9 Best Soccer Cleats for Wide Feet 2019 | The Thorough Buyer’s Guide

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Similar to all other sports, soccer also has its particular sports gear that helps players polish their skills on the field and helps them enhance their performance. Soccer cleats are one such example. They provide the right foundation of feet that helps the players become have more control over their game.

Cleat for wide feet

To help you get the right pair of cleats for your wide feet, we have compiled our buying guide which will help you find the features that are essential. You can also look at our frequently asked questions by customers to clear any other prevailing questions in your mind about the best soccer cleats for wide feet.

Let’s begin!

9 Best Soccer Cleats for Wide Feet Reviews

1.    Adidas Performance Men's Copa Mundial Soccer Shoe

Adidas is a well-established and trustworthy brand for sports gears since years. Copa Mundial shoes are made of a leather material to make them long-lasting and comfortable. Their innersole is synthetic which allows better durability and more comfort of the pressure points in the feet.

The EVA die cut type is perfect for people that have a wide foot and would like support. The cut style helps them in easily moving around their feet. The synthetic liner in the shoe allows users’ feet to breathe and be well ventilated. The reason why these cleats are on the top list is that Adidas is a reliable brand and a brand worth the purchase.

  • plus-circle
    The outsole is made for firm natural grounds
  • plus-circle
    Leather materials ensure durability
  • plus-circle
    Die-cut EVA insole assures free movement for wide feet
  • minus-circle
    No variety in colors
  • minus-circle
    No midsole in these shoes

2.    Adidas Performance Men's Gloro Soccer Shoe

Another one of Adidas soccer cleats is on this list because of its high quality and variety of colors. The mixture of leather and synthetic materials allows the shoes to be more durable and be a better size than usual. The rubber sole ensures softness along with the right support on the grim of feet which makes it the suitable for people with wide grim only.

The premium K leather vamp with synthetic leather that is placed on the heel allows users to be more stable during their games. One of the reasons why these cleats are on the top list is because of their synthetic lining which makes them a perfect fit.

  • plus-circle
    The synthetic lining gives a fine fit
  • plus-circle
    Leather and synthetic material makes it friendly in all weathers
  • plus-circle
    Heal is given good support and stability
  • minus-circle
    There is no collar support
  • minus-circle
    They do not have a mesh covering

3.    PUMA Men's Evo-power Vigor 1 FG

Puma soccer cleats are a great way to enhance your game and get support on your feet. It has been around for a very long time and is considered to be one of the most reliable brands in sports goods.  The Evo power feature makes the shoes much more stable and provides the tendency to give energy to feet which makes it unique and highly effective to the users.

A variety of vibrant colors and better soccer performance with these shoes makes it legible to be on the top list for the soccer cleats. The Accu foam feature makes these shoes perfect for people that need better circulation to polish their skills on the field.

  • plus-circle
    Accu foam allows the better target of pressure points of the feet
  • plus-circle
    The upper material is stretchable for a better fit
  • plus-circle
    Gradual frame stability allows the frame of the shoe to provide balance
  • minus-circle
    No collar support

4.    NIKE Magista Obra II Firm-Ground Soccer Cleat

Nike is a brand that needs no introduction. It is one of the biggest sports brands all around the world producing high-quality products to make your game easier and enjoyable. These Nike cleats are one of a kind made of synthetic material. The firm ground design affects the users on the field by helping them remain stable through the mildly wet fields.

The high top design makes it perfect for people that have a wide and flat foot. The reason why you can see this in the top list is that of the shoe is very friendly to the touch of the ball which helps make the game smoother.

  • plus-circle
    The synthetic leather material suits mildly wet grounds
  • plus-circle
    The high top inbuilt socks provide support to people with wide feet
  • plus-circle
    The shoe offers a great touch to the soccer ball
  • minus-circle
    The high top sock is very tight
  • minus-circle
    The shoes do not seem to be very ventilated

5.    ASICS Men's Ds Light 6 Soccer Shoes

Asics is a sports shoe brand which produces various kinds of shoes for men and women. They have a variety of shoes for different types of purposes and various needs. These soccer shoes affect the players as they are light in weight and give the user full freedom to move around their feet. The leather material enhances the durability of the shoes and makes them appreciable enough to be on our top list.

These shoes are also perfect for people that do not like to tie their laces since they are slip-on yet they provide great support. These shoes have a reasonable height which allows them to offer more support to the users.

  • plus-circle
    The shaft measures 2.75 inches from the arc for better support on the top of the foot
  • plus-circle
    These shoes come pre-tied
  • plus-circle
    Leather ensures durability
  • minus-circle
    The rubber insole does not target the pressure points
  • minus-circle
    Leather does not work on wet grounds very well

6.    NIKE Men's The Premier Soccer Cleat

Nike excels in sports goods including shoes that are specially made for soccer. These premier sports cleats are made with leather to give them a long lasting life and are made lightweight. These shoes are made perfect for users that find their feet to be of an odd shape and find shoes not to give them enough support; the PE sock liner helps in achieving this aspect.

The latex sole is one aspect that provides the preeminent cushioning which affects the users in a great way by improving their support during the game. The ultimate cushioning and durability of these shoes make them counted in our top list.

  • plus-circle
    Latex sole is made for the ultimate cushioning
  • plus-circle
    The PE sole lining helps achieve support to the foot all around
  • plus-circle
    The shoes are made very light in weight
  • minus-circle
    The leather is not good for wet grounds
  • minus-circle
    There is no mesh or ventilation in these shoes

7.    Adidas Men's Copa FG 17.2 Soccer Cleat

Another one of Adidas’s shoes makes it to our top list because customers from all over the world rely on these shoes and the company does not let them down.

The full-grain leather material allows users to play in mildly wet fields with these shoes as well since it becomes water resistant. The users can be affected by the ability of the shoes’ body to come in contact with the ball in fair terms and enhancing the shot. The rubber sole in these shoes helps provide great cushioning to the shoes.

  • plus-circle
    The rubber sole provides cushioning
  • plus-circle
    The material is full grain leather which is long lasting and safe for water moisture
  • plus-circle
    The collar is contoured for support
  • minus-circle
    The thin tongue may not provide full support
  • minus-circle
    They do not have a special feature for wide feet

8.    PUMA Men's Evopower 1.3 FG Soccer Shoe

Puma sports shoes have been around for a long time, and the reason why we have another pair by Puma is that of the great quality and features that are there in their sports cleats. These sports cleats are made for men with wide feet so that they get the most performance by their shoes. The synthetic materials give the users a free hand to play in almost all weather conditions with these shoes.

These shoes are in our top list because of their ability to refine your soccer performance with the right support on your feet.  They have a rubber sole made for high cushioning which makes them even more comfortable.

  • plus-circle
    The rubber sole helps in achieving a soft base
  • plus-circle
    The synthetic material allows you to play in the wet fields too
  • plus-circle
    The lop top shaft helps in attaining free movements for wide footmen
  • minus-circle
    They do not have much arch support

9.    PUMA Men's King II FG Sneaker

Puma is one of the leading brands in sport's shoes. However, these sneakers provide features that make them worthy to be on the top list for our soccer cleats for wide feet. The low top shaft seems to affect the users by helping them move around their wide feet without any troubles.

The freedom in movement makes these shoes perfect for people with wide feet especially men. The leather materials help achieves the durability of the shoes. The synthetic sole works to provide a strong foundation for the sole.

  • plus-circle
    The lot top shaft helps in free movement
  • plus-circle
    The leather material keeps the shoes friendly
  • plus-circle
    There are various colors to choose from
  • minus-circle
    The synthetic sole is not ventilated
  • minus-circle
    Leather may not work on mildly wet fields

Soccer Cleat for Wide Feet Buying Guide


The material of your shoes is critical as it will determine the durability of your shoes. The following are a few common materials that make the best choices.

1.    Leather: Leather is one of the most expensive kinds that provide the best fit and also great support. The softer the leather material, the lesser it will be durable, but it will provide a better connection to the ball. The following are the three kinds of leather

a.    Kangaroo: Kangaroo leather is soft that breaks down to get the foot adjusted. It is expensive, yet it is lightweight and worth the money. They are great for coming in contact with the ball yet they will not be very durable.

b.    Full-grain:  Full grain leather is much more durable as it can work in mildly wet fields as well. They usually hold up mild, wet fields as well which makes them better. However, they do not stretch so they can be a tight fit.

2.    Synthetic: This material is ideal for almost every field. They are less expensive and easy to maintain. They turn out to be the strongest even in rough terrains which make them a great choice.


The firm ground shoes have a hard plastic set of grooves on their sole which allows users to get a stable foundation on almost every field. These groves help the shoes become more versatile in almost every weather conditions too. They additionally provide safety which is why they are highly recommended.


One of the most important factors for people with wide feet is the sole. The sole needs to be soft and supportive from various angles to provide maximum support to the user.


Q1.     Why are soccer cleats different for people with wide feet?

There is no heavy discrimination here. The only reason that cleats are different for people with wide feet is that they tend to need a different shape for their shoes that are wider in the grim area. Wide feet also need different points of support on the sides and on the soles to ensure that they remain stable during their games which is why the shoes are slightly different. 

Another reason why these shoes are different is that people with wide feet need extra room in their shoes to ensure that the feet remain free to move. However, this needs to be done without losing the right fitting.

Q2.     What is the right fitting for soccer cleats?

You may be wondering what size is the right size or why your standard shoe size does not seem to fit into your cleats. The reason is simple, because of the design cleats may vary extensively in size. So the first thing to remember is not to rely on your standard shoe size, instead try on a couple of sizes and follow this guide.

Try out a size and make sure that it closely fits you; your shoe should not be very tight as to stop your foot from circulation or too loose. To check it further, stand up and check where the toe reaches. The toe should not touch the edge of your shoe yet it should not be very far apart. Keep in mind that some materials like pure leather will break into your feet so you will have to buy the size accordingly.

Q3.     Can I purchase slip-on cleats for my wide feet?

Slip-on cleats are time-saving and very convenient to wear. These types of cleats do not have laces that you will have to tie which can be a problem for you in many ways. First and foremost, if the shoe breaks into your size, you cannot tighten them in most cases.

You will have to buy new ones with your right size. Another reason is that wide feet usually have a problem in slipping into these shoes. You may find them to be wide, but the top will have a shape that might create inconvenience in the long run.

Q4.     How to make sure my cleats are comfortable?

One of the most important aspects for people with wide feet is a comfort. The comfort is directly proportionate to the material of the lining and the innersoles. Most cleats have a sock lining material or synthetic lining. You will have to choose the one that is most convenient for you. The PE sock lining is most recommended since it remains breathable yet highly cushions the foot overall.

The area of concern is the soles. Since you will be getting the ones for wide feet, you can count on the soles being supportive on the side. But the base sole needs to be cushioned too. These pressure points help in enhancing circulation and making the player comfortable after springing about 90 minutes on a huge ground.

Q5.     Are there separate cleats for various soccer positions?

Yes, of course, there are separate cleats for the various positions that you play. These positions determine the movement of your foot which is why it is designed accordingly. Before you choose the size, choose the position that you play.


Our buying guide has the sole purpose of allowing you to make better choices when you purchase cleats for your wide feet. However, to help you purchase the best soccer cleats for wide feet our product reviews of the best cleats in the market will help you understand the various products that you can buy.

Each product seems to have their own specialty and own features that make them worthy of being in the top list. However, the best ones remain the ones that have all in one feature to help you enhance your game.

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