Yonex Voltric 7 Badminton Racket In-depth Review

Yonex is a name associated with quality and reliability. You would have seen many products under the name of Yonex. Yonex produces a complete range of badminton sports gear, everything that you will ever need for your physical regime. The brand utilizes the most innovative technologies to provide the most incredible equipment.

I have picked a racquet that can put you on a winning streak. I’ll present you the review of Yonex Voltric 7 based on my personal experience.

Yonex Voltric 7 Review


Isometric Design

The Yonex Voltric 7 Badminton Racket has an isometric design which essentially means that the strings have been arranged in a very geometrical pattern. It's horizontal and vertical strings has been placed at equal distances so that they form a perfectly square-shaped pattern. This helps to produce a similar force on the shuttle when struck. It also provides higher accuracy on every hit.

Control Support Cap

The support cap functions to enhance the grip on the racquet for the fastest movement possible. This helps to maintain the balance of the racquet and helps you get the most hits with no falters.

Tri-Voltage System

The Tri-Voltage system works to allow the frame to bend at every hit of the shuttle. This small deformation of the frame allows the shuttle to remain in contact with the string bed for a more extended period. The strain of the frame also stores energy and then releases this energy into the shuttle, so this provides power to every hit. The deformation corrects itself after every hit.

Thin frame

The thin frame of the racquet provides reduced air resistance which means that it can move through the air at higher speeds. It also allows agility to each hit and lets the player swing the racquet entirely in small periods of time to land specific hits.

Built-in T-Joint

The joint placed within the frame of the racquet between the frame and shaft creates a durable and robust racquet that is resistant to torque and is completely in one piece.

Why Do We Recommend The Yonex Voltric 7?

The Yonex Voltric 7 Badminton Racquet is one of the best racquets in the market with a strong base and equal affinity for performing in both defensive and attacking strategies. The universal conundrum for all sporting goods manufacturing companies is the compromise that needs to be made on either speed or power in pursuit of the other. The Voltric 7 has finally solved this problem by reducing the weight of the frame while keeping it as durable. Furthermore, the heavy head balance allows no compromise in the power of each stroke.

Yonex Voltric 7 Best Suited For Whom?

The Yonex Voltric 7 Badminton Racket provides a sweet balance between both power and speed. While it may not have the perfection and personalization you need if you are an expert player or a professional, this is not for beginners either. With the sophistication and enhancement that it can provide to a game, this racquet is considered to be perfect for intermediate level players and can help them improve their game considerably. This racquet can provide you with comfort such that the racquet eventually feels like a direct extension of your arm and playing may just seem natural and reflexive.

Pros and Cons

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    The Tri-Voltage system works to produce the best combination of power and maneuverability. This makes it the perfect racket for playing a well-rounded game. This racquet delivers powerful smashes and provides enough flexibility and speed for perfect handling.
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    The flexibility helps to store and maintain the potential energy. The racquet will reconvert this to kinetic energy by the string bed and the flexibility of the shaft itself.
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    The stiffness of the frame again translates to increased levels of stored energy within the string bed of the racquet. This allows for sure, resounding and powerful strokes.
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    The thinner frame and the light weight of the racket let you swing it at increased speeds. Now you don't need to worry about air resistance or arm fatigue. This means that you can play better and for longer, making it easier for you to tire out your opponent.
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    One of the most amazing thing about this racquet is its nominal price. You can get a great racquet that delivers on every front that a good player considers before making a choice.
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    Even though the Yonex Voltric 7 is more powerful than its lighter counterparts, it is still not as powerful as some of the heavier rackets available. These heavier rackets are usually used by players who play a more hostile and confronted game, which helps them deliver smashes with greater ease.

Alternative Products

Yonex Voltric 5

Yonex Voltric 5 and 7 are both essentially the same model except for a single difference. This is the weight of the racquet. At 89 grams, the Yonex Voltric 5 is heavier than the Yonex Voltric 7 at 85 grams. This means that the Yonex Voltric 5 can deliver a higher range of power than its lighter version; the Yonex Voltric 7, which provides higher speeds.

YonexVoltric 5 and 7 are both essentially the same model except for a single difference. This is the weight of the racquet. At 89 grams, the Yonex Voltric 5 is heavier than the Yonex Voltric 7 at 85 grams. This means that the Yonex Voltric 5 can deliver a higher range of power than its lighter version the Yonex Voltric 7, which provides greater speeds.

Yonex Arcsaber 002 Badminton Racquet

It has a Nano air spring that provides greater control over the game and over every swing than that provided by the Yonex Voltric 7. The ability of the racquet to flex at the point of impact to save potential energy means that it uses the same mechanism to increase the power of each hit.


The Yonex Voltric 7 is one of the greatest advancements in the sports goods manufacturing industry. It works to combine two of the most desirable yet mutually elusive features that every player wants in their racquet. It gives the holder an edge over their opponent, who struggles between the desire for speed and power while you hold the double threat.

The racquet is incredibly comfortable and can help you play a better game for longer periods of time. All in all, at a very affordable price.

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