Yonex Voltric FB Badminton Racket In-depth Review (Tested)

Want to know more about Yonex Voltric FB?

Yonex is the Nike of badminton - a respected brand and ordinarily synonymous with exceptional rackets for professionals and high-end users.


When it comes to quality in regards to handling, you can always rely on Yonex especially with their new Voltric series rackets.

The Yonex Voltric Flash Boost Racket is the lighter version of the two available Voltric FB rackets in the market today. A combination of technologies makes it an efficient attacking and defending equipment in a fast-paced game environment. 

Here’s the deal:

It’s lightweight ensures that you are able to turn defense into attack quickly. In the event, thanks to its heavy head, you can quickly drive and send strong smashes to your opponent keeping them engaged at all times.

As an enthusiast badminton player, I decided to take a few hours with the new Yonex Voltric Flash Boost Racket to see if it lives up to the promise as indicated in the specs sheet.

Here is what I found out after spending a few hours with the Racket trying out different techniques on the court.

Yonex Voltric FB Review


Yonex Voltric Flash Boost Racket comes with a pack of features aimed at improving the overall experience of the 21st-century badminton player. Although anyone can use the racket, the sophisticated features suggested that high-end users and professionals would benefit the most from this new baby.

You can expect the following features from the new Yonex Voltric Flash Boost Racket.

  • Isometric heavy head-a square shaped head increases the chances of enlarging the sweet spot consequently making a larger part of the string bed responsive.
  • Tri-Voltage system-traditionally, rackets with a heavier head tend to offer more power especially when smashing. However, this compromises the handling speed which in contrast is offered by a lightweight head. Unfortunately, the lightweight head can’t provide enough hitting power therefore in both cases you have to compromise. Good news is that the tri- Voltage system combines both technologies to offer exceptional handling and hitting power.
  • Control support cap - A wider support cap increases maneuverability and better control of the racket.
  • Nanometric- nanoengineering is used to tighten the binding of the carbon fibers which consequently offers increased strength by filling the gaps.
  • Super slim frame-needless to say, it provides exceptional aerodynamics and better head speeds.
  • Aero and Box frame-offers increased head stability.

Why I recommend the Yonex Voltric FB

The Yonex Voltric FB Badminton Racket has exceptional handling capabilities, good smashing power and light enough to switch in between attacks and defense. I also like the aesthetics which for obvious reasons some people would find a plus. The company also offers customization for the racket and the warranty period is impressive as well.

Who’s best suited for the Yonex Voltric FB

Judging from my time with this beauty, I think it’s a racket that can be used by enthusiasts as well as beginners. It might take a while to get used to, but in the end, it’s all worth it. However, looking at the price tag, this would be best suited for intermediate/advanced players because there are other cheap options for beginners.

Pros and Cons

  • plus-circle
    Versatile-can is used for strong smashes and quick defense responses.
  • plus-circle
    Easily managed-it’s durable therefore the maintenance costs are meager.
  • plus-circle
    Nice smashing sound-it adds excitement to the game.
  • plus-circle
    Comfortable-it’s easy to work out your best moves when you are using a comfortable racket.
  • plus-circle
    Light feel-this increases maneuverability.
  • plus-circle
    Accuracy in all Keystrokes.
  • plus-circle
    Exceptional and original Look- it sets you apart from the pack.
  • plus-circle
    No power loss despite its light weight-good for smashes and powerful drives.
  • plus-circle
    Doesn’t feel too hard for a stiff racket-increases the chances of feeling comfortable during the game.
  • minus-circle
    A bit too comfortable-you might forget some essential technicalities in the game.
  • minus-circle
    Requires time to adapt-you might need to use it for a while before unlocking its full potential.
  • minus-circle
    Light head weight-mostly depends on your gaming techniques.
  • minus-circle
    Expensive-the retail price is on the higher end compared to other products offering close to the same performance.

Alternative Racket

If you feel the Yonex Voltric Flash Boost Racket is not for you, you can check out the strung or unstrung Yonex Duora 10 Badminton Racket. It’s one of the closest excellent alternatives when it comes to handling, power, and speed. It’s one of the best rackets in the market for quick backhand drives and faster smashes.


The Yonex Voltric Flash Boost Racket is an exceptional gift for anyone looking for an overall performer. Whether you are looking for something with that massive smashing capability or quick backhand drives, I am sure this new little beast won’t disappoint you.

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