Top 10 Men’s Badminton Players in 2019

As badminton enthusiasts debate who is the best player in the world, I think it’s also important to recognize the one player who has been doing great work this year. So below I am looking at some of the best performing players of 2018, and I would like you to vote for your favorite player

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With 228 wins and only 67 losses in his career playing singles, he's managed to accumulate 73,000 points in 13 tournaments. The Japanese professional is ranked at number 4 worldwide with 230 career wins in the three main categories. In 2018, he's played 42 singles games and only lost three.

Shi Yuqi
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The Chinese professional has only lost 52 games against 155 wins in his career. He has accumulated more than 80,000 points in 15 tournaments. He's also won more than 250,000 prize money in these tournaments.u00a0 From the 40 games he has played in 2018, he has only lost 7.

Lee Chong Wei
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The Malaysian professional has 713 wins and only 135 losses in his career and has accumulated over 77,000 points in 13 tournaments only. He's ranked number three worldwide in men's singles top players. He's at number 18 in the WTR Men's singles. He's won 28 of the 33 games he played in 2018.

Srikanth Kidambi
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Kidambi has 196 wins and only 94 losses in his career and ranked at number 8 worldwide by the BWF. He's collected over 60,000 points in 11 tournaments. He's at number 38 worldwide in the world tour rankings at only 25. Moreover, he has just lost eight games from the 30 played in 2018.

Viktor Axelsen
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He has 291 career wins under his name in singles only but at number 13 in the World Tour Ranking Men's singles. He has played 29 games in 2018 and won 23 of them in the singles category. The player from Denmark has 291 wins and only 112 losses in his career.

SON Wan Ho
45 votes

He has 305 men's singles wins and 68,000 points in 17 games. He's ranked at number 5 worldwide when it comes to singles and has accumulated 308 career wins in the three main categories. He's won 14 of the 23 games he's played in singles in 2018.

Chen long
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Long is ranked at number 7 worldwide in the men's singles category and has 380 wins against 89 losses. He's accumulated 64,000+ points in 12 tournaments. The 39-year-old Chinese player has a total of 380 career wins and is at number 37 on the world tour rankings men's singles list. In 2018, he's only lost 8 of the 25 games played so far.

Chou Tien Chen
32 votes

The Taiwanese professional badminton player has 286 wins to his name in his career and has accumulated 68,000+ points in 18 tournaments. He's ranked second in the WTR men's singles worldwide. AT 28, he's won 310 games in the three main categories. In 2018, he's won 26 of the 37 games he's played.

Angus NG Ka Long
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Angus is ranked at number 9 for the men's singles category with 212 wins and at number 15 in the world tour rankings. He has a total of 246 career wins in the three main categories. In 2018, he has won 16 out of the 28 games he has played.

Wang Tzu Wei
12 votes

The 23-year-old Taiwanese player is doing great since he first won an international badminton title back in 2014 at the NZ Open. In 2016, he came out victorious on the Grand Prix in the Dutch open which is one of the top tier competitions in badminton. He's ranked at number 18 worldwide in men's singles and 19 in world tour rankings. He's won 12 of the 25 games played in 2018.

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