Yonex Nanoray 10F Badminton Racquet Detailed Review (New Review)

Badminton Racquets are usually identified by its different attributes like grip size, weight, head weight, head shape, and flexibility.

For different games tricks, different features are required. 

We are going to review Yonex Nanoray 10F Badminton Racquet briefly here to help you decide its suitability for you or not.

So let’s begin

Yonex Nanoray 10F Badminton Racquet 4U G4


Yonex Nanoray 10F Badminton Racquet 4U G4 comes with a variety of distinguished features that make it the leading choice of players. This racquet with orange and white color combination besides having beautiful appearance also contains user-friendly features that genuinely fulfill players’ requirements. Additionally, as it is the Nanoray design of Yonex, it is manufactured particularly for those who face their opponents with great force in the court.

This authentic Yonex racquet comes with the head cover too. Among its various features, few worth-mentioning features are given below.


The frame of this racquet is shaped in square Isometric shape. The purpose of this design is to keep the vertical and horizontal strings of the racquet at an equal length. This thing results in creating extended sweet spots in all directions of the isometric frame as compared to oval-shaped racquets.  

Aero frame

Another worth-mentioning feature of this badminton racquet is its aero frame. By having aero frame means the side frame of racquet curves to the point and no to the flattened walls. This attribute can reduce air resistance and offers elevated swing speed. 


The weight of this Yonex badminton racquet is approximately 80-85 grams that are a perfectly suitable weight for racquets. Its lightweight assists players in having good control of their equipment while giving perfect swing shots.

Nanomesh + Carbon nanotube

This feature is possessed exclusively by Yonex racquets only. It involves Nanomesh along with Carbon Nanotube structural material that is placed inside the frame of the shaft of Nanoray series racquets. This feature assists in increasing impact power, toughness, and repulsion strength of racquet. Carbon nanotube and resin combined to give mesh-like structure that provides head-light racquet, increased strength, quick response, and pointed shots. 

Additional shaft flex

The shaft of this racquet comes with extra flex that elevates recovery after every shot. It also gives comfortable grip while dampening the outcome of vibrations.

Why Are We Recommending Yonex Nanoray 10F?

The most important reason for recommending this product is the distinguished name of its manufacturers. Yonex is a big name in the world of badminton racquet manufacturers. All its products are made perfectly according to players’ demands, and trustworthy products always deserve a recommendation.

Other reasons include it's being made up of latest techniques like having the isometrical frame and nanomesh and carbon nanotube. All these features help players in giving powerful shots with putting their little efforts. Besides this, its other features like shaft flex, lightweight, and aero-frame can make the game easy for people. In short, all these features make this badminton racquet worth recommending here.

Yonex Nanoray 10F is Best for Whom?

The different amazing features of this Yonex Nanoray 10F badminton racquet make it the best choice for different types of players. Talking about its aero-frame feature, it becomes best for double players and intermediate players. For double players, it becomes suitable as they are required to change racket position speedily. Intermediate players can take benefits as they play shots at high speed. 

Considering remaining features, it is particularly best for beginner level players as well as lower-intermediate level players. The reason is its ability to deliver quick and controlled swings. It can also be a good choice for those players looking to control game during highly sharp and quick movements. Overall, a player from any level can play a reasonable game with this racquet.

Pros and Cons 

Almost every product available in the world offers many benefits while having some cons too. Same is the case with this Yonex badminton racquet. Below you will read about its detailed pros and cons.

  • plus-circle
    This racquet comes with head cover. This thing can assist you in storing your racquet safely when not in use. It can also help in keeping your racquet dry and safe if it’s raining outside.
  • plus-circle
    This racquet from Yonex comes with the square-isometrical shaped frame. This benefit will give expanded sweet spots to the player that will in return give a perfect spin and good control.
  • plus-circle
    It possesses aero frame. This attribute can assist players in giving a good shot through decreasing air resistance and increasing swing power. It can also help players in decreasing their energy utilization during giving a powerful shot as it can easily pass through the air.
  • plus-circle
    As this badminton is light in weight, it can offer greater ease for players while giving perfect swing shots.
  • plus-circle
    It comes with nanomesh & carbon nanotube structural material. This feature assists in elevating repulsion power and impact force. In this way, players can give better shots by putting smaller force.
  • minus-circle
    Its isometric frame shape might also put the player in difficulty as the corner parts of its top part can easily be cracked. This thing will make this racquet useless for the player.
  • minus-circle
    As this racquet possesses aero frame, it might produce a vibration on missing sweet spots. The reason behind is the less robustness of aero frame.

Alternative Products

In case you are looking for some alternative products, then you can also check Yonex Voltric 2017 New Badminton Racquet. The most prominent feature of this racquet is its tri-voltage system that has combined the attributes of wonderful handling while offering outstanding power. Other features involve isometric frame, well-balanced weight, and graphite shaft.

Our second alternative product is Yonex Nanoray 20 Badminton Racket. With Nanoray technique and lightweight, it offers great strength and perfect swing for quick responding players. It also comes with a head cover to keep racquet protected when not in use.


Here, we have discussed Yonex Nanoray 10F Badminton in detail. By reading its review, you have gotten all its prominent features. You will also get to know about alternative products if you are in search of exploring varieties of badminton racquets.

It can be said undoubtedly that quality of racquet affects the quality of badminton game. It is a chief component of this game. It has the power to turn the game into the most exciting one through elevating the power applied by the players or to make it the most boring one through decreasing the players’ eager.

Therefore, it is vital for badminton players to choose their right gear that fits appropriately according to their game skills.

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