12 Best Ping Pong Table Reviews 2019 | Quick Buyer’s Guide (Update)


Many people don’t understand that playing table tennis or ping pong is not cheap at all.

It is primarily because of the cost of the ping pong tables, especially the better quality branded ones.


There are plenty of options regarding brands, price and types.

By reading this article, hopefully, you will be able to find the best ping pong table for what your needs.

So let’s begin

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Top 12 Best Ping Pong Table Reviews

JOOLA Midsize Compact Table Tennis Table

JOOLA is a very reliable table tennis brand, whether it is for paddles or tables and this table is excellent for small spaces or spare rooms.

  • plus-circle
    Good for multi-use as both halves are perfect squares, can be stood separately and can be used for multiple different things.
  • plus-circle
    Very compact as both legs can be folded in while the sides fold in separately and can be stored in most decent-sized closets or cupboards. It is measured at 36 inches by 36 inches when stored.
  • plus-circle
    Regulation height is however slightly narrower than a regular table. It stands as tall as a regular sized table but isn’t as wide or long which makes it ideal for younger or small players but not as good for players wanting to receive proper practice at playing.
  • plus-circle
    Contains set containing net and clamps to attach the net to the table. Very easy to use as the net is held in place by two sturdy metal clamps on either side of the table.
  • plus-circle
    Doesn’t require assembly. It makes your life much more comfortable as the legs just need to be extended outwards, it doesn’t need to be put together after arriving.
  • minus-circle
    It isn’t full size which is a downside as it doesn’t give you a real feeling of playing table tennis like the professionals.

EastPoint Sports Table Tennis Table

EastPoint is another reliable sports brand; however, they aren’t well known for their table tennis equipment.

  • plus-circle
    A folding table that quickly splits into two separate halves and enough space for up to four players.
  • plus-circle
    Tournament regulation size which allows up to four players as mentioned. Also can be folded into playback style where one player can practice their table tennis skills by continuously returning their shots, Forrest Gump style!
  • plus-circle
    Includes net and storage system where four paddles and six balls can be held located in the middle of the table so that you will never lose a ball or paddle by misplacing it.
  • plus-circle
    Sturdy 2 inch wheels on the retractable sides of the table for more comfortable transportation when moving the table from storage to the playing zone.
  • plus-circle
    Rust-resistant steel frame ensures durability and means the table will be stronger than some rival tables.
  • minus-circle
    The set includes a net, but paddles and balls must be purchased separately which is something that other tables often offer. This makes the cost of a table tennis even more expensive but isn’t a massive issue.
  • minus-circle
    The price is good, but the table doesn’t bring the quality of some of the more recognized brands as EastPoint doesn’t specialize in table tennis as a sport.

JOOLA Inside 15mm Table Tennis Table with Net Set 

  • plus-circle
    At regulation size, this is the same dimensions of a professional table so it allows players to get the best feel for what they would be playing on if they were to hope to become a regular player.
  • plus-circle
    It’s effortless to put together and comes 95% assembled, which makes it much more relaxing when you purchase the table knowing that most of the hard work has been done for you.
  • plus-circle
    It’s regular height of a table, but the height of the legs can be adjusted to your personal preference. This allows the smaller players to get involved while still playing on a perfectly level surface.
  • plus-circle
    Easy to store as the two halves fold inwards and apart. They stand on four wheels each making it much easier to move around. The legs and wheels automatically lock when the table is in place to ensure the table doesn’t move at all during playing time.
  • plus-circle
    Playback mode is available as one half can be moved to a parallel angle.
  • minus-circle
    The quality of the table is good, but it isn’t beautiful and wouldn’t look nice if you were using it

STIGA Advantage Table Tennis Table

STIGA is a very reliable table tennis brand, and they are known for their quality table tennis products, and this table is no different with some great features that everyone wants when buying a table tennis table. However, it won’t come cheap and may be out of most people’s price ranges.

  • plus-circle
    It is regulation, tournament size but still a great size for a spare room, garage, office or wherever you want to put it. You will be getting the most realistic idea of professional table tennis players, and the table is excellent for players hoping to play at a high standard.
  • plus-circle
    It is 95% pre-assembled, so it is effortless to get playing straight away after purchasing. It is suggested that it takes 10 minutes to set the table up in the assembled state so, in that respect, it is brilliant.
  • plus-circle
    Very easy to transport and store as the two halves fold inwards to separate while four wheels for each half make it extremely manageable when it comes to moving the table into the storage area.
  • plus-circle
    Comes with a simple-to-use attachable net with substantial clamps that will hold it in place very well.
  • plus-circle
    Playback game mode is available with this table as one half can be stood up parallel while the other stays flat to allow a proper feel for the player when playing solo.
  • minus-circle
    Once again, due to the focus being on providing quality, the table isn’t attractive and wouldn’t look particularly nice if it was the main focus of a room.

JOOLA Rally TL 300 Table Tennis Table

It’s JOOLA again with another top quality table tennis table which comes in a brilliant black color which gives a nice change to the standard blue color we often see on table tennis tables. TL 300 is a cheaper option, and the quality and standard of the table are excellent.

  • plus-circle
    The regulation size which is to be expected for the price so is available for matches with up to four players.
  • plus-circle
    Special ball holders in each corner of the table which allows up to three standard-sized table tennis balls to be stored in each one, a feature that most tables don’t even offer.
  • plus-circle
    There is also a scorekeeper attached to the table, and although it is a fundamental abacus one, it still provides an attachment that most tables don’t offer.
  • plus-circle
    It almost goes without saying that players have the option to playback on the table if they are alone and want to improve their table tennis skills.
  • plus-circle
    The wheels are built with a lock-in design to ensure the table doesn’t move while playing; no one wants the table escaping when trying to beat their friends!
  • minus-circle
    Some customers have complained that the two halves don’t wholly join together and that there is a gap between the two sections when connected.

Butterfly Playback Rollaway Indoor/Outdoor Table Tennis Table

As one of JOOLA’s main rivals when it comes to the best table tennis brands, Butterfly have been in the game for many years, and this table is an example of their quality.

  • plus-circle
    Due to the SLT (Synthetic Laminate Top), the table can be used inside or outside as the covering won’t be affected by rain or wind, which is a desirable feature of the table for many people.
  • plus-circle
    Children are safer around this table due to the two safety levers on either side, making it a better option for families with small children or businesses with younger and smaller visitors.
  • plus-circle
    When storing or playing in playback mode, the net doesn’t have to be removed which makes your life even easier when playing on your own or when putting the table back where it lives.
  • plus-circle
    There is a holder attached to the net in the middle of the table where two paddles can be safely stored, lowering the chance of misplacing your paddles when not playing.
  • minus-circle
    The price does make it unrealistic for some people who would instead purchase a cheaper alternative which has very little difference in quality.
  • minus-circle
    The assembly has been picked out as a negative aspect as many purchasers have said it takes multiple hours and it is very complicated to work out.

JOOLA NOVA DX Indoor/Outdoor Table Tennis Table

It seems like most of these tables so far have been made by JOOLA; however, this is the last JOOLA table tennis table you will see on this list, and it’s the first outdoor option from JOOLA.

  • plus-circle
    It can be played inside or outside due to the covering on the table which makes it capable of dealing with the weather conditions, even though it’s highly doubtable that you will be playing in the rain.
  • plus-circle
    Playback is available on the table, which is something that is expected of table tennis tables.
  • plus-circle
    The feet of the table adjusts to allow the table to be level when it is set-up on an uneven surface like a patio floor in a garden which could make the table unstable.
  • plus-circle
    The table comes with two nets, one which is standard and should be used inside and a matching net that is weatherproof is ideal to be used when the table is outside.
  • plus-circle
    For a table that can be used both in and out of the house, the price isn’t too high when the quality and brand of the table is taken into account.
  • minus-circle
    One problem with the table is that the clamps fastening the net onto the table are the only things which pull the two sides of the table together so it can sometimes come apart very quickly and with little force.

Viper Arlington Indoor Table Tennis Table

Viper isn’t a brand that is usually associated with the sport of table tennis, which we are used to with JOOLA and Butterfly. However, this indoor table tennis table is very high quality and comes in a striking black and red colorway, which would fit in nicely in most rooms.

  • plus-circle
    It is the standard regulation size and would fit nicely into most larger rooms that are lacking a centerpiece to fill an open space.
  • plus-circle
    The two halves of the table fold separately to allow easier storage as well as transportation. Players wanting to play solo can set the table up for individual playback.
  • plus-circle
    A high-quality net is included with two clamps to hold it in place while playing to avoid having to purchase a separate net, which can make the cost even higher.
  • plus-circle
    The wheels lock in place when playing to ensure a lack of movement as it can quickly move when unlocked to make transporting more manageable.
  • plus-circle
    While the table isn’t bad, there are better options from better brands for a lower price. The only apparent benefit of this table over others is the fantastic black color with red trim around the edge, making it look much more beautiful in any room.
  • minus-circle
    Due to the black coloring of the table top, marks and scuffs show up quickly on the surface of the table even after minor touches or grazes with a hand or paddle.

Kettler Match 5.0 Indoor/Outdoor Table Tennis Table, Green Top

Like Viper, the brand of this table tennis table, Kettler, is widely unknown in the sporting world and wouldn’t be considered by most people as one of the most known brands for table tennis but the quality of their tables is excellent nonetheless, especially this one.

  • plus-circle
    The table is high quality and is the standard size of a professional table, which makes it useful for players who are looking to reach a stage where they are playing competitively.
  • plus-circle
    The playback feature that is available on all of these tables is outstanding on this table as there is no gap between the two halves of the table for the ball to fall in, which can be a significant problem with the other tables.
  • plus-circle
    The table is protected on the outer edges by an aluminum apron which means the table won’t show warping, something that many other tables have problems with.
  • plus-circle
    A dual-lock safety feature means the table won’t be accidentally opened when in use so that players that play in the peace of mind that the game won’t be needlessly interrupted.
  • plus-circle
    Two paddles can be stored on the holders situated on either side of the table.
  • minus-circle
    Like the Viper table tennis table, many people will prefer a brand of a table that they have heard of before and this table doesn’t present any stand-out features that the others don’t. The price is also quite high.
  • minus-circle
    Many customers have said that the assembly manual that comes with the table is exceptionally unclear and has no real relevance to the parts used to build the table, making it very hard to put the table together.

STIGA InstaPlay Table Tennis Table

STIGA features again in these product reviews, and this table is different to the one previously mentioned. The apparent difference is the color as this is a lovely black color with a white trim around the table signifying the boundaries.

  • plus-circle
    It is only ¾ the size of a regular table so isn’t ideal for players hoping to get to grips with the feeling of a full-size table that they might be looking to compete on.
  • plus-circle
    It can’t be used outside, but that isn’t a big problem as most people buy table tennis tables for inside purposes like in a games room, a garage, etc.
  • plus-circle
    There are a net and post set included with the table with a very easy-to-use clamp to keep it in place while playing. The pin to keep the net secure has less chance of becoming loose than a clamp that is used for most nets.
  • plus-circle
    The legs are made of steel and are 2 inches thick which makes the table much harder to move when extended but they have been known to be damaged easily and become loose and unstable naturally over time.
  • minus-circle
    InstaPlay isn’t the best choice for people wanting to find a full-size table, but it is a good choice for people looking for a fun game to play in a room with open space as the color is much more beautiful than the vibrant blue we often see.

Butterfly Centrefold 25 Rollaway Table Tennis Table

Centrefold 25 is certainly an option for serious competition table tennis players as there are cheaper alternatives for casual players. However, it is a brilliant table, which I guess is what you would expect for the price.

  • plus-circle
    It has been approved by the International Table Tennis Federation which shows that it is apparently a very high-quality table that matches all the requirements of an official match table.
  • plus-circle
    An unrivaled bounce is provided by the 1 inch top on the table, an aspect of tables tennis which is vital as a table without a proper bounce is useless.
  • plus-circle
    The legs are adjustable to suit the surface or height/capability of the players while they are made of steel to ensure stays in place as well as possible.
  • plus-circle
    Both halves of the tables separately fold inwards which means it is easier for storage purposes as well as the wheels at the base of the legs making transportation more accessible.
  • plus-circle
    It is also available in blue or green, depending on your personal preference which gives a wider range of choice but the price will put most people off, which is entirely acceptable as it is extortionately priced for a table tennis table.
  • minus-circle
    There are plenty of happy customers that purchased this table as it is competition standard but this makes it extraordinarily pricey and unaffordable for the vast majority of people looking to buy a table tennis table.

Killerspin Revolution Table Tennis Table

Killerspin is a brand known for producing premium table tennis equipment, especially their tables which follow a completely different design to nearly all tables you will find on the market.

  • plus-circle
    Killerspin tables are designed to look and feel like a luxury table, and the fantastic design makes the table a lot more attractive than tables with the standard fold-out design. It is considered as easier on the eye as many other tables.
  • plus-circle
    The stability of the table is entirely unrivaled due to the arched aluminum base and the sturdy steel frame, this means the table won’t move at all even with a strong force acting upon it.
  • plus-circle
    The table includes the Killerspin branded Apex net and steel post clamp system, which provides a net that won’t move under the power of the ball and one that is held in place by the strong clamps.
  • plus-circle
    It won’t fold up like other tables and can’t be stored, but due to the eye-catching design, it is a table that wouldn’t be stored even if it could be.
  • minus-circle
    Killerspin Revolution is the perfect choice if you are looking for a centerpiece where money is no issue but for most people looking to purchase a table tennis table, it is far too expensive. It is strikingly beautiful and great for the intention of playing table tennis but unbelievably costly; it’s probably not for everyone.
  • minus-circle
    Due to the lack of foldability of the table, players looking to improve their game individually will find it much harder as they are unable to use the ‘playback’ mode offered by most of the other tables.

Ping Pong Table Buying Guide

•    Tables that can be used indoor or outdoor tend to be more expensive, and there’s no need to buy one that could be put outside if you are only going to use it inside.

•    The cost you are willing to pay is up to you and should be determined by how often you are going to play as well as what standard you are playing.

•    Size is important and will usually be chosen in accordance with the age of the performers as children need smaller tables. It also depends on the amount of open space you are trying to fill.

•    You need to know the playing space available before purchasing a table as you need enough room to move around the table when playing.

•    Whether the table can fold in two halves is also essential to find out as this will influence the storage space you have allotted for the table.

•    Your experience of playing table tennis should be taken into account as a more experienced player will tend to spend more on a better quality table.

•    The top thickness of the table is worth finding out as a thinner table will have less bounce and players playing for fun might not find it as entertaining as one with more bounce.

•     The material of the table frame should be a strong metal, usually, steel, with a weaker material may struggle to hold on a table in place.

•    Like the foldability, if the table is going to be regularly stored, then it needs wheels as carrying a heavy table will be a great struggle for most people.

•    Whether the net is permanent or temporary isn’t too much of a problem, but it’s important to store in the net in a place you remember and where it won’t get broken or damaged.

•    Some tables are weatherproof, but this is only relevant if the table is going to be used and kept outside.

•    If you want a pre-assembled table, you will be paying extra. However, they can very awkward to put together.

ping pong table reviews

Different Types of Ping Pong Tables

•    An indoor table tennis table does what it says on the tin and can only be used inside, away from the outdoor weather.

•    An outdoor table tennis table is the complete opposite and is perfect for the outdoor conditions but shouldn’t be used indoors as it has no way of attaching to the floor.

•    Some tables tick both boxes and can be used in either situation, but they will often cost more due to their versatility.

•    Folding table tennis tables are ones that can be separated into two halves and are much easier to store, especially if they have wheels.

•    Portable table tennis tables are easily transportable and often will just be a set of paddles, balls, and a net and they can be quite cheap and still fun.

•    Convertible table tennis tables will combine ping pong and another sport which is usually eight-ball pool. It often involves lifting the top of the table off to reveal the other sport.

•    Mini (or compact) table tennis tables are much smaller than standard tables and will usually be bought by parents for younger children as they can’t cope with big tables.

•    Kids ping pong tables are very similar and will offer a much smaller alternative with smaller paddles for younger players.

•    Weatherproof table tennis tables are almost identical to outdoor tables but instead of having features that are suitable for the outdoors, they will usually have a cover to put on when it’s raining.

•    Professional tables will obviously be regulation size used in official competitions but will normally be very expensive and rarely purchased to use in a home.

•    Mid-size table tennis tables are in between full size and mini tables and are a good option for players who are looking to play table tennis casually.

•    Full-size tables are the same size as the professional ones, but they won’t quite match the top quality that you will find on a professional table.

•    Wooden table tennis tables are the ones you would find decades ago but some people still use them nowadays despite them lacking the quality of the newer tables.

•    As with most things nowadays, everyone wants a ‘cool’ version and to get a cool table tennis table, it often needs customising.

•    Most of the table tennis tables we see today are made of aluminum due to it being capable of lasting indoor and outdoor.

Best Ping Pong Table Brands

•    Stiga has been producing table tennis equipment since 1944, and the table tennis table on this list is perfect.

•    Kettler started producing aluminum table tennis tables back at the start of the 1960s and ever since they have been churning out top quality table tennis equipment.

•    JOOLA is a brand that specializes specifically in the sport of table tennis and has been known to produce some of the best equipment since the 1950s.

•    Eastpoint features in the product reviews a few times due to the excellent quality of their table tennis tables.

•    Prince is known as a brand that has continued to produce high-quality table tennis equipment over the last several years.

•    ESPN is a brand that is largely known for its worldwide sports broadcasting, but they also provide a selection of sporting equipment, including top quality table tennis tables.

•    MD Sports is a company that produces equipment for many recreational sports which include table tennis in which they make some relatively cheap tables.

•    Butterfly is one of the world’s leading brands when it comes to table tennis equipment, and they have produced a lot of the tables that have been used in national and international competition.

•    Brunswick is the UK’s leading producer of all things table tennis and has been in the game for decades now. They still make some of the highest quality table tennis tables in the world.

•    Cornilleau has been a major brand in the table tennis industry since its introduction in 1946. These 70+ years of experience now show in their top quality equipment.

•    Viper is a much newer brand when it comes to table tennis equipment production, but you wouldn’t know as they now produce some of the most up-to-date equipment involving tables, paddles, and balls.

•    Sportspower isn’t specifically a table tennis brand as they produce equipment for most popular sports but their tables tennis tables are still very good at an affordable price.

•    Harvil is also a brand that doesn’t specify in table tennis but still brings out some decent equipment for the sport. The tables they make are affordable and decent quality.

•    Hathaway Victory is a very low-key brand that most people won’t have heard of, especially regarding table tennis equipment but their tables are still very good even if they are quite expensive.

Ping Pong Table FAQ

What are the dimensions of a ping pong table?

A full-size table that would be used for professional competition is 9 feet (2.74m) long, 5 feet (1.525m) wide and 2.5 feet (76cm) high (International Table Tennis Federation)

How much are ping pong tables?

Like most sporting equipment, table tennis tables vary in price massively. The best tables can cost well over $1000 but, as you will see from the products listed earlier on, between $300 and $800 is the standard price for casual play.

Can I build a ping pong table myself?

Yes, however many tables will come preassembled and building it yourself can be very hard and confusing.

What are ping pong tables made of?

The answer is something that varies from table to table, but usually, the surface will be made of strong plywood that is covered by a metallic layer. The legs are often made of a material like steel to ensure strength and weight.

What are the best home ping pong tables?

It really depends on what you are looking for but most people look to fold the table up and store it somewhere when it’s not being used so one that can fold into two halves is ideal. For most people’s homes, they don’t want to spend a lot so buying a competition-standard table would probably be pointless.

Should I buy a new or used ping pong table?

A used table should be much cheaper but could come with several unknown problems while a new table will cost more, but you will have the confidence knowing that it hasn’t been used before.

Where to buy a ping pong table?

Amazon.com is a great place to buy a table but also, most sports shops will have a small selection whether it’s in store or online. The websites of sports brands will also sell ping pong tables assuming that they produce them.

How much space do I need for a ping pong table?

For a full-size table that is 9 feet long and 5 feet wide, the room needs to be at least 19 feet long and 11 feet wide to ensure there is plenty of room for players to move around the table when playing. A smaller space may mean the play is obstructed and possibly too cramped.

How do I practice at home without a net or a table?

It is still easy to brush up on your table tennis skills at home without a table or a net. You will need to purchase a paddle and at least one ball. To start with just practice bouncing the ball repeatedly up and down off the paddle and then you can move onto hitting against a surface. Find a flat table in your house and stand a solid object up at the end of the table and practice hitting the ball against the object. Make sure there is space for the ball to bounce on the table before you hit it again as you aren’t allowed to volley in a table tennis match.

ping pong table accessories

Table Tennis Table Parts and Accessories

•    Table tennis table cover: This can be placed on top of the table when it’s not in use especially if your table is outside. This will protect it from the weather if outside and will protect from mold/damp if inside.

•    Table tennis table net: Everyone knows what a table tennis net is and it is placed in the middle of the table to split the table into two separate sections for two or four players. The ball must make it over the net to make the shot count.

•    Table tennis table net brackets: They can also be called clamps and will keep the net in place, these will usually come with the purchase of a table.

•    Table tennis table frame: The frame is the part of the table that is below the actual surface, and this will vary depending on the price and quality of the table. This is the section that you might need to assemble unless it comes preassembled.

•    Table tennis table hinges: The hinges connect both sides of the table and are usually underneath or on the edge of the tables. Without these, the two separate sides of the table wouldn’t join.

•    Table tennis table cleaner: This can come in a spray form or as a cream/foam, and it just keeps the table in top condition as it may become dirty for some reasons. They tend to be simple to use and are often quite cheap. Many people forget that cleaning your table is important.

•    Table tennis table legs: As you would expect, the legs hold the table up and they need to be strong to ensure they can hold up the heavy table top.

•    Table tennis table paint: This can either be done to transform the color of your table or to top up any scuffs or marks on it. The surface must be completely smooth when painting.

•    Table tennis table toppers: This is just the top layer of a table that can be placed on top of a regular table that you may find in your home or on a pool table. It’s much cheaper and doesn’t require having a frame like a normal table tennis table.

•    Table tennis table tape can be used to reapply any of the tapes around the edge that may have come away, or that is starting to peel.

•    Table tennis table wheels are connected to the legs on foldable and movable tables, and they aid the smooth movement of the tables when being moved or stored away. Without wheels, it would be much harder to move the table tennis table.

•    Table tennis ball catch net: This is great for practicing serves as the net catches the ball so that you don’t have to keep going to the other side of the table to collect the balls you have hit. They sit in the catch net so that you can just get them all in one go.

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