Yonex Arcsaber Lite Badminton Racquet Detailed Review (Tested)

Have you heard about Yonex Arcsaber Lite before?

The ArcSaber Lite from Yonex is an entry level racquet in the ArcSaber series. It is an evenly balanced racquet that comes with a medium stiff shaft.

Here’s my point:

Yonex Arcsaber Lite is lightweight, it is effortless to control.

ArcSaber Lite is also very conveniently adjustable. The racquet is designed to flex, and ... more to come.

So let’s begin

Yonex Arcsaber Lite Review


The following features will add strength in your gameplay if you want to go all-guns-blazing on your opponent.


Due to the lightweight, the ArcSaber Lite doesn't feel in your hands, and it doesn't tire your arms down either. Meaning being you can use this racquet for extended hours of gameplay. Apart from this, some highlights of this racquet are as follows,

Control Support Cap

The control support cap of this racquet offers over 85% wider and flatter surface as compared to the other racquets on the market. It makes the racquet very convenient for quick maneuvering, comfort gripping and swiftly follow through.

Built-in T-Joint

The ArcSaber Lite comes with T-Joint molding that is integrated deep within the graphite layers of the frame that links to the shaft of the racquet. The T-Joint generates a long lasting, high powered frame with which you won't experience any torque as well.

Newly Designed Grommet Pattern

The ArcSaber Lite has more high-performing stringing pattern with more number of grommet holes as compared to the previous models. This stringing pattern brings more power an authenticity to your shots as compared to the ordinary racquets.


The frame of the racquet is square, and Yonex had designed it to maintain the vertical and horizontal strings at a regular length. This symmetry enlarges the sweet spot and improves the shots that you can make in all directions.

Why do I recommend Yonex ArcSaber Lite?

I am pleased with the ArcSaber Lite because it not only improves shots but also raises your game. I started playing badminton with this racquet, and it helped me in producing new shots. The feature that I love about this racquet is that it is embedded with nanoscience. 

The materials of the racquet are embedded with carbon fibers that are tightly held together, and there is not much gap which increases the durability and strength of the racquet. Moreover, the Nanoair spring is also present in its resin binds that keep the carbon fibers together and the Nanoair bubbles present in these fibers add to the flexibility of the racquet. These features make your shots very powerful.

Yonex ArcSaber Lite, Best for whom?

This product is best for the players who range from beginners to intermediate level. Because it is a very lightweight racquet, you need some expertise at the game to carve your shots. Most of the time the beginners can opt for heavy-headed racquets so that they don't have to use their energy while making shots.

The players who have a certain amount of skills don't have to do much about the control, and they can go through their shots with full arm swings. But ArcSaber series from Yonex does well to create lightweight racquets for intermediate players and beginners.

Pros and Cons


  • It is an extremely lightweight racquet that is equipped with nanotechnology. With the help of this technology the carbon fibers are held together and don't have any gap in-between wither which makes the racquet extremely powerful and durable.
  • The Nanoair bubbles are also present within the carbon fibers, which makes the racquet very flexible and conveniently transfers the energy from the shaft to frame.
  • I found the control support cap very interesting because it further enhances the power of your shots. Gripping is crucial when you are playing with racquets. Therefore, you need to have a good grip, and Arcsaber Lite comes with it.
  • The racquet also comes with a sturdy T-Joint which is molded in the graphite layers connecting the frame with the shaft and doesn’t create any torque when you swing your arm.
  • It overcomes the issue of short length in ArcSaber FD. You will have a more extended handle in ArcSaber Lite, and the racquet is extremely easy on your hand and arms.


  • The lightweight racquet is not designed for serious players because the gripping still needs some improvement as it is prone to dust and the grip might slip from your hand when you are playing.

Alternative Products

1.    Yonex ArcSaber I-Slash

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the performance of ArcSaber Lite, and then you can opt for ArcSaber I-Slash. It comes with an even longer handle and a far more improved grip.

2.    Yonex Voltric 7 Badminton Racquet

The Voltric 7 comes with a slightly heavier but won’t cause much fatigue in your hands or arms. This racquet also incorporates the nanotechnology that is the crown jewel of the ArcSaber series.


The ArcSaber Lite by Yonex is a top performing racquet that any intermediate or beginner player can use because of its lightweight and stiff strings. The racquet stays long lasting due to the nanotechnology integration. You can use it to play all types of forehand and backhand shots.

I had my fair share of experience with ArcSaber Lite. Yonex has worked on the weakness of ArcSaber FD and made this racquet a bit longer. However, the grips still need some upgrading as you will feel difficulty in handling it with the passage of time.

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