Best Soccer Rebounder 2019 | The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide (Reviews)

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Soccer is a game of passion and commitment. It needs a lot of time and works to be called a professional as a soccer player. Do you have a burning desire and drive to get going with soccer?

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Then you must be in search of such equipment that can push you more to be perfect. Yes, you thought it right. They are the rebounders that challenge you with your soccer ball and ask for more struggle. Rebounders are a fantastic gear for practicing. They rebound the soccer ball near to the place where you kicked it off. It helps saving time and improves your shots.

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Whereas, we are here to take care of your buying struggle. We reviewed the top best soccer rebounders so you can choose.

Best Soccer Rebounder

10 Best Soccer Rebounder Reviews

1.    Tekk Trainer Rebounder Goal

Tekk is a great soccer training brand. They have never the less manufactured a durable rebounder. This rebounder is designed for players to train their body and mind by practicing soccer. These rebounders are an excellent choice for goalkeepers and field players.

It has seven adjustable positions for all around practice. Its durability is of no question that will last longer than your expectations. It covers 40 feet of surface area. It is stable and sturdy as it is made of powder coated frame of aircraft aluminum with 3mm thick steel brackets. No doubt about its manufacturing when a good quality material is used to build it up. 

  • plus-circle
    Can be used to practice different games.
  • plus-circle
    Very durable and sturdy.
  • plus-circle
    Allows seven different angles set up great for practicing different positions.
  • plus-circle
    Sets up in 5 minutes.
  • plus-circle
    Weighs 35lbs making it easily portable and stable.
  • minus-circle
    Can require a lot of care in handling.

2.    Kwik Goal AFR-2 Rebounder

Kiwik has made a rebounder strong and sturdy. This rebounder is especially for younger kids for practicing and training. Kiwiki has a rebounder that is strong and durable. It is constructed by round aluminum and black 3mm thicknet. It is supported by ground shoes that make it stable.

The net has a movable target that will enable you to aim for different areas on the rebounder and make your practice a good one. Its dimensions measure, 66 x 14 x 3 inches and it weighs about 28lbs.

  • plus-circle
    Easily sets up in 5 minutes.
  • plus-circle
    Great for younger kids.
  • plus-circle
    The target is movable which makes it easy for practicing different areas.
  • plus-circle
    Rebounds the ball from where you kick it.
  • plus-circle
    Sturdy and easily movable.
  • minus-circle
    Suitable only for kids younger than 14 years old.
  • minus-circle
    Its dimensions are small if needed for older players.

3.    EZGoal Multi-Sport Folding Rebounder Net

EZGoal presents you a big size rebounder that has multiple training options. It is specially made for adults and kids older than 14 years. This rebounder is powder coated to resist rust and be weather friendly. Its frame is constructed of heavy-duty steel that can withstand strong shots till 90mph. It is made durable.

The net is of Hi UV-protected material that makes its life-time longer and protects from all weather conditions. It rebounds the ball pretty much at the same speed. It can be folded into two positions, straight up and tilt. It gives a good chance to practice different games and different positions.

  • plus-circle
    A great backyard rebounder.
  • plus-circle
    Can be used for different games.
  • plus-circle
    Strong and sturdy net and frame.
  • plus-circle
    Easy to set up easy to fold in just 5 minutes.
  • plus-circle
    The adjustability property makes it of great use.
  • minus-circle
    The net is made strong which might take your time to get perfectly attached to the frame.    

4.    SKLZ Quickster Soccer Trainer

SKLZ has provided a well-constructed rebounder with great materials. An excellent product for practicing soccer. The rebounder SKLZ is offering has two nets in one with one net measuring 6x4 feet while the other is 6 feet into 20 inches. This makes it multi-purpose and enables one to practice head to toe all tricks. It is made sturdy and durable.

Moreover, it weighs just 13.7lbs making it portable and light-weight. It has a target set up on the net that makes you aim and practice perfection.

  • plus-circle
    Durable and rebounds perfectly.
  • plus-circle
    Allows multi training.
  • plus-circle
    Has a perfectly designed net with a target.
  • plus-circle
    Easily portable due to its lightweight.
  • plus-circle
    Great addition to your practice equipment.
  • minus-circle
    It is very lightweight and may be suitable to be used lightly.

5.    Franklin Sports Tournament Quality Steel Soccer Rebounder

Franklin sports have tried and nearly did a great job in making a rebounder. It is great for adults to practice with. The rebounder has a great structure and is made durable to get strong hits from the soccer ball. The tubes/frame is made of galvanizing steel for weather friendly property. This tubing is of 1.25 inches thick. It has a great designed net which specifies three parts of the net. It can be used by two players at once due to its net design.

The tubes have locking pins to assure the position of the frame and are stabilized to the ground. The dimensions of the rebounder measure 46 x 10.9 x 4.9 inches and weigh about 38lbs. 

  • plus-circle
    It can be used by two players at a time.
  • plus-circle
    A very durable and sturdy rebounder.
  • plus-circle
    Great for adults to practice.
  • plus-circle
    Large enough to give the same vibe of a soccer goal.
  • plus-circle
    Locking pins and ground steaks keep it steady.
  • minus-circle
    It is not portable.
  • minus-circle
    It cannot be carried in a traveling bag.

6.    QuickPlay PRO Rebounder

The QuickPlay is suitable for professional level players and helps them improve their game. Because there are no shortcuts with practice. The QuickPlay has a very sturdy construction with a Galvanised steel frame. It is also available in two sizes so that you can get the one that suits your needs.

The adjustable dual angle rebounder creates very realistic practice conditions that allow the player to acclimate to field play. The net itself is heavy duty and very durable. It is further accompanied by an unparalleled 2-year warranty. It can be set up anywhere.

  • plus-circle
    Allows for practice on all surfaces.
  • plus-circle
    Has a highly durable frame and net.
  • plus-circle
    Has an adjustable dual rebounder that creates very realistic conditions.
  • minus-circle
    Assembly instructions were quite vague.

7.    SoccerWave Jr. 2 in 1 Soccer Rebounder

SoccerWave understands the demanding nature of a players training and works to provide the high quality and features in a single package. The SoccerWave Jr Rebounder allows the user to practice multiple skills like trapping, catching, heading and others. This is further made better by the unpredictable ball returns that this net gives which make for a more active training session.

It can also allow you to practice headers, chest control, and target control. It can be separated into two parts that makes it more portable and can easily be transported.

  • plus-circle
    Great for solo practice sessions.
  • plus-circle
    Unpredictable ball returns help create a more active training environment.
  • plus-circle
    Easy to transport.
  • minus-circle
    Very difficult to assemble.
  • minus-circle
    Metal bars chip very easily.

8.    Franklin Sports Adjustable Soccer Rebounder

Franklin Sports understands the requirements that players have their equipment and works to full fill them. This rebounder an adjusted to return shots both on the ground and in the air. It has a size of 4’x4’ netting and features a center target that is colored for visibility.

This rebounder is perfect for all weather conditions and is perfectly suited for players of all levels including professional players along with junior players. The center target allows the player to improve their aim and kick-power.

  • plus-circle
    Has a colored target at the center for visibility.
  • plus-circle
    The net is great for all weather conditions.
  • plus-circle
    Helps players improve aim and power.
  • minus-circle
    The bungee straps fray after a few months of use.

9.    Goalrilla Striker Soccer Rebound Trainer

Goalrilla is known for providing soccer equipment that is suitable for players of all levels. This soccer rebounder pushes the ball back to you so that you don't spend most of your training session running after the ball. The Goalrilla Striker is perfect for both team and individual use. Moreover, it works perfectly from both sides. Another great thing is its sturdy construction which means that it is highly durable.

The materials used are of the highest quality. The net can be used for training for all positions, including the goalie, receiving, trapping and aiming e.t.c. It allows you to work on the skill that you need to with ease till you achieve perfection.

  • plus-circle
    Great for team or solo practice.
  • plus-circle
    High-quality materials make it highly durable.
  • plus-circle
    Allows you to work on a number of skills.
  • minus-circle
    The rebounder is very difficult to set up

10.    Trigon Sports Soccer Rebounder Training Net

Trigon has been known for proving high-quality training products for athletes of all levels. This Soccer Rebounder is a nod to their level of commitment. The Trigon Soccer Rebounder has a large size of around 6’x12’. Its sturdy construction makes it a great choice for beginners and professional players alike. The steel tube frame adds to its durability. It also has shorter 3’ legs on either side that give more stability to the rebounder.

The net is UV resistant so that you won't have to worry about the net going bad and breaking because of sun exposure. It is also incredibly easy to set up because of the push-button assembly it features.

  • plus-circle
    Great for practicing for all positions; shooting, accuracy, goalkeeping e.t.c
  • plus-circle
    Suitable for players of all levels of expertise.
  • plus-circle
    Very durable.
  • plus-circle
    It is incredibly easy to set up.
  • minus-circle
    The Rebounder has been known to be shipped with parts missing.

Soccer Rebounder Buyer’s Guide


Rebounders are available in different sizes that all depends on you and the skill you need to practice. There are several varieties of rebounders with different net designs and angles.

Many skills require small sized rebounders, and some need big rebounders. It is that a small sized rebounder is easy to carry and can be ported at any area you like, in a bag or a vehicle. Whereas, a big size rebounder cannot be carried easily and it weighs very heavy. It is stable and sturdy, unlike the small size rebounders. If you need a rebounder for kids, then the small size will be efficient, and big sizes will be used by professionals or youngsters.


Portability is very important for rebounders and people who need to practice in different areas. It enables you to carry your practice anywhere anytime. Mostly small sized rebounders have this feature and can be put into a bag. Whereas, big size rebounders are foldable but can only be carried in a vehicle.

If you are a coach or you a player that practices at different locations, then you must look out for portability.


Netting material is a very important feature to consider. It is a well-knitted and all weather resistant that makes the net durable and great with the frame. Most of the nets are connected with the frame by bungee cords that actually push the elasticity of the net. Bungee or spring cords are the materials that make the netting quality great.

These springs and cords are replaceable, but they all come down to your needs.

Angles and targets

Many rebounders are designed to practice and train you from different angles and sides. Many rebounders are adjustable at different angles. They have this feature to allow one to train for different games. Many rebounders do not have this feature. It all depends on you for what you need.

On the other hand, the net is designed with targets. Some have movable targets to practice at different areas some have fixed targets.

Tubing/frame material

Frames are the ones that hold the whole rebounder in one piece. They must be sturdy, durable and strong enough to take the hard kicks from the ball of any kind. Some frames are constructed of fiberglass and plastic. Some are made of aluminum and heavy-duty steel. These all make the rebounders frame strong.

Many frames are covered with powder coating for protecting it from rust and the weather. You should buy such a material that can withstand hard kicks.   

Buying FAQs

1.    What is the best size of rebounders to practice soccer for adults and kids?

Sizes may vary according to your needs. The size of a rebounder depends on the age of the player and the type of skill a player has to practice.

If a player is younger than 14 years than a small-sized rebounder may be the best. It may be portable and not that strong as compared to the big sized rebounders. They have targets which let the young be focused and aim for perfection. This size may help the kid to be challenged on their own level and practice and train more to reach a higher level.

If a player is a young adult, then a big size rebounder would be great. Large size allows the player to have sufficient space and area to kick with full force. These rebounders have a net that rebounds the soccer ball in the same speed of attack. They are an excellent choice for professionals.

2.    What is the best rebounder? An adjustable or non-adjustable?

The adjustability of a rebounder totally depends on your requirement. If you need to buy a rebounder that can be used to practice different types of games then an adjustable rebounder is recommended. An adjustable rebounder can be set at different angles. The different angles allow one to shift the positions in no time and get their skill level up.

These angles allow volleyball players, soccer players, etc. Now, these soccer players may be field players or goalkeepers. Goalkeepers need to be sturdy, and the rebounders help them become one by rebounding the soccer ball at the same speed.

The non-adjustable ones are best for people who have only one particular game to play, and they want to get perfect at it. These rebounders are not portable but are very stable and sturdy.

3.    Can soccer rebounders be used as a goal?

A soccer rebounder can and cannot be used as a goal. This feature is allowed in some rebounders, but some of the rebounders do not support the idea.

Rebounders that are adjustable or rebounders that are tilted at an angle can be used as a goal, but the 90 angle rebounder net will rebound the ball which will not act as a goal. If you need a soccer rebounder and a goal, then you must search for adjustable rebounders.

4.    Can more than one person use a soccer rebounder at a time?

Rebounders are manufactured for players to practice and save time. The best part is that many rebounders can be used by more than one player at a time, i.e., max two players.

Large rebounders have space and nets that have targets designed on them. This enables two players to play easily at a time. For this purpose, the rebounder must be strong and sturdy. Ground steaks are used to fix these on the ground and keep them stable.


Best soccer rebounders are great equipment and essential collection to have in your kit. It not only perfects an adult trick but also trains young kids. Rebounders are made to withstand strong hits, and many allow more than two game practice. It is up to your choice and needs what you bring home.

These rebounders that are mentioned above were reviewed and declared the best. If you need such equipment that saves your time and levels up your soccer skills, then a rebounder is a must to the collection. May you get the best soccer rebounder for your training!

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