10 Best American Badminton Players

Badminton may not be as popular as the NBA or the NFL, but there’s a good following in the US and with that said, there’s a group of professionals from America that are doing great on the world stage. Here are some of the most accomplished badminton players from America and you can vote for your best player below.

Howard Shu
215 votes

28 years old Howard Shu is a California native and a renown American professional in badminton circles. Although 6 ft tall, he's managed to put his name under a broad category of tournaments. He has a gold under his name for the famous Carebaco International tournament which he bagged back in 2011, a bronze medal acquired during the 17th Pan Am Games and a silver in the Yonex Grand Prix among other achievements.

Sattawat Pongnairat
189 votes

Sattawat is a New York native born 28 years ago who has competed in the highest levels of badminton such as the Rio 2016 Olympics, Pan Am Champs and Pan American games. He's been ranked number 28 worldwide at some point in his career and took home a gold medal while playing doubles with teammate and colleague Phillip Chew.

Paula lynn Obanana
145 votes

At 33 years old, Paula a Filipina has recorded many achievements in the top tier competitions such as the BWF Grand Prix, Olympics and the Pan American games. Her highest ranking was at number 17 worldwide in 2015 and has a total of 3 gold, two bronze and two silvers in the Pan American Games and Pan Am Champs.

Iris Wang
126 votes

Iris was at her peak in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil where she was ranked 33rd worldwide in the top badminton players. She's represented in the Pan Am games since 2009 where she took home three bronze and four silvers. The 23-year-old has also competed impressively in the BWF International challenge both in singles and doubles.

Phillip Hung Chew
89 votes

Born in the heart of California about three decades ago, Chew is an American professional badminton player who participated in the 2016 Rio Olympics playing both singles and doubles. He has been at number 20 in the list of top badminton players in the world. He has bagged bronze and silver medals in the Pan Am games and has two gold under his name in the 2015 Pan-Am games.

Rena Wang
72 votes

Rena deserves to be on this list as she has a bronze medal collected in the Pan Am games in Mexico in 2009, competed in the Olympics in 2012 and has a bronze from her solo effort at the Pan Am games as well. She is famous as she plays alongside her sister as her doubles partners and together they have won various top-tier competitions.

Eva Lee
65 votes

At 32 Years old, Lee has had a chance to take the 17th place in her career on the top players in the world. She has six silvers and nine golds in the Pan Am games, Pan Am junior and Pan American games. She's also won the BWF international women's singles as well as the BWF Grand Prix mixed doubles.

Mesinee Mangkalakiri
35 votes

The 35-year-old Masinee has three silver, one gold she collected in the women's doubles and three bronze medals in the Pan Am Championships and Pan American games under her name. She's been ranked number 14 worldwide at some point in her career and qualified for the 2008 Olympics.

Jamie Chen Subandhi
23 votes

Jamie is a talented American badminton professional with at least 13 medals under her name in top-tier competitions. She's collected seven silver medals in the Pan Am Championships playing mixed doubles, mixed team and singles. She's also received 5 bronze medals in the same games and Pan American games and gold medal in the Pan American games.

Raju Kumar Rai
12 votes

Raju has a bronze medal under his name playing mixed doubles in the 2003 Pan American games. He's been recognized by the BWF as one of the top players and is currently coaching juniors in the Synergy Academy in California. He also has a gold, silver, and bronze from the Pan Am Champ games playing singles, mixed team and mixed doubles.

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