Victor Brave Sword 12 Badminton Racket Detailed Review (How to String)


The Victor Brave Sword 12 racquet is a China-based product that is used for both singles and doubles play. It is mostly preferred for doubles as it is easy and fast to handle making it ideal for defense techniques.

Moreover, it provides a good swing speed during the attack.

Usually, with heavy racquets, it is difficult to be fast as well as to punch it well. However, it is not true with the Brave Sword 12. It is easy to hold.

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Victor Brave Sword 12


The Victor Brave Sword has jaw-dropping features which makes it the best choice for clubs and tournaments. It has also proven to improve your maneuver as well as defensive skills. A few of the best features that make this product for professional players are:

Wave and Brave Wword Technology

The Super inside Wave and Brave Sword technology together will give you the time of your life as this technology increases the control of power and maneuver skills. This feature makes it fun to use in new areas as well as in the court. This advanced technology is a big step towards the changing power of the game.

Frame material

The frame material is made up of Ultra high modulus graphite with Nano Resin. This framework lowers the resistance of air, and its diamond-shaped design helps for the racquet to move like a word through the air giving fast shots.


 The shaft’s material is Ultra high modulus graphite with Nano Resin and a 7.0 shaft which is considered medium shaft stiffness that has enough flex for beginners as well as professionals. A medium stiff also permits controlled but quick shots with such precision that it feels like an extended portion of your upper limb. The game is all about practice, and this racquet helps greatly in improving your game.

The weight

A racquet being lightweight is very important, mainly the fact that it is easier to use and one does not get exhausted by using it the whole day; but it also is helpful during defensive techniques where players mostly prefer heavy racquets. Its low weight also helps to initiate fast but firm attack, a good tactic to put the opponent under pressure of the game.

Why do you recommend the Victor Brave Sword 12?

The Victor Brave Sword 12 is a medium stiff 26-pound racquet with a length of 675 mm and dimensions of 28.4 x 10.2 x 1.2 inches. It comes in steel gray color with ultra Hi-Modulus Graphite with an even balance proving it to be good for flexibility.

Furthermore, it is proved to be very good for defense as even though it has a fairly comfortable grip, it is very easy to move around while the defense surprisingly stays tight and precise. It has also proven to be excellent for professionals since the Koreans started using these, taking this racquet to every international event.

Victor Brave Sword 12 is Best for Whom?

Victor Brave Sword 12 is suitable for all level of players whether it be amateurs or professionals. It is also good for beginners as unlike other professional racquets, it is not heavy and gives swift but firm swings when needed.

Victor Brave Sword 12 is recommended for attacking/offensive style players

Pros and Cons

  • plus-circle
    It is fairly cheap making it affordable for all
  • plus-circle
    The racquet being lightweight makes it easier to use in courts
  • plus-circle
    It usually comes in grey, but you can also get your racket custom made
  • plus-circle
    The racquet has good control making it the best racquet for matches
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    It is proven excellent for doubles as Korean players are using this racquet in their international matches
  • minus-circle
    The strings may break easily

Alternative Products

One alternative product is the Yonex Nonoray Z Speed Badminton Racket. This racket has a stiff flex with a weight of 26 pounds and a grip size G4 which allows for quick and hard swings. Like the Bravesword 12, this racquet is very flexible and powerful mainly due to its thin frame and its ability to expel the shuttle with a lot of power. It also has the feature of headlight balance allowing it to balance swings when needed.

The other alternative product can be the Yonex Arcsaber 11 Badminton Racquet. It weighs 11 ounces with a carbon nanotube which helps to give quick and precise shots.Its shaft has the same material as the Brave Sword 12. It consists of High Modulus with a stiff flex allowing smooth swings and easy grip. Professionals recommend this racquet as it has a good balance to control the speed and power.


The Brave Sword 12 has proved to be the best racquet for people of all classes and levels whether it be beginners, amateurs or professionals. All of them have proven to have learned more moves and overall improved their skills with this racquet.

This racquet is a delight to use as it provides fast and efficient strokes with such finesse and grace. It is also very affordable considering its amazing features. Therefore, buy this racquet and play with it everywhere whether it be clubs, tournaments or normal matches with friends and family. This racquet will surely not disappoint you!

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