15 Best Tennis Racquet Reviews 2019 | A Comprehensive Guide (Update)

Here’s the point:

Tennis is contemplated as one of the most energetic and spirited sports. 

And it requires a lot of skill, accuracy, and precision.

But at the same time, You also need the correct racquet.


There are a variety of tennis racquets in the market and not every racquet is suitable for everyone.


It’s time to gift you a new favorite racquet. Some of the best tennis racquets reviews on the markets are as follows.

Best Tennis Racquet

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Top 15 Tennis Racquets Table



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Wilson Federer Adult Strung Tennis Racket


Wilson Tour Slam Adult Strung Tennis Racket


Head Tis5 Comfortzone Performance Tennis Racquet (Pre-Strung)


Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Strung Tennis Racket


HEAD Ti.S6 Tennis Racquet - Strung


Head - Liquidmetal 8 Prestrung Tennis Racquets


HEAD MicroGel Radical Head Tennis Racquets


Wilson [K] Zero Strung Performance Value Tennis Racket


Head Graphene Extreme MP Tennis Racquet


Babolat Pure Drive Racquets


Babolat 2016-2018 Pure Aero Team - Strung with Ccover - Tennis Racquet


Babolat Pure Strike 100 Tennis Racquet


HEAD Graphene Touch Speed Pro Tennis Racquet (Unstrung)


Babolat 2017-2018 Pure Aero - STRUNG with COVER - Tennis Racquet


Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph Tennis Racquet

Top 5 Best Tennis Racquet for Beginners

1.    Wilson Federer Adult Strung Tennis Racket

This racquet by Wilson is a lightweight yet sturdy product for beginners who don’t want to take up tennis as a profession. It was co-designed by Roger Federer and Wilson in a way that it gives you better stability, power, and control at an affordable price.

The excellent balance in this racquet is due to the arc technology, and the higher power is due to the string configuration carefully designed after combining research done by Wilson and experience by Roger Federer.

The racquet is also endowed with shock pads that absorb the shocks caused during impact with the ball; this gives the player a smooth and soft feel. Apart from this, the grip of this racket is ideally breathable; it prevents sweat from accumulating and maximizes comfort.

This product is recommended for players who are new to the sport or just want to enjoy tennis for fun and don’t want to invest a lot of money.

  • plus-circle
    It is lightweight and sturdy at the same time.
  • plus-circle
    The strings used are power strings that enhance the boost given to the ball at impact.
  • plus-circle
    It is equipped with shock absorbing pads which give you a smooth playing experience.
  • plus-circle
    The control and balance this product provides are good at such a price.
  • minus-circle
    The grip is a little large than usual.
  • minus-circle
    It is not for advanced level players.

2.    Wilson Tour Slam Adult Strung Tennis Racket

Wilson is one of the leading sports industries in the market; their reputation keeps soaring because of the advanced features they incorporate into their products. This recreational racket by Wilson is for amateur players as it gives the power and control required without having to spend numerous hours training.

It has a large head made of aluminum to expand the sweet spot of the racquet. The technology used for building the frame improves the power as well as the stability of the racket, and the string arrangement is such that it intensifies the force with which the ball is hit.

The jerks on the racket during the impact with the ball can cause inefficiency and pain in the arm of amateur players, to prevent this; this racquet is equipped with shock absorbers for a regular and smooth game. This product provides all the best features at a pocket-friendly price.

  • plus-circle
    It provides an ideal balance for new players.
  • plus-circle
    The volcanic technology used increases the steadiness of the racquet.
  • plus-circle
    The large head size provides a larger sweet spot.
  • plus-circle
    Shock absorbers prevent injuries.
  • minus-circle
    The racket is a little heavy for beginners which is why new players take time to get used to it.

3.    Head Tis5 Comfortzone Performance Tennis Racquet

This titanium head racquet by the head is suitable for players that are at beginners or intermediate level of their game. It is fast and accelerates the ball which can cause control problems for the newbies. This product has better stability as compared to its predecessors due to the new comfort zone technology used in it.

While dealing with rackets, it should be remembered that accuracy and precision are inversely proportional to the sweet spot. While buying a tennis racquet you have to compromise one of them, this racket provides the required balance between the two.

The power provided is a little less, but the better control and solidity of the racquet compensates for it. The comfort zone technology has played an essential role in minimization of jerks and vibrations during playing. A combo of sturdy and soft materials is used to lessen the quivers by 25 percent.

  • plus-circle
    It has a 20 percent enlarged sweet spot and enough control to handle it.
  • plus-circle
    The comfort is maximized in this product.
  • plus-circle
    Jerks are subdued to a large extent.
  • plus-circle
    Provides better control than its predecessors.
  • minus-circle
    It is a very lightweight racket that can be a setback for many players.

4.   Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Strung Tennis Racket

This racket by Wilson is one of the leading racquets in the market for newbies. It is the ultimate amalgam of strength, steadiness, and maneuverability. The racket length is longer as compared to other standard tennis racquets which is why the player has better leverage than other players as he/she can reach the ball from a greater distance.

Even though the word hammer comes in its name its head is not as heavy or large as other hammer racquets that gives it a model balance. Even though it is light, its swinging ability is quite efficient, and the power it provides is comparable to heavy rackets in the same range.

The combination of power and accuracy that this product gives is one of a kind. The new players can benefit a lot from the technology used in this racket and can strengthen their game to a great extent.

  • plus-circle
    The combination of features used in this racket help amateur players takes their game to the next level.
  • plus-circle
    It has an ideal weight; it is not very heavy not very light.
  • plus-circle
    The accuracy of player mainly increases using this racquet.
  • plus-circle
    The swing this racquet provides is similar to heavy rackets.
  • minus-circle
    Some beginners find the head of the racket heavy for themselves.

5.    HEAD Ti.S6 Tennis Racquet – Strung

This extra durable and low-cost racquet by the Head is one of the lightest weight yet sturdy rackets on the market.  This racquet is made using graphite that is known for its durability and titanium that is known for its light weight. Hence, a combination of these two resulted in a lightweight and long lasting product.

Its shape is a tad bit different from other rackets, the beam of this racquet is straight, and the body is wide with a heavy front. It has enhanced balance and power as compared to its forerunners. This racquet gives the best performance with players whose stroke style is compact, for players with a long stroke; this racquet might not work well.

The string pattern is open, but it is configured in a way that does not affect the power and control of the player. The sweet spot of the racquet is enough to increase the player’s control.

  • plus-circle
    It has a large head size that increases the sweet spot.
  • plus-circle
    The torso of the racket is designed to provide better stability.
  • plus-circle
    It has more control and power as compared to its predecessors.
  • minus-circle
    It cannot be used by players with a longer stroke.

Top 7 Best Tennis Rackets for Intermediate Players

6.    Head - Liquidmetal 8 Prestrung Tennis Racquets

This racquet comes pre-strung as the name suggests. A high-quality synthetic racquet string is used that is durable and unbreakable. The liquid metal used in this product is strategically applied at different areas of the tennis racquet head so that the energy of the ball that is transferred to the racquet during the impact is not lost.

This racquet is designed explicitly for the intermediate level players who are ready to take their game to the next level. It gives you significant sturdiness and accuracy over the ball, so you can keep the opponent on your toes.

It is one of the strongest racquets in the industry and has helped a lot of people with their game. The placement of the ball in the opponent’s court is mostly improved using this product. The size of the racquets head is somewhat higher than other rackets which also gives a larger sweet spot that can benefit the intermediate level players a lot.

  • plus-circle
    Players with slow swing can benefit a lot form it.
  • plus-circle
    The quality is very high at a reasonable price.
  • plus-circle
    It is one of the stronger racquets.
  • plus-circle
    It keeps the energy of impact conserved
  • minus-circle
    Some intermediate level players find it a little cumbersome

7.    HEAD MicroGel Radical Head Tennis Racquets

This racquet by the Head is one of a kind. As the name says, it comes with microgel technology. The gel is incorporated inside the frame. When it combines with the outer covering of carbon is subdues the jitters produced on impact by equally distributing them around the frame. This is done due to the compression and expansion of microgel.

The dwell time of the player is increased due to the presence microgel. The racket’s weight is towards the heavier side, but that is one of its good traits. It is the ideal tennis racquet choice for intermediate level players that aspire to go to the advanced level.

The level of comfort, control, and power this product gives its players is remarkable. The racquet comes pre-strung with the company using a Head sonic string which is one of the best synthetic, durable strings on the market.

  • plus-circle
    The energy on impact is equally distributed around the frame.
  • plus-circle
    It helps the player develop its strokes.
  • plus-circle
    The compression and expansion of gel help in reducing the vibrations of the racquet.
  • plus-circle
    The control and power of this product are remarkable.
  • minus-circle
    The string tension is loose for some players. They have to get it restrung.

8.    Wilson [K] Zero Strung Performance Value Tennis Racket

This is a part of Wilson’s K factor range that uses the k factor technology which was first initiated in 2007. This K zero is the least weighed of the k series.

The matrix of the racquet is quite dense and sturdy due to the use of a combination of black carbon and graphite. The power and control of the racquet have been maximized by increasing the dwell time of the racquet.

The head of the racket is oversized which gives more significant power to the player as the sweet spot is greater. This racquet is claimed to have all the best qualities that a racquet can possess due to the technology used in the making of this product.

Some people prefer a regularly sized racquet over the oversized racquet that is why this racquet comes in a regular as well as an oversized model. It also comes in different grip sized to facilitate players with varying sizes of hand.

  • plus-circle
    It is lightweight which helps in maneuvering.
  • plus-circle
    Greater head size gives a better hitting area.
  • plus-circle
    The jitters comfort that player get is ideal.
  • minus-circle
    The strings that it comes with break easily.

9.    Head Graphene Extreme MP Tennis Racquet

These racquets are one of the best ones to use for everyday use. You won’t have any problems using it for your game as they provide high power with which you can spin well. The grip is right so that you can handle it for a longer time span. Players are in need of a better handling and due to the Graphene technology that stability is achieved along with a solid feel while holding it in your hands.

The head size of extreme MP tennis racquet is 100 square inches which are an average size, and you can easily play an excellent professional game with this product. Another good thing about this item is that it doesn’t weigh much, during long hours of play the racquets that are heavier in weight are not much convenient therefore you can buy these and enjoy your game. Price of this racquet is not much either, so you can easily purchase it.

  • plus-circle
    It comes with pre-strung with a synthetic head gut which is at mid tension.
  • plus-circle
    The product is ready to use.
  • plus-circle
    Head Graphene racquet is MP which is much lighter in weight.
  • minus-circle
    The type of string is not mentioned.

10.    Babolat Pure Drive Racquets

A puncher racquet which launched in 2015, it is one of the ideal items for the players that need a well-balanced game along with the intense feel sensation. You can see that your game has been better and faster while you use this item. Designing is very bold which is blue and black; there are some touches of white too which make it one of the best racquets in appearance.

For better striking, a new technology has been used namely FSI which came into existence when the woofer system came, and players needed more feel while they stroked hard. Each strike of the ball has a tighter string pattern which hits on the spot that gives right consistency on each stroke. The shape of the racquet is unique.

It is an elliptical frame that helps in better resistance against torque for better increment in power while playing. Price of this item is affordable when it comes to seeing all the right things that are worth buying it.

  • plus-circle
    Newly designed racquet looks good aesthetically when used by players.
  • plus-circle
    The racquet weighs nominal which is easier to handle than many other items.
  • plus-circle
    It is the first connected racquet that has been launched by Babolat
  • minus-circle
    Different sized grips may be suitable for some players but not for others.

11.    Babolat Pure Aero Team Tennis Racquet

The Pure Aero Team Tennis Racquet by Babolat is no doubt an exceptional sports product. Designed to provide you with the best tennis experience, this outstanding tennis racquet will surely be a helping hand in all your matches.

Engineered with a uniquely modern design, it is manufactured with Frame String Interaction Technology. The Pure Aero Team Tennis Racquet has been specially constructed with an 11.6-ounce head, and a 16 by 19 string pattern. The racquet handle provides a firm grip, and the head demonstrates high-quality aerodynamics, providing greater stability, comfort, and durability.

 Fashioned with premium quality wood, the Babolat Pure Aero Team Tennis Racquet will definitely find its way into your cart. And the best part? It has even been endorsed and approved by Rafael Nadal, the world renowned tennis player.

  • plus-circle
    The unique framework provides greater comfort and stability.
  • plus-circle
    Professionally engineered dimensions for better aerodynamics.
  • plus-circle
    Remarkable string pattern provides better grip on the ball.
  • plus-circle
    The racquet cover is easy to carry and quite fashionable.
  • minus-circle
    The handle may wear over time, reducing friction and affecting grip.
  • minus-circle
    The string may snap off under stress.

12.    Babolat Pure Strike 100 Tennis Racquet

Babolat is a big enough name especially when it comes to tennis racquets, and even better, their pure strike family is considered to be a true gem. The Babolat Pure Strike 100 does nothing to reduce this opinion of the masses. It is a fine price of equipment that is designed for the intermediate level player and greatly adds to the skill level of the player.

The Babolat Pure Strike 100 Tennis Racquet is slightly heavier than the previous versions in the same family. This added weight increases the power of each shot. The head-light balance, however, does not allow for any compromises on speed.

This combination of power and speed can do some real damage in the right hands. It allows the player to hit hard and heavy shots. It is also a great racquet for a defensive game because of the increased maneuverability. The string bed has been designed to increase the contact time by adding upper crosses at wider distances than the lower crosses. This further adds spin and power to each stroke.

  • plus-circle
    Powerful shots
  • plus-circle
    Incredible speed
  • plus-circle
    Comfortable feel
  • plus-circle
    Spin friendly
  • plus-circle
    Increased maneuverability
  • plus-circle
    Responsive Frame
  • minus-circle
    Heavy for some
  • minus-circle
    Serving may cause issues

Top 3 Best Tennis Racquets for Advanced Players

13.    HEAD Graphene Touch Speed Pro Tennis Racquet

HEAD is a reputable and reliable name among sports good manufacturers. This racquet further strengthens their position as one of the leaders in the sporting goods manufacturing industry.

The balance that the HEAD Graphene Touch Speed Pro gives to the user is truly exceptional. The technology that is utilized in the making of this racquet makes it one of the most cutting-edge tennis racquets in the market. Other than balance, the string alignment is designed to produce maximum spin and keep the ball on the string bed for longer; this gives greater rebounds and faster hits.

The lightweight of the racquet allows for faster and much more precise hits. This means that it gives you the time to angulate every one of your hits. The spin advantage that the racquet gives the player can do some real damage in the hands of someone who knows what they're doing. Power can be an issue. However, this is because of the light weight of the racquet which, while giving speed, compromises the power of every hit.

  • plus-circle
  • plus-circle
    Cutting-edge string technology
  • plus-circle
    Lighter than previous models
  • minus-circle
    Power could be better
  • minus-circle
    Grip might be too big for most users

14.    Babolat 2017-2018 Pure Aero Tennis Racquet

Babolat Pure Aero Tennis Racquet is another one in a line of great tennis racquets. Babolat has been a mark of excellence in sports goods for the longest time. They produce racquets for players of all levels of expertise.

The Babolat Pure Aero Tennis Racquet gives the user the advantage of an aerodynamically superior racquet that can be felt by the player with each shot. While the aerodynamic design works to increase the player's speed, it falls a little short because of the heavy frame that was designed for power. This combination of power with speed is a must have for intermediate level players.

One of the best features of this racquet is the amount of spin it gives to each shot. The string design is open with a sweet-spot that produces maximum spin with each shot because of the prolonged contact time between the ball and the string bed.

The increased weight of the racquet contributes to the power of each shot and is where this racquet is a star. The lack of stability is a huge disadvantage, while more stable than its predecessors, the stability of the racquet could still use some improvement.

  • plus-circle
    The racquet offers great spin
  • plus-circle
    Perfect power into the shot
  • plus-circle
    Aerodynamic frame
  • plus-circle
    Remarkable control and Comfortable
  • plus-circle
    Best suited for intermediate level player
  • minus-circle
    Heavier build compromises speed
  • minus-circle
    Lack of stability

15.    Wilson RF97 Pro Staff Tennis Racquet

Wilson is the brand of racquet used by one of the greatest names in tennis, Roger Federer. This is a symbol of quality and precision that Wilson provides in their equipment.

The Wilson RF97 Racquet is undoubtedly one of the smartest and sexiest racquets in the market, with its matte black look, it is classy and has the best Kevlar layup. The use of this racquet requires a level of confidence by the player that is quite rare.

One of the best features of the racquet would be power, control, and speed. These three are the hallmarks of requirements for every professional tennis player and this racquet truly delivers. The stability of the racquet is unprecedented and helps in delivering both attacking and defensive shots.

This is the perfect racquet for the perfect game. With the control it gives the player, you can show your opponent what a real player can do with a racquet like this.

  • plus-circle
    Best for use by professional level players
  • plus-circle
    Power and control into the shot
  • plus-circle
  • plus-circle
  • minus-circle
    Highly specific
  • minus-circle
    Not for everyone

Top 12 Best Tennis Racquet Brands


The Australian company HEAD introduces an amazing variety of tennis racquets with the name of Head tennis racquet. They are one of the pioneers of the graphite racquet. It was well known as the Arthur Ashe model. Head also introduced Prestige model that has its eminent place in the range of tennis racquet.

Head tennis racquet comes up with a wide range of tennis racquet introducing new technologies and material every time for the better convenience of its users. You can select the tennis racquet of your own choice as they are featured with the various specifications.


Babolat tennis racquet is the well-known company in the field of tennis. If you are a true lover of the sport you are well familiar with the Babolat tennis racquet. They are well known for their innovation of the natural gut string racquets. Babolat tennis racquet is proved to be one of the best and perfect choices for the professional tennis players.

A wide variety of tennis racquet is manufactured and marketed by the Babolat company. These are not only used by the professional players but also considered to be a good companion of your recreational activities.


Quench your desire of being an advanced player by using the Wilson tennis racquet. This lightweight and easy to handle tennis racquet make your game even more interesting. Its reliability and durability is amazingly fabulous and lets the player enjoy the companionship of this desirable racquet for longer.

This racquet is enough to win the hearts of millions due to its brilliant characteristics such as spin and powerful grip. It comes in enormous varieties and sizes. Choose the best one as per your desire. Some of its varieties are Wilson ultra-tennis racquet, Wilson pro staff tennis racquet, Wilson blade tennis racquet, Wilson burns racquets, etc. Quality and efficiency of all these outstanding tennis racquets are ensured.

Wilson Tennis Racquet

Image: wilson.com

Pro Kennex

The Pro Kennex tennis racquet is known quite well in the world of tennis because of their extraordinary and amazing ability to hit smoothly even hard balls. This tennis racquet is undoubtedly the best choice for such players who want to play flawlessly and enjoy aggressive playing.

Now, no more tension about dealing with the tennis ball. This tennis racquet is a great aid. Give a boost to your playing and make a sagacious choice of getting this sturdy racquet. You can even choose it for the championship and competitions because of its wonderful and ever desiring characteristics. It is damn comfortable and arms friendly too.

Worthy product to choose!


Are you looking for the most flexible and splendid racquet that offers the fabulous pinpoint control? If yes, then stop exploring anymore! The Prince Tennis racquet is the perfect choice in this regard. Besides these features, it also provides a brilliant feel, comfort, and strong grip. An ideal racquet for the intermediate players as well as for the advanced ones.

A huge variety of Prince Tennis racquet is available in the market. It offers a huge margin of selection to the tennis players to keep their hands on the one who attracts them the most in terms of appearance and features. Its ultra-flexible feel and the thin beam is the most desirable feature ever.

Prince Tennis Racquet

Image: princetennis.com


The modern speed which is the desire of every tennis player to get it in its game is being offered by the marvelous tennis racquet, named Dunlop tennis racquet. What a brilliant control it provides? Amazing! Now, the intermediate and advanced players can easily quench their thirst for taking their game to the next level. The masterpiece spins offered by it would let you gain the applause. Carrying it is quite convenient due to its lightweight.

Get the easy depth and crisp response! It comes up in the market in some variables such as Dunlop iDapt racquets, Dunlop junior tennis racquet, Dunlop precision racquet and Dunlop Srixon CZ racquets. This racquet lets you make the game tough for your opponent.


The Donnay tennis racquet is one of the oldest racquet company. It is the most productive and successful company. Donnay believes in the advancement, innovation, and high-quality racquet. They enhance your skills with the excellence of delivering your master shot.

Donnay Company plays the important role starting from the wooden racquets to the evolution of the modernized racquets. This racquet provides you the most amazing shots. History of the Donnay tennis racquets exhibits the only success. It is one of the perfect choices for the champions and professional player. It also provides a range of the beginner.


Volki tennis racquets believe in to provide the best quality performance to the tennis player. Even a good player sometimes fails to perform well in the competition or tournament. It is because of the poor quality of racquets or the less efficient racquets.

Players can now enjoy their game to the optimum and get the latest technology racquet which is Volkl tennis racquet. It has been serving the world of tennis for last 40 years, and great revolution and updates have been seen in its latest versions. Play all day long with no sweat at hand and enjoy the flawless grip and powerful strokes. Control the game and perform the way you ever wanted to.


Are you a beginner player and want to give a boost to your performance? The Asics tennis racquet is the right racquet for you. The arrival of this stunning racquet to the world of tennis is commendable. It comes up with the manufacturers' warranty of one year. Turn your dream of being an advanced player by using this racquet. Its high quality says all about its marvelous features.

Offensive shots were not this much easier before. Thanks to the Asics tennis racquet which provides impressive maneuverability. It has the straight beam and shows even balance. Now, you will win competitions with your friends with ease. Astonish them with their performance and keep your steps successfully on the next levels.


Pacific tennis racquet brings long-lasting and high-quality racquets. They are one of the most desirable one by the professional players and equally likable among the non-professional players for the recreational purpose. You can get these pacific tennis racquets either online or offline easily.

For the beginners, they provide the extreme level of comfort and convenience. There is a huge range of pacific tennis racquet, including BX2 Raptor, BX2 X Fast Tour, BX2 X Fast Pro, etc. these fabulous pacific tens racquets are manufactured in the different parts of Germany to New Zealand. You will enjoy the experience of playing tennis with the specific tennis racquet.


Yonex is one of the remarkable names in the field of a tennis racquet. They always bring innovation and new technologies in the manufacturing of their racquets. The Yonex tennis racquet has an awesome breakthrough in their designs.

You can strike your signature shot with these Yonex tennis racquets. They give you the opportunity to give repeatedly successful and effective shot on every hit. Yonex tennis racquet provides you the opportunity to enhance the playing skills every time.

Yonex tennis racquet gives you the vast variety of racquet. Ezone series, VCORE series, Ezone DR series, Junior series, VCORE Duel series is the most remarkable one.


The Gamma tennis racquet is well known for the manufacturing of the designs that reduce the drag. They give you smooth and swift swing of the shot. Gamma tennis racquet provides you different specifications, including the rounded radius surface, low profile bumper, and tapered bridge bean.

You can improve your skills with gamma tennis racquet as they aid you in the delivering excellent shot with quick hitting rate, maximum power with easy control and a firm grip. They are equally effective for the players of all ages and every skill level. The Gamma tennis racquet is one the finest quality tennis racquet available on the market.

Tennis Racquet Buyer’s Guide

If you are a fresher at tennis and you are relying on the reviews to make the best choice, then there are a few things that you should always keep in mind before buying a racket.

Head Size

Head size and power are directly related to each other. The larger the head size, the higher the power but control is compromised in between these. With higher power comes less control. The most common head sizes nowadays are 95 to 110 square inches.

With a large head size, you also get a large sweet spot and a more extensive hitting area, but you have to work on your control if you go for a more substantial head size.


The length of a typical tennis racquet is 27 inches long, but some racquets may vary between 27 to 29 inches because this is the tournament allowed range. Extended tennis racquets have a lot of benefits; they help the player in the betterment of their serve, it also gives leverage in groundstroke and has a lightweight as compared to short racquets. A half or full inch difference in the length of the racquet does not affect the players mostly.

Weight and Balance

Weight and stability of the racquets play a vital role in your game performance. The control and swing are influenced to a large extent. A light racket has lower shock absorbing abilities as compared to heavier rackets due to which they are less stable.

Heavier rackets are robust while lighter racquets are better at maneuvering and make the player faster at playing. Both kinds of racquets have their advantages and disadvantages; the choice is entirely yours. It depends on you, what features you want to compromise on and what you want to have in your racket.

The stiffness of frame

Similar to weight and balance, both stiff and non-stiff racquets have its plusses and minuses. It is up to you what you choose. A rigid tennis racquet frame gives you more power as it does not bend while a non-stiff racket gives you more control as it bends, converts kinetic energy into potential energy and gives you more impact time so that you have a better precision and accuracy. Some players are more comfortable with stiff and powerful rackets while others prefer non-stiff rackets to have better control.


There are different kinds of grips some are breathable, and some are not. The size of tennis racquet grip should be according to your hand and finger size but always go for breathable grips as other grips accumulate bacteria in them and on your hands which can be dangerous for you.

Tennis Racquet Buying FAQS

Some of the frequently asked questions by newbies buying rackets for themselves are compiled here for your convenience.

1.    What string tension should the tennis racquet have?

Beginners usually overlook string tension, but it is an important aspect. Lower string tension gives you better power while a high string tension provides better control. This does not mean that you bring the string tension of your tennis racquet down to 15 pounds.

A significant change in tension of the strings might turn out to be a big mistake. Always go for slight differences in the string tension. If you are going to a pre-strung tennis racquet, always check the specifications for tension values. They will be in pounds.

2.    Which tennis racquet brand is best?

Ratings of brands keep on changing now and then, but there are a few brands that are always on the top. These brands are Wilson, Babolat, Head, Prince, Dunlop, Yonex, Pro Kennex, and Pacific. Racquets from one of these brands will always please you and won’t give you any setbacks.

3.    What tennis racquet grip size should I go for?

You can measure the size of your grip using a ruler and then get a tennis racquet grip accordingly. To find your grip size, extend your hand and measure from the line of your wrist to the top of the ring finger. The measurement shows your grip size.

4.    What does restring mean?

Restringing your racket means changing the strings of the racquet. With use, the strings of the tennis racquets start losing their tension and start affecting your performance in the game.

5.    How often should I restring my tennis racquet?

It depends on the length of the game, the intensity of the game and the frequency with which you play, but some people have considered a rule that if you play your game thrice a week, you change the strings thrice a year. At the same time if one of the strings in your tennis racquet breaks it is time to restring it.

6.    Can I restring my racquets at home?

No, mostly you cannot restring your tennis racquet at home, but most of the clubs and stores where you play tennis or find tennis equipment have mounts for restringing your tennis racquets at a meager price. The type of string you choose can either be found in these stores or can be bought online. The tension you want can also be selected on the string mounting machine.

7.    Which tennis racquet string should I go for?

You should go for a durable, synthetic and less breakable string. Some of the best tennis racquet strings in the market are natural gut, multifilament, monofilament, hybrid synthetic, and polyester.

8.    What tennis frame material is best?

There are numerous materials with which tennis frames are made, but a combination of titanium and graphite for tennis frame production is best because these two give the ideal weight and highly durable racket frames. They are suitable for beginners as it does not break easily and new player’s racquets tend to fall a lot.

9.    What is tennis elbow?

Tennis elbow is a pain that is caused in the elbow region of the arm. This is because of extensive and aggressive use of muscles during the game. The tendons and muscles get overused which is why this pain is caused. It is widely seen in beginners, but the good news is that it can be fixed with minimal treatment.

10.    How to prevent tennis elbow?

Stretching exercises before and after playing the game can help you prevent tennis elbow. Shoulder and elbow muscles should be stretched in such a way that you feel the tension going away. This way you will be able to make your muscles flexible during the game, and they will be less susceptible to injuries.

11.    What is the right way to hold a tennis racquet?

The proper way to hold a tennis racket in by gripping is appropriately at the end of the grip. This way you get better maneuvering power, and you can move around fast. Holding the racquet from the torso is an entirely wrong way and might get your arm injured.

12.    Can you get a tennis racquet on rent?

It is challenging to find places that rent tennis racquets to customers. Places like these are almost non-existent because most people prefer buying their own sports equipment but you can get demo racquets from some of the brands.


The markets top selling and best tennis racquet reviews are presented to you in this article. All the necessary features and safety measurements that are necessary were considered, and these products were chosen.

The best racquet for beginners is the Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Strung Tennis Racket because of the features and control that it provides to the new comes in the field of tennis. It gives the player an ideal control, power, and maneuverability. All these features are not seen together in other tennis racquets. It is not as heavy as different hammer racquets which is why it provides the exact balance of power and control that helps the new players learn a lot.

For the intermediate players, the best tennis racquet is the HEAD MicroGel Radical Head Tennis racquets because of the technology used in it. It has the perfect safety features to prevent muscle and joint injuries, but at the same time, it gives the player the required accuracy, placement, and boost that is needed to improve his/her game.

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