Ten Greatest Men’s Badminton Players of All Time

Lin Dan
58 votes

Lin Dan is undoubtedly one of the most popular badminton players in 2018 primarily in the men's category due to his success. He is also known as Super Dan, a name he was given by professional badminton player Peter Gade. He's the only player who's completed the Super grand slam at 28 years, has over 633 wins in his career and currently ranked number 14 on the WBF ranking for single men players.

Lee Chong Wei
40 votes

Ranked at number 3 by the BWF worldwide for men singles, he's had 715 career wins in both men's singles and men's doubles. He's ranked at number 18 on the World tour rankings and has had a chance to hold on to the number one spot for 199 weeks straight. He's the only Malaysian player to hold on to the position for that long.

Taufik Hidayat
37 votes

With 6 Indonesian titles under his belt, he is also known for his win in the Athens Olympics in 2004. He's accumulated over 30 medals in various competitions throughout his career. He has 12 Gold, eight silver and 12 bronze medals from multiple tournaments around the world in the three main categories.

Peter Hoeg Gade
22 votes

Peter Gade who is well known in badminton circles thanks to his impressive record in almost all top-tier competitions. He'9s been ranked number one worldwide by the BWF for three consecutive years between 1998 and 2001. In 2006, he also had a chance to become number one.

Morten Frost Hansen
19 votes

The retired Danish star also had a nickname Mr. Badminton because he was in every top-tier badminton competition that there was in those days. He has two European titles from 84 and 86, seven championships which he won consecutively at the Nordic championships. He's also king of badminton back at home with seven consecutive wins in the Denmark open.

Tony Gunawan
19 votes

Recognized as an Indonesian world champion, Tony is also an Olympic Gold Medallist who has done great things in both singles and doubles. He won the 2000 Olympics men's doubles title and later the world championship in 2001. He's well known for doubles and in 2005, he managed to win the world championship with partner Howard.

Rudy Hartono
13 votes

Rudy is a retired professional badminton player from Indonesia who is famous for winning the various title in a wide range of top-tier tournaments. He'9s mostly famous because he was able to win the All England Championships 7 times consecutively. He was the first-person to win the Olympic title for men' singles when it was introduced in the 1972 Munich games.

Zhao Jianhua
8 votes

He's a former Chinese professional badminton player who has accumulated five gold and two bronze trough his career in various top-tier competitions. He was seeded number one in the summer Olympics of 1992 and has two wins in the prestigious All England singles games. He won two Asian titles in the only two times that he participated.

Wong Peng Soon
5 votes

He's won three gold in the Thomas cup and was nicknamed Great Wong. He's won Singapore open more than five times and was the first Asian to win in the All England Championships. He won the title three more times, and that's where he got his Great Wong nickname. He also has 8 Malaysian titles under his name.

David G Freeman
2 votes

He's the only American who's won the All- England Championships which he won back in 1949 on his 1st and only attempt. He has won the Thomas and Danish cups as well as well as the US National champions. He's the only American male born in the states to be inducted into the world badminton hall of fame and the US hall of fame.

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