13 Best Soccer Socks 2019 | A Complete Buyer’s Guide (Reviews)

Ease your gameplay

The essential gear required by an athlete is a pair of socks. Whether it be a basketball player or a soccer player, excellent quality is looked for in a pair of socks. A good quality pair of socks can make your play quite easy and smooth.

Spectrum of choices

To make the best decision, choose from the best brands that present true quality items. Are you an athlete? Do you look for perfection in all your kit garments? If yes, then you need not worry, we are here to solve your problem with the best soccer socks available in the market.

Yes, we did the research and are presenting you the high-quality soccer socks from top brands in sports garments.

Let’s kick off!

13 Best Soccer Socks Reviews

1.    Soxnet Cotton Soccer Sports Team Socks

The Soxnet cotton socks are unisex and are perfectly suited for field sports like soccer and rugby. These are cotton tube socks and with comfortable and stretchable fabric. This means that the socks can keep the shin-guards secure and firmly in place. Now, you won't have to keep fixing your shin guards every few minutes into the game.

These socks have been made from a remarkably durable material, and this means that they will last you a whole season with ease. The material is perfect and allows for breathability and absorption of sweat so that your feet don't get all slippery and sweaty inside the socks.

  • plus-circle
    The breathable fabric used will absorb the sweat.
  • plus-circle
    They are available in many colors and sizes
  • plus-circle
    Keep the shin guards very secure.
  • minus-circle
    They shrink significantly after the first wash.

2.    Adidas Metro IV Soccer Socks

Adidas is a name known for its quality and reliability. They manufacture products that allow for the greatest efficiency and performance of the player. These socks have a flat knit leg that makes it comfortable and breathable. It is also quite light.

The material is quite light, and the foot area has been designed with an arch that further adds to the comfort and support that the socks provide. The socks also support the ankle. These socks are perfect for all athletes and are not dependent on the level of experience of the player.

  • plus-circle
    They are very breathable
  • plus-circle
    The socks are quite absorbent and comfortable
  • plus-circle
    They provide great foot and ankle support
  • minus-circle
    They have been known to fray easily.

3.    Adidas Copa Zone Cushion II Socks

These Adidas socks are of the highest quality and are a true symbol of the standard that Adidas holds itself up to. The socks are perfectly suited for all soccer players irrespective of whether you are a novice or a professional player.

What's more?

These socks are quite lightweight and have been designed for a close fit. They work to keep the shin guard firm and close. These socks have been further designed with the ClimaLite technology that works to cool the moisture and provides added ventilation and comfort to your feet. The foot of the socks provide great cushioning and support to both the balls of the feet and the ankle.

  • plus-circle
    A great choice for all levels of players.
  • plus-circle
    Provides great ventilation
  • plus-circle
    The socks are lightweight
  • plus-circle
    The socks provide great stability to the ankle and foot.
  • minus-circle
    The tops of the socks may be defective.

4.    TCK Sports Elite Digital Camo Over the Calf Performance Socks

This pair of socks is a great addition to any athlete’s collection. These socks are stretchable over the calf and keep the shin-guards secure. What's more is that these socks are moisture wicking and provide odor control so that you can stay in the field for long hours of practice without having to worry about the intensely smelly feet.

The socks work to provide blister control and are even antimicrobial which helps to keep the foot clean and safe from any infections. The socks offer suitable arch compression that further adds to the comfort and support that these socks provide.

  • plus-circle
    Keep the feet clean and dry
  • plus-circle
    Provide blister control and are antimicrobial
  • plus-circle
    The socks provide arch compression which makes them very comfortable.
  • minus-circle
    The socks may be too tight to accommodate the legs and the shin guards

5.    Adidas Rivalry Field OTC Sock (2-pack)

The Adidas name has been associated with the highest standard of quality and performance. This pair of Adidas socks features the ClimaLite technology that works for you to remove excess moisture away from your feet and keeps them cool and dry all day long.

These are good absorbents and works to keep your feet comfortable at all times. The socks also provide compression to the foot arch and the ankle. This further makes it more comfortable and provides added protection from impact and adds to the stability of the foot.

  • plus-circle
    ClimaLite technology keeps the feet cool and dry.
  • plus-circle
    Foot arch and ankle support
  • plus-circle
    Provides cushioning to the foot that protects it.
  • minus-circle
    Don't fit comfortably over shin guards. Too tight.

6.    Adidas Team Speed Soccer Socks

Everyone knows, but no one knows it better than Adidas. They provide the highest quality equipment that has been designed to serve the needs of the players. This pair of Adidas socks is remarkably lightweight and are a wonderfully snug fit. They keep the shin guards firmly attached and in place. The socks also have the signature Adidas right and left shaped footbeds.

These footbeds have been designed keeping the anatomy of both feet in mind and adds to the natural movement of the foot. The ClimaCool Technology I'm these socks work to keep your feet cool and dry and allows for breathability. They even have to cushion that makes sure that there is added shock absorption.

  • plus-circle
    Have a lightweight design.
  • plus-circle
    The signature right/left design adds to the natural movement of the foot.
  • plus-circle
    They are very breathable
  • plus-circle
    The socks keep your feet cool and dry.
  • minus-circle
    The toe seam falls apart after 1-2 washes

7.    Nike Park IV Sock

Nike makes us satisfied with good quality items and has always kept customers satisfaction their first priority. The socks they are providing are very good looking and of a really good quality. The colors they have chosen is eye-catching and suits both adults and children. They have a flexible quality that allows easy stretch and are tear resistant.

  • plus-circle
    They fit as expected.
  • plus-circle
    Have a great variety of colors to choose from.
  • plus-circle
    They are available in all sizes starting from children of age 8 and adults in small, medium and large range.
  • plus-circle
    They are flexible and tear resistant.
  • minus-circle
    They are made machine washable, but some might give off color.
  • minus-circle
    They shrink after a wash.

8.    Sof Sole Midfielder Soccer Socks

SOF socks work on making their item wearable in the wet and dry. These socks are made with 80% acrylic, 17% polyester and 3% spandex, all performing an important role. These fibers make sure that the socks do not shrink after washing and remain comfortable.

They are made children and adults with various sizes. The flexible fit makes them easy to fit, and the compartments made in the heel gives excellent support.

  • plus-circle
    These do not give blisters.
  • plus-circle
    They resist shrinkage.
  • plus-circle
    Have a hydrologic moisture moving fiber that prevents them from getting wet.
  • plus-circle
    The fabric is thick and soft.
  • minus-circle
    They might not result fine in washing.

9.    Epivive Digital Flame OTC Athletic Sock

Epivive socks are great not only for soccer but can be worn in different sports/games. They are great looking for socks that are knee-high.

These socks have a great style and a premium design. Adults and children love the designs that provide a classic look. These soccer socks have different colors. They are made sweat-resistant, and the anti-microbial technology prevents the bad odor.  This breathable property also keeps the feet dry that results in smooth play.

  • plus-circle
    They have a good fitting property.
  • plus-circle
    They are made light and breathable.
  • plus-circle
    Bold design and high-quality.
  • plus-circle
    Good range of colors.
  • minus-circle
    They might not fit well in the start.
  • minus-circle
    They might feel a little too light.

10.    Luwint Adult Cotton Thick Long Soccer Socks

Luwint socks are a good-looking pair of socks made for different sports. They have an eye-catching design. These socks have a very specific design for different regions of the foot. They have a towel like material at the bottom of the socks that gives comfort to the toes. They have a great fit with flexibility.

Made for adults and fits perfectly on different sizes of the calves. They have socked the sweat property which makes it anti-slip. The length of the socks is 17" with 8.3" bottom length. The perfect length to protect the knees and legs fully.

  • plus-circle
    Great design and comfort.
  • plus-circle
    Have the perfect length for every size.
  • plus-circle
    They have an elastic material property to fit well.
  • plus-circle
    Made for comfort and soft fit.
  • minus-circle
    Might be a little too thick from the bottom.
  • minus-circle
    The stitching might be snug for a wide calf.

11.    LITAO Long Sport Soccer Socks

Litao soccer socks have a unique design with different properties. These socks are made for athletic kids that play rough and practice in the field. These high knee socks help the children to protect their legs and play well.

The color ranges of these socks are attractive that all kids love. They are designed with thickness and elasticity that prevent sweat and fit well. They keep dry and prevents bacteria from entering. They are available for children from 7 to 14 years old.

  • plus-circle
    Made stretchable and easy to wear.
  • plus-circle
    Resists bacteria.
  • plus-circle
    Designed for comfort and fits perfectly.
  • plus-circle
    The quality is outstanding.
  • minus-circle
    They might be a little tight for children that are not much into sports.

12.    TRUSOX Mid-Calf Crew Cushion Soccer Sock

These socks are different from the normal soccer socks. They are made for people of different preferences.

These socks have more cushioning than the other soccer socks. They are mid-calf socks which help in fitting perfectly without any slip. The cushioning helps in stable fit and is anti-sweat. These socks basically are known as training socks. They give you free-space to experiment different techniques. Trusox socks are available in different colors. It is made of 60% nylon, 39% cotton, and 1% spandex.

  • plus-circle
    Great for training.
  • plus-circle
    Consists extra cushioning.
  • plus-circle
    Fits very well.
  • plus-circle
    Allows no slip.
  • minus-circle
    The tight-fitting might give blisters.
  • minus-circle
    May lose their quality if washed hard.

13.    JiYe Elite Socks

JiYe Elite socks are a mid-calf pair of socks. They are made for sports as well as normal wear. These socks are made different from others with a combination of 75% cotton, 15% polyester, and 10% spandex.

This combination helps in great stretch and comfort. The cushioning is done to provide comfort and grip. These are great for all age groups. These soccer socks do not only work great for training but can also be worn in different sports.

  • plus-circle
    They are extra padded.
  • plus-circle
    Great fit.
  • plus-circle
    They do not slip and assist tight grip.
  • plus-circle
  • minus-circle
    They are mid-calves that cannot protect the upper mid of the leg.

Soccer Sock Buyer’s Guide


Soccer socks come in different shapes and sizes. They are available in a wide range from children to adults. The perfect size is very important for any athlete. A soccer player cannot afford any discomfort and over or undersized socks.

If you are an athlete and are in search of the perfect size of soccer socks that fit well and support your play at full then make sure to know your size. Some soccer socks shrink after a wash which will make you unhappy. To prevent regretting buy a pair that is half larger than your original size.

Sweat Resistant

A fundamental property that is required and looked for in soccer socks is the ability of the material to resist sweat/moisture. A player may get heated that can cause sweat and moisture. If this is not controlled the play of the player may get affected.

Many brands make sure to include this property, but few claim it to be a thing where in reality they just disappoint. For professional players, this property is very important.


For different plays, different lengths of the socks are required. The length of the socks play a major role and gets you ready for different plays.

Few basic lengths must be in your kit:

I.    OTC (Over The Calf)

These are knee-high soccer socks that are usually used for the day of the match. They have a good fit all around the calf and are designed to wear with comfort. These socks are cushioned or padded to give a good grip to your feet and the calves. They are also made high to protect your knees and legs from injuries.

These must be bought if required for a match.

II.    Crew

The crew length of the soccer socks is worn mostly in a training field. These socks are mid-calf that allow easy movement for the footwork in soccer training. These are mostly used for practicing different techniques. 

III.    Left/Right Foot Design

The left/right foot design socks are for people who want excellent grip and perfect fitting. These basically have the R and L letters written on the toes of the socks which indicate the right and left foot socks.

If perfect fit and comfort are required these socks help in achieving them.


The quality of the soccer socks can be judged by the material used in the making. Soccer socks are made with different materials for different purposes. Spandex and polymer are commonly used in the making of socks. They allow flexibility in the socks and enables easy stretch. The percentage of these materials can vary. Acrylic, cotton, and nylon are the materials that are used as the basic material in different socks.


Thickness matters a lot in good-quality soccer socks. Some people do not find comfort in thickness, but some do. Thickness identifies the quality of the socks as some light socks may tear off in few plays while some don’t. Thickness is done for comfort and durability.

Soccer Sock Buying FAQs

1. Are the soccer socks machine washable?

This is the most important question as the socks in plays gets dirty. Some soccer socks are machine washable some are not. It all depends on the good-quality. You will notice a slight shrink in the size of the socks after washing some might also face color fading problems. Remember that some colored socks may fade color on washing hard.

The most suggested way of washing the socks is folding them inside out and machine washing them in cold water as warm water may wear the quality of the socks off.

2. What is the best material to go for, while buying a pair of soccer socks?

Nylon, cotton, and acrylic are the basic materials having the most quantity of socks. Each material has their own advantage and property.

What is best for you, depends on your liking. Cotton is thick and may get your foot hot but provide excellent grip. Acrylic and nylon are light and do not have great grip if compared to cotton but are breathable and sweat resistant.

Too tight socks may give blisters on your feet so buy those which feel comfortable and light.

3. What is cushioning?

While going for a buy, you may have heard the word cushioning. Cushioning actually means padding of cloth. It is the thickness that a material attains after adding extra material to a specific area.

Cushioning in soccer socks is done to attain comfort and good grip. This property is very important for socks to have as it makes the socks breathable and thick.

4. What soccer socks are best? Mid-calf socks or knee-high socks?

Both the lengths of the socks have different usage. They might also feel different.

For a soccer match, a knee-high pair of socks is looked for as it has high grip and protects the legs from injuries. It has breathable properties and allows no sweat odor. They have a unique design. They are padded from the bottom and are made fit with padded joints. While the upper part is made light with a strong grip.

Whereas, the Mid-calf soccer socks are used for training. They are extra padded as compared to the other socks and allows one to test different tricks with easy movement.    

5. What properties should we bear in mind while buying a pair of soccer socks?

The basic properties that you should remember to look for before buying a pair of socks are the quality, your size, the padding of the socks, sweat resistant, breathable technology and length according to your requirement.

All the properties mentioned above are essential to acknowledge while making a buy and knowing your requirements may result in the best soccer socks collection.


A soccer match is crucial if you are a part of it. To make the match result in great victory, all the essential garment kit must be of great quality. We reviewed the best soccer socks available, for you and made sure to make you buy the best.

Keeping all the essential features in mind and specifying what you look for, we summed up every major requirement you might have. All you need to do is study your requirements and make a move by getting your hands on the best socks.

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