Hi there, I am Peter, a 39-year-old friendly being from the United States. I have always preferred an active lifestyle, and for this reason, I love playing all types of sports such as tennis, table tennis, volleyball, softball, and badminton. I have created this blog to help people find information on different types of sports equipment and finding the right one to enhance their skills at the game.

I am not a professional sports player, but I have used a lot of sports equipment over the years. I encourage people including my kids to have an active lifestyle and indulge in sports.  With such games and activities, our bodies not only remain fit and healthy but these games also have a positive impact on our body’s immune system.

I admit there is no replacement for sports, although, you learn many things by spending hours with your smartphones, television or computers. My blog is not about the horrors of technology. As I mentioned above, this blog is about loads of information on buying your favorite equipment associated with different sports.

With the passage of time, I’ll be uploading many reviews and articles about various sports equipment which will enable you to make your choice when you are looking for one in the market. With this blog, I’ll express my thoughts about different sports that I have played over the years. You will see various types of contents on this blog including coaching videos, podcasts, and blog posts and of course with time you will also see a healthy online community as well.

As I have used plenty of equipment, my reviews will be purely based on the experience I had while using them. There are many products that I have loved and cherished and even recommended to my friends, and then there are some products which have been total blunders. My point is, with my reviews I’ll be sharing my experiences, and you might agree or disagree with them.

These reviews are just for your guidance to make the right buying decision. You are more than welcome to completely disregard my views and try a product on your own. But do share your thoughts so that I can update my information on this blog. I’ll add a separate section for any updates for the viewers to compare.

If you spend only a few minutes reading my posts, you will find out that I am very passionate about these sports and love to guide others to develop their skills as well. Apart from spots I also love to talk about sports science, economics, online business, and cooking. But you won’t get anything about that in this blog.

You can connect with me on other social media platforms including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for any comments or suggestions or some specific equipment you want me to discuss. Just follow the links below. I would love to hear from you!