10 Best Basketball MouthGuards 2019 | A Buyer’s Guide (Reviews)

Some of you may don’t know:

An integral part of the basketball uniform is a mouth guard. Mouth guards help in protecting your jaw, teeth, and gums from being injured during the game.

Problem solved:

The variety of mouth guards in the market is uncanny and choosing the best basketball mouthguard is not an easy job.

We have made it easier for you shop for the right one through this article.

Our product reviews are there to show you a comparison of the best ones available in the market right now.

Top 10 Basketball Mouthguard Comparison Table



Our Review



SISU Mouth Guards Aero Mouthguard for Youth/Adults


Battle Fang-Edition Mouth Guard


Redline Sportswear Custom Fit Mouthguard


Teeth Armor Professional Sports Mouth Guards


LiteBITE Basketball Mouthguard


Sports Mouth Guards from ProDental


Under Armour Mouthwear ArmourFit


XCELER8 Athletics Youth Mouth Guard


Oral Mart Cushion Sports Mouth Guard


OPRO Mouthguard

10 Best Basketball Mouthguard Reviews

1.    SISU Mouth Guards Aero Mouthguard for Youth/Adults

The SISU mouth guards can be used by athletes aging from 11 years and above. The slim design is made to custom fit in your mouth so you can choose your size.

The guard also has a shape that is made to talk, breathe, and drink without the guard being a hindrance in the mouth.

  • plus-circle
    They allow users to custom fit it into their mouth
  • plus-circle
    A variety of different aged people can use it
  • plus-circle
    Rounded edges ensure safety
  • plus-circle
    Wide bite pad
  • minus-circle
    Does not come with a case
  • minus-circle
    Cannot be molded more than once

2.    Battle Fang-Edition Mouth Guard

The battle mouthguards come in a Fang design for style and making them cooler. They come in various sizes for adults and young athletes.

Users can reuse them by boiling them again and molding them again. They work with braces and have a clip to release them easily.

  • plus-circle
    They can be remolded easily by boiling
  • plus-circle
    They come in various sizes
  • plus-circle
    Work with braces
  • plus-circle
    Easy clip to help remove the strap
  • minus-circle
    Hard to breathe in
  • minus-circle
    Do not have a case

3.    Redline Sportswear Custom Fit Mouthguard

The Redline mouth guards have been with a dual design which allows protection all around the mouth. The shock-resistant feature protects the mouth from the hardest hits.

You can boil and use the guard for anyone of any age. An FDA approval allows the customers to be satisfied with the quality of the product.

  • plus-circle
    Can be used by an athlete of any age by boiling
  • plus-circle
    FDA approved design
  • plus-circle
    Dual design protects the whole mouth
  • plus-circle
    Carrying case included
  • minus-circle
    Cannot be boiled again or remolded
  • minus-circle
    Not easy to breathe in

4.    Teeth Armor Professional Sports Mouth Guards

Teeth Armor mouth guards are a great addition to your basketball kit. The design is made to mold the athletes’ mouth. The double cushioning layer allows better shock absorption of the guard.

The guard has no latex of harmful rubber or colors making it safe to use internally. 

  • plus-circle
    Free of additives, preservatives, and harmful rubber
  • plus-circle
    Can be molded with ease
  • plus-circle
    Double cushioning layers provides better shock absorption
  • plus-circle
    Fit for youngsters and adults
  • minus-circle
    Creates uncomfortable edges
  • minus-circle
    Cannot be used over braces

5.    LiteBITE Basketball Mouthguard

A LiteBite mouth guard is ergonomically designed for basketball players. They are lightweight and are used to cover the teeth and gums.

The rounded edges help in remaining comfortable and talking, and breathing is simpler. They can be molded easily at home by just boiling them.

  • plus-circle
    They are lightweight and comfortable with rounded edges
  • plus-circle
    Can be easily customized at home by boiling
  • plus-circle
    Covers the teeth and the gums
  • plus-circle
    Easy to breathe, talk, and drink while wearing them
  • minus-circle
    Cannot be fixed over braces
  • minus-circle
    Cannot be reshaped by boiling again

6.    Sports Mouth Guards from ProDental

ProDental makes mouth guards for basketball players that are much more comfortable and easy to use. The moldable designs are précised and very comfortable. Children over 12 and adults can use them easily.

The thickness allows easy shock absorption ensuring more protection. The money back guarantee gives customers a much better experience than with others.

  • plus-circle
    Can be comfortably molded with ease
  • plus-circle
    Thick cushioning allows more protection than ever
  • plus-circle
    Money back guarantee allows customers to trust the company more
  • plus-circle
    Can be used by anyone aged 12 and above
  • minus-circle
    Do not have a case that comes along
  • minus-circle
    Cannot fit braces

7.    Under Armour Mouthwear ArmourFit

The strapless design of the Under Armour mouthguard allows it to be a more comfortable fit. It meets all NFHS rules and is designed to protect your mouth with the chew resistant material.

While wearing the guard, you can talk and breathe easily without it causing any inconvenience.

  • plus-circle
    Dental fit makes it more precise for adults
  • plus-circle
    Chew resistant material allows durability
  • plus-circle
    It can be worn over braces
  • plus-circle
    Gives freedom to talk, breathe, and drink with this
  • minus-circle
    Is not a custom fit
  • minus-circle
    Cannot fit people of any age

8.    XCELER8 Athletics Youth Mouth Guard

XCELER8 youth mouth guard has a dual layer of shock absorbing properties and to make it safer for your mouth. The gel design can be custom fit without any problems for people of all ages.

The FDA approved material allows it to be safer for internal use apart from being more protected. A case comes with the guard to keep it in a safe and hygienic place.

  • plus-circle
    The material is FDA approved and safe for internal use
  • plus-circle
    There are two cushioning layers for protection
  • plus-circle
    It comes with a case for storage
  • plus-circle
    Can be used for people of all ages with adjustments
  • minus-circle
    The sides are not very comfortable
  • minus-circle
    It is very bulky inside the mouth

9.    Oral Mart Cushion Sports Mouth Guard

The Oral Mart mouth guards are made with a special cushioning design that provides more absorption than ever. It comes in one design that can be fit to all and in two different colors.

It is approved by all safety tests to be inside your mouth. The company provides money back to people that do not find it satisfactory.

  • plus-circle
    All safety tests approve of making it safer for internal use
  • plus-circle
    Additional cushioning for better protection
  • plus-circle
    Comes with a hygienic case
  • plus-circle
    Money back guarantee from the sellers
  • minus-circle
    There is not a custom fit option
  • minus-circle
    Are not chew resistant

10.    OPRO Mouthguard

The OPRO mouth guard is designed to protect your gums and your teeth from injury during contact games. There are 13 cavities to fit your teeth and gums in it with precision and with no blockage in speaking or breathing.

The thickness allows better protection; and with a few different colors, you can keep your style.

  • plus-circle
    Cavities present to protect gums and teeth
  • plus-circle
    The thick material allows better protection
  • plus-circle
    Can be used to talk, breathe, and drink in easily
  • plus-circle
    Has a few different colors
  • minus-circle
    Lack of custom mouth design
  • minus-circle
    Feels bulky in the mouth l>

Basketball Mouthguard Buyer’s Guide

Getting the best basketball mouth guard is a serious job since the wrong one can be dangerous to your physical health. Follow the mentioned guide to find out the focal factors of the right mouth guard for you.

Choose the size

Most mouth guards these days come in a moldable style which means that it does not usually matter what the size might be. However, the ones that are readymade have plenty of size options that you need to choose from. The size of the jaw is usually measured, or it can go by the age of the user.

Select the type

There are two types of mouth guards; the ones that are moldable at home, the ones that are pre-molded. Both of the guards work best if the quality and comfort of them are intact. However, with the moldable ones, you will always have the option to make them custom designed according to your mouth.

Make sure they are safe

Mouth guards are used internally in your mouth which means that they need to be as safe as possible to avoid any other health hazard. Make sure that the company you are opting for is FDA approved, or it at least has a few safe tests cleared to keep the product in your mouth.

Additionally, ensure that they do not use dangerous rubbers especially if they are heated. For added protection, choose the ones that come with a hygienic container for storage when not in use.

They should be shock absorbent

One of the main features that will help in keeping your mouth protected is the shock absorbing feature of the product. Make sure that your mouth guard has any property to assist in this process.

Usually, the guards have either a dual layer or a thick layer to complete the task. However, the thick ones can tend to be bulky in the mouth.

Breathable, Speakable, Drinkable

The ideal mouthguard needs to be comfortable enough to allow the players to breathe in it without hindrance, speak in it without bursting out of your mouth, and have a quick drink while wearing it without a problem.

These qualities will allow you to be more comfortable but do not forget that the protection limit of your mouth wear should not be affected in trying to fulfill these options. Both need to go neck to neck as both features are important.

Basketball Mouthguard Buying FAQs

Customers who have went shopping to buy the best basketball mouth guards have found a fair share of confusion and have raised popular questions. The following are a few customer questions that we have answered to the best of our knowledge.

Q1.     Why are the children and adult sizes different?

In most cases, children over 12 can share their size with the adult guards. The reason behind this is the development of the jaw anatomically in the human body.

Younger children do not have a wider jaw which means that they need to have a smaller jaw shape, even in the ones that need to be molded.

Q2.     Can I remold by a guard?

Some of the guards are made in a way that they can be boiled again and then molded according to the mouth. These are feasible for children that are growing up or for the guards that lose their shape over time.

However, there are a few that are molded only once, and you need to buy new ones over time. In some cases, remolding causes much more inconvenience and makes the guard weaker than it was before. Test your guard thoroughly before using it after remolding it.

Q3.     When do guards expire?

Mouth guards can expire with time. The solid plastic ones that are used are usually more long-lasting than the gel or rubber ones.

You will always find an expiry date on them, but in case it is not printed, you need to change your guards every 6 months at least to make sure that they are perfectly shaped and are still hygienic.

Q4.     Are the ready-molded ones better than the others?

The ready-mold mouth guards have cavities or a shape to fit over your teeth and your gums for protection. They come in various sizes, and you can select the one perfect for you and use it. The molding ones require boiling in water and then biting on them to ensure that they catch the shape of your jaw and gums.

The ideal ones are the ones that you can mold at home. Even though they may not provide a finer finesse, they are shaped exactly like your mouth, and they will provide better protection against injuries.

Q5.     Do I opt for strapless or strap mouth guards?

You have an option to get the mouth guards with a strap or the ones without a strap. This choice is all up to your preference as per your comfort. Straps are great for aggressive games or for players that tend to forget wearing their equipment.

They also show the officials that you are indeed wearing a mouth guard as per rules. Meanwhile, strapless is perfect for people that are confident that they will not lose it during the game. They are also perfect for people that find the strap annoying.


Choosing the best basketball mouth guard is an important process that requires patience and extensive research since it will all affect your physical health. You may also have to pay a little extra to try a few ones before you pick out the one that you want to use in your game.

Make sure that you make this effort and choose the right one. Keep in mind the tournament rules if they are any and ask your coach for help. Do not settle for a product since it will be dangerous to you. Also, make sure to get the right quality and never go for the cheapest one.

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