11 Absolute Reasons Why You Should Play Table Tennis Now

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There are very many reasons as to why you should play table tennis. 

However, there are more reasons as to why you should play table tennis other than the benefits associated with the sport.

If you have been stuck wondering which game to play to improve your life, you might want to consider table tennis after reading through this article.

Here are the main reasons you should start playing table tennis now.

1.    Inexpensive to start off

Once you gain an interest in playing table tennis, you don’t need a fundraiser to get started. All you need is an affordable paddle and a membership fee at your local table tennis club. Moreover, you can start off by borrowing a friend’s old bat/paddle (as I’m sure they won’t give you their favorite). Of course, you can upgrade your equipment as time goes, but the initial cost should be very low. Unlike other sports where you need helmets, shoes, eyewear and a huge field, in table tennis, you can start off with your regular running shoes, a short and an affordable bat/paddle.

2.    Table tennis can be played anywhere by anyone

The best thing about table tennis is that you do not require specialized areas of play like in football, tennis and other racket games. In table tennis, all you need is a small room to place the ping-pong table plus enough space to move around during play. Furthermore, you can play the sport with virtually anyone who is able to hold a bat/paddle. Since table tennis does not have a lot of technicalities, you can quickly train a colleague or friend for them to keep you company if no one around knows how to play table tennis.

3.    Table tennis can be played at all levels

As mentioned above, table tennis can be played by anyone which means you can play at any level without being intimidated. For instance, an amateur can play against a more experienced player without feeling out of place. Moreover, unlike in other sports such as football where you need various physical advantages over your opponent and exceptional training among other things, in street table tennis all you need to do is pick up the bat/paddle and be a quick learner. Furthermore, it is easy to encourage people to play table tennis since it’s a non-contact game meaning minimal chances of physical injuries.

4.    Table tennis can be played anytime

Table tennis sessions are typically short with a majority being less than 20 minutes long. In this regard, you can play table tennis at any time without having to plan extensively like in other sports. In this regard, it means you can engage your colleague in a quick game during tea break or lunch, pause the game if need be and continue it later on. Although it is encouraged to wear the right sports gear, table tennis is often played casually at the bar or home without dressing up for the game.

5.    Health benefits

Table tennis is one of the fastest sports in the world, especially on a professional level. However, it doesn’t mean that you don’t get a chance to improve your health and fitness playing table tennis as an amateur. Table tennis helps improve your health mainly by burning calories, flushing toxins and improving the heart rate among others. It is also one of the most favorable fitness sports that can be played by all ages.

6.    It is gentle on your body

Table tennis proves to be one of the best sports for the elderly or persons suffering from knee or joint injuries. It can also be a good sport for people who recently had surgery and need to exercise their muscles without straining them.

7.    It improves balance

Table tennis is believed to improve balance especially for the elderly. Body balance improves as it’s one of the most important factors when playing table tennis. You are required to move quickly from one side to another and maintain your balance to compete in table tennis. Since table tennis is an addictive game, it would surely improve your balance with time.

8.    It improves coordination

In table tennis, a lot of coordination is required for players to win rallies. In this regard, players gradually improve their hand-eye coordination with increased participation in the sport. It also helps a player to improve their tactical strategies and mental alertness.

9.    It improves reflexes

As mentioned earlier, table tennis is one of the fastest games in the world which means that in that kind of a fast-paced environment, your body and muscles should be quick to stay ahead of the opponent in the game. In this regard, your muscles adapt to regular play.

10.    It improves brain function

As mentioned, table tennis thrives in a fast-paced environment which means that split-second decisions need to be made consequently improving your brain and body coordination. During the game, your mind is required to process a lot of data within a short period which to your advantage keeps your brain sharp at all times. Table tennis is also believed to stimulate various parts of your brain consequently preventing some diseases such as dementia.

11.    It’s fun to play!

There is a lot of fun in playing table tennis because it’s straightforward to start playing but again very difficult to master which means that at every step of the journey, you will always find something interesting and challenging to conquer.


Table tennis is not a breathtaking sport; it’s one that requires minimal movement and contact. In this regard, you can enjoy it at any time of the day or night, anywhere with anybody and forever. There is no retirement in table tennis which means that you can play it even when your bones become weaker as you age.

Since anybody can play table tennis, it comes off as one of the easiest games for socialization and making new friends. It is believed that table tennis improves communication as well. Since players are close to each other and able to talk, it gives them a chance to socialize during the game. Furthermore, players can have a joke or two with the audience during the game as well. Table tennis can also offer you some personal benefits depending on how you use it. For instance, you can use table tennis for weight loss or to battle some vices such as drinking by spending your free time playing the sport.

Whether you play the sport competitively or just for fun, there is no denying the fact that you are gaining something from the sport with minimal effort. Personally, I think it’s really difficult to overlook those mentioned above social and health benefits that come with the game.

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