Best Squash Goggles Reviews 2019, Buyer’s Guide and Important FAQs


Choosing the best squash goggles can be tricky since the market has so many different types.

To help you pick the right ones, we have compiled this guide.

  • The product reviews will help you understand what the market has to offer at different prices.
  • Buying guide will then help you understand which specs are worth spending money on.
  • To clear any further confusion, we have answered the frequently asked questions that the buyers have while buying this product.

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HEAD Impulse Protective Eyewear


HEAD Rave Protective Eyewear


Head Pro Elite Racquetball Eyewear


Wilson Vents Eyewear


Ektelon Strobe Eyewear Clear


Power Zone Shield Protective Eyewear


Ektelon Speed Eyewear


Head Raptor Eyeguards


Tecnifibre Absolute Squash Eyewear White


Dunlop I-Armor Protective Racquetball Eyewear 

Top 10 Best Squash Goggle Reviews

1.    HEAD Impulse Protective Eyewear

The head impulse protective eyewear is squash goggles made to ensure that your eyes are safe from any injury during squash or similar games.

This pair is designed to be lightweight and comes with a headband that keeps the goggles in place. The anti-fog feature ensures clear sight all the time without hindrance in the game.

The temples are further designed to be comfortable and to stay intact. With many different elements, these come at a very reasonable price.

HEAD Impulse Protective Eyewear
  • plus-circle
    These glasses have a lightweight design for convenience while playing
  • plus-circle
    Hinged temples to make it more comfortable
  • plus-circle
    Headband to keep the goggles in place
  • plus-circle
    Clear visibility all the time with the fog resistant glass made of polycarbonate
  • minus-circle
    These pair of goggles do not fit over prescription spectacles
  • minus-circle
    There is no rubber or foam for full protection

2.    HEAD Rave Protective Eyewear

Another one of the Head series features the best squash goggles for safety and comfort. The frames are impact resistant making them distortion free lenses.

They are carefully designed to be anti-scratch and anti-fog with nose pads to keep the support intact. For an additional comfortable experience throughout the game, there is a rubber inlay at the end of the temples.

The cleaning up bag comes with a full guide to help you keep them more durable than they already are.

HEAD Rave Protective Eyewear
  • plus-circle
    Rubber inlay at the end of temple for increased stability along with comfort
  • plus-circle
    Nose pad for support and no slipping feature
  • plus-circle
    Impact resistant frames protect the eyes and the equipment
  • plus-circle
    An adjustable head strap is included for increased stability
  • minus-circle
    No ventilation holes make them fog up
  • minus-circle
    Cannot be work over prescription spectacles

3.    Head Pro Elite Racquetball Eyewear

The head pro elite eyewear is perfect to protect your eyes while playing squash or similar games. The adjustable size allows people of every size to enjoy it with the same convenience.

They are designed to be extra durable along with anti-fog, anti-scratch, and UV protection technology.  The temples are made to fit any shape and stay stable.

The headband of these goggles is clip-on which means that you do not have to use it if you do not want to.

Head Pro Elite Racquetball Eyewear
  • plus-circle
    Temples are adjustable to fit better to all heads
  • plus-circle
    Headband is a clip-on and is adjustable
  • plus-circle
    The nose pad is made of non-slip PVC material
  • plus-circle
    Wrap around the head glasses cover the whole eyes area
  • minus-circle
    The end of the temple seems to prick the back of the ears a lot
  • minus-circle
    They do not keep out the sweat from the eyes

4.    Wilson Vents Eyewear

The Wilson Vents eyewear comes in a variety of different colors that ensure style along with protecting your eyes from injury during games like squash.

They are specially designed to be clear and keep the ball in your focus all the time with the distortion-free technology.  There is a nose piece for extra comfort and stabilization. You will also find vents on the top that prevent sweat from reaching your eyes.

These glasses wrap around your eyes to make them equipped to protect you completely.

Wilson Vents Eyewear
  • plus-circle
    It is made to wrap around your eyes for added security
  • plus-circle
    They are made with a nose pad for comfort and stabilization of the glasses
  • plus-circle
    The vents on the top are placed to avoid sweat coming on to your eyes
  • plus-circle
    The lenses are distortion free, clear lenses
  • minus-circle
    The nose pad does not do its job well
  • minus-circle
    The wrap technology makes things feel rounded

5.    Ektelon Strobe Eyewear Clear

The Ektelon squash goggles are designed to be one of the best squash goggles that you can find. They are made of a single piece which allows better results while playing a hardcore match.

The lenses are made to be resistant to scratches and resistant to condensation while playing. The airflow shield allows the glasses to remain ventilated decreasing the chances of any fog at all costs.

An additional brow bar is attached which collected the sweat preventing it from reaching your eyes while playing.

Ektelon Strobe Eyewear Clear
  • plus-circle
    The vented airflow ensures that the goggles do not fog up while playing
  • plus-circle
    They come with a cleaning pouch to keep them maintained
  • plus-circle
    Brow bar prevents the sweat from falling into the eyes or the glasses
  • plus-circle
    They are designed to be anti-fog and anti-scratch
  • minus-circle
    They cannot be worn over prescription glasses
  • minus-circle
    The temple seems to be very uncomfortable

6.    Power Zone Shield Protective Eyewear

The power zone protective eyewear is designed to reduce chances of injuries to the eye while playing solid games like squash.

They have adjustable temples with a rubber inlay attached which allows comfort and an excellent fit. These features also help the goggles stay in place while you play with convenience. An additional elastic strap comes with this pair which can easily be attached for added stability.

A cleaning bag is included to keep the lenses clear and help increase the life of these goggles.

Power Zone Shield Protective Eyewear
  • plus-circle
    Temples are adjustable to keep from slipping during a game
  • plus-circle
    An additional headband can be attached for a better fit
  • plus-circle
    The temples are lined with a rubber inlay to help them from moving
  • plus-circle
    The ventilation holes in the lens prevent fogging
  • minus-circle
    The lens is prone to scratching very easily
  • minus-circle
    The nose guard is there without a reason

7.    Ektelon Speed Racquetball Eyewear

The Ektelon Speed eyewear is one of the best squash goggles because of unique features that they offer. They have a nylon frame design that increases durability and users can quickly change the lenses.

They can choose between amber, smoke, and clear lenses which can be selected according to the lighting in the court. The detachable head strap increases the stability along with the curved shape.

The product comes with a cleaning pouch with everything that you need to ensure the cleanliness of your glasses.

Ektelon Speed Racquetball Eyewear
  • plus-circle
    Three interchangeable lenses can be chosen according to the light
  • plus-circle
    The lens shape is curved for a better coverage over the eyes
  • plus-circle
    A detachable headband ensures stability
  • plus-circle
    A rubber layer on the end of the temple provides comfort
  • minus-circle
    They cannot be fit over spectacles because of their design
  • minus-circle
    The nose pads are uncomfortable and slippery

8.    Head Raptor Eyeguards

The head Raptor eye guards are to make sure that no matter what the intensity of the squash game is, you stay protected.

The lenses of these goggles are made for extra durability which includes being resistant to scratch as well as immune to fog. They are also made to be UV protection so that your eyes are safe from the harmful rays. You can change the lenses as per the light for better performance.

These protective goggles are made with international quality standards for sports guards.

Head Raptor Eyeguards
  • plus-circle
    A variety of lenses available for the different light in the court
  • plus-circle
    UV protecting lenses allow better performance
  • plus-circle
    Comes with a headband for additional stability
  • plus-circle
    International standards are approved of this eye guard
  • minus-circle
    The lens replacement method is complicated
  • minus-circle
    The temple pricks the skin making it uncomfortable

9.    Tecnifibre Absolute Squash Eyewear

The Tecnifibre squash eyewear helps in protecting your eyes from any injury during the game. The lenses are ventilated to prevent condensation during the game. They are also designed to be shatterproof which means that their durability is fantastic.

The temples are curved for a highly improved fit. The temples also have rubber pads to keep them from slipping off. The frames are made of nylon so that they remain impact resistant and provide you with maximum security.

You can store these goggles in their protective case and clean them with their cleaning material.

Tecnifibre Absolute Squash Eyewear
  • plus-circle
    The lenses are ventilated to prevent from fogging up easily
  • plus-circle
    The lenses are made shatterproof allowing a long life
  • plus-circle
    Curved temples give the users a better fit
  • plus-circle
    Rubber on the temples decrease the chances of slipping off the face
  • minus-circle
    They are not versatile for every head size
  • minus-circle
    The glass seems to be very tight on the ear section making it uncomfortable

10.    Dunlop I-Armor Squash Protective Eyewear

The Dunlop eyewear is one of the best squash goggles available in the market that combine style with safety. These come in two different colors that users can pick.

There is a nose pad on these glasses for comfort and to keep the glasses stable. The temples are sleek, so they do not cause any discomfort among the players while they are playing.

The lenses are made to wrap around the face as much as possible to protect the eyes entirely.

Dunlop I-Armor Racquetball/Squash Protective Eyewear
  • plus-circle
    Lenses are made to wrap around the face for full protection
  • plus-circle
    You can choose between two different colors
  • plus-circle
    The sleek temples reduce discomfort while playing
  • plus-circle
    The lightweight further ensures comfort and convenience
  • minus-circle
    The lenses of the glasses fog easily
  • minus-circle
    They do not have a sweat roof to prevent sweat from reaching the eyes

Squash Goggle Buyer's Guide

To pick the best squash goggles to avoid your eyes from injury, we have compiled this buying guide. The guide will help you walk through on how to buy the right pair for maximum performance. Keep all these factors in mind when you go to purchase squash goggles for yourself.

Find the Right Lens Color

You will notice that there are many different lenses of various colors. These colors are because of the light type. Take a look at the court you will be on and then find the right lens for you. Some goggles will have interchangeable lenses.

These are the best squash goggles since they are more versatile than others. Go for these since they will save you a lot of bucks in the long run.

Use the Ones That Are Adjustable to the Head

Most of the goggles come in standard sizes which may not always work for you. However, some eye guards come in adjustable sizes. These dimensions will help you in finding a right and comfortable fit that will not slip off your face while playing.

The right size will also allow you to fit it tight and loose as per your comfort level. You can also prevent the temples from digging into the skin.

Select Treated Polycarbonate Glass

Your salesman might tempt you into buying other kinds of glass but avoid that. Polycarbonate glass is the best kind of lens for this purpose. Furthermore, choose the treated polycarbonate lens so that your goggles can be scratchproof and resistant to fog.

This material is also durable and allows users to enjoy the lightweight of the goggles that they are wearing. Polycarbonate glass also has a verity in the lens color that you can pick according to the light that you are playing on the court.

Choose the Anti-Fog Goggles

What happens most of the time is that the goggles that are supposed to protect you from injuring your eyes cause a distraction in the game because it fogs up and your vision is lost. To ensure that this does not happen, find the goggles that do not have to condense quickly while you are playing.

Usually, ventilation holes or foam or rubber is attached to stop the goggles from condensing while you are playing. Polycarbonate glass is the best one that is treated to ensure that fog does not ruin the clarity of the lenses.

Find the Wrap around Goggles

Most goggles will protect your eyes as best as they are designed. However, find the ones that protect the sides too. These are called wrap around, and they have the glass up to the temples of the head so that they can reduce injuries on the sides of eyes as well.

Finding these can be tricky since some goggles will have lenses that may distort the vision in addition to protecting the face. Wrap around come in various shapes as well, and they are sometimes even broad to cover some part of the cheeks.

Squash Goggles Buying FAQs

The following some issues those buyers tend to wonder before buying the best squash goggles for their use. Each one of them is answered to the best of our knowledge to guide you further.

Q1.  Why do I need squash goggles?

Squash is a hardcore game which includes the ball aiming towards you. No matter at what skill level you play, you can never be too safe. Goggles will act as eye guards and protect your eyes from the impact of the ball and any injuries following them. These are made of a unique material that is hard to break and which will not further damage your eyes in case you get hit.

Q2. How to pick the most comfortable goggles?

The priority players have to find goggles that are the most comfortable to them. There is no right way to pick the most beautiful pair. However, you can take heed of a few things while buying them. Make sure to try them on and ensure that they are either the perfect fit on your face without being too tight or too loose.

You can also choose the ones that are not too much weight on your face.

Q3. How do I manage squash goggles with prescription glasses?

If you wear prescription glasses, then you can buy the ones that are either custom made which can include your eye number on the lens, or you can buy the ones that are a comfortable fit over your spectacles.

Some players do not find it easy to fit goggles over their glasses which make it a little inconvenient. The custom-made lenses can be a bit expensive, but they are worth each penny since you can go for as durable as you like.

Q4. What is the advantage of going after international standards of goggles?

Buying the pair that has been through international sports standards allows you to have a better sense of security. They may be a little expensive, but they are more durable and will give you a better vision.

They are also less likely to shatter and scratch quickly rather than the other ones. You will even not have to focus on the small details since their stamp verifies most things.

Q5. What are the advantages of the wrap around glasses?

The wrap around glasses will not only protect your eyes, but they will also defend your temples and the surrounding area as well. The sense of security of your face will increase, and you can play without the fear of hurting your eyes.

Wrap around glasses needs to be chosen carefully since the lens sometimes turns out to be a distorted image hence losing the clarity. 

Q6. Which one of them will help keep out the sweat?

Some goggles come with a roof kind structure at the brows that prevent the sweat from going any further. These are made airtight in that area so that you do not have to face the issue of sweat in your eyes.

They are not more expensive; in fact, they are a feature that most glasses will have. To check them, wear them and try to throw some water down your forehead and see if they leak.

Q7. How to make sure that the lenses are anti-fogging?

One of the essential things that you will need to take care of is the fact that your glasses do not fog. Unless you play, you will not find out whether they are anti-fog or not, but you can try a few methods.

Make sure that the lens is treated and sprayed on with anti-condensation spray. If you are still in doubt, then buy the spray and use it before a game. You can also try them in the store and breathe slowly to see if they are condensing or not. Although this method is not fool-proof, it may still give you an idea.

Q8. Which material is the best for the lens?

Treated polycarbonate is the material that you are looking for to ensure that your glasses are immune to scratches and fog building.

Q9. What should I look for in the temples?

The first that you should make sure is that they are not digging into your skin and are comfortable. The next factor to focus on should be how they stabilize. You need to make sure they provide maximum support to you.

Q10.  Why should I opt for the ones that have ventilation holes?

According to science, ventilation holes will allow the glasses to be breathable and hence they will reduce the fog. Lenses that do not have holes will at some point undoubtedly start to fog no matter what the company says.

Wrap up

After looking at the whole piece, you may have had an idea of what to look for when buying the best squash goggles. You may have also understood their importance and each factor that there needs to be focused on.

Remember to do thorough research on the product before buying them since they will affect your performance.

Check the product thoroughly always since most people think that overpriced items are the best ones when that’s not the case. Our answered questions will help you get a more in-depth understanding. Make sure to keep all that you have read in mind to buy the ones that will keep you safe without ruining your game.

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