Yasaka Mark V vs Butterfly Sriver-EL: Which one is the Better Rubber?


To play table tennis right, you will need to make sure that you have the right rubber. 

Paddles have rubbers that are changeable when they wear out.

I have compared two of the top rubbers for table tennis paddles here.

So that

You can get the best fits for your racket: Yasaka Mark V vs Butterfly Sriver-EL

Butterfly Sriver-EL Rubber Sheet

Butterfly Sriver-EL Rubber Sheet

The Butterfly Sriver-EL rubber sheet is designed for those that do not compromise on their game in any way. You can find it in some different sizes that fit your paddle and play a smooth game. The performance level with these rubbers is exceptional for an amateur and professional.


The Butterfly Sriver rubber sheets for table tennis paddles are loaded with features.  A few of the ones that customers can check off their list are the following:

  • There are a variety of sizes available that you can choose according to your preference and racket type
  • You can find it in red and black color
  • The performance provided with rubber is exceptional. The following are the ratings:

o    Speed: 10

o    Spin: 8

o    Density: 35

  • The elastic sponge is designed to be very neutral. It is medium-soft which makes it perfect for a better spin
  • The rubber quality is obtained from Olympic style rubber which in turn means that you can use this for professional games as well as for leisure.
  • The sponge is with elasticity that allows users to have a controlled effect on the ball once it comes in contact with the paddle

Why is it worth it?

The reason the Butterfly Sriver rubber sheets are one of the most recommended sheets is that of the quality of the rubber. The company ensures that the quality is not compromised in any way. Moreover, the available sizes enable the players to choose their comfort level of the ball in contact with the paddle.


  • The rubber is medium-soft which is suitable for a controlled game
  • The sponge comes with a mediocre elasticity
  • There are some thicknesses available
  • The performance level is impeccable
  • The rubber quality is equivalent to the Olympics one


  • Applying glue is not included and will have to be bought separately

Yasaka Mark V, Black, Max Table Tennis Rubber

The Yasaka Mark V table tennis rubber targets the newly skilled and intermediate players. The product leads in quality as compared to its rival. It helps the players with mildly aggressive shots and fast techniques. Young, experienced people can benefit from this rubber in their championships the most.

Yasaka Mark V ,Black,Max Table Tennis Rubber


The Yasaka Mark V maybe for a targeted audience, yet it still is packed with a bunch of features that are irresistible. The following are a few features that attract the consumers the most.

  • The rubber is smooth type rubber which is great for intermediate players to sharpen their game
  • The maximum sponge thickness is 2.0 mm which allows the players to have full control of the ball
  • The performance suits the targeted audience and is follows:

o    Speed: 72

o    Spin: 83

o    Power: 81

  • The rubber is designed for players that like to use fast techniques
  • The sponge and rubber enables users to go for mildly aggressive shots as well
  • The soft sponge allows fresh skilled players to have a better idea of how to make their game better

Why is it worth it?

For beginners, using the rubbers that are meant for professionals does not seem fair. They might not learn the control of the game at all if they do not start with the beginning.

Yasaka ensures that this rubber targets the young players that want to practice to become professionals.


  • The performance excels for the intermediate players
  • Smooth rubber gives young players control their game
  • The soft sponge allows mid games in mediocre speed
  • Flat rubber ensures the perfect hit every time


  • The rubber is only for beginners and intermediate; professionals cannot benefit from it

A brief comparison between Yasaka Mark V vs Butterfly Sriver

If you ponder upon both of the products, you will find that no con will affect the game in the negative sense. Both of the rubbers serve their purpose and are high quality and highly recommended. You can get anyone that suits your preference and needs.

The Butterfly Sriver Rubber sheets have an option of color, size, and are custom made for professional players. If you are excellent at the game, then these are perfect for you. Meanwhile, the Yasaka Mark V rubber ensures a comfortable game for the beginners and intermediate players. If you have just started, then these will help you sharpen your game.

With these being the only differences, you can have an easier time selecting the right rubber for your table tennis paddle. With these rubbers, you also do not have to change your paddles and lose your grip of the hand.

Overall conclusion

With detailed features, pros, cons, and purpose of each rubber, you may have an idea of how these rubbers work according to skill levels. Each has their power points that are equally impressive. The companies operate observing their target audience and ensure that they provide what their customers need.

Moreover, they have pledged not to drop their standards for a few bucks. As you can see from the comparison, one is right for players that are Olympic equivalent, and the other is good for championships of intermediate players. Both of these tend to be of the excellent quality, so all you need to do is pick your preference.


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