9 Best Tennis Shoes for Wide Feet 2019 | A Thorough Buyer’s Guide

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Tennis may seem all about control from your hand, but it is also about your feet.


Wide feet are not uncommon for athletes especially if they have been playing all their life. There is a variety in the market for tennis shoes, but this guide will focus on helping you get the best tennis shoes for wide feet.

You will find the following in this detailed guide:

  • Product reviews for a quick market survey
  • Buying guide to help you buy the right features
  • Frequently asked questions to remove any leftover curiosity

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Top 9 Tennis Shoes for Wide Feet Table



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Adidas Barricade Classic Wide 4E Tennis Shoe


K-Swiss Men's Hypercourt Express


New Balance Men's MC1006v1 Tennis Shoe


New Balance Men's mc806 Tennis Shoe


K-Swiss Women's Hypercourt Express Tennis Shoe


Adidas Performance Men's Barricade Court 2 Tennis Shoe


Diadora Men`s Speed Blushield Fly AG Tennis Shoes


K-Swiss Men's Bigshot Light 3


New Balance Men's 896v2 Hard Court Tennis Shoe

Top 9 Best Tennis Shoes for Wide Feet Reviews

1.    Adidas Barricade Classic Wide 4E 

Adidas is a high-end company that deals with sports goods with exceptional quality. Their ongoing value and trust make them a perfect fit for anyone that is interested in any sports gear.

These tennis shoes are made with a barricade of mesh upper that helps the users in making it cooler and more ventilated. There is also a 3D torsion which provides support to the midfoot making it suitable for people that have a wide and flat foot so that they can get ample support.

The synthetic and textile material along with the rubber sole to make it a better grip allow the product to be a part of our top list.

Adidas Barricade Classic Wide 4E Tennis Shoe
  • plus-circle
    ADITTUFF wraps around the toe to reduce foot drag
  • plus-circle
    There is ample support for wide and flat feet
  • plus-circle
    ADIPRENE helps in ensuring efficiency of the shoe
  • plus-circle
    Mesh ensures breathability
  • minus-circle
    These shoes do not break into
  • minus-circle
    Do not have ample back support

2.    K-Swiss Hyper court Express

K Swiss is an American athletic shoe brand that has been around for a long time and has excelled in producing all kinds of sports shoes. These shoes are made of a synthetic material along with a mesh that helps in making them more breathable.

However, the true factor that helps the user is the breathable lining that increases air circulation and makes the shoes great in feel and even greater in circulation. The non-slipping heel lining in the shoe helps in making the shoes more stable for people with wide feet, and that has a loose balance.

The outer sole helps in making the shoes with more durability and traction. You will also find the midsole to have a shock absorption option. The small details in these shoes make them perfect to be on our top list.

K-Swiss Men's Hypercourt Express
  • plus-circle
    The EVA midsole is shock absorbent
  • plus-circle
    The heel lining is not slippery
  • plus-circle
    A breathable lining inside to avoid sweating
  • plus-circle
    The shoes have plenty of colors to choose
  • minus-circle
    These shoes are pre-tied

3.    New Balance MC1006v1 Tennis Shoes

New Balance has been around for about a century. They have sports gear that helps refine the skills of a player in several ways which is why they have earned the trust of millions around the globe.

These fabric and synthetic shoes are made with a highly durable outsole which is perfect for people with a long drag tip. The shoes are made with the REVlite midsole that helps the users enjoy the light weight of these shoes while playing freely. The insole has to cushion that helps make the shoes comfortable along with increasing the stability of the shoes.

The fact that the company has made small features that come together to make a great tennis shoe for people with wide feet makes it worthy of mention in our top list.

  • plus-circle
    The shoes are light in weight
  • plus-circle
    There is cushioning to help in comfort and stability
  • plus-circle
    Fabric and synthetic make natural fit to the shoes
  • plus-circle
    Durable outsole
  • minus-circle
    There is no collar support
  • minus-circle
    The laces are not long enough to reach the last eyelets

4.    New Balance Men's mc806 Tennis Shoe

The fact that New Balance has a support from their exceptional quality and the trust that they have gained makes them a great company. This tennis shoe from the same company has an

ABZORB cushioning which helps the user in absorbing the shock and somewhat the perspiration. The toe box of these shoes is strong and helps the users in preventing injuries that come with instant changes in position; these make this pair perfect for those who play vigorous shots. The toe box is also perforated so that there is plenty of air circulation.

There is also a midsole that makes these shoes perfect for balance and cushioning. Each one of these features targets the users in special ways which are why these shoes are the perfect addition to our top list.

  • plus-circle
    There is a rugged toe box
  • plus-circle
    The toe box is perforated for air circulation
  • plus-circle
    ABZORB is a shock absorbing cushioning
  • plus-circle
    They are made of synthetic and leather materials
  • minus-circle
    The shoes are not very light
  • minus-circle
    The soles are a little slippery

5.    K-SWISS Women's Hyper court Express-W Tennis Shoes

K-Swiss works to make athletic shoes a better experience for the players. These tennis shoes are specially designed for women that have wide feet. The Aosta 7.0 rubber outsole is made highly durable and helps the users play in rough terrains as well.

The Durawrap toe guard helps in protecting the toes from injury and from exerted pressure while changing position. The K-EVA Strobel board is for women that need enhanced cushioning in their tennis shoes. There are also a variety of different colors available for women to keep their style intact.

The insole has midfoot support for people that have wide feet. The special care taken to make these shoes perfect for women with flat feet allows it to be in our top list.

K-SWISS Women's Hypercourt Express-W Tennis Shoe
  • plus-circle
    These shoes come with a toe guard to protect your feet-fingers
  • plus-circle
    Enhanced cushioning for comfort
  • plus-circle
    Midfoot support is great for people with wide feet
  • minus-circle
    They are not very light
  • minus-circle
    The heel is a little narrow

6.    Adidas Performance Men's Barricade Court 2 Tennis Shoe

The great quality of Adidas products and the fact that they are available for all sorts of special needs makes another pair from this company worthy of mention in our top list. These tennis shoes are made from synthetic material for a long-lasting effect.

The innersole is made with molded foam which helps the users have their special pressure point support while playing. The breathable mesh underlays make these shoes perfect for people that tend to have their bodies warm up faster.

The ADIPRENE rubber outsole keeps the shoes durable, and the insole helps in keeping the player well supported on their midsole inside. The various aspects of supporting the pressure points of people with wide feet make these shoes a great addition to our top list. 

Adidas Performance Men's Barricade Court 2 Tennis Shoe
  • plus-circle
    Breathable mesh underlays help in keeping the shoes cool
  • plus-circle
    The synthetic material allows a  longer lasting effect
  • plus-circle
    The molded foam provides special support according to the player
  • plus-circle
    The rubber outsole is highly durable
  • minus-circle
    These shoes are very heavy

7.    Diadora Blushield Fly AG 1729 Tennis Shoes

Diadora is an Italian company that produces accessories of almost every sport. Their products are highly fashionable along with being high quality and useful. These tennis shoes have EVA foam and a wear-proof material that makes them highly soft and cushioned shoes along with being durable.

The Blushield fly feature is perfect for people with asymmetrical feet and for support of these types of feet. Air mesh in these shoes make them highly breathable, the Dia shield feature makes them stable, and the Supreltech feature makes them highly comfortable to be used while playing.

The company seems to use all features in a more advanced manner which makes these shoes a perfect member of our top list.

Diadora Men`s Speed Blushield Fly AG Tennis Shoes
  • plus-circle
    The EVA foam keeps the shoes comfortable on all parts of the foot
  • plus-circle
    Wear-proof technology gives them a longer life
  • plus-circle
    Air mesh keeps the shoes cool
  • plus-circle
    Blushield fly features keep them lightweight and perfect for the asymmetrical feat
  • minus-circle
    There are pre-tied laces

8.    K-Swiss Men's Bigshot Light 3

The K-Swiss athletic footwear company is highly trustworthy in their shoes. You will not only find their shoes up to the mark, but they are also very fashionable. These tennis shoes are made with features especially for men with wide feet.

They are made with synthetic leather and textile material which keeps the shoes durable and comfortable.  The textile collar lining of these shoes makes them highly supportive of people that have wide feet and need ankle support for balance.

The Midsole is made of CMEVA along with the sock liner which makes these shoes cushioned and balanced form all ends. The style of these shoes along with the high-end features makes it worthy of our top list. 

K-Swiss Men's Bigshot Light 3
  • plus-circle
    The sock liner provides support all around the foot
  • plus-circle
    Collar lining ensures a better balance
  • plus-circle
    Synthetic leather and textile is durable together
  • plus-circle
    The sole is made in marking
  • minus-circle
    The shoes do not have a mesh layer
  • minus-circle
    These shoes do not have a toe box

9.    New Balance Men's 896v2 Hard Court Tennis Shoe

This hundred-year-old company has built their trust with the customers by making sure that they provide high-quality products that suit the purpose. These tennis shoes are made with a herringbone outsole that makes them perfect for players that tend to play on hard courts of tennis.

The REVlite midsole helps the users in providing support to their wide feet and increase balance and stability. The removable insole allows users to change their inserts any time that they like. Textile and synthetic materials come together to improve durability and provide comfort to the users. 

These shoes are made with the idea of added comfort which makes the perfect to be on our top list.

New Balance Men's 896v2 Hard Court Tennis Shoe
  • plus-circle
    Herringbone outsole makes shoes rugged
  • plus-circle
    Made with textile and synthetic materials
  • plus-circle
    REVlite midsole helps in providing stability
  • plus-circle
    The insert can be changed according to desire
  • minus-circle
    The removable insert is lost and causes trouble during playing
  • minus-circle
    The shoes are quite heavy

Tennis Shoes for Wide Feet Buyer’s Guide

Even though wide feet are not very uncommon, it is still hard to find the right pair of shoes that can fit into them. Tennis shoes may be a more serious matter than Jimmy Choo’s because of the importance of the foundation for the player.

Fortunately for you, our guide will help you out in picking the right pair if you take the following into heed before going shopping.

Know Your True Size

The first thing to do once you consider buying tennis shoes for wide feet is to check your size. Measure it with a foot measuring device or simply by an inch tape. Unlike other feet, you will have to measure your grim size as well. The grim will help you in determining the width of your foot, and you can ask the salesperson accordingly.

Do Not Compromise on Comfort

Some people tend to select almost any shoe that would fit their wide feet. Do not compromise on the comfort of your tennis shoes since that could bring a significant difference to your game if they are too uncomfortable. Take a good look at the market and look for shoes that will provide comfort as well as the width of your feet.

Foam Is a Great Choice

Phylon foam is an excellent choice for you in you have wide feet. The reason behind this is because they are foam they can stretch a little. They are also highly comfortable and are ventilated as well.

These shoes will help you overcome the comfort factor entirely. Make sure you know that they will not be suitable for touching the wet floor.

Choose the Laces

Your ideal choice for wide shoes should be that the shoe constrains your feet as little as possible. A complicated and tight lace structure will compress your feet more than necessary and withhold its capability to move around more freely which is something that you should want.

Custom designed wide feet will usually have taken care of this feature, but if you are choosing between a few pairs, make sure that you choose the one that has a more free laces structure.

Focus on the Tongue of Your Shoe

The tongue of the shoes is there to help your foot hide from all the exposure that it can get. It is supposed to cover your upper foot completely to help protect is against rubbing on to the laces.

When you buy a shoe for wide feet, it should have a tongue that is wide enough to cover the entire upper foot. A lack of this feature may irritate and slip off the shoes very easily which is why this is something that you need to look upon.

Make Sure That the Toe Cap Is Accordingly

One of the important parts of a shoe is the toe cap that is placed outside for protection of toes when you play a fierce game which requires a lot of weight shifting constantly.

Most companies make the mistake of having wide shoe without the rational toe caps. Since wide feet have toes that are proportionate, the shoes should also have toe-guards to be wide to fit all of them under one cap.

When you go shoe shopping, make sure to take full notice of this factor to ensure that you do not achieve a toe injury while you play.

Select Sole Support

The sole of any pair of shoes has the job to ensure comfort by providing a fine balance that makes the right base. When choosing tennis shoes for wide feet, it is important the sole that you select is perfectly fitting, and it provides comfort. Moreover, make sure that the insole has a design that will protect the whole bottom of the foot and provide balance to you.

Insoles with sides that are a little lifted provide exceptional balance, and they should be your priority. However, if you do not get those, go for the ones that are at least cushioned for support.

Another factor in the sole department to consider is the midsole of the shoes. A cushioned midsole ensures that you get the angle on your arch that you should have if you do not have it naturally.

Confusions from Buyers / FAQs

While choosing the right product, customers tend to have much confusion. We have taken the liberty to answer as many questions as we could from the customers to the best of our knowledge. This FAQ section is to ensure that you have the best possible experience that you can when buying the best tennis shoes for wide feet.

Q1.     How do I fit into standard shoe sizes?

If you are ordering online or for whatever other reasons, your standard shoe size will fit you a number up most of the time. Users can measure the length of their size and then go for a size up which will help in determining the size of their wide feet. However, you will not get the most leverage for wide feet.

Q2.     Are there specialized wide feet shoes easily available?

It is ideal for you to try to take brands that custom design tennis shoes for wide feet. These brands will focus on most important factors that need to be present in wide shoes. They are also easily available. When you go for shoe shopping, ask the salesperson to show you wide shoe section which will enable easy finds for you and will give you a variety.

Q3.     What if the sole is not comfortable is it worth the purchase?

Ideally, you should ensure that whatever shoes you are getting for yourself should have comfortable soles at least for maximum support. If your wide shoes have all the other factors but not a supportive sole, see if you can ditch the pair. The next option is simply to find a sole for wide shoes and insert those.

Q4.     Can I use regular insoles in my wide shoes?

Of course, you can, and there shall be no harm, but the lack of fitting may cause a different foot angle. It may also be highly uncomfortable and cause your feet to tire easily and get off balance while playing an aggressive game.

Hence, you need to look around the market for insoles that are for wide shoes. Take a good look; they are not that rare! Make sure to not settle for a misfit in terms of length or width. To reduce any of these problems, buy the shoes with the right soles.

Q5.     Why do the laces need to be loose?

A foot that has a wider grim, needs to be as free as possible so that it doesn’t get trapped and lose its balance while weight shifting. The more places the shoe is trapped, the more the balance will be lost while playing.

When you buy a wide shoe for your feet, you need to ensure that it remains as free as possible. Usually, for wider feet, you will find laces structure is short so that you do not have to start tying it from the top from a lot of places.

Tennis Shoes for Wide Feet Reviews

Image: footwind.net

Q6.     Are all wide shoes longer in size too?

Of course not! If you are looking at wide shoes from the right brand, then you will find them in every size. However, if you are settling for some shoes that happen to fit you, you will have to compromise on their size. To reduce this problem, look for brands that serve wide feet as well which will help you in choosing the size and will not interfere with your game.

Q7.     Why do I need wide shoes specifically, why can’t I fit into regular shoes?

If you want shoes for leisure and feel that you can easily fit into standard shoes without being too uncomfortable, then you can always go for them. However, tennis shoes for athletes need to be proper because the shoes build a foundation that the player stands on.

The wrong foundation can cause you to lose your balance during the game. Moreover, even a little less comfort can cause you to be distracted which are why it is imperative that you choose the right shoes for the sake of your game.

Q8.     I have wide grim and narrow toes, which style is the best for me?

Having a wide grim of your feet and narrow toes is not very uncommon. Look around, and you will find most shoes to have a wide grim with narrow toecaps which are supposed to be a mistake, but it can work well with people that have small toes.

Furthermore, even if you go for a wide toe-guard, you will not be at any loss. In fact, your feet will get the chance to be freer, and your toes can be more protected without any compromise.

Q9.     I have normal feet, but they swell, are wide shoes for me?

Some people have the problem of swelling their feet which may be because of excess practice or because of medical reasons. Nevertheless, the regular narrow shoes may seem a bit uncomfortable to them. In this case, wide shoes will work perfectly for them.

You can also buy shoes that are bigger, but they may just be easily slipped off. Wide shoes can come in your size and will give your feet plenty of room in case they swell up during your game.

Q10.     Which material is the best for wide shoes?

There are so many materials of shoes nowadays that it seems impossible to decide. If you have wide feet and you are selecting shoes then your best bet is a material that is well ventilated and breathable.

You should also make sure that it remains a little stretchy, but it does not stretch out permanently. Your shoe should material should also contribute to comfort that will help you in your game. Keeping all these in mind, the material that you should go for is Phylon Foam.

Phylon foam is soft, comfortable, ventilated, and it even stretches a little, but the good quality ones do not stretch out easily. However, make sure to keep in mind that they are not waterproof so if you plan to use them near water, they may get ruined easily.

Final Overview

Picking the best tennis shoes for wide feet can be more complicated than it seems. You need to make sure that each factor contributes to making your game better as well as your foundation.

Wide feet are not something that you should be ashamed of; you can buy the right pair of shoes and ensure that you get perfect results.

The point of this whole article was to make sure that you got an idea of what crisis can arise when you make the decision. The guide in the article will help you in ensuring that you get a better idea of what the market has to offer along with making the right decision.

Next time you go shoe shopping, make an actual or a mental checklist of all the things that you have learned from this article and follow them for the right shoe!

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