Best Insoles for Tennis Shoes Buyer Guide 2019, Top 5 Brands and FAQs

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People who play tennis are prone to injuries caused by overuse of muscles. The repetitive movements required for the game and high impact muscle strains especially on the lower body region. 

Moreover, excessive strain on the lower back can also result in stress over joints and muscles especially during the serves.


Various types of insoles are available on the market to cater multiple needs of the players and improve their performance during the game. Other types of insoles are more focused on comfort as well. 

Let's go to Best Insoles for Tennis Shoes in detail.

Tennis Shoes Insole Buyer’s Guide

Tennis is a sport that is physically very challenging because it requires plenty of agility to change directions rapidly while following the ball. For this reason, a player needs to be well-prepared to cope with the demanding nature of the game. Your primary focus should be your feet because they are in contact with the ground at all times.

These days the shoes and the insoles come in a verity of styles to handle different playing conditions including the court surfaces as well as playing styles. Choosing between them is entirely based on personal preferences. There are insoles available for different types of feet such as ideal, supinated and pronated. Supinated feet have high arch while pronated feet have low arch whereas, ideal feet have a moderate arch.


There are two types of play styles as well including serve and volley along with baseline. The baseline players spend most of their time on the baseline and playing around it. This play involves plenty of sideways movements, and for this reason, the insoles should be cushiony. On the other hand, serve, and volley players prefer to play close to the net and therefore, require performance-based insoles.


Sizing of the insoles also matters a lot because you don't want you insoles other than the size of your feet or shoes you wear. As most of the insoles are developed to be trimmed before use referring to trim-to-fit you should look to buy the next size up if you wear shoes between sizes to improve performance during the gameplay.


Please bear in mind that if you are purchasing quarter-length insoles for your shoes then you must place them on the existing insoles that come with your shoes. If you are buying full-length insoles, then you must remove the existing insoles and replace them with new ones. 


Insoles come in four different types including rigid arch support, semi-rigid arch support, cushioned and flat-cushioned. You can choose any one of them based on your requirements and preferences to improve your performance while remaining comfortable too while moving around the tennis court.

Furthermore, manufacturers use different types of materials to make these insoles such as gel, cork, foam, and leather. Foam is ideal for support and cushioning; the gel is best for absorbing shock; leather is excellent for feel especially when worn with the existing insoles and cork emphasizes on support with little cushioning.


Various brands of insoles are popular among the users including Powerstep Pinnacle, Soft Sole, Lynco, Superfeet, Spenco, Shock Doctor, Archmold, Dr. Scholl’s and others. All these brands have very high preference rating, but in the end, it entirely depends on how you want your insoles to perform on the court. The insoles from these brands can range anywhere between $25 to less than $100. If you are more performance-conscious, then you can go for high price. 

Top 5 Tennis Shoes Insole Brands

There are numerous brands that you can find on the market that produce some high-quality insoles. But not all of them are made for you. Some of these insoles focus more on comfort while others prefer performance. As mentioned above there are different brands that are quite popular among the masses.


The insoles from Superfeet are designed to perform for the people who have to spend most of their time of the day on their feet. These insoles are uniquely constructed to for people who run and therefore, reduce foot fatigue, improve efficiency and eliminate pain.

You can buy different types of insoles from Superfeet that not only focus on support but comfort as well. Most of the users of Superfeet think that they can participate in marathons wearing them. These soles are specifically designed to reduce any chronic issues with ankles.

Some popular product by this brand are Superfeet GREEN/BLUE Full Length, Women's BERRY Performance & Comfort, Orange Premium, Carbon Full Length, Flexmax Athletic Comfort Shoe Insole.

Dr. Scholl’s

Dr. Scholl’s is among the leading brands that manufacture insoles. They not only have insoles for sporting activities but regular day use too. The athletic insoles from Dr. Scholl's are made to provide you with plenty of support and protection and ensure maximum performance during your activity.

These insoles have a comforting fit that enables energized movements and also works on relieving pain. Dr. Scholl’s insoles are made to move around comfortably, and the best part is they come with custom cushioning as well. You can wear them for long hours and do as much activity as possible without any foot or leg pains at all.

Dr. Scholl’s has some models you may like are:

Dr. Scholl’s Comfort and Energy Work Insoles for Men
Dr. Scholl’s Comfort Tri-Comfort Insoles for Women
Dr. Scholl’s Comfort and Energy Massaging Gel Insoles for Men
Dr. Scholl’s Athletic Series Running Insoles for Men
Dr. Scholl’s Pain Relief Orthotics for Heavy Duty Support for Men


The insoles from Spenco are made with advanced materials along with the latest technological methods to assist in increased stability, balance and performance along with providing a long-lasting relief and comfort for your feet. You can find different kinds of insoles from Spenco.

There is a different range of insoles that are equipped with the capabilities to emphasize on cushioning, stability and strength. Spenco has plenty of experience in footwear, and they have utilized it to their benefit by creating products for their customers that not only deliver high performance but superior comfort as well.

This brand has some famous products as following:

Spenco Polysorb Cross Trainer Athletic Cushioning Arch Support Shoe Insoles
Spenco Total Support Original Insole
Spenco Polysorb Heavy Duty Maximum All Day Comfort and Support Shoe Insole
Spenco Rx Comfort Thin Lightweight Cushioning Orthotic Shoe Insole
Spenco Rx Orthotic Arch Support 3/4 Length Shoe Insoles
Spenco Polysorb Walker/Runner Athletic Insole

Sof Sole

Sof Sole insoles prioritize your comfort and improve your performance. These insoles will also improve the lifespan of your footwear, making them feel more stable. The insoles can reduce any impact that your feet might experience from any activity on the court while playing the game.

These insoles also come in a variety to focus on various preferences that the customers have. You can also choose different sizes for your feet. The insoles have a special comforting area for the arch and the heels to provide maximum support during your rigorous feet movement.

Popular insoles by Sof Sole are:

Sof Sole Athlete Full Length Comfort Neutral Arch Replacement Shoe Insole/Inser
Sof Sole Airr Orthotic Full Length Performance Shoe Insoles for Men and Women
Sof Sole Airr Full Length Performance Gel Shoe Insole for Men and Women
Sof Sole Fit Performance High, Neutral or Low Arch Shoe Insole for Men and Women
Sof Sole Arch Full Length Comfort High Arch Shoe Insole for Men and Women

Doctor Shock

Doctor Shock insoles are made for the athletes because they provide the feet with superior comfort along with maximum shock absorption capabilities. The insoles from Doctor Shock critically focus on full-foot alignment along with support and stability.

With these insoles, your feet will be aligned with motion control where toes and heels and enable the feet to work as one unit to reduce overall stress on the joints and lower body. You can use these insoles by removing the existing ones in your shoes for ultimate comfort.

Tennis Shoes Insole Buying FAQs

Following are the most frequently asked questions that customers have when buying their preferred insoles. They are enlisted below to provide you with guidance so that you can buy the right pair based on your needs.

1.    What are different types of insoles that I can find on the market?

In terms of support and comfort, there are two different types of insoles: sport and soft. The support insoles are made for increased stability while the soft insoles are made for comfort. The support insoles have harder materials as compared to the cushy ones, and they are made for stability along with structural support, and from there comfort is derived too. This is something different from the soft ones because they are designed for maximum foot relief.

Regarding performance characteristics, there are three types of insoles: molded insoles, comfort insoles, and customized orthotics. The molded ones are for overpronated feet that have very low or flat arches while the comfort insoles are better for feet that are soar and tires due to overactivity because they offer excellent arch support. The customized orthotics are made by specialists, and they are made for specific foot requirements and are recommended by physicians.

2.    Do I have to take into account the shape of my feet, before buying a pair of insoles?

Yes, you must take shape and size of your feet into account before buying insoles because every foot is unique. The first aspect that you should consider is the arch type, and then you must know your gait type too. The feet that turn inwards are overpronated while the feet that turn outwards are supinated. Neutral feet don’t supinate or overpronate.   

3.    What are the advantages of different insole materials?

There are three different types of materials used to make insole by different brands. These include foam, silicone, and plastic. The insoles made of foam are excellent for cushioning, but they do tend to wear out quickly as well. Silicone insoles have a very comfortable surface, and they do not wear out quickly as foams do but these insoles don't provide enough support either. The insoles made of plastic are long lasting and very supportive, but some people might not feel comfortable with these.

4.    Do I need to consider the thickness of my insoles too?

Thickness refers to insole volume, and different insoles come with different volumes. It means that they take up a different amount of space in your shoes. Most of the insoles have proper volume in relation to their arch shape. Insoles with high volume are better for running, skiing or hiking and these are best for feet with high arches.

The insoles with low volume are better for cycling or skating activities and are best suited for people with low arches. The mid volume insoles are ideal for athletic activities especially tennis and other similar sports that involve agility. These insoles work well with most types of arches.

5.    How can I tackle heel slippage?

Most of the time the problem comes when a pair of shoes fit on your feet well but also causes heel slippage. This slippage can be improved by using a mid to high volume insole with support. These insoles limit the excessive volume in the rear area of the shoe and provide stability to your foot. These inserts work well to reduce hot spots or blisters caused by slippage.

6.    I have foot elongation, what type of insoles can work for me in this situation?

For those of you who experience foot elongation in one or both of their feet when measured sitting in comparison to standing, supportive insoles are a good option. A pair of supportive insoles can limit elongation when it occurs due to weight bearing, and it also creates an improved fit. Supportive insoles lower the need of buying an up size of shoes too.

7.    I have low or collapsed arches, which insole should I buy?

Most of the time, people who have collapsed or low arches tend to opt arch support insoles. However, they should opt for foot support insoles instead. The foot support inserts will assist in stimulating the arch muscles and keep them active and engaged at all times. These insoles distribute the pressure across the base of the feet and stabilize the heel and don't pressurize the arch region. Direct arch support is not very comfortable for most people because it halts the natural flexibility of the feet.

8.    What should I do to ensure proper fitting of insoles in my shoes when buying?

Most people don’t consider socks when it comes to proper fitting of the insoles in the shoes. Of course, you will wear socks as usual in your shoes even when you are using insoles. Therefore, when trying an insole don’t forget to keep your socks on and then choose the right fitting. If you are buying the full-insole then remove the existing insole from your shoes and then insert the new one in it. If you are buying a ¾ insole then you don’t need to remove the stock insole already present in your shoe.

9.    How long do these insoles last?

With normal wear and tear, a high-quality shoe insole from one of the brands mentioned above can easily last anywhere from six to nine months. For those people who spend most of their day standing, the insoles can last somewhere between three and six months. If you are involved in regular physical activities and sport such as gym or tennis, then your insole will last up to six months depending on their quality and your use.

10.    Do these brands offer any warranty?

Yes, different brands have different warranty to offer on their insoles. For example, Superfeet insoles come with 60-Day warranty while Dr. Scholl's insoles have a 90-Day warranty. You need to check different guarantees offered by the brands for their respective insoles before buying.


In this post, we have discussed various attributes associated with insoles that are best for tennis players. Apart from tennis, these insoles are excellent for any athletic activities involving plenty of movement and physical agility. It is essential for you to choose the best insole because they will not only provide you with maximum comfort and stability but will also offer superior stability and control in your movements, making your lower body free from stress and pains. Buying the right insoles can make a huge difference when you are looking to boost your performance, bringing out your absolute best in the game.

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