Yonex Voltric Lin Dan Force Black Badminton Racket Review (Unboxing)

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The Yonex Voltric Lin Dan Force badminton racket is part of the popular Yonex Voltric model and is made with your all-around performance in mind.

  • It uses all of the technological innovations that most people have come to know Yonex
  • It is supposed to help you achieve powerful smashes and faster handling.

Here is some information on the product that can help you make an informed purchase decision.

Yonex Voltric Lin Dan


The Yonex Voltric Lin Dan Force badminton racket is a popular racket with professionals and amateurs alike. It features a graphite frame and shaft with nanometric materials as well as tungsten to produce a strong and powerful racket. It weighs about 85 grams and has a G4 grip, a standard grip size among rackets. It is pre-strung with a usual tension of BG65Ti that is covered in ink, but you can get it strung to your desired tension rate if you prefer something different. Finally, the Voltric unique tri-voltage system is used in the racket to give it more speed as well as the power to create heavy smashes.

It is an extra-stiff racket that offers little flexibility. It is also a more head-heavy racket to provide more power and balance on the court. It’s believed to be the most head-heavy racket that Yonex makes.

Of course, it’s endorsed by Lin Dan and was used by him in the Rio Olympics. It’s designed in a black, red, gold, and white pattern and comes with a full-length cover that features the Lin Dan logo.


All of the specifications and features of the Yonex Voltric Lin Dan Force badminton racket make it sound like it would be a super heavy and stiff racket that would be hard to handle. However, after having used this racket for a short while, it seems to be a lot more flexible than one would think. It’s also not overwhelmingly head-heavy that it makes it hard to use.

As you’d expect from a head-heavy racket, it delivers power when you want it to but still has enough flexibility down the shaft that there isn’t any real lag as you swing it. You’ll also get a solid impact on drop shots that equates to more control on the court. More so, the balance doesn’t make it feel too heavy in your hand so you won’t have to worry about fatigue as much as you think you would.

So what does all this mean?

Overall, the design of the racket seems to have produced the best possible product for powerful smashes, controlled drop shots, flat drives, and slices. It also delivers accuracy regarding what direction you want the shuttlecock to go. Combine that with the lack of lag when you swing the racket and you can’t really ask for more from a badminton racket.

In my experience with head-heavy rackets, I usually find that what the racket has concerning a better offensive game it lacks in the defensive benefits. The Yonex Voltric Lin Dan Force racket is the exception to this rule. Despite its head-heavy balance, the racket is pretty fast. When you handle it, it bounces back well on lifts, blocks, and drives. This is believed to be because of the more streamlined frame in this model’s design as compared to other rackets with similar specifications.

Who Should Use Yonex Voltric Lin Dan

Every racket will suit everyone differently. What might work for one player won’t work at all for another. This particular badminton racket seems to be better suited for more experienced players who are closer to an advanced level. This is mainly due to the head-heavy balance and the stiff frame and shaft. Rackets of this nature can be unforgiving to less experienced players who may get tired quickly and aren’t used to wielding such a stiff and moderately off-balance racket.

Similarly, if you’re in the market for a racket that will help improve your speed on the court, this might not be the best choice for you. While it is considered to be more of an all-around performing racket, there are others available that are made more for speed and less for power and control.

Overall, the Yonex Voltric Lin Dan Force badminton racket is best for advanced players looking to improve their power and control on the court. If this sounds like you, this model might be able to give you what you’re looking for.

Pros and Cons

When buying any badminton racket (or any product, actually), it’s always advisable to weigh the pros and cons of the item in question before making a purchase decision. Sometimes you’ll find that while there are a lot of good qualities about something, the few bad qualities are actually enough to make you decide against it.


The pros and cons of the Yonex Voltric Lin Dan Force racket are outlined so you can make the best decision possible for yourself.


All of the features and specifications of this racket make up the pros.

  • The head-heavy balance: This creates power while the stiff frame and shaft offer control and some flexibility that help you volley with accuracy and confidence.
  • The Lin Dan seal of approval: His endorsement and the fact that he used the same racket in the Rio Olympics is an advantage.


As you may have noticed from the rest of the information regarding this racket there aren’t a lot of drawbacks. Even the features that you’d assume would be a detriment aren’t thanks to Yonex’s innovative designs and technologies. That being said there is one, small insignificant problem.

  • The ink coating the strings: This ink flakes off the strings very easily. Some users have reported that the stencil ink flaked off only after a dozen or so hits. This might be annoying to some but others might not see this as anything other than a minor inconvenience.

Alternative Options

While this racket sounds excellent, there is another option available that offers similar features that you might want to consider purchasing.

The Yonex Arcsaber FB badminton racket is identical in design and provides some of the same benefits. It can be purchased strung by an official Yonex stringer, or you can get it unstrung and have it made to your specifications. When bought strung, it comes with NG95 string at 24 pounds. It’s considered to be a fast racket with durability as well as flexibility that provides fast repulsion. Since it’s made by Yonex, it offers a lot of the same technological innovations that the Voltric model provides and is worth looking at as an alternative option.


Overall, the Yonex Voltric Lin Dan Force racket is a top-quality model that offers a myriad of benefits for advanced players looking to improve their on-court performance. If you are looking for specifications that match this racket, it’s worth a try.

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