Best Tennis Hat Buying Guide 2019 | Top 5 Brands and Related FAQs

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Best Tennis Hats come in a variety you will find the different shape, sizes, and colors. 

The crown of the hat needs to be examined first before you make the purchase. So that you see it fits your head fine, and won’t face any problems.

Make sure you look out for all important aspects before buying it.

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Tennis Hat Buyer’s Guide

Before buying a specific product, you need to look out in the particular buying guide so that you can have a know-how about the product. It will help you in buying the right item.

Hat’s material

For sure you need to look for the material according to the time of the year you would need to wear it. If you want to wear your hat in the winter then make sure you purchase the one that is a bit thick in material preferably cotton, you can even find the one that has a flee layer inside so it will keep you warm enough.

If you need to be protected from the sun and want no sweat in the summertime, polyester ones are the best. They help with lessening the sweat drops so you will have a good game without any problem.

Price range

It is essential to look at the price of any product you are about to purchase.  The price varies from every material. Therefore, it might be a difficult task to judge a material by its price. If you are buying a product which is very cheap then for sure the quality has been compromised.

The upper prices go up to hundreds of dollars by the brand name, for sure they have better comfort, but still, tennis hats aren’t something that should be bought expensive.

Significance of the crown of tennis hat

The crown plays the major role; it should be examined thoroughly before buying the item.  Always make sure that your hat sits perfectly in your head if it won’t then it will be a problem instead of comfort. Crown keeps your face safe from direct sunlight; your eyes will open up properly as well so you can have a good challenging game.

Shape of the hat

Usually, this aspect is a matter of one’s comfort. These hats are available in round shape as well as a brimmed shape. It is important to see which one suits you best. While playing the hat should never be a problem that you need to fix again and again.

Best Tennis Hat Brands

1.    Lacoste

One of the best tennis hats for sun protection, it is of a unique shape which seems like a baseball like a fitting cap. Made up from 100 percent polyester which is best in the hot season. The famous brand made gives you no compromises on its quality. It is very light in weight, and you won’t even feel a thing on your head, the inside of cap gives enough space to fit in properly on your head.

As the material is light weighted it keeps the air flow in which keeps you safe from the sweat drops. Crown on the front is unique and has a slight tilt which keeps your eyes away from direct sunlight. Some Tennis Hats from Lacoste are Men's Sport Polyester Cap With Green Croc, Men's Sport Taffeta, and Men's Gabardine Cap with Large Crocodile.

2.    Nike

A brand well-known for all the sports accessories. The tennis hats made from this brand are quite good to look at and provide maximum comfort serving. The main objective of this hat is to keep the player's eyes protected from rays of sunlight. Nike caps are stylish and keep you updated with a sense of being fashionable. Material differs from item to item, but mainly they are 58 percent cotton and 42 percent polyester. You can wear them in any season because of the material diversity.

There are sweatbands available as well to absorb the sweat which will let a player face no problems. Nike logo is embroidered on the hat which makes the cap unique. 

Some popular models of Nike are Featherlight, Mens/Womens Featherlite Aerobill Court, AeroBill Featherlight Adjustable, Authentic Dri-FIT Low Profile Swoosh Front Adjustable, and Mens Roger Federer RF Classic 99 Aerobill Tennis Hat.

3.    Adam

Adam’s brand hat is unique in several ways. There are 2 or 4 panels you can buy the hat of your choice. The crown on these hats is a low profiled one which ensures that it will sit properly on your head. If you are playing outside on a windy day then for that very reason you can tie the cord that comes along so the hat won’t be dragged away on a windy day.

A complete protection to the player is given, no sunlight on eyes or face and also an excellent protection for the neck and ears as well which are subjected to sunburn. Lightly padded so players will face no discomfort for wearing it for a longer run.

Two Adam's tennis hats are Optimum Cool Low-Profile Mesh and Contrast Structured Brushed Legend.

4.    Tilly

These hats are better to wear in summer as they extend all way over on the face and at the back which helps in providing more shade for all purposes. Such hats are not broadly used, players who are not willing to wear the brim hats have a way out to such caps. It is made up of organic cotton along with a spandex blend which protects from any weather.

The brim of these hats is made stiff, so it won’t be faltering in the wind and will stay in place. Also, its material is eco-friendly.

5.    Connect style

One of the most lightweight tennis hat available out in the market. It dries up very fast when you wash it. It even takes up a lot of sweating keeping you tension free while playing. A very elastic material and it will fit almost any head size. No compromises on the quality.

Most connect style hats have a mesh style at the sides which allows the free air to flow through it keeping a player cool and sweat-free. Also has a sweatband so if any sweat is produced it absorbs it in.

Tennis Hat Reviews


Tennis Hat Buying FAQs

1. Do tennis hats provide sun protection?

The tennis hats are the main source of sun protection. While playing tennis you do not necessarily need a cap if you are playing indoors. But if you happen to play outside then it is a must for you to have a hat which will help you staying safe from the sunlight to be directly hitting your face or eyes. Having this protection makes you have a good and better game to play. Performance of the player increases as well.

2. Are tennis hats with neck cover better than the normal one?

Some players are more comfortable with no neck cover. The hats that have a cover at the back are a bit long in size as that of Tilly’s cap mentioned above. They will give you a better cover at the back which will keep you safe enough in the sun, and you won’t face any sunburn at the back as well as your face. Normal hats are bought more than the ones with neck covers, as more the back cover the more difficult it is to carry the cap along while playing the game.

3. Are there different hats for males and females?

If you look out for a good brand then mostly they have different hats for males and females. A simple approach is that the female hats are colored differently than the men’s hats. But that is not the usual case you need to look out for the width and the shape of the hat before buying it.

There is a major difference in the shape of a hat if it is to be used by men. Some brands make unisex caps which can be used by males and females both regardless of its shape and size.

4. Which size will suit me best?

Size of a tennis hat depends upon yours owns self. It is a matter of your head size. In hats, there are various sizes. Mostly you can fix up one cap in different sizes by loosening or tightening the back strip.

To see which hat size suits you best measure your head around and then buy the hat which is approximately few cm’s lose than your defined size. The hats are made out of a flexible material which always loosens up after a few wears and washings.

5. Are sweat bands necessary?

If you are playing out in the sun and are a person, who lets out a lot of sweat. Then make sure you purchase the hat which has a sweatband. It is located in the cap which absorbs the sweat which a player produces. Keeps you away from sweat drops which make you irritated if they appear on your front head. To have a good smooth play it is advisable to have sweatbands so you won’t have to backhand to wipe off the sweat off your forehead.

6. Tennis hat or a visor?

A tennis hat is usually required for the safety from sun rays. A full cap has a crown and full body for the head whereas a visor doesn’t have a body on the top which gives full access to the sun to reach your head directly. Some people don’t like wearing hats and prefer the use of visors which are easier to wear. Mostly women who have hair tied up it is better for them to use a visor. As hats make your hair messy and sweatier as well.

7. Should I buy a polyester hat or a full cotton one?

If you are playing tennis outside then for sure, you need to have a hat. It depends upon the weather that which one is good for you. Use a polyester one if the weather is hot and you will be facing more sweat than in usual days. A cotton hat is preferred in cold weathers as the material is a bit thick and keeps you warm in winter after you have sweat as well so you do not catch any cold.

8. Are tennis hats preferably bought online or in the market?

There are some items which you can simply buy online; preferably clothes are bought in the market as you have an up point of trying them on and seeing what suits you best. Same goes for the tennis hats you can see which size fits your head perfectly.

9. Are tennis hats machine washable?

All the hats you buy are mostly machine washable, as they are always getting a lot of sweat and need to be washed very often. So, you can easily wash them in the washing machine along with your other colors. Make sure you wash them with Luke warm water as warm water will lessen its elasticity. Do not add any bleach or strong detergents.

10. Which brand is the best one?

When you are looking for something always there are various brands that you get to choose from? Make sure you look out for every aspect. Purchasing the top brand might not be the best one for you.


To buy the best tennis hat, you need have a know-how about which hat do you need. Most importantly you need to see which material suits you best. As mentioned above it can be seen that there are different hat available for summer and winter. Make sure you purchase the right one.

Top 5 brands have been listed which make it easier for you to choose that which hat do you want to purchase. Some of the most common questions from buyers are always unanswered we have made sure to answer them thoroughly so you will not have a hard time figuring it out.

It is always essential to have a right item for the use it will help you be comfortable with the game that you are playing and also you will face no additional problems.

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