12 Best Outdoor Basketball Balls 2019 | Your Buyer’s Guide (Reviews)

Do you play basketball?

If yes, then you will definitely know the things, players remain concerned about. Making a right decision for a right goal is very important for them.

Players can only concentrate on their goals if they are equipped with right gear. What if a person stays concerned about its ball’s performance? It will make him lose the match eventually.

Basketball balls are a crucial component of the game. What are the best outdoor basketball balls? Knowing the answer to this question is very important for all high-level players.

Are you thinking the same?

Then, carry on reading this write-up. You will get to know few best basketball ball products along with their brief buying guide. 

Top 12 Outdoor Basketball Balls Comparison Table



Our Review



Mikasa BX1000 Premium Rubber Basketball


Spalding NBA Varsity Outdoor Rubber Basketball


Spalding NBA Street Basketball - Pink & Purple


Spalding NBA Street Basketball


Spalding NBA Street Phantom Outdoor Basketball 


Under Armour 495 Indoor/Outdoor Basketball


Wilson NCAA Replica Game Basketball


Spalding NBA Tack Soft Basketball


Spalding NBA Zi/O Excel Basketball


Spalding NBA Indoor/Outdoor Replica Game Ball


Molten X-Series Indoor/Outdoor Basketball


Wilson NCAA Wave Microfiber Composite Basketball

12 Best Outdoor Basketball Ball Reviews

1.    Mikasa BX1000 Rubber Basketball

This BX1000 Rubber Basketball is manufactured by Mikasa Sports. It is one of the top-notch brands for producing quality balls. Its balls don’t cover basketball game only.  Rather, you can get their balls for other games including football, volleyball, and others.

This BX1000 Basketball by Mikasa is a good-quality ball. Its durability makes it able to perform well in the outdoor environment.

Why this ball exists in our basketball balls list? It is because of its high-quality manufacturing. The cover of this ball is made up of rubber material. Presence of this material makes it greatly sturdy and long-performing.

This item comes with the winding of nylon thread. This attribute makes it bounce more perfectly in a consistent way. Moreover, its lifetime also increases because of this winding.

  • plus-circle
    A high-quality ball with durable construction.
  • plus-circle
    It can give you even bouncing due to having nylon thread.
  • plus-circle
    This basketball will retain its shape for long due to its winding. 
  • plus-circle
    You can purchase this ball in three different sizes. One of them is Youth 27, and the other two are the official sizes and compact size.  
  • minus-circle
    Because of its rubber cover, it might feel hard on your hands.
  • minus-circle
    As it will come somehow flat, you will need to pump it first.

2.    Spalding NBA Varsity Outdoor Rubber Basketball

This outdoor basketball ball is a product of Spalding brand. Who in the world of basketball is unaware of this company? It is a big name in manufacturing basketball balls. It has been producing balls for NBA league for many years.

The company logo ‘Spalding’ with the name of this ball is enough to ensure the quality of this item. This NBA outdoor rubber basketball is unique in its appearance.

It is available in a combination of adorable colors. It is quite uncommon in these balls, as they usually come in typical orange color.

Regarding its construction, its cover is made up of rubber material. This thing makes it greatly sturdy for long-term use. 

The manufacturing details of this ball make it able for outdoor games. It offers great grip due to its surface. Moreover, its looks and comfort add more value to it.

  • plus-circle
    This ball comes according to official size and weight of National Basketball Association (NBA). This specific model is available in size 7.
  • plus-circle
    This ball is available in beautiful color combinations and offers a strong grip.
  • plus-circle
    It has potential to endure rough and tough use.
  • minus-circle
    Only suitable for outdoor games.
  • minus-circle
    It might deflate a little earlier.

3.    Spalding NBA Street Basketball-Pink & Purple

This item in our list is again manufactured by Spalding. It was a pioneer brand in making dedicated basketball balls in the starting days of this game. Its balls are available in huge varieties.

This Spalding NBA Street Basketball is unique among other models. What’s make it exceptional? It is its color combination of pink and purple. You won’t see this color normally in other basketball balls. This appearance makes it striking and functional at the same time.

It is an intermediate size ball. It is available in standard NBA size 6 that measures 28.5 inches. With its remarkable construction, it is made high performing.

Its cover is constructed using rubber material which makes it suitable to withstand outdoor harsh conditions. Moreover, the channels of its design are kept wide. The reason behind is to offer great feel and strong grip.

Overall, this ball is suitable for giving good performance in competitive street games.

  • plus-circle
    This ball will give you a good grip on its wide channels.
  • plus-circle
    Durable construction with rubber cover.
  • minus-circle
    It might give rough touch due to its cover material.
  • minus-circle
    It will deflate after some time. You will need to inflate it again.

4.    Spalding NBA Street Basketball

This product NBA Street Basketball is another excellent item of Spalding. It is a high-performing outdoor basketball ball.

This Spalding NBA Street Basketball comes equipped with high-quality construction details. It is built with imported quality materials.

The outer cover of this ball is constructed using rubber material. This feature makes it ultra durable. Moreover, good quality rubber increases its performance.

In the making of this ball, all design and material details are kept following outdoor balls. That’s why it can survive in rough games.

It also contains NBA logo over its surface. It is available in official size 7 that is 29.5 inches.

  • plus-circle
    It contains high-performing outer cover.
  • plus-circle
    Its channels are wide. In this way, it provides remarkable grip to players.
  • plus-circle
    You can use it in outdoor games without any trouble.
  • plus-circle
    It can assist you in the game with its concentrated grip.
  • minus-circle
    Its grip might not feel suitable for experienced players.
  • minus-circle
    It may lack soft touch that you can feel on the leather cover.

5.    Spalding NBA Street Phantom Outdoor Basketball

When it comes to buying a ball for your basketball game, Spalding is the most recognized and well-known brand. It won’t be wrong to say that Spalding is the market leader in manufacturing basketballs.

Splading Phantom Outdoor Basketball is perfect for an outdoor basketball game because it has all the features an ideal ball should have. It is a high-bounce ball and has the grip a basketball player looks for in a ball.

Splading Phantom Outdoor Basketball is made of rubber and is suitable for concrete surfaces. It can easily be dribbled onto the hard outdoor surface.

This NBA ball measures 29.5 inches, and its size is 7 which is the official size of NBA (National Basketball Association). It also has NBA logo imprinted on it.

  • plus-circle
    The soft grip of this ball is designed with special technology that keeps the ball firm and eliminates the risk of leaking.
  • plus-circle
    This ball is consistent and lasts longer
  • plus-circle
    Its soft grip technology keeps dirt out, and the bounce of the ball is high.
  • minus-circle
    The rubber of the ball is not of high-quality.

6.    Under Armour 495 Indoor/Outdoor Basketball

If you are a basketball enthusiast, you are quite aware of the fact that choosing a good outdoor basketball ball is important. Basketball is a popular sport in which the grip and consistency of the ball are essential.

Under Armour is a brand which is not there for long, but it has made its name in the world of sports by manufacturing high-quality products.

This ball is constructed with 100 percent butyl bladder which gives great air retention.  The deep channel design provides the ball with a good feel and touch. The ball has a full pebbling which makes it look attractive. It also has 495, and Under Armour logo stamped on it.

  • plus-circle
    The ball gives a good grip on the basketball player and enhances his performance.
  • plus-circle
    It has a good touch and feels, and the leather keeps the sweat away.
  • plus-circle
    This ball has leather covering which makes it easy for basketball players to bounce and dribble it on hard surfaces.
  • minus-circle
    This ball may wear after short use

7.    Wilson NCAA Replica Game Basketball

Basketball is a game in which playing with an ideal ball is important. The game involves a lot of dribbling and shooting. The players have to pass the ball to their teammates. Therefore, playing with a ball which has good features enhances a player’s performance.

Wilson NCAA Replica Basketball is manufactured by a well-established brand named Wilson. The company believes in constructing high-quality balls with optimal grip and hold.

The cushion core technology gives a good bounce to the ball. The ball is well-inflated which is important for bouncing the ball higher.

Wilson Basketball dribbles well on hard outdoor surfaces. It beats the harsh conditions of the outdoor court. The cover is moisture-wicking,

The pebble surface of the ball gives it a good feel and provides consistency. The ball is perfect to use in all weather conditions and is ideal for an outdoor basketball game.

This ball is officially used for NCAA Championships and has the official size of NCAA. It measures 29.5 inches.

  • plus-circle
    The high-quality rubber cover gives the ball exceptional durability and optimal control.
  • plus-circle
    It is durable, consistent and has a good bounce
  • plus-circle
    It has an attractive moisture-wicking cover.
  • minus-circle
    The ball is easily deflated.

8.    Spalding NBA Tack Soft Basketball

Spalding NBA tack soft basketball is over the top ball. It gives a competitive edge to the player to perform well on the court.

This ball has a soft touch and feels and is ideal for shooters. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor games.

The ball is available in two sizes which are 29.5 inches and 28.5 inches. The official size of the NBA basketball is 29.5, and the official size of the WNBA league is 28.5 inches. It can be used for casual and professional level games.

This ball withstands the rough and tough outdoor surfaces of the basketball courts. It can handle the wear and tear of the court well.

  • plus-circle
    Having a good grip on the ball for basketball players is important for efficient passing and shooting. This ball has an ideal grip control.
  • plus-circle
    It gives strong ball handling and can be used for indoor and outdoor games.
  • minus-circle
    Its soft touch makes it wear off easily on outdoor surfaces.

9.    Spalding NBA Zi/O Excel Basketball

Spalding is a popular brand which produces superior quality balls for a basketball game. Spalding NBA Excel Basketball is a smart pick for basketball enthusiasts who want to make an impressive impact on the basketball court.

This basketball has perfect leather covering which gives it a strong grip and consistency. It is sweat-resistant. Even if the hands of the player are sweating and all wet, the ball gives him a good hold and does not slip from his hands.

Spalding NBA Excel Basketball is specially designed to give a good dribbling control. It has a foam backing which gives a good cushion and feels.

Spalding NBA Excel Basketball is constructed for professional NBA matches. It is appropriate for both indoor and outdoor matches.

The ball has an official NBA size which is 28.5 inches.

  • plus-circle
    The pebbles on the surface of the ball give a good grip and make ball handling easy and comfortable for the player.
  • plus-circle
    This ball has an outstanding dribbling control
  • plus-circle
    It has a perfect weight which is not too heavy and not too light.
  • minus-circle
    The bounce of the ball is not consistent

10.    Spalding Indoor/Outdoor Replica Game Ball

 Basketball is a game which gives a lot of sweat to the players because of the exertion on the court. They have to do a lot of dribbling and shooting on the court which requires a lot of energy and effort. Having the quality basketball makes it easy for them to play their game.

An Outdoor surface is usually hard; therefore, an essential feature of a basketball is consistency and durability to deal with the wear and tear. This ball has these qualities.

The ball has soft leather covering which makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor surfaces. It has a soft touch and feels.

  • plus-circle
    This ball manages to remain consistent on hard and concrete surfaces.
  • plus-circle
    The unique pebbled covering of the ball makes ball handling very easy for the players.
  • plus-circle
    This ball has a high-bounce which gives the player the opportunity to beat the competition efficiently.
  • minus-circle
    The feel is too soft for outdoor courts.

11.    Molten X-Series Indoor/Outdoor Basketball

Bouncing and dribbling are important features a good basketball should not lack. The players have to do a lot of dribbling on the court. Molten X-series basketball is specifically constructed to give a good ball handling and grip on the players.

Molten X series basketball has a unique pebble design which makes it suitable for any surface to play on. You can play your game wherever you want.

This ball is FIBA approved which signifies that it is a high-quality ball to make the game more fun and enjoyable.

This ball is a combination of innovative technology and superior craftsmanship. The ball has a 12-panel design which enhances the ball’s flight and bouncing capabilities. It also gives the ball more visibility which helps basketball players to perform better.

No matter where you plan to play your game, choosing Molten X-Series won’t disappoint you.

  • plus-circle
    The ball is constructed with a uniform pebble pattern which gives the ball a consistent and soft touch, which is ideal for any surface.
  • plus-circle
    This ball has a high bounce
  • minus-circle
    Dirt easily builds up on the ball

12.    Wilson NCAA Wave Microfiber Basketball

Wilson manufactures top of the line balls for basketball games. Wilson NCAA wave microfiber basketball is one of the high-quality balls which are innovatively designed to provide strong grip and consistency to the player to perform well.

This ball is designed to give a good hold and touch to the player. The ball faces the harsh weather conditions and is ideal for outdoor games.

This ball is highly durable and lasts for years. The premium design keeps dirt away from the ball.

Basketball is all about dribbling and bouncing the ball. This ball has a good bounce which makes it easy for the player to shoot efficiently.

  • plus-circle
    This ball is durable and consistent.
  • plus-circle
    To give a good ball handling and grip control to the player, this ball is designed with Triple Threat Technology which offers extra grooves
  • plus-circle
    It is sweat-resistant and has a soft touch and feel.
  • minus-circle
    This ball wears off easily on hard surfaces.

Outdoor Basketball Balls Buyer’s Guide

Before purchasing your outdoor basketball ball, it is essential to consider few factors. You can’t just buy the one you like. Rather, it involves thinking about your playing standard, style, and many other things.

In this section, we will discuss these factors.

Basketball Sizes

Unlike other games involving balls, basketball size is very important. The reason is their sizes vary with the age and gender of the players. Therefore, it is necessary to check its size.

Basketball balls are available in three different sizes.

Regulation Size

This size is also known as Size Seven. You can consider it as the largest size available in basketball balls.

It is meant to be used by men over the age 16 and other regular players. The circumference of the balls with its size measures 29.5 inches. These balls usually come with the weight of 22 ounces. 

As stronger players use these balls as compared to other two sizes, they are slightly heavier.

Women’s Size

This size is commonly known as Size Six. It is suitable for basketball players with age between 12 and 15. Moreover, as their name depicts, they are meant for female players.

The circumference of these balls is 28.5 inches. They weigh around 20 ounces.

There is very less difference in the size of women and regulation balls. Therefore, many players find it very hard to make a difference between both.

Youth Size

Youth size of Size five is made for kids. It is appropriate for all players less than 11 years. The circumference of these balls is 27.5 inches. Their weight is kept 18 ounces only.

The major purpose behind making this small sized ball is to make youth learn the game quickly. Handling a small ball is easier. Therefore, it will assist in building up their confidence.

Basketball Material

Basketball balls are constructed using different components. But, the thing that contributes greatly in deciding its performance is its outer cover. 

The inner components are covered with an outer surface that is available in different types of materials.


It is one of the expensive outer cover materials for basketball balls. Definitely, with the price, its quality is also top-class.

The eminent benefit of this material is its long life. It can serve you for years. Secondly, you can also feel good while playing with the leather ball. It offers great grip. Also, it gives a good response to your fingertips.

However, your leather ball also needs to first ‘broken in’ before you start using it for the regular outdoor game. The reason behind it is its soft feel. You will first find it hard to handle.

That’s why it is important to make it rough first by playing with it regularly. Moreover, this process should be performed in the indoor atmosphere only.

Composite or Synthetic Leather

It is one of the commonly used basketball ball material these days. It is synthetic leather that appears like leather. However, it gives more versatility and available at lower prices as well.  


It is one of the least expensive materials that are used for basketball ball manufacturing. However, it proves good on hard surfaces. This is the reason it performs greatly well in an outdoor atmosphere.

There is a drawback as well. It doesn’t give good grip and feels hard on your hands.

Other factors

Besides size and material, you should also look for manufacturers. It is very important in deciding the quality and performance of your ball. Moreover, you should look for design, color, and cost as well. 

Outdoor Basketball Balls Buying FAQs

1.    What is the difference between indoor and outdoor basketball balls?

Because of the difference of atmosphere in outdoor and outdoor games, the balls are also made differently.

The appearance of both types of balls is same. But, the one used for indoor games are mostly made up of leather and feel sleek.

For outdoor games, the balls are made rough with durability. The purpose of keeping the surface rough is to handle sweaty hands.

2.    Name few famous brands of basketball balls?

There are many manufacturers of basketball ball present out there. Also, they produce huge varieties of balls. So, you have wide options to select your ball from.

Few of the top-notch brands include Spalding, Nike, Wilson, Molten, Reebok, Baden, and many more others.

3.    In which price range can I get a suitable basketball ball?

If you are looking for lowest priced ball, the one for recreational purposes, it will start around 3 to 5 pounds.

However, you can also get a ball as expensive as 85 pounds. The mid-level basketball ball may cost you something around 30 to 40 pounds.

However, you should keep in mind the fact that the ball prices depends on various factors. The important among them is the cover material. Also, the name of the brand behind the ball also plays its role in deciding the price range.

4.    How to choose a right basketball option for me?

Fortunately, you have hundreds of options available in the market. You can choose any among them. However, don’t forget the key factors that contribute to deciding the ball performance.

If you are finding it difficult, make a chart of your requirements. It may include different factors like brand, size, material, color, and other details. After finalizing the specifications, you can take help of any seller for getting the required ball.

Any friend or companion involved in a basketball game can also help you in making a right decision.

5.    Am I supposed to spend a huge amount to purchase the most appropriate ball?

Though cost does matter in deciding the ball’s performance, it is not the only factor. You can also get a good-performing ball at a reasonable price range as well.

The expensive balls are usually those made up of the leather cover. Now, if you have to play on the hard surface, then getting the expensive one is a complete waste of money.

6.    Is purchasing by the online site is better or by sports goods store?

The choice is completely yours. These days you can see many online sites selling reliable and good quality stuff. They also entertain all your queries with detailed product descriptions. Few sellers also offer a trial period for their products.

If you get any reliable seller that satisfies you, then go for it. Otherwise, for newbies especially it’s better to make an effort in visiting some first-rate sports goods store.

7.    What would happen if I don’t get a right-sized basketball ball?

As it has been already mentioned, it is very important to check for the size before purchasing a ball. If you are wondering why the size is significant?

Then, let us tell you it is a factor that impacts on ball circumference and weight. These things make a huge difference in ball passing, shooting, and dripping.

For example, if a kid uses size seven balls, it will make him shoot with more power. For this, he will be using his both hands and shoulders as well. Later on, this thing will become a habit.

So it is wrong in all aspects.

8.    What other performance factors should I look for in basketball ball?

There are different aspects on which you can evaluate the performance of your ball. These factors include bounce, grip, feel durability, and value of your ball.

9.    How to check the bounce and feel of the basketball ball?

The bounce of the ball is checked by dripping it for the good times. The ball is supposed to give you consistent results.

In some cases, the bounce of the ball will be off-center. It is very hard to handle such balls during the game. Therefore, always ask for the ball with consistent and easy to handle bounces.

The feel of the ball can be checked by seeing how it feels on your hand. Do you feel it connected and easy to hold or not? To have a good feel, the ball should offer a balance between stability and cushion.

10.    After purchasing a ball, how can I increase its lifetime?

For this, you need to take proper care of its maintenance. Usually, the rubber balls are very sturdy, and they perform properly for a long period.

But for increasing its life, you should keep your ball dry and clean. Also, never put excessive weight on your ball. Many people are in the habit of sitting on their balls. It is completely a wrong approach ending up with shortening the ball’s life. 


Basketball ball is a core gear in the game. If you have a right one, you will feel comfortable. Otherwise, all of your time will be spent in understanding its bounce and other movements.

How can you get the appropriate ball for you? We have discussed everything briefly in above sections. Now, all you need to do is consider all aspects thoroughly.

In our reviews of best outdoor basketball balls, you can see what matters the most in balls’ attributes: Importantly its construction material, of course, the reputation of the manufacturer.

So, think properly before making a final purchase.

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