It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor games.

These shoes are equipped with full length cushioning material. They not only give you protection on impact but also provide you with court feels. What else do you want?

These shoes come with a mesh upper that is lined with nylon. It is not a simple mesh rather it is an engineered mesh that provides the required support, ventilation and looks at the same time. The ankle collar is made of neoprene that is padded for comfort.

adidas Performance Men's D Rose 7 Basketball Shoe
  • plus-circle
    Any other shoes cannot defeat the traction of these shoes.
  • plus-circle
    The materials used are very high quality and durable
  • plus-circle
    Support like traction is the best feature of this product.
  • plus-circle
    Cushioning is ideal.
  • minus-circle
    They come in a narrow fit, so some users with wide feet will have a problem in fitting

6.    NIKE Men's Lebron XIII Basketball Shoe

These extra light and durable shoes by Nike are the 13theditions of Lebron series. They come in 24 different designs and colors apart from being sleek and dynamic.

There are two 13 mm thick zoom units that provide a noticeable cushion effect on impact. This was not seen in its predecessors. The heel to toe transitions is also very smooth.

The hex pods present at the bottom of the shoe look like they don’t have much traction, but to our surprise, the traction is ideal for indoor and outdoor courts. Unlike other shoes, they don’t have a sleek and thin herringbone pattern rather these shoes have large bars that do the same work as herringbone.

The upper part of these shoes is made in one piece, but the overlays and linings are such that they provide immense support and flexibility. Some areas are also lined with TPU for non-compromising support while making cuts.

NIKE Men's Lebron XIII Basketball Shoe
  • plus-circle
    The new technology used for cushioning works very well.
  • plus-circle
    The heel to toe transition is very smooth.
  • plus-circle
    A different combination of material is used for support and flexibility.
  • plus-circle
    The traction is very well engineered.
  • minus-circle
    Players with high arch might find these shoes uncomfortable.

7.    Nike Mens Air Jordan XXXI Basketball Shoes

These shoes by Nike are a good contribution to the list of basketball shoes on the market. They are equipped with advanced cushioning effect due to the zoom air unit and maximum responsiveness of the material.

The traction of these shoes, unfortunately, is not a strong point. Although it works well for some courts, it does not work at all for other courts. This might be due to the interaction of rubber compound with the court material.

These shoes have a full-length zoom air in their sole, which gives good quality cushion on impact. The impact cushioning and the responsiveness is up to the mark.

Materials are the best part of this product. The upper is a combination of weave at the front which breaks while moving to the back, but the transition is almost un-noticeable. The material used provides ideal support.

Nike Mens Air Jordan XXXI Basketball Shoes
  • plus-circle
    Due to the fitting, these shoes are the best basketball shoes for wide feet.
  • plus-circle
    A great ankle support is provided by anatomical pillows used.
  • plus-circle
    The heel lockdown is ideal.
  • plus-circle
    The full-length zoom air makes them suitable for people with weak knees
  • minus-circle
    Due to the wider toe area, support for narrow feet is low.

8.    Adidas Men's Basketball Harden Vol.1 Shoes

This product is the first signature shoes in the James Harden and Adidas series. Like all other Adidas shoes, these are also high quality and durable. They have all the ideal features required.

The rubber used for these shoes is highly tacky. The pattern is tight at the ball of the foot, due to which sometimes dirt accumulates there and causes slipping. If you keep the shoes clean, this will not be a problem for you.

The boost pellets technology is back in these shoes. These pellets are added at the lowest place for the best cushioning effect. You don’t feel the bounce, but it provides ultimate impact protection. They absorb all the shocks and jerks on impact for the best gaming experience.

The material of these shoes varies with the color combination and design, but the knitted mesh and nylon lining for strength remain consistent in all of them.

adidas Men's Basketball Harden Vol.1 Shoes
  • plus-circle
    The flexibility at toes is ideal.
  • plus-circle
    These shoes are suitable for wide feet.
  • plus-circle
    The asymmetrical laces provide a good support.
  • plus-circle
    The lockdown at the rear section is perfect.
  • minus-circle
    Due to the tight traction pattern under the ball of the foot, the dust accumulation can cause slipping.

9.    Nike Air Jordan XX9 Men's Basketball Shoes

These shoes by Nike are the lightest shoes in the Jordan series. They come with a re-engineered flight plate for better support and comfort.

The traction of these shoes is ideal. The unique rubber pattern grasps the floor such that it doesn’t let you slip either does it interfere with your movements. Although on extremely dusty courts, you might have to wipe the sole once or twice.

Although the zoom unit on the heel has been removed, there is no lack of cushioning experienced. These shoes feature the best possible set up for zoom unit.

The material of these shoes is also on point. It has a performance woven mesh upper that provides great support. The shape is so adaptable that it almost feels like a custom-made shoe.

Nike Air Jordan XX9 Men's Basketball Shoes
  • plus-circle
    The flight plate technology aids your movement
  • plus-circle
    The lightweight fit and performance woven upper give ideal support
  • plus-circle
    Multi-directional traction is perfect for professional players.
  • plus-circle
    The heel and front of the foot are connected for fluid transmission.
  • minus-circle
    The moisture cannot escape easily for the woven upper.

10.    Nike LeBron XII EXT "Prism" Men's Basketball Shoes

These shoes by Nike are made with a combination of synthetic and hyperposite material that make them highly durable and supportive. The full-length phylon also provides good cushioning.

The hex pod outer sole of these shoes provide ideal traction. These hex pods are combines with long herringbone pattern. The combination has worked very well and provides tackiness on indoor and outdoor courts.

The full-length phylon used gives the best cushioning. This not only provides ideal cushioning but also makes the shoe lightweight.

The upper is made of a one-piece breathable material for better ventilation. Apart from this the mega fuse technology used provides ideal lockdown for the complete foot.

Nike LeBron XII EXT "Prism" Men's Basketball Shoes
  • plus-circle
    The translucent hex pods make it lightweight which is why making fast movements is easy.
  • plus-circle
    The shoes are ideal for both indoor and outdoor courts.
  • plus-circle
    Ventilation provided is ideal, there are no hotspots
  • plus-circle
    The combination of different materials has increased the provided support.

Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet Buyer’s Guide

Whether it’s Adidas or Under Armor, knowing what to look for when buying the perfect basketball shoes is necessary for every basketball player. So for your convenience, we have listed some important factors to keep in mind when buying sports shoes.


The price is the first thing on everyone’s mind, and we can understand why. With the ongoing crisis of minimum wages and employers’ dishonesty, we understand that our budget is dearer to us than our comfort.

While on the hunt for the best basketball shoes, it is important to choose one that is light on the budget androids all the goodness of a decent basketball shoe. Shoes which are cheaper may not be as promising, but some online stores provide the best at the cheapest rates.


When it comes to buying shoes, comfort is perhaps the most important factor. Comfort is necessary as that is the only reason why most of us even want premium quality shoes in the first place. So make sure that the shoes that you buy are comfortable and easy to use. A good place to start would be shoe size.

Wear the shoes immediately after you buy them to ensure that the size is most comfortable and easy to move in. If not, return them. Another factor to keep in mind would be traction. Try to walk around in the shoes and see if they feel normal and concise. 

Above all, observe if they are breathable. Too tight shoes inhibit airflow to the feet, resulting in excess sweat and sometimes even bacterial and fungal infections.


Although design and beauty are not as important when it comes to choosing the best shoes, for some of us, it can be everything. Although showing off and boasting rich and expensive products is seen as bad sportsmanship, a good looking shoe never hurt anyone.

While there are no specific things to keep in mind when choosing a color and design that suits your taste, a good pointer would be to ensure that the design is fashionable and modern. And make sure it is comfortable. Do not prefer a better-looking shoe over a more comfortable one.


Shoe durability is essential, especially when you’re using an expensive pair. Buying the most premium basketball shoes is rather hard on the budget, so it is quite disappointing when a costly pair of shoes fails to last long.

Make sure that the shoes you are buying are made of durable fabric and are longer lasting. Leather shoes may be the best at this, but some mesh shoes have been known to provide better results too.

At the end of it all, ensure that the shoes can last you a long time, especially if you spent a fortune for them.


Traction is another important factor to consider when choosing the best basketball shoes. Make sure that the shoes are breathable and easy to move in. The ideal type of shoes is those that mimic the movements of a bare human foot.

These shoes give the most natural feel and ensure that your head stays in the game. Shoes that inhibit movement and traction should be avoided, and breathable moveable shoes should be chosen.

Make sure the shoes are lightweight and not too tight or constricted. This will likely provide a worse game.

Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet  Buying FAQs

When buying the best basketball shoes, some questions may come to our mind that we need to be answered. Following are ten frequently asked questions:

Q1 Should I Buy Second-Hand Shoes?

While it is not usually recommended, second-hand shoes can be an option for those who are on a tight budget and wish to get the most out of the least. Just make sure that the shoes are clean and pure when you’re buying them, and fit snugly on your feet.

Q2. What’s The Best Place to Buy Basketball Shoes?

For starters, multiple outlets are available in almost every corner of the world. A good place to start would be Adidas. Adidas is perhaps the world’s most sophisticated clothing and sports brand that can provide durable and breathable shoes.

Other brands, such as Under Armor, Nike and Levi’s, are also good choices. Their outlets can be found almost anywhere, and are super easy to work through.

Ask locals or basketball enthusiasts in your area in case you’re not sure which brand is best and easiest to find. In general, a brand that is cheap yet sophisticates should be chosen.

Q3. Which Shoe Brands Are The Best?

There are hundreds of basketball shoe companies, and it truly is a challenge to choose the best. But after careful analysis, we can safely say that Adidas is the most sophisticated and highly professional brand in the market. It has numerous online stores and physical outlets all around the world and promises premium quality shoes and clothes.

Another good brand is Under Armor. Their shoes are the most comfortable and easy to wear. They also have online stores as well as outlets that can be accessed from all across the globe. Nike is another good brand, with hundreds of outlets spread across America and other countries.

Q4. What Should I Consider Before Buying Basketball Shoes?

There are numerous factors to consider. In general, factor your budget into your choice, and ensure that you are comfortable when playing with the shoes. Shoes that inhibit traction and movement are the worst, so make sure you can move easily in them.

A good choice would be shoes that mimic the movements of the bare human foot. In general, look for comfort and durability, and ease and comfort. Refer to the Buyer’s Guide for more info.

Q5. Can Basketball Shoes Be Utilized For Other Shoes?

Sometimes. Though it is highly recommended that shoes that have been designed for playing basketball should remain that way. Basketball shoes are designed to provide high flexibility and movement, and may or may not prove beneficial for other sports such as running, parkour, football, tennis and the like.

However, with a bit of flexibility and compromise, basketball shoes can certainly be applied to other sports. However, it is highly recommended that shoes specifically designed for that specific sport should be used. In the end, it all just depends on what you’re comfortable with,

Q6. Should I Go Over Budget?

Definitely not. Although sometimes spending more seems most comfortable for us, if the shoes are too expensive, it is best to leave them be. And if you’re living off of your parents’ money, try to understand that parents cannot always provide for your needs.

It is best to stay within budget, and if you have to buy cheap and uncomfortable shoes just to stay financially stable, so be it.

Q7. Does Design Matter?

Certainly not. While flaunting chic and fashionable shoes is a dream for most of us, it should be noted that a fashionable design does not equal comfort and better performance. Fashion may seem important for some of us, but our comfort is more important. Try your best to focus more on the shoes’ perforce than their look.

Q8. Why Do I Need Shoes for Basketball?

Shoes which are specifically designed for basketball are very important when it comes to getting the best out of your game. If on a tight budget, however, it is sufficient to utilize other shoes for your game.

Q9. How Can I Protect Against Infections?

Buy shoes that are breathable and not too tight.


While there is no best brand out there, it can certainly be agreed upon that the best basketball shoes for wide feet are those that you are most comfortable with.

Adidas and Under Armor are two great brands of shoes, and either can be used. It should be noted that your overall performance is what makes the game shine, not your shoes.

If you ask my choice, I personally like Adidas D Lillard Shoes and recommend the same to you!

Happy Dunking!

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