Senston N80 Graphite Single High-grade Badminton Racquet Review


The Senston N80 Graphite badminton racquet is a lightweight graphite model.

It comes in different colors and also comes with a protective bag.


If you’re in the market for a lightweight racquet for you or as a gift for a loved one, this particular racquet may be a good choice.


You’ll find information on Senston N80 Graphite that can help you best understand what it can offer if you decide to purchase it.

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Senston N80 Graphite


This badminton racquet is fully made of graphite with a built-in T-joint for strength and stability. It weighs about 80 grams and has a G4 grip. It features the square-head isometric shape frame along with the nanometer material. These are both used in the structure of the frame allowing the Senston N80 to handle stringing from 18 pounds up to 28 pounds. This is all meant to give you a faster and more powerful performance on the court. Along with the single badminton racquet, you’ll also receive a cover that doubles as a carrying case. The bag will keep your racquet free of scratches and make it easier to carry as you travel to and from the court. It is available in different colors to fit your personal style, too.

This Senston model has done away with the previously used metal materials, too. Instead, they turned toward quality plastics and epoxy resin to create a lighter racquet. This makes it better in terms of speed. The resin used also yields a more stable and powerful frame. More so, the square-head shape of the frame creates a larger sweet spot that can help you improve your accuracy and minimize resistance. This is said to help with speed as well due to the aerodynamics of the racquet.


Lightweight racquets are some of the best options for people who are new to the game, children, and those who are rehabilitating an injury but still want to play badminton. I began to look at lightweight racquets when my children took up an interest in playing the game. The class that they were interested in was very intense and would have them playing regularly during each session. I didn’t want them to get tired, so I figured a lightweight racquet would be best.

While there are a lot of lightweight racquets available on the market, this one is reasonably priced and made with the some of the same innovations as other top-rated lightweight racquets. It’s worth a try if you’re looking for something lightweight and affordable.

Who Should Use Senston N80 Graphite

Every racquet offers individual features which provide you with different benefits. These benefits are different for everyone, so it makes sense that not all racquets are suitable for everyone. The Senston N80 Graphite is a good racquet for players who are just starting out in the game like children or beginner adults. It is also great for people who are just looking to play casually for recreation and not to compete at any level. This badminton racquet is also suited for those on a tight budget as it’s more affordable than comparable racquets available.

While the racquet performs fine for those levels if you are looking for a competitive racquet that you’ll use frequently and at an intense level, this might not be right for you. It might not be able to withstand constant use and strong swings that high-level players are more apt to deliver. If you fall into any of those categories but want a lightweight racquet you might be better off trying other badminton racquets on the market.

Pros and Cons

Whenever you’re looking to purchase any kind, it’s a good idea to analyze the pros and cons of the item in question. If you’re considering buying the Senston N80 Graphite badminton racquet you should do this before you make a purchasing decision. To help you do that, here are the pros and cons outlined in a thorough and easy-to-understand manner.


  • The lightweight design: This is the most apparent advantage of the product. It weighs around 80 grams which is about four or five grams less than most of the standard balanced racquets on the market. This is mainly since the company switched to strong plastic and epoxy resin instead of metals.
  • The price: Lightweight badminton racquets can be quite expensive, but this one is more affordable when compared to similar brands and models.


This is where things get interesting. While the Senston N80 claims to deliver a lot regarding performance, it really depends on how you plan to use the racquet.

  • Not recommended for intense, competitive players: If you plan to use the racquet often, it might not last. Those who have used the racquet frequently have noted that it isn’t very durable. It didn’t last more than two months for some.
  • The grip is too slim: Players have pointed out that the grip is too slim to play comfortably, but this is more of an individual preference than an actual fault with the racquet.
  • Plastic cover tears easily: There have also been reports of the plastic covering tearing away from rubber grip rather quickly. It’s possible to slowly remove the plastic to fix this issue but it does seem to be a common problem with the racquet.

Alternative Options

If you are interested in the Senston N80 Graphite but aren’t quite sure if this is the best racquet for you there are alternative options available for you to look at. Two badminton racquets, in particular, are comparable to the Senston N80.

The first one is Premium Quality Set Of BADMINTON RACKETS By Trained and claim to be good for all levels of play. With this, you get two pre-strung racquets that are made of quality materials that are said to create a durable, strong, and high-performing product. Besides two racquets you’ll also get five LED shuttlecocks and a carrying case.

The second product is the FiberFlash 7 Racquet by RiteTrak Sports. The product features two racquets made with carbon fiber shafts along with three shuttlecocks and a fabric carrying case. The racquets are made in one-piece without a T-joint connecting the frame and the shaft. This is said to create a more flexible and sturdy product. They come pre-strung, are lightweight, and have an embossed grip that they say won’t unravel. They are supposed to be suitable for all playing levels and on all courts from beaches to backyards.


The Senston N80 has a lot to offer if you’re looking for a racquet for a beginner or child. They’ll benefit more from a lightweight racquet especially if they aren’t looking for something to use often in a more intense way. Consider the pros and cons as well as your individual wants and needs then decide if this racquet or a similar one is best for you.

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