19 Effortless Table Tennis Tips & Tricks Will Help You Improve Your Game

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Table tennis is a game that requires some wits as it’s not just a straightforward game.

There are various techniques and strategies used by numerous professional athletes and coaches.

Nevertheless, there are also some easy, effortless tips and tricks that you can use to improve especially if you are new to the game.

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Here are 19 table tennis tips from accomplished professionals that you can use to improve your performance without breaking a sweat.

1.    Always ensure you return the service correctly

You do not need to have any special skills to return a service correctly. All you need to do is get the ball to the opponent’s court without sending it out of play. This tip might seem basic, but in China they say- always let your opponent’s mistakes earn you a point. In this regard, you have higher chances of winning a point by returning your opponent serves correctly and waiting for him/her to make a mistake.

2.     Always bring your A game

Always ensure that you bring everything you got in training as this translates to what you offer during a competitive game. It means that if you don’t provide a hundred percent during practice, chances are your performance will be below 100% during the competitive game.

3.    Be yourself

You don’t need anything to be yourself. Your performance increases dramatically when you are comfortable, and there is no better comfort than when you are yourself. In this regard, ensure you pick up what feels comfortable for you regarding gear and style instead of copying other professionals.

4.    Make as many mistakes as you can during training

This means you should strive to go an extra mile and leave your comfort zone during training. If you can make mistakes during practice and rectify them faster, you automatically reduce your chances of making mistakes during an important tournament. Furthermore, training with more superior athletes ensures that you are ready for the toughest.

5.    Try simulating match situations during practice

You can improve the way you handle situations in a real tournament if you have to practice them several times. For instance, you can do many rehearsals for a comeback from two sets down by always starting the game in a similar situation. Using this trick, you are not only equipped with various ways of beating your opponent but also ensures that you are prepared psychologically in case of such a situation.

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6.    Always focus on the current game

You have probably heard of ‘one step at a time’ and how important it is to break a project down into small manageable bits. In table tennis, focusing on winning the current serve, current return or current smash should also be your focus in every match. Thinking about how ahead or behind you are in the tournament or game might affect your current task.

7.    Try to control the pace of the game

If you can control the pace of the game, your opponent will try to catch up naturally consequently making mistakes and giving you a chance to strike. In this regard, you can mix long shots with small shots as well as quick and slow shots. It always gives you an upper hand over your opponent.

8.    Always have your racket/paddle/bat high

It’s easier to hit a low ball and adjust quickly when your racket is held up high. If you have your racket below the table surface level, it’s tough for you to catch a ball on time if it’s quickly sent your way above your waist.

9.    Ensure your head is still in play

It’s easier to follow the ball and your opponent using your eyes instead of moving your head. The moment you start moving your head up and down and sideways, you automatically reduce your chances of accurately following the ball and your opponent.

10.    Small improvements are better than nothing

If you ensure that you improve various aspects of your play even if it’s a measly 2% every time you practice, you are assured of a better game in the long run. As time goes by, the 2% will accumulate and become a substance that can be recognized later in your career.

11.    Always wear a brave face

In table tennis, just like any other endeavor, you will be challenged along the way, and at times quick decisions need to be made. When such a situation confronts you, always follow your instinct. The best thing about trusting instinct is that even if you lose the game, you know that you gave it all you had rather than sobbing in regret.

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12.    Always have a winning attitude in all matches

You need to put the same effort required when playing with a beginner as you would when playing with a decorated professional. This attitude will keep you focused so that you don’t underachieve due to negligence. It is also good to know that playing a game where you don’t give your hundred percent gradually affects the way you play.

13.    Always have fun

If you aren’t enjoying the game, then there are chances that playing will eventually affect you psychologically translating to poor performances during consecutive games. Sometimes emotions might get hurt during a game, but the player who controls them the best has a higher chance of winning the game. Please note that having fun does not equal not being serious.

14.    Choose equipment wisely

Having the wrong paddle or shoes can directly affect your performance in a table tennis game. Find the most comfortable equipment as opposed to getting what other professionals are using. For instance, if you have a good grip on your paddle/racket and have comfortable shoes, you will perform better than someone struggling with their paddle.

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15.    Always be the first to strike

In table tennis, if you get a chance to attack, do not hesitate. Otherwise, the opponent might torture you with countless attacks if you allow them to. This gives them an automatic advantage and increases your chances of making mistakes if you are playing a defensive game.

16.    Try to mix your serves

Try to learn some serving techniques lest your opponent realizes that you only have one serving style and quickly adapts to it. Uncertainty is the name of the game which means that you should keep your opponent on his toes at all the times. In this regard, also ensure that your returning techniques are not predictable as well.

17.    Spins are the way to go

In table tennis, if you can master the art of spinning, you are in a better position than your opponent at all times. It doesn’t matter whether you are an amateur or professional, using spin will automatically improve your game.

18.    Perfect your footwork

In table tennis, it is believed that once your foot is in place, your body can follow and your hands too. Furthermore, if you have mastered the art of footwork in table tennis, you have very few chances of getting injuries.

19.    Join a table tennis club

Joining a table tennis club is one of the best decisions that you could make in your life if you want to compete professionally in table tennis. In a decent table tennis club, you are not only exposed to better players with exceptional skills but also get a chance to learn more about table tennis techniques and tricks that professionals use. Furthermore, you enjoy mentorship from experienced players and at the same time meet people on your level that might be facing the same challenges as you.

There are numerous tricks that you can use to beat your opponent meaning we cannot exhaust the list of tips and tricks used by amateurs and professionals. However, these 19 tips are some of the easiest to implement and require little or no effort. Please try a couple of them and tell us what you think.

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