Stiga Evolution vs. Pro Carbon: Which One Is the Best for You (Tested)?

Stiga Evolution and Pro Carbon? What are the differences?

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Although most of the paddle’s specifications are to comfort you, some features make it better.

The speed and performance of the paddle allow a comfortable game.

I am going to detailed Stiga Evolution vs. Pro Carbon comparison in this post.


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6-Ply Light Blade

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STIGA Evolution Table Tennis Racket

For a professional game of table tennis, it is imperative to get a paddle that holds some features aside from the comfort of the paddle.

The Stiga evolution table tennis racket is excellent for people who like to practice as professionals or amateurs. With some different features, this racket ensures that your game is highly intensified and under control.

Product features

One of the reasons why the Stiga evolution table tennis racket is a wonder is because it holds many features. A few of them include the following.

  • The paddle is shock resistant
  • Nanocomposite technology allows the paddles to be sensitive to touch
  • The paddle is designed to balance the weight
  • Stiga introduces crystal technology in table tennis rackets, which enables the speed of the ball to intensify when in contact with the racket.
  • The rubber used is up to the standards of international table tennis federation for maximum result
  • The paddle tends to balance weight on the exact point where the ball comes in contact with the paddle
  • The technology allows users to enjoy the decreased influence to help the paddle reach full recovery before the next time the ball strikes.

Why are they worth it?

Looking at the features, you will note that each element focuses on the minutest details of the racket allowing players to enjoy precision with their play. The crystal technology is a definite selling point for the users. The attention to detail makes this product an excellent buy for professionals and amateurs.


  • This table tennis racket allows the perfect balance on the point of contact enabling players to make less effort
  • The crystal technology enables the speed of the played ball intense
  • High-quality rubber
  • The sponge is 2 millimeters which allow players to enjoy precision
  • The six-ply light blade ensures that the paddle is not overly heavy


  • Too lightweight ( 6.0 OZ or 170 GRAMS) for some, especially for beginners

STIGA Pro Carbon Table Tennis Racket

Another one of Stiga table tennis rackets is one of the best buys because of the immense attention to detail. This one is called the Pro Carbon table tennis racket, and it is a more advanced version with better features and more of different technology.

It is more precise so more professionals will be seen going for this; however, amateurs can use this to improve their game as well.

Product features

The Stiga Pro Carbon Table tennis racket is an advanced version of your regular table tennis racket. It holds some different unbeatable features and new technology that Stiga introduces in the market especially for these paddles. The following are a few of the many features of the product.

  • ITTF approved rubber
  • Carbon technology is used; this technique allows two layers of carbon in the blade to improve performance.
  • ACS technology is used; this technology includes small air capsules that are fit into the rubber
  • The paddle is equipped with the latest weight balancing feature which allows the weight to be focused on the point of contact
  • The racket is suited to recover instantly after a shot

Why is it worth it?

The carbon technology is a significant factor in the product which allows better rigidity and speed which is a major attraction in this product. The product follows all criteria that make it useful to players. The other technology factors are the reason why this product is worth every penny.


  • The seven-ply extra light blade allows you to enjoy other features without adding on weight. It is a lightweight racket
  • The performance provided matches to that of professional rackets
  • Carbon technology allows more power to player and more rigidity
  • The increased rate of recovery ensures intense and precise shots every time
  • The rubber has stronger and tighter bonds allowing better speed and spin


  • The control may be not as much as you would want it to be.

Comparison of Stiga Evolution vs. Pro Carbon

After reading the detailed product review of each product, you might have figured out that none of them have any significant flaws that can make them a rip off. Hence, it comes down to the comfort of the user and the handling.

However, if you want to go for a more professional game, then the Stiga Pro Carbon Table tennis racket is perfect for you. It allows a better performance in the game, but only if you can control is manual with little help from the paddle.

If you are an amateur or if you are practicing, then the Stiga Evolution Table Tennis racket is a perfect fit for you. The racket allows more control and will give a steady hand until you are ready to control the movement yourself.

Overall conclusion

To ensure that you buy the best paddle, you need to do a market research of physically holding each one and understanding its difference along with researching the product reviews. Try playing with several different kinds of paddles to ensure that you find the best one for you.

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