Best Tennis Racquet for Juniors 2019 | Quick Buyer’s Guide and Reviews


Tennis for juniors is now an international championship which is taking over the world.


If your child plays as a junior, then you should have a few things in mind to help the purchase the best tennis racquet for juniors.


The following is written to help you with your buying experience.

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So let’s begin

Best Tennis Racquet for Juniors

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Top 10 Best Tennis Racquet for Junior Reviews

1.    Wilson US Open Junior Tennis Racquet

Wilson is a well-known brand for most racquet sports including tennis and even junior tennis. This racquet is designed especially for professional juniors’ championships and games.

Key features:

It is pre-strung so that players do not have to go through the hassle of stringing the equipment. Users can find different sizes for themselves and various colors to enhance their style. The aluminum material makes it long lasting and easy to carry. The weight is designed keeping in mind the children and their angles of swing shots. The racquet is approved for children ten and under for international championships. The price of this product seems to be friendly in the pocket considering the features it provides.

  • plus-circle
    The weight is light so that juniors can enjoy easy carry without a hassle
  • plus-circle
    The weight further helps in making swing shots easier for children
  • plus-circle
    Aluminum is used to ensure the durability of the racquet along with the weight
  • plus-circle
    The professionals approve the racquet for junior championship internationally
  • plus-circle
    This racquet comes already strung
  • minus-circle
    The grip size may be of nuisance to children with smaller hands than usual
  • minus-circle
    The racquet does not come with a protective case

2.    Hello Kitty Sports Junior Tennis Racquet

Growingly popular and favorite with so many kids, the brand Hello Kitty attracts a wide range of children who are into the tennis sport by making Hello Kitty themed racquets.

Key Features

Hello Kitty is very popular among kids. The racquets, therefore, are beautifully designed with the logo stenciled on the strings; a cute pink bow on the white strings for the hello kitty fans on the road to learning tennis. Along with the pink and white colors that make the racquets look adorable, the great quality racquets are no less than the professional racquets. The grip of the racquet is excellent for little hands. As they come in various frame sizes, these racquets are for a wider range of kids of different ages.

  • plus-circle
    A right combination of professional features and over-the-top decoration in a single racquet
  • plus-circle
    Good grip of the racquet for smooth game of kids
  • plus-circle
    Durable and strung for better and long-term gaming
  • plus-circle
    Great ultimate for enthusiastic learners
  • plus-circle
    Good price according to its quality and features
  • minus-circle
    Heavier than other racquets available for kids
  • minus-circle
    Gender-specific, as boys tend to be less of fans of pinks and bows

3.    HEAD Instinct 23 Junior Tennis Racquet

The HEAD Instinct 23 Junior Tennis Racquet is a great choice for kids of age 4 to 8. These are Maria Sharapova inspired beautified racquets.

Key Features

The racquets are fancy and eye-catching for kids. These are very light in weight as required by kids. They possess a large sweet-spot and cross-section creating a better chance of contact of the racquet with the ball. This encourages kids to improve as they see themselves doing well at the beginner level. It has a synthetic grip that helps kids play the game with much ease.

  • plus-circle
    Synthetic grip for kids for better game
  • plus-circle
    Larger sweet spot so the kids may easily hit the ball
  • plus-circle
    Fancy graphics for making the sport more exciting for kids
  • plus-circle
    Less Costly compared to other racquets for kids
  • plus-circle
    O-beam construction
  • minus-circle
    With being available only in pink and purple, it mostly appeals girls and hence becomes gender specific
  • minus-circle
    Does not come with a racquet cover

4.    Street Tennis Club Tennis Racquets for kids

These racquets for kids are specially designed racquets that aim to develop skills in young players so that they may learn the perfect stroke methods of the game. Street Tennis Club generates a variety of racquets for the young lot.

Key Features

These racquets are available in a number of sizes targeted for a wider than usual range of age group for kids. Made of aluminum, the racquets are very less in weight yet durable. Due to the thick gauge strings, the racquets have smooth swinging and spinning capacities and have greater chances of contact with the ball. The wide range of colors available, make the racquets more alluring for the junior players! It may cost lesser than Wilson and other brands.

  • plus-circle
    Wide range of frame sizes available for kids of age group varying from very young to early teens
  • plus-circle
    Made of aluminum so that the weight is light, the racquets are durable, and the quality is admirable
  • plus-circle
    Helps better tennis skills development for fresher
  • plus-circle
    Lightweight and hence easy to carry and swing by kids
  • plus-circle
    Includes a free video game for guidance
  • minus-circle
    Lesser features available compared to racquets of other popular brands in the market

5.    Wilson Junior Burn Pink Tennis Racquet

Wilson Junior Burn Pink Tennis Racquet is a cosmetic update of the Wilson Junior Burn Tennis Racquet. It is beautified version of Wilson Junior Burn Racquet with an outlook in black and pink color.

Key Features

The racquet is a good choice for the young ones beginning to learn the game. With 25” frame, the racquet best suits players of age 9 or 10. It comes with excellent quality just like all other Wilson products. Its string pattern helps kids have better control of the shot they wish to play. This enhances learning abilities. The texture helps kids have a better grip on the racquet. It also possesses the Spin Effect Technology. These racquets are beautified to let kids enjoy the sport.

  • plus-circle
    Very lightweight racquets to make the game easier for the little ones
  • plus-circle
    Fancy and glowing look that appeals kids
  • plus-circle
    As the racquets are strung, there is a better balance that helps good control and directed shots
  • plus-circle
    Spin effect technology helps in easy contact of the ball and racquet and better spinning of the ball
  • plus-circle
    Comes with a stylish cover with a strap that excites kids
  • minus-circle
    No downsides for this product.

6.    Wilson Burn Series Junior Tennis Racket

Wilson Junior Burn Tennis Racquet is a legacy of Wilson that has been designed to arm young players with the racquet with fineness and quality they desire.

Key Features

This racquet is primarily a definitive for the junior players as the name itself states, to help them enjoy the game as much as the elderly professionals. Because of the less weight it has, the player can swing the racquet in all directions very easily without having to put a strain on their wrists or using whole body force. Its spin effect technology offers the most effective contact of the racquet with the ball making it more powerful.

  • plus-circle
    Easy to swing racquets for kids because of the lightweight they have
  • plus-circle
    Smooth grip due to its texture and size for better game of novices
  • plus-circle
    Hitting the ball becomes a lot easier especially in particularly desired directions due to the special pattern of the strings on the racquets
  • plus-circle
    Greater durability and improved control of racquet as it is pre-strung
  • minus-circle
    Comes with a cheap vinyl cover that is a putt-off for kids looking for fancy strapped bags

7.    Head Speed Junior Tennis Racquet

Nowadays children are taking a keen interest in tennis. This product is a specially designed for children. It is must for children who want to improve their skills in this sport.

Key Features:

This product is ideal for all the kids older than 6 years. It is available in two colors i.e. red and blue. This product is perfect for kids as they can hold easily in their hands. Moreover, these racquets come pre-strung. The string pattern is 16x19. The weight of junior head speed racquet is 205g. In this way, it is lighter in weight as well. The updated invention of these racquets allows the junior players to feel the solid dampening.

Another great feature of this product is that the composition of aluminum length is 25. The head size of this racquet is 106. But these racquets don't come with covers. Furthermore, there are no grip sizes for such racquets.

  • plus-circle
    This racquet is pre-strung.
  • plus-circle
    Price is in range of almost everyone.
  • plus-circle
    It is available in two colors i.e. red and blue.
  • plus-circle
    Weight is 205 grams.
  • minus-circle
    It comes without a cover.
  • minus-circle
    In this product, there are no grip sizes.

8.    Babolat Nadal 26 Junior Tennis Racquet

This product is designed for the children of the ages 9 and 10. It is important for them to improve their skills and performance as well.

Key features:

These racquets are best for recreational juniors as they can easily control the shots. Babolat Nadal 26 junior Tennis racquets come pre-strung. These racquets also come with covers. Moreover, there's a printed logo on the cover, and the cover is made up of thin plastic material as well.

Another important feature of this racquet is lightweight; it only weighs 11 oz. There is just one grip size for this product. It involves the usage of aluminum. The dimension of this product is 21x12x1 inches. But these racquets doesn't come with the vibrator dampening; one has to order or purchase to put on.

  • plus-circle
    These racquets come with a cover.
  • plus-circle
    Lightweight for powerful shots and easy to control.
  • plus-circle
    All the racquets are strung already.
  • minus-circle
    The covers are half in size.
  • minus-circle
    These racquets don’t come with vibrator dampening.

9.    Babolat Pure Drive 25 Junior Tennis Racquets

The invention of this racquet is for the kids of 9 and 10 years. It helps to control the strength of the shots and to develop the strokes as well.

Key features:

These racquets are perfect for the athletic kids to control power. It comes pre-strung. The weight of strings is 8.5-8.6 oz. String pattern is 16x19. in this way, these racquets make it easy for the kids to swing. The frame of this racquet is light in weight. Moreover, the frame is made up of aluminum and graphite.

The head-size of these racquets is 100 inches square. Another important feature is that the length of this product is 25 inches. The grip size is 0, and so it is easy for the children to hold in hand and play with all of their passion and energy.   

  • plus-circle
    The head size is 100 inches which are great for beginners.
  • plus-circle
    These racquets come in graphite and aluminum as well.
  • plus-circle
    Lightweight, the string weighs 8.5-8.6 oz.
  • minus-circle
    It is a one-piece racquet.

10.    Babolat Drive Junior 26 Tennis Racquets

These racquets are designed for the children of middle childhood. These racquets offer excellent performance because of the grip and quality of the material used.The grip size is 0 which means it's up to 4 inches on a scale.

Key features:

The head size of this racquet is 100 inches square. All the racquets come strung from the factory. The important thing is that all the racquets have full-size cover. The string pattern of this product is 16x19. The string weight is 9.2 oz and 1 gram. In this way, these racquets are light in weight which makes it comfortable for the kids to hold in hand for a long time as well. Another important feature of this product is that the length is 26 inches.

Furthermore, these racquets have the grip size 1/8 and 4. The grip size is necessary for the children as it plays a key role in their performance. There are 2 special points to balance the strings in the racquets. Last but not least it is a single frame racquet.

  • plus-circle
    The length of this racquet is 26 inches which are ideal for a junior player.
  • plus-circle
    These racquets come with full-size covers to protect it from rain and dust.
  • plus-circle
    String pattern is 16x19.
  • plus-circle
    Strung Weighs is up to 9.2 oz.
  • plus-circle
    All the racquets come strung up.
  • minus-circle
    It is a single frame racquet.

Tennis Racquet for Juniors Buyers’ Guide

Buying the best tennis racquet for juniors can be buying the right one for adults. The following are a few different factors that you should consider before buying the best one for your junior player. Keep them in mind and help you pick the right one for their game.

Make Sure They Are Light Weighted

One of the most important things that there is to consider is the weight of the racquet. No matter how skilled they are, keep in mind that they are still children and they have less capacity to pick up heavy things. Hence, you will need to make sure that the racquet is light weighted. However, keep in mind that the weight does not affect the swing shots of the player. Choosing the right material will help you in concentrating on the heftiness of the weight as well.

Select the Right Size

Unlike for adults, tennis racquets for children come in various sizes. Each of them is because, until a certain age, it is difficult for a child to make a shot with a racquet bigger than them. The gear that you should get needs to be according to your child’s height. If you think you should go for an age ten racquet so that your 6-year old player can grow into it, then you will be playing unfair to your player. Get one that fits their comfort zone easily and buy a new one when they grow and the racquet becomes too small for them. You can check the right size through many different methods that are given out by the coach.

Find the Suitable Grip Size

The grip size in any racquet is crucial to hold the racquet to play a smooth game and focusing on the shots rather than the fact that the gear stays in your hand. Most junior racquets come in 4 inches diameter for the perfect grip, and that is the right one for a suitable game. However, some companies offer a thinner or wider size.

Remember that the smaller the grip the more challenging the game becomes. Additionally, a small grip may cause tennis elbow sooner in the career. In some rare cases, players play shots that require narrower grips. Consult your child’s coach to determine the game they play to buy the right one.

Tennis Racquet for Junior Reviews

Image: ghrc.com.au

Get a Pre-Strung Racquet

A pre-strung racquet is better suited for children since juniors will have a hard time stringing it according to their requirements. Moreover, unstrung racquets are quite expensive for you to buy and they cost extra for the strings. Most junior strings have the same design, so there is no point in picking the one according to the game.

Pick the Right Material

Choosing the material of the gear is also an important task since that will mark the age and the weight of the racquet. Junior’s racquets typically come in three materials which are carefully chosen to make the shootings in their favor. The following are the materials that you can go for according to the players’ requirements.

  • a.    Graphite: graphite ones are made for players that have the skill level of adult players since it produces the best shots. It weighs the heaviest out of all the others
  • b.    Aluminum: These are light and highly durable. They are made for starters and for practices
  • c.    Composite: These are a mixture of the materials above.  It is good for juniors that play regularly and are practicing for championships.

Do Not Check By Age the Racquet That You Need to Buy

Tennis racquets for juniors come according to the ages, and most people buy keeping that in mind. However, it is not necessarily the right way to buy the racquet best suited for your child. Keep in mind the technical details and purchase the one that marks a tick in all factors on your checklist.

Since every child and their growth is different according to their age and skill level, you will pretty soon realize that age will have to do little with the sport and choosing the right gear for it. Make sure to consult your child’s coach before making your checklist and let them see the final outcome for a much better result.

FAQs by Buyers

Before buying the best tennis racquet for juniors, customers tend to have many questions. We have researched and answered some of the most commonly asked questions so that when you go to purchase them, you do not face a hassle and have a better experience without any confusion. The following are the answered questions all to the best of our knowledge.

1.    Why are there different racquets for juniors?

Even though junior players play professionally and at a high skill level, there are still different racquets made for them. The reason behind this is the body structure. They are less equipped with their muscles to hold heavy weight and long racquets.

The size and weight will affect their shots and will cause a nuisance to them throughout their game. Children’s racquets also have a different grip size and different suspension panels for their swing shots. Hence, there are separate racquets for junior tennis players. 

2.    How to choose the right size for children?

The following size chart will help you in determining the size according to the age and the height of the child.

  • For a child that is 4 years or younger with a height of 40 inches or shorter a racquet of 19 inches does the trick.
  • A child that is 4-5 years of age with a height of 40-44 inches will find a suitable size of 21 inches.
  • Child between 6-8 years and a height of 45-49 inches should get a racquet of about 23 inches.
  • A child between 9-10 years with a height of 50-55 inches will need a racquet of 25 inches.
  • A child that is 10 or older and 55 inches or taller should have a racquet of 26 inches.

3.    What is an alternate to select the perfect size?

Unlike for adults, children’s racquets have many different sizes since they are small and grow in every age. You can easily find the racquet size according to the age of the child, but an easy method is to stand your child against the wall and also the racquet.

Put the racquet against the wall with the head towards the bottom and ask your child to out their arm in the handle that is towards the top. The size of the racquet is appropriate if the child can easily extend their arm without scrunching it to reach the racquet.

4.    What is the right grip size that my child should opt for?

Choosing the right grip size is also crucial for the perfect defensive and offensive shots in the game. In children’s grip sizes you will not find many options for the best of brands usually produce a 4 inches grip design which seems to be perfect.

If a few brands give you options, choose the one that is four inches or the one that your child’s coach recommends. Make sure the player is comfortable.

5.    What do I do if the perfect racquet I found has a thin grip?

If you have found the perfect racquet and it does not have the right grip then you can change it. Go for external grips that are made to increase the diameter of the racquet making it more comfortable for your child.

Ensure that while taking an external grip you do not compromise the firmness and keep it as firm as the player will require. An external grip should also be tight and fit so that it does not come off during the match.

6.    What should be the firmness of the racquet grip?

Choosing the firmness is also an essential task in picking out the gear. The reason why grip has been given so much importance is that it affects the handling and also reduces chances of getting a tennis elbow at a very young age.

A very plushy grip can be an obstacle in both the factor while a firm grip can cause lack of comfort during the game. A moderate level of firmness in the grip is the perfect one for your child. Make sure that the player holds it and gives a check of approval.

7.    What kind of strings should the racquet have?

Strings are the only part of the racquet that has a direct contact with the ball. Hence, they are a significant aspect of choosing the gear. Children’s racquets may not have a variety in the design but they do have an option in the material of the strings.

Polyester is one of the choices for young skilled players. As the skill increases, you can choose to opt for the synthetic gut strings.

8.    What should the weight of the racquet be?

No matter at what skill does the child play; you do not want them to be burdened with more than the weight that they can carry. Hence, make sure you buy the one that is least on the weight and more on the swing side.

A racquet with exceptionally low weight can cause a hindrance in making power pact shots and swings. While one that is heavy can cause it difficult for the child to play at all.

9.    Where should the weight of the racquet be on for juniors?

A tennis racquet usually has a divided weight, or it is towards the head or the handle of the racquet. Similar to every player, the weight shall be determined according to the playing style of the player. If they do not have a preference, then it is recommended to get one that is most heavy on the handle since that will reduce the chances of injury as well as make it ideal for swinging for offensive and defensive shots.

10.    Are unstrung racquets a good option?

Unstrung racquets are good for adult players that can change the design according to the different game styles. Junior racquets are mostly strung, and their games do not require different designs. Unstrung will just be of nuisance to the junior players and will cost more to the purchaser.

Overall conclusion

To buy the best tennis racquet for juniors it is important for the parents to have an idea so that they can choose the one that will help their child the most. After getting an idea from this guide, make a list and show it to the coach for a final checklist of which factors suit the child according to their style of playing.  The result should be the best one for your child.

Keep in mind to involve the player as much as possible and let them make the final call after they check their comfort. Many markets will help you with a demo play before buying the right one; take advantage of trial equipment. Besides all these, choose brands that are internationally accepted for better practice for your children and the best quality.

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