Butterfly Timo Boll Alc-ST vs Viscaria-FL: Which is the Best Blade?

Do you want to learn more about Timo Boll Alc-ST and Viscaria-FL rubber?

Here we will be offering a comprehensive comparison between two products of Butterfly. We are going to detailed Butterfly Viscaria vs Timo Boll ALC.

Here is why:

The two products have been discussed explicitly.

All you supposed to do to pick the one that you feel to be the fittest choice for you.

Butterfly Viscaria-FL Blade with Flared Handle

Let's start with the first product that is designed to give the premium experience to the user. The product belongs to a brand that is known as the “Butterfly” and has gained the vast experience in the tennis equipment, and always produce the quality products, so there no any doubt left regarding its performance.


The specification of the product has given below:

  • The product provides you smooth and soft feel.
  • The ratio of speed and control is incredible for professionals and newbies.
  • It is equipped with the flared handle that is comfortable to hold.
  • The cut outer plies are there to add more stiffness to the blade.

High-quality blade by Butterfly

When referring the blade of the ping pong, it means the area apart from the rubber. The strength of rubber is essential because if it is poorly manufactured the player won't get the maximum benefit of the paddle. The Butterfly Viscaria-FL ensure the high-end blades that are comfy, reliable, sturdy and rugged, and will let you avail the maximum benefits out of them.

Arylate Fibre features

The acrylate fibre features contribute to the strength to of the paddle. It makes it more lightweight, compact and shock absorbent while hitting the aggressive shots in the game. It is a versatile product with high carbon features to enhance its elasticity and lowers the rate of energy dissipation.

Faster looping

The product is suitable for the player that wants quicker looping to the bounce as it has the compact head size. It will confuse the opponent player, and soon enough you will have the master hand on your game, as the product will silently polish your skills and will make you ready for many of the international tournaments of the ping pong.

Lightweight and durable

The product is lightweight and durable, that will stay with you for years. The acrylate fibres significantly play a primary role in its strength and making it the most versatile and perfect choice for your table tennis matches.


  • It gives a Soft feel.
  • The product has the Comfy handles that give strong grip in long hours of playing
  • Arylate fibre technology is there for the shock absorbent.
  • It is Lightweight and has a compact body.

Butterfly Timo Boll Alc-ST Blade with Straight Handle

The second product is none other than the Butterfly’s one more masterpiece that has a top rated product and from its manufactured date to up till now has no negatives reviews regarding performance and features.  It gives the most satisfying performance to every age of the player.

What's more?

It's perfect if you are professional and its super fantastic if you are new to the field and looking for the companion to enhance your skills in the game.

Timo ball Alc-ST Blade

The timo blade has been the preference of the European triple champion. Timo accompanied with Butterfly’s technician has significantly improved the design of the blade. Due to the enhancement, the blades are giving more speed than from of its previous models.

Using the Timo ball blades with the Tenergy rubbers has successfully won the many championships.

Suited for the spin play

The product is ideal for the variety of spin plays. It is best for looping and playing the spin moreover nicely and effortlessly.


Durability has always been the main characteristics of a Butterfly Blade. The product has gone through the different testing process and passed out to all of them. The compact design with the comfy handles with extreme level of durability is the most promising features of the product


The product is lightweight therefore it gives you an excellent control while playing. The light weightiness enables you to have the upper hand on your player, and you can defeat him by the powerful and aggressive strokes.


  • The product is extra durable product and lightweight.
  • It has TIMO ball blade that creates significant distinction from rest of the products.
  • The product provides high diversity in spinning and controlling the game.

Final Comparison

The Butterfly company has always tried to bring uniqueness and innovation in their product, and this is the reason they have Successful maintained the upper edge from their competitors. After studying the whole review of two different products, you may have decided that which the right pick is for you.

Both products have own benefits associated with them, with the minimum level of disadvantages.  If you are looking for the product that is light and can absorb all the aggressive shots, and give you a very smooth tough, then you should consider the Butterfly Viscaria-FL Blade.

When you are looking for the product that has more innovation and also been used in many of the former international leagues, then the Butterfly Timo Boll Alc-ST is there for you. The final purchasing decision is yours though we have tried to make it a bit easier for you.


The purpose of the article is to give a comprehensive review of the two start products of the ping pong. Each product has many features that create the significant distinction from rest of the products.

Both the products belong to the same brand known as “Butterfly” that has always produced many of the great products in the past and has still maintained the position and got the superior edge.

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