STIGA Pro Carbon vs. Butterfly 401: Which is the Best for You?


I have given a chance to acquaint you about the two most demanding products of the ping pong: STIGA Pro Carbon vs. Butterfly 401


I am going to compare the two-star products thoroughly.

All you need to do is to pick the one that you feel to be more convincing for you and suits your style.


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Butterfly 401










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Stiga Pro Carbon

Starting from the STIGA Pro Carbon that is designed for the professional and for the players that can’t compromise on any of the features that can cause hurdle into their game. Moreover, it is manufactured by considering all aspects of the perfection; it gives you the endless reliability and the smooth game.


  • Two carbon layers are integrated into the blades that enhance the rigidity speed, and power.
  • 7-ply blade for the smooth game and ITTF approved the design.
  • It is built with s5 rubber and with the 2mm sponge.
  • Thousands of air capsules allow the rubber the maximum and elasticity provide better control.
  • Enables with the Nanocomposite technology that tremendously increases its speed and spin.
  • The light handles to increase the extent of recovery after every stroke.

Microscopic air capsules:

ACS technology or tiny air capsules are there to enhance the elasticity and provide your paddle the maximum control to the game, and making you more involved and influential against the opponent player.


All the high-end factors in the product ultimately contribute towards its durability and better performance. Moreover, the product is undoubtedly best and the strongest regarding performance and reliability required for your games.

Balsa and crystal technology:

Balsa technology helps the paddle to make it super lightweight that enhances the speed of your counter-attack and reaction time. In addition, the crystal technology adds more hardness, strength, and sturdiness to the blades.

Aggressive shots:

The product accompanied by all the high tech features make it super strong and powerful. Additionally, it can cope up all the powerful shots, and the premium rubber with WRB technology made it a balanced and shifted it to the point where you are required to contact.

Moreover, the high tech features along with the lightweight 2mm sponge rubber make it the best partner for your table tennis game.


  • It provides diversity in your games the high rating rates in speed control, and spin will keep you in more dominating position from your rivals.
  • The Nanocomposite technology and the ITTF approved makes it fit in the all world-class or international tournaments.


  • It may not easy for you to control Pro Carbon, especially for beginners.

Butterfly 401

The second product is Butterfly 401 the paddle. It is known to providing the best control at every age and stage of the player. Moreover, the high command with ultra-compatible and smooth design makes it the best choice for the professional players to have it in the big leagues or matches.

It is also equally suitable for the players who are new to the field and looking for the companion that can stay with them for the longest time.


  • The Butterfly 401 is built with Yuki 2.1 rubber inverted on every side
  • The red and black enhances the elegance of the design.
  • The flared handles for the smooth game
  • It provides the advanced tactics of spin, and diversity in your game.
  • The overall dimension of the product is 12 x 7 x 1.75 inches.
  • The Butterfly full racket case in included in the package.

Increased control:

The elevated and better control is the specialty of the Butterfly 401. Furthermore, the purpose of the manufacturer is to provide the high and the best power against the aggressive and dominant shots of the counter player.

Durable design:

The design is the real beauty of the product; it is manufactured with the material that astonishes the new player with its sustainable and comfy model. Moreover, it takes the professional to new heights of professionalism.


The product is an excellent gift for the newbies as it is purposefully made with all the material and aesthetics that makes it extra light and makes your game smoother. Moreover, the elegant design enables you to be a more dominating position from your rivals, and the flared and round handlebar is there to provide you better grip and increase your reaction timing.

The final Comparison: STIGA Pro Carbon vs. Butterfly 401

Choosing the real winner of the game is not an easy task as both the products have built with the best possible perfection. The two starts of the ping pong have been reviewed; both have some advantages with the minimum flaws.

Additionally, people who are more professional and look for the high tech features to prepare themselves for the real battles or international leagues they should consider the STIGA Pro Carbon, as it is equipped with all the required elements to boost up your skills and features are more concerned to give you leading edge in the game.

However, if the players want more control on their game and looking for the product that is more reliable, made with the high-end end components and technology. And smoothness while playing then the Butterfly 401 is there for you.


The article was written with the purpose to provide the encyclopedic connection or comparison of the two leading products in the market known as STIGA Pro Carbon and Butterfly 401.

The company has designed both the products with high level of perfection and will make your ping pong game more interesting and exciting than ever before.

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