Yonex Arcsaber FD Badminton Racket In-depth Review (Tips, Alternatives)


  • The ArcSaber FD is one of the most popular additions by Yonex to its ArcSaber line up. 
  • Yonex is well-known across the globe for its high-quality sports goods.

The ArcSaber FD is constructed for the all-round players and feels very light in hand. 

If you are looking for precise shot making, then Yonex ArcSaber FD is the right option for you.

ArcSaber FD provides better control in your shots. You will feel more power and accurate control with this racket once you get your hands on it.

Yonex Arcsaber FD Review


A better performing racquet takes the opposing shot and the spin well, and with ArcSaber FD you don't need to bother. The best part about this racquet is it feels great, and you will just use it as an extension of your arm which enables you to play you shots comprehensively.

A thing that I don’t like about most of the lightweight racquets is that they don’t take the shots cleanly particularly when you are defending. However, the ArcSaber FD does that to perfection, and you don't have to make any individual effort to play aggressively as well. Apart from being lightweight, there are some other features that it has.


The racquet is grounded in nanoscience as its materials are integrated with carbon fibers that are held together tightly without leaving any gap. It provides the racquet with added strength and durability.


Yonex has constructed the racquet's squared isometric frame to keep the vertical strings with a similar length along with the horizontal lines to expand the sweet spot in all directions where you play your shots.

Nanoair Spring

Its resin binds have Nanoair springs that bind the carbon fibers for the nanoscale air bubbles to do their job and keep the racquet flexed just like a spring which is personally my favorite feature. It's this technology that puts the power behind the shots due to the transfer of energy.

T-Joint (Built-in)

The trademark T-Joint by Yonex is molded deep within the graphite layers where the shaft connects to the frame. This joint develops a high-strength durable one-piece frame which is entirely free of torque. 

Why do I recommend Yonex Arcsaber FD?

I recommend YonexArcSaber FD racquet because it will enable you to raise your game as it did to mine. The racquet is equipped with single-pass grommet construction that offers an increased number of grommet holes. With the increased number of holes, the racquet will deliver high performing stringing pattern. Its gripping also provides a superior experience with the control support cap. 

This cap provides 88% broader and flatter surface than other racquets and contributes to a fast follow through, quick maneuverability and easy gripping. All these features are mandatory if you are looking to improve your game and take to the next level. ArcSaber FD contributed to improving my game when I used it.

Who can use Yonex Arcsaber FD?

I would recommend this racquet to the players who already have enough skills to control lightweight racquets (intermediate players). 

People who are good at this game don't need much effort to control their shots. When you have your power behind your shots, then you don't need a massive racquet. For this reason, you should choose Yonex ArcSaber FD.

Pros & Cons

To make things easier for you, I am providing you with a short list of pros and cons. These will better explain the insight of YonexArcSaber FD racquet.


  • The racquet is embedded with nanoscience technology. The Nanometric materials hold the carbon fibers together and don't create any gap which boosts the strength of your shots. Moreover, the Nanoair spring keeps the racquet flex just like a spring, and it transfers the energy from the string bed to the shuttle.
  • The ArcSaber FD is equipped with Yonex T-Joint that is molded within the graphite layers. The frame connects to the shaft and creates a one-piece frame that delivers a torque-free experience.
  • The control support cap is another feature which adds to the power-packed performance that this racquet delivers on the field. The cap has 88% wider flat surface as compared to the ordinary racquets. This support cap offers better follow through, sharp maneuverability and easy gripping.


  • The short length of the racquet might not be the ideal size for many people, and its grip gets dirty very quickly which might affect your racquet gripping during the gameplay.

Alternative Products

1.    Yonex Duora 77

Duora 77 comes with a long handle. Yonex has equipped Duora 77 with Dual Optimum System which enables you to play your backhand and forehand drives much better. Furthermore, nanotechnology gives it added strength and durability.

2.    Yonex Voltric 5

The Voltric 5 has a heavy head. You will feel fatigued arms and hands after you have a couple of free swings with it. Nevertheless, the heavy head will provide you more control in your shots. Moreover, you will be able to improve your game quickly.


The ArcSaber FD is a long-lasting racquet that is ideally suited for intermediate players. It has a perfect combination of flexibility and power. The only disadvantage I feel is that it doesn't have a long handle for which you have to make a lot of ground to reach to the shuttle. Apart from the grip issue, this racquet is a good purchase.

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