Stiga Cannon vs Stiga Evolution Table Tennis Racket: Which is the Best?


Buying a right racket is all that matters for all tennis players. It can assist you in upgrading your level from beginner to advanced.

If you want to reach the next level, then keep an eye on two factors.

  1. Rubber
  2. Paddle Blade

Let’s get started

We will go to detailed Stiga Cannon vs. Stiga Evolution Table Tennis Racket in this post.


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Stiga Evolution











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IFFT Approval



SDT Tech



Stiga Cannon Table Tennis Racket

The Stiga is one of the leading racket manufacturing brands that have different varieties of table tennis rackets. It was designed with a top-notch quality to help you in learning the table tennis game quickly.

In addition to this, its handle system proffers the combination of speed and power for faster returns.


Looking at the top of the line features of Stiga Cannon table tennis is a way to identify if it matches your needs or not.

  • The Stiga cannon racket has the approval of International table tennis federation. It is the indicator that all the features meet the standard of given by ITTF.
  • The aim of creating cannon racket is to increase your performance. Therefore, it has a high-performance rating of 99 for speed, 92 for spin and 90 for control.
  • When it comes to the construction, it is impressive and light in a weight appropriate for professional play.
  • It has anatomic composite handle along with the inverted surface for creating superior action of sponge.
  • The rubber of the table tennis racket will rise or reduce your performance. In Stiga table tennis racket the rubber is of premium quality.
  • It's 2.0 mm sponge provides enough surface against the ball. Accompanying it, there is also a five-ply quite light blade in this racket.

Why are they worth it?

TheStiga racket can polish your skills to make you a competitive player.This is worth it because of the lightweight five ply blades and composite handle. As it lets you maintain the balance correctly. Its speed will help you in taking fast shots.

On the other hand, as compared to the Stiga evolution model, it is pocket-friendly.


  • The lightweight model will let you play for longer
  • The product mentioned above is well-built and provides a firm grip while you play tennis.
  • This Stiga racket proffers stable and precise shots
  • Its overall look is attractive as the handle of the racket contains a combination of the light and dark colors.
  • Unlike other tennis rackets, it is highly affordable.


  • It does not deliver the right amount of spin.

Stiga Evolution Table Tennis Racket

The Stiga is famous for the manufacturing of ping pong kit.  Evolution is another addition to the portfolio of Stiga Company. This tennis racket has made keeping in view the beginner who wants to learn table tennis quickly. It is also among the pre-assembled rackets that are highly built with top of the line specifications.


The Stiga Evolution appears with the flared handle design to shift the shockwaves. It means you can grip it the way you like.

  • It has 2mm premium rubber which is thick along with the six ply blade.
  • Similar to the Stiga Cannon, the Evolution tennis racket also uses the quality material. In this regard, this product has approved by the ITTF as well.
  • The overall performance of the Stiga Evolution can analyze by its speed, control, and spin. It ranks the power at 90, turn at 94 and rate at 96. 
  • This model of the brand Stiga has made of the four types of technology. It includes crystal technology, balsa technology, shock absorbing technology and Nanocomposite technology.
  • On the inner side of this racket's handle, it consists of a hole which helps in controlling the movement of the ball.
  • The overall dimensions of the product are 12x7.3x2.8 inches whereas its weight is around 6.4 ounces.

Why they are worth it

This racket is recommended because of its sleek body plus it welcomes the new player to play tennis competitively. Other than this, its overall manufacturing will compel you to buy Stiga Evolution racket. Unlike Stiga cannon, it uses various technologies to function it efficiently. Therefore, if you are thinking to start off tennis game, then it is for you.


  • The evolution table tennis racket is quite lightweight to make you comfortable for more prolonged use.
  • It has a highly constructed racket that assists you in reaching the intermediate level easily.
  • Buying this racket is an ideal choice for an all-rounder tennis player.
  • Its flared handle is sturdy and provides convenient gripping.
  • The crystal technology offers support and hardness to the blade's surface.


  • You might not be happy with the cost of this racket.
  • It is not speedy racket

Comparison between Stiga Cannon vs. Evolution

Without any doubt, the paddles of Stiga have remarkable features. However, to clear your uncertainties related to the product, we have come up with the comparison.

Firstly, both the tennis racket has got an astounding design that will leave a good impression on you.

Secondly, the built-in technology in the Stiga Evolution supports a newcomer to polish the skills. Thirdly, when it comes to the performance, the Stiga Cannon gets more preference. It is because of the spin, and control.

Aside from this, both the ping pong equipment of Stiga has the approval of International table tennis federation.

In short, Stiga Evolution racket is suitable for the beginners; however, for a intermediate use, you need to get Stiga Cannon.


All in all, we hope this write-up will help you in selecting the racket according to your requirements. Choosing inappropriate racket can create hindrance during the game. Not just that, it might stop you to improve further in this game. However, it is better to review all the specifications of the racket before buying it.

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