Best Tennis Dampener Buyer’s Guide 2019 | Top Brands and FAQs

Ever heard of a Best Tennis Dampener? Probably not.

Most people are not aware of the somewhat useful item that is a modern tennis staple. The purpose of tennis dampeners or vibration dampeners may not make much sense at first, but ask any local tennis player, and they’ll tell you otherwise.

When a ball strikes the flat net structure of the racquet, it produces a “ping” sound, which may seem ordinary to us, but can be irritating for tennis players. The sound needs to be eradicated or made more profound. A dampener does just that, making the sound firmer and less irritating.

Sound interesting?

So let’s begin

Top 10 Tennis Dampeners Table




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21K Sports Tennis Vibration Dampener

Tennis Vibration Dampener- Set of 3-Tennis Shock Absorber For Strings


ADV Tennis Vibration Dampener

ADV Tennis Vibration Dampener


Head Djokovic Dampener Head

Head Djokovic Dampener


Tourna Sampras Vibration Dampener

Tourna Sampras Vibration Dampener


SHOCKLABS Gel-Filled Tennis Vibration Dampener 

SHOCKLABS Gel-Filled Tennis Vibration Dampener


BusyBee Tennis Vibration Dampener

BusyBee Tennis Vibration Dampener


Muzitao Tennis Vibration Dampeners

Muzitao Tennis Vibration Dampeners


Tennis Dampeners by Racket Expressions

Tennis Dampeners by Racket Expressions


TennisGeek National Flag Tennis Dampener

TennisGeek National Flag Tennis Dampener


Funny and Obscene Gesture Tennis Dampener

Funny and Obscene Gesture Tennis Dampener

Tennis Dampener Buyer’s Guide

Below, we have collected a few important factors to consider before buying a tennis vibration dampener. Take a look yourself:


The price is perhaps the most important key factor when deciding to buy a dampener. Dampeners are rather small but can at times be costly. Most dampeners cost no more than around five dollars and usually come in sets of five or six since they are so cheap.

If you have a bit of extra cash on your hands, dampeners are a perfect addition to your game bag. However, if you are on a tight budget, we recommend skipping over the dampeners as they are sometimes redundant and not as crucial to your game performance.


While the design isn’t of much significance, visual aesthetics may play a part in providing the best dampener experience. Choose a dampener which isn’t too shiny or distracting and one which can easily fit onto your racquet. Keep your racquet handy just in case. Bonus points if the design is motivating, such as having motivating messages on it.

These can boost confidence significantly and can enhance your self-esteem, thus providing a better game. The color choice is entirely up to you, but keeping it simple and not too flashy will help keep your focus on the game and make your games easier.


Although silicone is a quite durable substance, nothing can ever be relied on. For the best experience, dampeners which can withstand dust, damage, stress, and sunlight should be chosen. Durability is an important factor, especially when you’re on a tight budget and cannot afford to buy more dampeners.

Consider buying a dampener from a trusted source like the ones listed below, or consider buying many just in case. In the game, dampeners and racquets have to go through stress and resistance and can wear over time. Chances are your dampener might wear just after your first game.


It is rare to find dampeners in sets of one, and most packages come in sets of two or more. It is best to buy packages with more than one dampener as these can be cheaper and much more durable than their counterparts.

You should also consider buying dampeners which come with their own storage bags or boxes. These are especially handy in preventing loss of the dampeners and can double as a neat addition to your bag. A black pouch works best.

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Best Tennis Vibration Dampener Brands

When it comes to dampeners, there isn’t much difference between brands. But for the occasional enthusiast, we have collected five most popular dampener brands. See for yourself:

1.    Babolat

Babolat is perhaps the most infamous and sophisticated tennis products brand. Babolat provides a wide range of silicone tennis vibration dampeners. These products are not that different from the others, but for some picky tennis enthusiasts, this would be the best choice.

The dampeners can be found easily in nearby outlets or online stores and can be easily installed and used on all types of tennis racquets. Babolat’s tennis dampeners come in all shapes and sizes and with a wide spectrum of colors. These dampeners will fit right into your racquet with little to no difficulties. And they’re on the cheaper side too.

Some popular tennis dampeners of Babolat are Babolat Custom Damp, Babolat Vibrakill, and Babolat B700032 Flag 

2.    Dunlop

Dunlop Industries provide premium quality sports products, and their tennis products are no less. Dunlop tennis dampeners are available in almost all shapes and sizes. The colors are diverse and vivid. The designs are rather creative and perhaps even comic.

These bright and radiant dampeners will be a colorful addition to your sports staples and will block out the annoying sound fairly well. Dunlop has never failed to provide quality supplies. The shapes are mostly hexagonal, but comfortable nonetheless. It works best for players who will be serving as well as those on the opposite hand. ​

Dunlop has Biomimetic, Flying Dampener 2x, and Sport Vibration.

3.    Forten

Forten’s tennis dampeners are quite creative. They come in a variety of shapes, but the most common is the Inch Worm. It’s a rather creative design with a slight comic effect. The Forten Inch Worm and derivatives are a great addition to your tennis regime.

These products are highly flexible and have been engineered with premium quality silicone by only the best experts. Forten will surely find its way into your cart. The price is no headache either. The Forten dampener even has protection to safeguard it from damage caused by harmful sunlight. It works best for players who have a creative side. Two models of Forten are The Worm and Inch Worm.

4.    Gamma Sports

Gamma Sports also has a wide variety of products. The Gamma Sports tennis dampeners are creative and graceful. Their aerodynamics are perfect for the occasional tennis player. The colors are for the most part sober, but the sleek and sensational design is quite beautiful. The dampeners stick easily to the net and provide added comfort and durability.

The prices stay low, so the performance stays high. The vibration elimination is excellent, and the annoying ping sound is gone within minutes. The company is well-established as well. It works wonders for players who plan on performing a backhand and those who want the best performance.

Gamma has some popular models such as Zoo Damps, Shockbuster, Shockbuster II, String Things, and Red Eye Vibe Damp.

5.    Head

Head Tennis Dampeners are endorsed by various famous tennis players such as Sloane Stephens. The dampeners work great if you want to eliminate vibrations while also giving your racquet a sleek professional look. The dampeners come in a variety of popping colors and work best in outdoor tennis tournaments.

The durability is palatable, along with its modern and minimalistic design. Head Tennis Dampeners are a cheap solution to that annoying stinging vibration. The packaging is convenient and easy to open too. The dampeners are available online as well as in stores. And the costs remain low for the most part.

Some dampeners of Head are Djokovic Dampener, Smartsorb, and Pro Dampener.

Tennis Dampener Buying FAQs

1.    Why use a vibration dampener?

Vibration dampeners are essential when it comes to dampening string vibrations. They dampen or muffle the irritating vibrating sounds on impact and solidify them, providing a better tennis experience. Although somewhat redundant, the decreased vibration sounds can have a huge impact on your overall performance.

If the vibrations are irritating to you and often affect your game performance, then a tennis dampener is best for you. Consider buying one if your budget is borderline surplus.

2.    What does a dampener not do?

Contrary to popular belief, a tennis dampener is not the solution to tennis related health issues such as tennis elbow, joint pain, forehand pain, blisters, etc. Tennis dampeners also do not affect your performance directly, neither do they increase or decrease stability.

They do not affect the ball’s spin and power and are not degrading to your racquet’s string. Dampeners do, however, affect your mental health positively, thereby affecting your performance as well.

3.    Which players use tennis dampeners?

Almost all of them. The most notable ones are Sloane Stephens, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. Most tennis players feel the need to use a dampener, and you could be one of them. Tennis dampeners have recently entered the market, and are gaining rapid attention via popular tennis players.

Even some tennis coaches recommend them. We’ve only ever heard of so many tennis players who did not use a tennis dampener on their racquets, and we highly encourage you to do so too. Who knows? It might prove useful.

4.    What are tennis dampeners made of?

Tennis dampeners are usually made of silicone, or in other words, plastic. Silicone is strong and durable, and the only right solution to premium quality tennis dampeners. Some dampeners may be made of rubber or metal, but the plastic kind is the best.

We highly encourage that only tennis dampeners made with the highest quality silicone should be bought. But the material hardly makes much difference.

5.    Where can I buy the best tennis dampener?

Tennis dampeners can be found in almost all local and branded sports shops. If you don’t feel like taking risks, then find outlets of the tennis brands mentioned earlier in the article. The quality will be premium. Babolat and Gamma are some sports outlets, but that mostly depends on your location.

Do some research and find the best sports outlet in your locality and visit it. See if they are reliable and if they provide premium quality supplies. The more reassurance you have, the better.

6.    Where can I buy the best dampeners online?

There are a hundred shops where tennis products can be bought online. Such sites can be found easily on the internet. Tennis Warehouse is the most popular. But if you want quality reassurance then Amazon might suit your tastes. Amazon provides gift wrapping as well, depending on your location. They can even be easily found on eBay.

Tennis Express is also a convenient source, but the reliability may not be confirmed. It is also best to choose an online store that ships to your country and locality. Amazon mostly does that. Again, it is best to look for stores that ship to your specific country and locality. Research the best stores and make your decision.

7.    Are dampeners giftable?

Yes, certainly. They are cheap and small and can easily be put into a box or pouch and gifted. They are the most affordable gifts for tennis players and are best when they match the teams color scheme or tennis racquets. You can also get them gift wrapped in a nice tiny pouch or bag. We highly encourage it.

7.    Are tennis dampeners affordable?

Depends mostly on your budget. For a medium budget, dampeners are affordable, but you’ll want to spend money on more significant products first. Then, if you have some extra cash in your hands, the dampeners will be a breeze.

But the dire need for these staples is highly dependent on whether you feel like you need them or not. They usually cost no more than $5, but this may vary. Research or survey to find out which shops in your locality or online stores provide the cheapest tennis dampeners and consider their offer.

8.    Should I buy one or many tennis dampeners?

While one tennis dampener may do the trick, we highly recommend that multiple tennis dampeners be bought at one time. This is to ensure that you have a backup in case one break, wears away or gets lost.

Additionally, this would be the best solution for players who constantly have to ravage through their game bags to find a tiny dampener. Additionally, buying multiple tennis dampeners means that you can easily lend them to your fellow teammates, promoting teamwork and strategy.

9.    How do I store tennis dampeners?

Tennis dampeners can be conveniently stored in some creative ways. Most dampeners come with their pouches or boxes. But you can easily make one yourself. A small cardboard box such as for a cup or doll could suffice.

A small stationery pouch can also be perfect. Or just keeping them in your pocket or tennis bag may be suitable as well, but then they are prone to get lost and damaged. A black or gray colored pouch will also help against sun damage. Consult a local tennis player to get some ideas.


The best tennis dampener may help to reduce vibrations and can make your game a lot smoother. If you do have a high budget, buying tennis dampeners can be a thrill. They are best suitable for tennis players who get easily frustrated or distracted and need to focus on the game.

These products perform an excellent job of blocking out vibrations and making the impact sound sharper and are a perfect staple to make your game better. Buying one will be a breeze. Plus, it also doubles as a cute addition to your tennis racquet.

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