9 Best Goalkeeper Gloves to Have 2019 | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

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Gloves are an important part of soccer gear for a goalkeeper. They are specially designed for protecting the hands of the goalkeeper while stopping the soccer ball from reaching for the goal. Best goalkeeper gloves should have the ability to protect your hand from getting a hard hit and enables you to catch the soccer ball fully with the gloves on.


Before getting your hands on the gloves, you must be aware of all the important features that are important. The market is full of goalkeeper gloves. Some look great but are not what they seem, and some may make you think twice and still result to be the best.

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For your convenience, we have presented in detail all the major aspects that must be acknowledged before making a purchase.

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9 Best Goalkeeper Glove Reviews

1.    Exo Shield Gladiator Pro Gloves

These Exo Shield provide a sleek design and is the best grip goalkeeper gloves. The negative cut palm and backhand of the glove is made from German latex and has polybutylene punch zones to exploit punches in the field. The palm is embossed with negative cut with a roll-thumb.

The thumb spines and fingers can be removed so you can customize the level of protection. While for locking down and closure there are a zipper and 2-way Velcro fasteners. Even in damp weathers, the gloves provide strong grip while keeping the inner dry. With the breathable mesh, the gloves keep cool in the game time keeping the heat out.

  • plus-circle
    The Velcro touch points that strap around the wrist gives perfect fit and comfort.
  • plus-circle
    The padding inside is found to be very comfortable while the fit remains same and doesn’t get loose over time.
  • plus-circle
    These gloves are specially manufactured for professional players.
  • minus-circle
    Start tearing apart from palm area within few matches.

2.    Adidas Ace Zones Pro Goalie Gloves

These gloves that Adidas designed in collaboration with people like Iker Casillas, Manuel Nuer, and Peter Cezh are the seamless, sleek gloves. The glove has Adidas’ seamless touch which is provided by the negative cut with the help of latex gussets. The new Evo tech zone on the glove is designed for better control.

The wrists have a close-fitting bandage to provide a proper fit and comfort. The palm area has 3.5mm latex and 4mm latex on the fingers and the thumb which features the Nova zone. Additionally, the palm has a brazing zone with extra latex that helps in the grip. The straps are long stretchy and comfortable. The punch zone comes with rubbery web design to improve punch impact.

  • plus-circle
    The gloves work well in different weather conditions.
  • plus-circle
    They can stand impact.
  • plus-circle
    Durable and flexible.
  • plus-circle
    The mesh is also there for keeping the heat minimal.
  • minus-circle
    Palm stitching will start to wear off after few matches.

3.    Puma EvoPower Grip 2.3

The Puma EvoPower 2.3 gloves are roll finger gloves. These gloves claim to be designed with professionals. The palm feature modified graphite foam which provides smoothness and durability. The material of these gloves is weather friendly. They can be played in wet and dry conditions. The backhand is made of latex for protection.

There is also a breathable textile layer on the backhand for breathability the wrap on the wrists are also latex and provide a nice fit.

  • plus-circle
    Lightweight and flexible.
  • plus-circle
    The insides of the palm have a gripping foam fabric.
  • plus-circle
    Durable and washable.
  • plus-circle
    Available in a few colors.
  • plus-circle
    The gloves are good for training and matches.
  • minus-circle
    Sowing will unravel after short use.

4.    Kixsports KixGK Exo Goalkeeper Gloves

The Kixsports gloves are professional level roll finger goalkeeper gloves that provide excellent performance with less budget. The material on the palm is a super sticky latex that improves tackiness. The wrist enclosure is durable straps that play a key role in the grip. The glove also features breathable mesh for air passage to keep the sweat dry. The latex on the punch zone provides stripped prudent design for reducing the impact on the punch.

It also has 4mm Super Soft latex layer + 3mm of foam latex for excellent grip and durability. The KixGK gloves feature advanced KixGK Exo shock absorption. The main feature is the removable and adjustable high-quality, flexible finger spines that can prevent hypertension.

  • plus-circle
    They are strong and can prevent hard impacts.
  • plus-circle
    Sticky latex provides a strong grip.
  • plus-circle
    Breathable material restricts sweating.
  • minus-circle
    Not ideal for wet conditions.
  • minus-circle
    Straps and foam are a week.

5.    Brine King Match 3X Goalie Gloves

3X Goalie gloves are solid goalkeeper gloves that come at a relatively low price. The German latex on the palm is 3mm and 2mm on the backer. The body is breathable due to mesh and finger gussets. A new feature on these gloves is the backbone protection system that helps to prevent hypertension. The finger savers are very rigid and strong and able to withhold strong impacts.

Moreover, the EVA print is embossed on the backhand. The wrists are wrapped with elasticized straps that go all the way around, with the Brine logo.

  • plus-circle
    The finger and thumb wrap contribute to good ball control and grip.
  • plus-circle
    It’s a good glove for practicing.
  • plus-circle
    The crossways wrapped backhand increases comfort and mend glove shape.
  • plus-circle
    The gloves also provide a good and true fit.
  • minus-circle
    They were found to wear off after short use.

6.    Renegade GK Talon Gloves

The Renegade Goalkeeper Gloves are relatively new and have really good reviews regarding performance. The glove features an attractive design with different colors in the market. The glove has a negative cut hence no negative space. It comes with 3mm German latex on backhand and palm which gives it good grip and impact absorption, comfort plus the 180° thumb wrap, pre-arched palm and PU thumb V-notch improves ball control and grip.

It also features finger savers for greater protection. These savers will not bend and retain shape lasting long. This glove is suitable for all types of environment and all levels of players.

  • plus-circle
    The feel on the gloves in soft and comfortable.
  • plus-circle
    The glove has an elasticized wrist wrap.
  • plus-circle
    Super lightweight features allow you to feel like being barely there.
  • plus-circle
    An air mesh body to give breathability.
  • minus-circle
    Gloves lack thumb saver.

7.    Youth&Adult Goalie Goalkeeper Gloves

These goalkeeper gloves by TimeBus are good gloves for practice sessions. The gloves also feature latex. The latex is anti-slip and wears resistant. Extra padding on the palm is good for impact. The glove features a positive cut that is unique but is not liked by most people. The backbone finger saves system is also included in these gloves giving extra protection to fingers from the impact.

The wrist wrap is dually designed with elastic layer lining and gets strapped by velcro bandage, and the strap is again stretchy. They are a perfect fit while being flexible.

  • plus-circle
    Hard enough to protect your fingers going backward.
  • plus-circle
    The gloves also come with extra wristbands.
  • plus-circle
    Latex material used provides a strong grip.
  • plus-circle
    They are comfortable and efficient.
  • plus-circle
    These gloves are durable and break down slowly.
  • minus-circle
    Finger spines are bit uncomfortable.

8.    Blok-IT Goalkeeper Gloves

While going for the lookout for goalkeeper gloves, one always wants a high-quality material which is durable, sturdy and has a finished look. It is a good choice for goalkeepers who are new to the game and practice every day. They are great for rough use. Here, Blok-T goalkeeper gloves guarantee you all these important factors and encourage to use them as they may last longer than you want and that escalated them to the top of our list.

The padding and its breathable technology are of great support. The breathable material helps a lot in a game to avoid sweat and play with ease. These major features of the gloves make them great.

Blok-T goalkeeper gloves are the best goalkeeper gloves with finger protection because they have a great quality, are comfortable and guarantee the grip you require. They are padded to protect your hands from injury.  If you are in search and need a pair of suitable gloves for practice matches or a family game, then these gloves may work out.

  • plus-circle
    Designed with a breathable material.
  • plus-circle
    It is durable and hard.
  • plus-circle
    Protects the fingers with finger protection.
  • plus-circle
    Not slippery.
  • minus-circle
    The stitching job is done casually.
  • minus-circle
    Sizes may go a little off.

9.    Select Sport America 3 Youth Hard Ground Goalkeeper Gloves

Many students are selected as a goalkeeper, and for that, they acquire a proper gear. Many sellers are present to provide you with a proper gear, but very few have got the perfect goalkeeper gloves. Select sports America goalkeeper gloves contain attributes like padding to protect the delicate fingers, flat cut that allows fine grip on the soccer ball and flexible to allow smooth movements of the hand.

All these are the basic requirements for the gloves that make the goalkeeping easy. These gloves are great for practice and match for kids. They can be bought according to sizes and in different colors. 

  • plus-circle
    Straps are supportive and of a good quality.
  • plus-circle
    They have a look of professional gloves.
  • plus-circle
    They are padded.
  • plus-circle
    Comfortable and hard.
  • minus-circle
    Stitching job is done sketchily.
  • minus-circle
    The material might wear off after a period.

Goalkeeper Glove Buyer’s Guide


Goalkeeper gloves have different attributes but keep in mind that a goalkeeper gets hit by the soccer ball all the time. To protect the goalkeeper hands and fingers a sturdy and hard pair of gloves is always recommended.

Some newbies may need extra protection which can be done by buying extra support. The finger protection is very important, and only the best gloves can assure you of that.


The feature that keeps the gloves in its place resulting it into a sturdy pair. Sturdiness is very major in the goalkeeper gloves. It authenticates the safety of your hand from the hard soccer ball.

There are different types of closure in the gloves in which hook and loop indicating the straps are common. The quality of the closure must be exceptional as it is the main feature to keep the glove on. A bad quality closure may result in injuries.


Goalkeeper gloves have different types of cuts called the glove cuts. The most recognized and recommended is the flat palm cut. It is recommended for people who have bulky and large hands. The others are negative cut, roll finger, hybrid cut, and negative roll.

The negative cut is best for slimmer hands that are in practice. All the others are recommended for professionals. To make the right choice while picking a pair of gloves make sure to keep the suitable Palm cut in mind.


Another important feature that limits the play if not taken care of is the flexibility of the gloves. It is important to choose the right glove that does not limit your finger movements. The finger safety padding sometimes acts stiff which requires strength to move the finger to form a punch. To play the best on-field make sure that flexibility of the glove is your friend.


The main part of buying any product is its price. Gloves may have different ranges from high to low. While buying a pair of glove maintain one thing in mind that not every high priced product is great and very low price product is of bad quality. You will come across several prices but to find the best cheap goalkeeper gloves always go for the quality whilst having a budget.

Goalkeeper Buying FAQs

1. How should thick goalkeeper gloves be?

The thickness of the gloves is an essential feature which is commonly known as padding. If you are new to the game, you might want extra padding as you will get hit by the soccer ball frequently and very hard. The padding does not only protects your hand but also lets you have a controlled grip on the soccer ball. The thickness depends on your level of play.

2. What type of glove is right for me?

The right type of gloves contains main features like durability and sturdiness. To select the perfect match for your gameplay, decide the level you are playing on and features that you might need in the gloves.

If you are a professional goalkeeper you will need a pair of match gloves that are the best of all the goalkeeper gloves, are very soft, have the soccer ball in control with great grip and protection of the fingers.

 A trainer who is in practice might need a pair of training gloves that are made for newbies and training sessions. They are designed to resist intensive and regular training practices and have extra padding for protection.

There are finger protection gloves that are made especially for avoiding finger injuries. They are made for people who are not great at gripping.

Weather protection gloves have a material that saves the glove from getting affected by the weather let be it wind or rain. They also protect the slipping out of hand and does not make your hand sweat.

3. What are the differences between soccer glove wrist wraps or bandages?

The wrist wraps and bandages are an essential part of your glove that makes the glove hold tight on your wrist. These make sure that the gloves are securely on your hand and resists it from coming off. Wrist wraps and bandages have a slight difference.

Wrist wraps make sure that the newbie gets a comfortable grip. It makes sure the optimal fit of the glove of your hand and hold it tight. While the bandages are designed for professionals, who play in the wet field. They are made water resistant and protects the wrist from the sudden thrust provided by the soccer ball.

4. How do I find the right size of goalkeeper glove for me?

A pair of goalie gloves may become perfect for you if you know your hand size. The most recommended size of gloves is 1 inch larger than your hand. It gives room for the hand to move not much but at least a bit to have control over your grip so that your fingers do not hurt while gripping the soccer ball or forming a punch to stop the goal.

However, too much room for your hand can result in slipping and uncontrollable movements. So make sure your gloves are not too perfect in size and nor too out of the size. Just a slight difference may do a great job.

Furthermore, you can measure your hand size by different methods.

5. What are best quality goalkeeper gloves?

The best quality goalkeeper gloves have all the attributes discussed above. They have everything perfect such as the material of the gloves, padding, finger protection is sturdy and allows easy movement, the closure straps are of great quality, are very soft from the inside and sturdy on the outside.

Some gloves may have bad-quality which will tear off the material for infrequent use. Stay safe from such gloves as they seem to look cool but our disappointment.

6. Are goalkeeper gloves machine washable?

While in the field a goalkeeper may get his gloves dirty. Even though the best goalkeeper gloves have a washable material but some might not support this. It is recommended that the gloves should be washed by hands as they will lose their quality by washing it in a washing machine.

Make sure to wash them before your first play and after every play in the warm water as the marks will come off sooner.


Soccer helps the kids and the adults to adopt a skill for their leisure time or professionally. However, goalkeeping is the most technical position which is on the target all the time in the game. For that, it is vital for the goalkeeper to choose a pair of glove that protects the hand, as self-security must be the priority, and gets you hold on the soccer ball with full control.

We made every little important factor which should be present in the goalkeeper gloves and made sure to free you from all the problems that people might get you fall in. We researched and found the best goalkeeper gloves in the world and specified their attributes.

Before taking the move make sure to have acknowledged all the guidance. May you stop every soccer ball coming your way!

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