Yonex Voltric Z Force II 2 Badminton Racket Detailed Review (New)

Launched back in 2014 before the All England Badminton Championships held in Birmingham, the Yonex Voltric Z Force II badminton racket has become quite popular over the years.

It is even the racket of choice of professional badminton player Lee Chong Wei who replaced his Voltric Z Force with this upgraded design.

More international players have followed his lead and made the switch, too. If you’re in the market for a new racket, this one probably caught your eye for those reasons alone.

To help you make a more informed purchase decision, this review will analyze the specifications of the racket in a way that is easy to understand.

Yonex Voltric Z Force II 2


Known as the ZF2, this badminton racket is a head-heavy racket that was designed with a uniquely smaller head than other rackets with similar characteristics. It also has the thinnest shaft in all of the Yonex brand. It’s made with nanometric carbon along with tungsten grommet strips and an overall aerodynamic design. This all makes for speedy handling, more intense shots, and easier maneuverability. These tungsten grommets increase the contact time that happens between the shuttlecock and the string when you swing. This leads to better control and an increased transfer-of-power from you to the shuttlecock. Furthermore, the grommet tip is placed inside the frame to create a smooth and more air-resistant shape. That makes the racket more aerodynamic than other constructions.

It weighs around 85 grams and features a standard G4 grip. It can be purchased strung or unstrung. When purchased strung it is done with NG98 power with 24 pounds of tension. It was made with a less-flashy design than other models. Instead, it’s a sleek and simple black-on-black design with a few blue decals.

The ZF2 features Yonex’s tri-voltage system for better smashes and more power as well as the isometric design that most have come to know from Yonex. This creates a larger sweet spot that increases the distance you can send the shuttlecock as well as the power with which you can hit. Along with this, the ZF2 features extra-stiff flexibility that also allows for more power and control.

The features don’t stop there, either. Yonex fit the ZF2 with a control support cap that creates a flat surface that is 88 percent wider than an ordinary racket. This makes it easier to grip and faster to swing. This goes along with the built-in T-joint that is in the layers of the graphite at the spot where the frame and shaft connect. This creates a strong, solid frame that is virtually torque-free. There is also a sound filter built into the racket. That creates a powerful sound with every impact to create a more aggressive style of play in everyone. Finally, you get a full-size bag to carry your racket and keep it protected when not in use.


Having used the original Z Force model, this upgraded version has a completely different feel to it. The sweet spot, while still expanded due to the isometric design, seems to be a little higher than it was which seems to help on the court. The thinner shaft is something to get used to but when combined with the aerodynamic design, it creates a unique overall feel. You feel the power as well as the easy maneuverability as you use it.

This upgrade does seem to be a superior product than its predecessor as it offers strength, control, and accuracy. As you use it, you should find that overhead shots are a little quicker to deliver and a lot smoother than with other models. Thanks to the head-heavy balance, they can be done with less effort than you’d use with other head-light balanced rackets. If you’re not used to this, it might take some adjusting. However, if you’re an experienced player, you should be able to find your groove with this racket rather quickly.

Furthermore, the improved aerodynamic design of this model seems to have fixed previously reported problems with the original Z Force. These problems included defensive maneuvers and fast, flat volleys. With this, fast exchanges seem to be much easier and occur without the previously reported muscle fatigue that players experienced. The improved defense comes from the maneuverability. You’re able to get your racket back into the proper place quicker in order to return your opponent’s shot. Similarly, smashes seem more powerful and accurate with this racket.

Who Should Use Yonex Voltric Z Force II

Each racket suits each player differently and the Voltric Z Force II is no exception to this rule. The head-heavy balance of the racket along with the power and control it generates is more appropriate for a player with more experience. Advanced players understand how to use a racket with such force. For example, it can produce more powerful smashes and better accuracy. However, it is more likely to do so for a player who is already advanced and can use their own abilities to produce better results with the rackets help. In other words, it isn’t going to turn a mediocre player into a competitive threat just because they’re using this racket.

Similarly, players who have weak wrists or forearms might want to try other rackets. This one can be bothersome to those with previous injuries or a lack of strength in those areas. You may also want to look elsewhere if you prefer something with more flexibility as this one is stiff. Finally, the price of this racket is rather steep when compared to similar models on the market. If you’re on a budget, this might not be the badminton racket for you.

Pros and Cons

It’s always a good idea to look at the pros and cons of a product before deciding whether or not you want to buy it. This is because even the best sounding items have their drawbacks which, in some cases, might be enough to make you turn down a seemingly exceptional product. Here, the pros and cons of the ZF2 are outlined for you to help you decide if this racket is right for you.


  • The overall improved design: The Z Force racket’s design is the glaring pro when analyzing this racket. It’s more aerodynamic and gives you more power, control, accuracy, and even speed to give you an improved all-around game.
  • A sleeker design: In a time where flashy designs have become common, the simple yet elegant black-on-black design is refreshing. There are few simple blue decals, but overall the design is a nice callback to more retro rackets that were popular in the 1980s. Of course, that’s more of a preference than an actual advantage.


Upon first glance, there doesn’t seem to be much wrong with this racket. It offers an improved all-around performance and is made with innovative technologies and a sleek design. However, there are some issues that people have mentioned.

  • The grommet strips: This can make restringing the racket difficult and more expensive as the entire strip has to be changed instead of a single grommet.
  • The stringbed: Some people have reported that the string bed doesn’t feel as solid as it did in the previous Z Force racket.
  • The price: Although there have been discounts offered by different online retailers since the racket’s release, it’s still expensive. If you’re on a budget or simply would rather not spend more on a racket than you have to, the price of the ZF2 might be the biggest con for you.

Alternative Options

If you like what the ZF2 has to offer but aren’t quite sure about purchasing it, there are alternative options available on the market that you may like just as much. There are two such rackets available that are made by Yonex and offer similar features.

First is the Yonex Duora 10 badminton racket. It has the same G4 grip as the ZF2 along with the isometric box-shaped design. That design creates power and a larger sweet spot as well as the ability to hit longer shots. It’s also similar in weight when compared to the ZF2. You’ll also experience similar aerodynamic benefits, powerful smashes, and fast drives.

Your second option is the Yonex Nanoray 900 badminton racket. This is a fast-moving racket that offers a more head-light balance but still claims to give you powerful smashes and better control. Since it’s made by Yonex you can expect the same innovative technologies in this racket as are present in their other models.


The ZF2 is made to improve your game in all aspects. It uses innovative technologies in its design. Those create power, control, and speed that can turn into positive results on the court. If the specifications meet your needs and the price for the racket is in your budget, it’s worth a try.

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