The Ultimate Guide to Best Squash Bags 2019 | Buyer’s Guide and FAQs

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For years sports bags have been used as a convenient way to carry all the equipment that is needed for every individual player. Similarly, squash players are entitled to this little luxury as well.

We have compiled this guide to help you through buying the best squash bags for your convenience.

Check out our buyer’s questions to see the most common queries and their answers.


Best Squash Bags


Squash Bag Buyers’ Guide

The following buying guide will help you focus on the factors that are essential to be looked into when buying the best squash bags.


Much like tennis bags, the squash bags are also available in different types. These types might vary in size, but they are all capable of carrying some, if not all of your squash equipment. The kind of bag that you choose will significantly depend on the budget and the bag that you like. Here are the 4 types of bags you need to consider:

  • Shoulder bag: The shoulder bag is one of the largest you will find. This bag is designed to be carried over the shoulder with one or two straps. The shoulder bag is good for carrying all of your equipment in a safe area.
  • Backpack: The backpack is not designed for squash, but they are a little easier to carry on your back. The backpack is ideal for the racquet, but you might have to deal with the handle still sticking out.
  • Duffel bag: The duffel bag is available in all sorts of sizes, and it is the perfect option for carrying a lot of equipment. The duffel bag is easy to carry and feature multifunctional use for outdoors and other sporting purposes.
  • Travel bag: The travel bag is the smallest of the lot, and it is designed to keep your racquets and minimal other equipment safe when traveling light. These bags are quite portable and should offer some great versatility as well.


The first thing that you need to keep in mind is the size that you want. You will find your choices to be in racket sizes. For example, you can select between three rackets, nine rackets, and twelve rackets. Bring all your stuff to the side and check what you carry to determine the space you need in your bag. Note that the racket sizes are not necessarily because of the number of rackets that you will take.

Design and Outer Appearance

Having your bag look great on the outside is fundamentally important when it comes to looking professional. Having the brand logo on the bag and the sizes correct will make you look a little more professional when arriving. If you like the design of your racquet, you will see that most brands also design bags for their racquets.


Most of the new bags are designed for more than one thing. While you might enjoy squash, you may also try your luck at something like racquetball and have a bag for that is a little expensive. If your bag is the perfect size for all of these sports, you will save some additional cash, while also looking professional at both sporting types.


Some of these bags are cheap, and others are quite expensive, you should also consider your budget when choosing one. In my personal experience, I would focus more on the racquet to ensure that it is the best possible. After this, I would use what’s left of my budget and invest in a new bag to keep everything safe.

Number of Pockets

Once you have decided on the size, it is time to consider the pockets that you want. Pockets will help you keep your things organized in the bag and help you fit different items in the right place without crowding the bag.

Check out the sections in the bag along with their zipper thoroughly. Make sure you have everything that you carry all the time in your mind so that you can make this decision quickly.


It is crucial that you keep in mind the quality and the material of the bag that you are about to purchase. Look for a high content that will be durable and last for a long time. Sports bags are not necessarily reasonable and if you are opting to spend on something you need to make sure that you have well paid the money.

A bonus shall be a warranty on the bag so that you can have a safer experience in your shopping.


Yes, while choosing the best squash bags you will have to look for your comfort as well or the support of anyone that is carrying the bag. Look out for straps that dig into the skin and cause a nuisance. You can easily find padded, and contouring handles that will reduce the stress on the back and allow a more comfortable carrying experience.

Make sure that the material is soft yet durable enough to hold the weight of your things every time you lift it. The straps are the foundation of the bag if they are not chosen correctly; they can cause injuries and troubles.

Squash Bags


Best Squash Bags Brands

Many different brands will offer you the best squash bags that the market has to offer. However, out of hundreds of them, these are the top five that we consider worth mentioning.

1.    Sweatband

Sweatband offers its customers a variety of products that are related to health, fitness, and sports. Each one of their items is high quality and is highly loved by the customers. They often have a vast variety, and all competitively play well in the market. Their range of squash equipment is loveable and commendable.

This brand will not only sell their products online, but they give a detailed review of their use along impressive warranties to keep the customers satisfied. You can buy their products online of they are also available in stores.

2.    Wilson

Wilson is a company that leads to making sporting goods. They excel in products for racquet sports and have made their name in the same field. Their high-quality products are often seen with professional players that use the finest of the products all the time. Wilson is a brand that is widely available around the world along with being present online for sale.

Users can find the best squash bags for professional, amateur, and even junior players with this brand. Though they are a little costly, every item is worth each penny spent because of the durability and precision they are made of.

3.    Head

Head is a name of a brand that has been dominating the world of squash equipment online for a very long time. They offer products that are light on the pocket along with being in a great variety. You will find the brand to provide most goods in the racquet related sports since it has made it their trademark.

At the head, you will find the most stylish and useful squash bags that will help you fulfill the purpose reasonably. Customers from all around the world show their support to the company by providing their feedback and mentioning their exceptional experience they had with the brand.

4.    Squash Galaxy

Squash galaxy is a brand that has dedicated every product they have to the most beautiful games of squash. They are comparatively new in the market, but they have gained a lot of respect from the customers who have experienced shopping with them. The offered products are professional quality, and they are stylish as well.

You will be surprised to know the tiniest accessories that they have to offer that are related to squash. The company is dealing online and has been spreading in the physical market as well. Customers have given an excellent response to their dealings and their services.

5.    Just in time Sports

JIT sport is a brand that has been around for a long time. They offer the almost everything for every single game that is to be played out there. Along with being there for sportspeople, they also provide material that coaches or trainers might need.

Each one of their products is designed to perfection which will help the players. Their website will additionally assist you in buying the right product according to you sports requirement.

6.    Prince

Prince features a multitude of different bags that you could choose from. One of the biggest drawbacks is the additional weight of the bags that might make them a little heavy. The Prince bags are quite stylish, and I like the flashy look they give to people arriving in them. Prince bags offer you some of the best value for your money.

7.    Harrow

Harrow bags are also somewhat heavier than some of the other bags, and they have a wide variety to choose from. The style does sometimes seem a little dull, but when it comes to durability, these bags are well designed. The Harrow 6 Racquet bag is one of my personal favorites, and it can be carried in multiple different ways.

8.    Dunlop

Dunlop is one of the trusted brands, and they have been providing squash and tennis equipment for a decent amount of time now.  Dunlop bags tend to be very lightweight with a basic style that should compliment any squash player. Dunlop is also a reliable brand when it comes to the other squash equipment you might be needing. I managed to test out the expensive DUNLOP 2013 BIOMIMETIC TOUR RED 3 RACQUET BAG with great success.

9.    Technifibre

Technifibre is one of the best and one of the most expensive brands when it comes to squash and squash equipment. The brand is ideal for the experienced and professional player, and the versatile bags are perfect for carrying along everything that you might need for your game. The Technifibre Absolute 9R Bag is one of my favorites, and it is extremely lightweight to carry. It also holds up to 9 racquets.

10.    Adidas

When it comes to sporting brands, style, and quality, Adidas is one of the top brands to look at. Adidas bags features special compartment, and they are designed to be versatile for multiple different sporting opportunities. The Adidas Barricade series is one of my favorite series of bags. These bags are stylish and can be found in various sizes. They are also lightweight and extremely durable.

Squash Bag FAQs

The following are a few questions that most customers have while buying the best squash bags. Each of the issues is answered with the best of our knowledge to help you get the right pick without any problems.

1. Which bag type is the best?

While this question has no definite answer and everyone will have their own opinion, I have decided to give my opinion. The duffel bag is the best option for those carrying many racquets simultaneously, and it also keeps the entire racquet safe and out of harm's way. These bags offer a ton of additional storage space, but you will also need to have the right brand.

2. Will the racquet smash together in these bags?

The chances are always there for the racquets breaking in the bag of the bag is not looked after. However, some of the bags also have compartments, and this will keep the racquets safe. It is worth noting that the bags are more expensive if you are looking for more additional features. Nevertheless, these features could save you some money in the end.

3. What is the best material for these bags?

With these bags, you will need to look for something durable and lightweight. Both polyester and nylon can be durable of different types, but polyester is a little lighter. You should also keep in mind that adding things like wheels to your bag will make them seem a little more expensive and heavier to carry around.

4.  Which style is better, backpack or the traditional one?

Your squash bag will carry everything that you want to take with you to your game. You will have to move it and somehow, depend on it. The market will offer you two different styles which are the backpack style and the traditional racket bag style.

There is no specific direction of what you should carry. Each one of them has their advantages and disadvantages. For example, the backpack balances the weight better while the traditional one can be a load on one shoulder, and the bag can be less spacious than the other one.

5. Why are the sizes calculated in rackets?

Initially, the squash bags were used to keep other rackets only. With time players started making it a complete equipment bag. The size continued to be sold that way. Users tend to choose the size that can fit all the rackets they have along with their personal belongings that they would like to carry.

6. How can my bag play a part in protecting my rackets?

Choosing the right bag is crucial since most companies offer features that will protect your rackets as well store them. Many bags have a thermal compartment or a separate section to protect your rackets and avoid mixing them with the rest of your stuff.

Make sure you take a neat look at these articles, you do not want them to be of cheap material or threads cutting losing and sticking to your gear.

7.  Is it smart to invest in a bag of wheels?

Some tennis bags also come with wheels which help you drag them without worrying about the weight. If you play squash frequently and you feel that your shoulders have a lot of burden on them while carrying your bag, then wheels are a good option for you. Usually, players take trolley bags when their bags are hefty, and they do not want to take a chance in injuring their shoulders.

However, if you are not used to carrying a lot of stuff, then this type will be almost useless to you. Getting a trolley bag is also very tricky since you have to focus on the wheels and see how well they are doing and their durability is not compromised upon.

8. How can I find comfort in my bag?

Comfort is a vital thing that you will need to take care of if you are willing to carry your bag around yourself or even if another person is carrying it around. Soft and padded straps will help you load the bag on your shoulders with much more convenience and support than other types of handles.

A trick is to put a few things in the bag and increase the weight to see if it is comfortable while carrying the bag or not.

9. Can I find a bag that is only for carrying rackets?

Some brands have made more comfortable for the players to carry everything that they want in one bag while others still go with the traditional racket bag. You can easily find sound quality, and low priced move cases for your rackets and balls only and go for separate ones for your other gear.

However, it is much more convenient to take them all together. If you are worried about ruining your equipment, then make sure to choose the one that has the most safety pocket for each purpose.

10. What kind of compartments should the bag have for maximum storage?

Take a look at various brands, each one of them has made separate compartments for the storage of different things that you carry. The best squash bag needs to have a few sections for sure while the other can depend on the convenience of the person taking it.

  • It should for sure have a separate padded section to store your racquets and keep them safe
  • A compartment for balls should be there so that they do not roll around you bag and cause clutter
  • Shoe compartments are essential otherwise you will have to carry them separately, or they will be hanging out of your bag, or if they are inside, they will be ruining the things inside
  • The water bottle space can be more cooling compartment inside the container so that the water remains cold

11. Are tennis bags and squash bags any different from each other?

Tennis bags and squash bags do not have much of a difference, but yes they differ in shape. Squash rackets are sleeker and more extended in their shape while tennis rackets are different which makes their storage a little different as well. Hence, both of them have this minute difference.

12. Which opening is better: Velcro or Zipper?

You can choose any opening that you want, but out of the two, the most popular is the zipper. The reason behind it is because Velcro seems to lose its stickiness in due time while zippers are longer lasting and you can always put a look in them too.

Final Thoughts

Now you should have some insights into buying a great bag that meets your needs and your playing style. I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this article and also want to encourage you to share some of your thoughts on which of them are the very best that you have used.

Please let us know in the comment section if you think we might have missed any other important features and brands that you may have used and liked.

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