Yonex Duora 77 Badminton Racket Detailed Review (Tested)

You might wonder "Why a lot of people are looking for Yonex Duora 77?"

  1. The Duora 77 from Yonex is one of the best sporting gears for badminton enthusiasts and pros alike.
  2. It’s sleek, semi-lightweight, and aerodynamic and armed with Yonex’ “dual optimum system” which easily allows players strong smashes and drives.

Yonex introduced its Duora series including this 77 for players to have two benefits in one racket.

This is crazy: 

It seems a peculiar idea but Yonex somehow managed to merge two frames in one racket—yeah, it sounds surprising but the brand succeeded in engineering its Duora rackets to have one “box” side and one “aero” side.

Here’s my point:

I like this Duora 77 because apart from its dual side technology and packing the benefits of Yonex Duora rackets, its price is much more forgiving than the Duora 10 racket.

Yonex Duora 77 Review


Dual Optimum System

Yonex makes unbelievably good rackets that's why this brand is one of the most sought-after brands when it comes to badminton. Yonex’ Duora series—as we can infer from its name—is crafted with cutting-edge dual technology system which marries two badminton frames in one. Duora 77, in particular, also has this feature—one “box frame” for the forehand smashes and one “aero frame” for the backhand shots.

The box frame is supposed to deliver more power to your forehand shots while the aero side is supposed to make your backhands feel quicker. You can surely feel the difference between the two sides—I felt them—but I guess these two sides are much more useful for the pros. In spite of the two-sided feature of this racket, it also feels incredibly well-balanced—although it takes some getting used to at first.

What's more?

According to Yonex, its 77 and the other rackets encompassed in the Duora series can help optimize forehand shuttle hold by 3% and increase repulsion speed by up to 9%, which means that the 77 can boost your forehand power and give your backhand shots further distance.

This dual frame technology found in Duora 77 makes it excellent for all-rounder players. The other Duora rackets, like for instance, the Duora 88, is much better for offensive play. Duora 77’s well-rounded suitability makes it good for beginner users and may also be excellent for professional play.

Flex, Stringing Advice and Weight

As for its flex, Yonex’ Duora 77 scores as “medium”, as opposed to Duora 88 and 10’s “stiff” flex. Duora rackets are strung 3U 19-24 lbs and 2U 20-25 lbs. 

Despite the marked differences in their weights, most players mention that they appear to nearly weigh the same as semi-lightweight rackets.

Other Features

Apart from the iconic dual box + aero side technology of this Duora 77, it also features a “NANOMETRICDR”, Yonex’ unique carbon material. The Duora series’ NANOMETRICDR technology is actually pioneered for the future aviation technology, making the racket lightweight yet more powerful than the other rackets crafted from conventional carbon. Through NANOMETRICDR, the Duora rackets are designed to have increased hold, repulsion, and impact strengths, as proven by Yonex’ series of stress tests.

Duora 77 also offers the following significant racket features:

  • IC Elastomer – soft elastomer that accumulates energy and increases shuttle hold
  • ISOMETRIC™ – this revolutionary frame produces an “expanded sweet spot” in every string direction
  • New Grommet Pattern – instead of the traditional pattern, the 77’s new grommet is designed to allow for high-performance
  • Solid feel core – this vibration-reducing core significantly lessens harmful, play-altering “miscellaneous” vibrations during impact
  • New Built-in T-joint – increases shuttle stability
  • Ultra PEF (polyethylene fiber) – for maximum shock absorption
  • Control support cap – for an easier, more efficient grip—88% wider than the regular rackets

Why do I recommend Yonex Duora 77?

Well, apart from this racket being made by one of the best brands in the sports industry, I find the Duora 77 racket recommendable due to its unique dual optimum system (box and aero) side which optimizes forehand and backhand shots.

I certainly felt the difference between this racket’s two sides, and I think the “dual system” is one of the biggest advantages of this product—optimizing your shots due to its unconventional dual frame feature. Despite the two-frames-in-one characteristic of this item, I also felt that this racket, ironically, is super balanced—once I got the hang of it.

Also, I think Duora 77 is a good choice if you’re looking forward to trying Yonex’ Duora series but wanting to try a less exorbitantly priced racket than the YonexDuora 10.

Who is Duora 77 best for?

Duora 77 is crafted for well-rounded players. Because of this racket’s features, I also believe that it is excellent for beginners to use as well (due to its comparatively lower price than the mainstream Duora 10) but also provisionally good for pros in the sport too.

Pros and Cons

  • plus-circle
    Dual optimum system
  • plus-circle
    Has revolutionary, scientifically-engineered materials
  • plus-circle
    May be cheaper than the Duora 10
  • plus-circle
  • minus-circle
    Medium flex
  • minus-circle

You can get all the benefits of the Duora line in this 77 racket—it has all the sweet parts and the technology that makes Yonex’ Duora line powerfully unique. The revolutionary dual feature of this product also makes it great for well-balanced players and individuals with both good forehand and backhand strokes.

However, unlike the elite Duora 10 (or at least the 88), this racket only has a medium stiffness, which makes it a bit inferior to the 10 or 88. Also, for users not quite accustomed to the two-sidedness of this racket, the dual system feature of this racket can take some time getting used to. 

Alternative Products

If the Duora 77 is unavailable or if you’re still having a hard time deciding about this racket, you can always consider Yonex’ other products like the Yonex Arcsaber 002 and the Yonex Nanoray 10F. These two designs come highly recommended and also come from the same price range as the Yonex Duora 77.


All in all, the Yonex Duora 77 is a good find—it offers the same technology featured by the elite Duora 10 product but comes cheaper. This racket is good for well-rounded players and is advisable to use by both seasoned pros and even beginners. However, you may find it challenging to wield this racket at first—but once you get the hang of it, this makes a perfect gear to help you deliver powerful forehands and well-distanced backhands.

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