Victor Brave Sword 1800 Badminton Racket Review (Carefully Tested)

Many different racquets are available in the market.


The one that may suit you is the Victor Brave Sword 1800 Badminton Racquet.

This racquet is fully equipped to host a challenging game and is perfect for professional as well as for amateur play.

We have discussed all the details of this product below for you to understand why this is one of the greatest ones in the market.

Victor Brave Sword 1800 Badminton Racket


Victor Brave Sword 1800 is packed with many features. Each of them is discussed in detail below.

Racket Shape:

The shape of the head of the racquet is made to be square for the power play. A square racquet gives more surface area for the shuttlecock to fall and to hit efficiently. The string placement further complements the shape of the racquet.

String Tension:

The string tension of this racquet is about 23 to 24 lbs. This pressure makes the racquet primarily designed for young players that want to polish their game. It is also ideal for people that want to play badminton for leisure with friends and family.


The shaft is the flexibility of the racquet. The victor brave sword racquet has a thick shaft which makes it very stiff. The rod allows players to enjoy the game of their choice. For this reason, they have the option to take as they like.


The weight of this racquet falls under the category of 4U which means its 80g – 84g which means that it is perfect for a power-packed game. This weight is not very common, and Victor offers a rare racquet for badminton players in the market.

Diamond shaped design:

The strings of the badminton racket are crucial because they define the cut through the air and help in better shots. You will find the net of Victor Brave Sword to be individually cut into a diamond shape. This cutting helps in fighting air resistance and providing smoother shots.

Why Are We Recommending Victor Brave Sword?

The reason why Victor Brave Sword stands out to us is that of the rare features that it has. You may have noticed some features are perfect for beginners while the others are best for professional players.

These qualities are combined to make an excellent and versatile Victor Brave Sword Badminton Racquet. It further holds many rare conditions that are not to be found in many racquets.

Even after having many different features, this racquet stays reasonable comparatively. Additionally, Victor is a known and reliable brand that deals with sports products, so you can be satisfied with your purchase.

Victor Brave Sword Is Best For Whom?

The Victor Brave Sword Badminton Racquet is a versatile racquet that has qualities for everyone. It can be best used by professional players because of its weight and power striking shaft which allows players to play a more aggressive game.

The string tension and the string cuts make it perfect for intermediate to beginner players as well. All the qualities complement each other and make this product a package for everyone who wants to play a friendly and a competitive game of badminton.

Hence, Victor Brave Sword can be used by everyone that is out there that wants to play the sport with the most excellent equipment.

Pros and Cons


  1. The shaft of this racquet is stiff; Shift Shaft allows players to rely on the racquet for powerful shots and aggressive play. The shuttle is bounced off as soon as it falls in contact
  2. The string tension is about 23 to 24 lbs.; this racquet it goes down to 1mm which makes it perfect for cold areas of the world. It also is ideal to learn to control your shots and focus on the shuttlecock
  3. The weight of the racquet falls under 4U; the 4U weight is an excellent racquet for professional players since it helps break the air better and helps the shuttle come to contact with the net for a short time before being stricken and with power.
  4. The diamond cut net; the diamond cut net is a new technology used by Victor which allows the racquet to cut through the air with ease like a sword hence its name. the reduced air resistance enables users to provide a fast swing


  1. The handle of this racquet might create a nuisance for the players. A handle is an essential part of the racquet since it defined how players will hold it.
  2. The weight may be harsh on the joints; Badminton racquets are designed to be easy on the bones. However, the heavy burden of this racquet may affect the shoulders and the wrists of the players disallowing them from making big strokes

Alternative Product

The perfect alternative to the Victor Brave Sword Badminton racquet is the Yonex Voltric 5 Badminton Racquet. This racquet is the same shape and has almost the same features as the other racquet, but it lacks in some advanced technological aspects.

One such is the diamond cut shape for better air resistance. However, you will find this racquet to have a better handle than the later as well. Both of them are not entirely the same, but they are very similar. The demanded price of Yonex is also higher than that of Victor.


The Victor Brave Sword Badminton Racquet has been made keeping in mind every requirement needed to make the best badminton racquet for the most elegant games.

It focuses on aspects that help the players in playing a professional sport whether they are professionals or amateurs. This racquet is also made with features advanced as well as beginner levels so that everyone can enjoy them without any difficulty.

The cherry on top with this product is the trust that the company has made throughout the years. You don’t need to worry about your purchase because Victor has always provided the best sports goods!

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