Best Pickleball Gloves Buying Guide 2019, Top Brands and Related FAQs

Do you want to prevent your hands from sweating during you play pickleball game?

If yes then do not worry. Due to the reason, there is a solution for your problem as well. The answer is none other than pickleball gloves.

Although, there is not much need of gloves during pickleball game.However, it can assist you in improving the grip, and as a result, you can easily win the match.

When it comes to buying the best pickleball gloves, you should make sure which kind is suitable for you.

In this regard, if your hand sweats a lot then you must consider open fingers gloves to maximize the airflow.

Buyer’s Guide

If you are looking to get some pickleball gloves for yourself, then it is is very crucial to have the basic know-how about them. Only then, you would be able to purchase the product that will suit all your requirements.

Therefore, here we have come up with the brief buyer’s guide for pickleball gloves to help you out in picking up the right product.

Material available in pickleball gloves

These gloves are available in a variety of materials. Read below to know about your type of material. The material of gloves in many products may vary from palm side to its back side.

We have following material for gloves palm:

•    Sheepskin Leather

As its name depicts, the palm material of these gloves is made through sheepskin. They give a soft feel and may last longer. However, you may need to pay some extra amount to purchase them as they are pricey.

•    Synthetic Leather

Synthetic leather gloves involve the artificial leather that gives greater grip due to its synthetic texture. Additionally, you can purchase it at low cost as well. However, synthetic leather is not able to offer soft and smooth feel like real leather.

•    Goatskin Leather

If you purchase pickleball gloves with goatskin leather on its palm, then at the start you may feel no difference with sheepskin gloves. But, the major difference exists in their lifespan.

The lifespan of goatskin leather is much shorter as compared to sheepskin leather. But, in the starting days, the former one gives the real feel like the sheepskin gloves.

•    Tackified Leather

These gloves use some chemical formula to tack the leather on the permanent basis. The tackiness of these gloves increases during humid weather conditions while remaining consistent in extremely hot or cold conditions.

Pickleball gloves with this material offer greater grip and stickiness to offer solid hold on the paddle. However, it may also decrease the speed by which you can switch between forehand and backhand grips.

•    Perforated palm

Such gloves contain perforated material on their palms. It helps in increasing air flow to keep the temperature and sweating low during the game. However, the perforated surface is not a good solution for heavy sweating hands as they do not offer greater absorbing properties.

For backings, there are major two categories meshed and non-meshed. You can purchase pickleball gloves with the following backings:

•    Mesh backings

In these types of gloves, backside is made up of mesh material for providing greater air flow to avoid sweating and heating up in the hands during long matches. However, the mesh material is not able to offer greater absorption. Also, they are fragile and less durable as compared to other materials.

•    Other materials

Other than the meshed surface, you can purchase pickleball gloves backings in different materials like Neoprene, Spandex, Lycra, and Textured Lycra. These materials offer greater absorbing properties and padding to your hands. However, the airflow of these materials is less as compared to mesh backings.

Basic points to consider while buying Pickleball Gloves

While buying a pair of pickleball gloves, you should keep in mind the following essential points:

•    Material you want

Pickleball gloves are available in a variety of materials. Carefully observe all types of materials and check their pros and cons. Then decide which one suits your requirements.

The material choice may also vary according to weather conditions. During summer, you may want to buy gloves that can absorb sweat more rapidly. On the other hand for winters, you may want gloves that can keep your hands little warmer to offer more grip.

•    Safety

Besides offering greater grip, you should also check your gloves according to the safety they offer. As you wouldn’t like to get hit hard during an exciting match, therefore, go for the material that gives some shock absorbing properties as well.

•    Adjustability

Few pickleball gloves also come with adjustable size features like some Velcro straps. Opt for such gloves, as they get adjusted on your hands properly.

•    Price and durability

It is the most important point that you should consider while purchasing any product. No doubt, expensive materials are going to serve you long. But, the gloves you buy should be well-balanced for its price and durability. 

Best Pickleball Gloves Brands

The name of a brand behind any product puts a significant impact on its performance. Therefore, it is also vital to know about top brands before going to purchase any product.

Below given are the popular brands of pickleball gloves:

•    Franklin Sports

It is one of the oldest names in manufacturing sporting goods. It started manufacturing these items back in 1946. Irving H. Franklin and his brother Sydney Fraklin worked together to brought innovative ideas regarding making goods for athletes.

By the passing time, Franklin Sports got fame and got affiliated with some top-class athletes like David Robinson, Sugar Ray Leonard, Dan Marino, and Barry Bonds.

Being a world-renowned brand, it has been working with some famous names including Disney. Their products can be purchased from different retails like Amazon, Walmart, Toys R Us, Target, and many others.  

•    Wilson

Wilson Brand is an American brand. It is based in Chicago and has been working since 1989. It manufactures sports goods for different sports like badminton, baseball, racquetball, soccer, pickleball, squash, tennis, and many others.

The history of Wilson started from the Schwarzschild & Sulzberger that is a meatpacking company working in New York. It slowly progressed, and owners started making different sports goods starting from tennis racket strings and other items. 

Wilson has been making a wide variety of goods for different sports. They make a full range of goods for athletes. Their products have been using in many parts of the World.

•    HEAD

HEAD is a Dutch company that sells different sports’ goods and equipment. This company is a combination of different previously independently working for companies. These include Head Ski Company, Tyrolia, and Mares. These are United States, Austrian, and Italian companies respectively.

This company was started back in 1950 in the United States. HEAD has been manufacturing sports goods for a large number of clients from various parts of the World including both males and females.  

•    Viking

Viking is one the highly respected and well-reputed brands for manufacturing different sports goods. Its goods are utilized both at the local level as well as at international level.

It excels in manufacturing vast varieties of goods specific for all types of weather conditions. The products and goods made by Vikings are used and loved by different countries because of their high quality and fulfilling game’s requirements.

•    Pro Kennex

ProKennex is Taiwanese company aims to manufacture sports goods for various sports including squash, tennis, badminton, and racquetball.

The most distinguishing thing about this brand is their aim. They focus primarily on combining technology advancements in racquet sports. This is the reason they promote themselves as science and design company.

This company was started back in 1965 from the production of wooden badminton racquets. The wooden racquets were later replaced by the manufacturing of aluminum racquets.  

Pickleball Gloves Buying FAQs

1.    Why do I need to wear pickleball gloves?

Although you can also play pickleball without wearing gloves, it is better to wear one during the game. Pickleball gloves offer many benefits that can make your game a good and an easy one. 

During extremely hot or cold weather, they can protect you from heavy sweating and can keep your hands warm in winters. In this way, the grip of your hands can increase on the paddle. Also, if you feel comfortable with your hands, then you can focus more accurately on game tricks.

Pickleball gloves also offer cushion effect to your hands. It protects your from injuries by absorbing the shock effects. Other than all these features, they help in making your hand more stable during the game.

2.    How long can I use the same pair of pickleball gloves?

This question cannot be answered accurately by telling an exact number of days, months, or years. But yes, the lifetime of your pickleball gloves depends greatly on its other details. These details include its manufacturer, material, construction, and usage.

Having a reliable manufacturer can ensure the long life of your gloves. Also, different materials have different performing times like meshed material may wear out soon as compared to other leather materials.

By construction, it means the technique used to sew its different parts together. It also enhances the durability of your gloves. Also, if you use your gloves more frequently and roughly, then it may decrease their lifetime. Using them carefully and storing them appropriately can enhance their working period.

3.    Are summer and winter pickleball gloves different?

Usually, you can use the same type of gloves during both summer and winter weather. Few of them aim to absorb excessive sweat during summers while offering comfort and adequate warmth in winters.

But, this rule cannot be applied to everyone, and in every region. Few regions get extremely hot during summer and extremely cold during winters. In these areas, you might need to purchase exclusive pickleball gloves that can fulfill specific weather requirements. On the other hands, in moderate climate areas, same gloves can be used for both types of weather conditions.

Also, few people sweat more as compared to other people, and few are more sensitive towards cold weather than other people. For both types of extreme nature people, generic gloves cannot perform well in all climates. They need specific types of gloves that can fulfill their requirements.

4.    How to purchase a perfect pair of pickleball gloves?

To buy a perfect pair of pickleball gloves, you need to put some input. Firstly you should search properly for all its aspects and features. Once you get familiar with the product properly, you can look for different brands and reliable sellers.

Read reviews and expert opinions available at different sites to know about many good-quality gloves. These reviews can also assist you in knowing about exact features offered by the specific products.

It is better to buy gloves by visiting shop physically. In this way, you can check them properly by wearing them at least once. However, if it is not possible, then you can also buy them online. But, in this case, you should be extra careful about the size of your gloves.

5.    Besides grip, which feature can affect my playing performance?

Besides offering grip, giving comfort, absorbing sweat, and cushioning, few pickleball gloves also come with some additional features. These features may include different techniques. One of them is offering fatigue relieving attributes.

Such gloves keep your hand comfortable and reduce the possible fatigue that might produce by playing for the longer period. Specialized padding at specific parts can help in decreasing fatigue and pain in your hands.

In this way, you can face your opponents more confidently and perfectly for the whole match no matter, how long the game continues.

6.    Can we use other sports’ gloves in pickleball match?

No all types of games’ gloves can be used in pickleball game. But yes, few gloves that offer same functionalities and specific features that are particularly required in pickleball game can be used for both games as well.

Like the gloves used in baseball games and pickleball share few similar characteristics. There are few other games of similar nature are also there. So, in short, you can use same games’ gloves for pickleball matches as well.

7.    How to measure the size of pickleball gloves?

It is essential to measure the right size of your hand before purchasing the pickleball gloves from any online store. It is better to buy them by visiting the shop on your own. However, if it is unavoidable, then carefully measure size before purchasing gloves.

The right way of measuring your hand size for purchasing gloves involves measuring dimension in inches from the top of your wrist to the top of your middle finger.

Also, wrap the measuring tape around your palm excluding thumb for measuring the width. It is better to purchase gloves half inch greater than your hand measurements.

8.    How can I make sure that gloves will fit accurately in my hand?

For purchasing gloves with most proper fittings, you can go for the gloves options that come with additional features. These features may include Velcro straps and other fittings techniques.

 They can help in adjusting gloves snuggly around your hand and wrist making you more comfortable while playing a game.

9.    How can the weight of a glove affect my game performance?

Besides many other features, the weight of the pickleball gloves can significantly affect your playing performance. Having gloves with appropriate weight can make you feel comfortable resulting in you focusing more on your game’s strategies.

In the other case, having too heavy gloves would divert your mind towards your gloves only the whole time. Therefore, don’t forget to consider the gloves weight as well before purchasing them.

10.    Should I find color and style of pickleball gloves before buying them?

You can select the style and color of gloves of your own choice before purchasing them. It is your sports goods and having everything of your personal choice can make you happy in a true sense. Other than this, having any style and color of your gloves aren’t going to affect your performance.


All in all, your victory in pickleball game also depends upon the equipment you choose for playing it. Regarding this, most of the players do not focus on the buyer’s guide, instead, buy a random pickleball gloves. As a result of which they have to face the severe consequences which make them demotivated at times too.

Therefore, before you decide to buy the gloves for pickleball game do not forget to check minute detail. For a reason, it can either let you win or lose the game. Besides this, if you are a woman player then some brands manufacture such pickleball gloves as well.

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