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As an avid sports enthusiast, I had the opportunity to test out a couple of the top racquets and find out how they work and which features make them so unique.

I decided to review them and compare them to one another, to find out which ones are the best and which ones you should consider buying as a beginner all the way through the intermediate level.

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Top 10 Squash Racquets on the Market Today

Before we dive into the essential aspects, like the features and what you need to know about these squash racquets, I would like you to see the top racquets and why they are rated so high.

Since squash is one of my favorite games, these racquets have been carefully selected and scrutinized to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money when choosing one:

Top 10 Squash Racquets Table



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Prince Team Inspire 200 Squash Racquet


Dunlop Squash Court Pack


HEAD Nano Ti 110 Squash Racquet


Wilson Hyper Team 500 Squash Racket Set


Prince TT Sovereign Prestrung Squash Racquet


Deluxe Squash Starter Kit Series


Black Knight Bandit 3 Squash Racquet


Micro Gel 145 Squash Racquet


Tecnifibre CarboFlex 125 Squash Racquet


TECNIFIBRE Carboflex 125 S Squash Racquet

Top 4 Best Squash Racquets for Beginners

Beginners always feel like they own the sport before they have competed and I also once felt like beginner during the first few games. As a beginner, you might not need to have an extensively designed racquet with a ton of complicated features that will set you back too much money. I have selected the best affordable racquets with decent features that should be perfect for beginners:

1. Prince Team Inspire 200 Squash Racquet

With PowerFan and extender technology, the Prince Team Inspire 200 Squash Racquet offers beginners some extended range and accuracy to ensure they are capable of performing sweeter shots. This racquet comes already pre-strung, and this makes it much easier when it comes to starting out on the court.

The racquet comes with a racquet cover that has been stylishly designed, and this will ensure that your racquet never gets damaged. During my playing time, I appreciated the gripping and no matter how wet your hands are; the racquet will never slip out of your hands. I also found the weight to be somewhat of an advantage to stronger players, but it might hold weaker players back.

The weakness of the racquet as I have already mentioned is the added weight, and this is something you will need to deal with as a beginner to ensure you are good on game day. The racquet is extremely affordable, and after owning many top quality racquets, I would recommend this to all beginners.

  • plus-circle
    Includes a large sweet spot
  • plus-circle
    Stylish design and protective bag included
  • plus-circle
    Offers excellent grip
  • plus-circle
    Really affordable
  • minus-circle
    The racquet is a little too heavy for smaller players

2. Dunlop Squash Court Pack

The Dunlop Squash Court Pack is perfect for casually playing and improving your overall game. I never owned this pack, but had the opportunity to test it with a couple of friends and see it is the real deal. It turns out the racquet is made from top quality materials, and the pack also includes a decent ball to get you started.

This racquet also come factory strung, and it has been done perfectly for beginners, but the advanced player might not like the smaller sweet spot. The racquet is also quite heavy, but when playing as a large player, you will find the weight to be perfect, while smaller players might prefer something a little lighter on the court.

My favorite part of this entire pack is the bag it comes in, and this is perfect for traveling. It comes with a decent should strap and you may add a water bottle to the mix as well. This pack is also really affordable, and for the entire added extra you receive, you should invest in something like this if you are starting out on the squash court.

  • plus-circle
    Excellent durability
  • plus-circle
    Offers an extended reach
  • plus-circle
    Really affordable
  • plus-circle
    Includes an innovatively designed carry pack
  • minus-circle
    This racquet also tend to be quite heavy

3. HEAD Nano Ti 110 Squash Racquet

Personally, I love the HEAD brand when it comes to quality and design. The HEAD Nano Ti 110 Squash Racquet is a lightweight, 27-inch racquet designed for beginners and intermediate players. It is one of the racquets I prefer to use when playing casually against some of the beginners trying out their skills in the gym.

While the racquet is not the best for playing scraping shots off the floor or against the wall, it stands up to the competition when it comes to swinging ability. The head is somewhat smaller than normal beginner racquets, but once you get the hang of it, the racquet will become extremely easy and comfortable to play with, and your skill will improve much faster.

I believe the racquet has been well priced, but when comparing it to some of the other beginner racquets; it might come across as a little expensive. I would not only recommend this racquet to the beginners, but intermediate players will also have great fun when using it, and it might improve their games as well.

  • plus-circle
    Really stylish design
  • plus-circle
  • plus-circle
    Longer than normal racquets
  • minus-circle
    A little too expensive for beginners
  • minus-circle
    Lacks some durability

4. Wilson Hyper Team 500 Squash Racket Set

Wilson is one of the top brands when it comes to tennis and squash. The Wilson Hyper Team 500 Squash Racket Set is one of the crown jewels when it comes to starting out as a beginner in squash, and while the racquet might not be the best, the additional accessories will undoubtedly make a huge difference and save you some money.

During my tests of this racquet, I found it to be a little heavy, but only beginners will use this set for improving their game. You will receive two racquets, and a stylish Wilson carry bag to show off your set and help you look much more professional than some of the other beginner players on the courts. Unfortunately, the racquet also lacks a little durability when playing off the wall and floors.

The price is affordable since you will be gaining an entire set to get you started and this is something you could use throughout your career. I believe this racquet should be perfect for beginners or just casual players to try out their luck or eventually move to intermediate level.

  • plus-circle
    You receive an entire set
  • plus-circle
    Reasonably priced
  • plus-circle
    It includes a stylish carry bag
  • minus-circle
    Lacks some durability
  • minus-circle
    Might be a little heavy for some beginners

Top 4 Best Squash Racquets for Intermediate Players

Intermediate is the same level I would classify myself when it comes to squash, and this is the middle of the pack. Most of the players at this level have a ton of experience, but they lack that added skill level to move on to the bigger leagues. I have had the fortune to test out my fair share of intermediate squash racquets, and these are the top ones you should consider looking at:

5. Prince TT Sovereign Prestrung Squash Racquet

The Prince TT Sovereign Prestrung Squash Racquet has been pre-strung with a large interface that enables the user to have maximum control and power. The tungsten frame turns out to be quite durable for playing shots off the walls, and it adds that extra little bit of stability that one might need in the top-level games.

I loved the fact that the racquet offers excellent swing and the lighter weight enabled me to move about a little better and much more fluently from side to side. With those diving last minute shots, this racquet also proved to be quite effective, and the PowerScoop technology used in the frame is the ideal way to save you from bad situations.

The downside is the lack of durability in the long term. At first, the racquet seems to work perfectly, and this is where you might find yourself drawn to it. The price is quite reasonable for an intermediate player, and it could potentially help you improve your speed on the court as it helped me reduce the fatigue and extend my playing time.

  • plus-circle
    Perfect for scooping shots
  • plus-circle
    Reasonably priced
  • plus-circle
  • plus-circle
    Large interface
  • minus-circle
    Lacks some long-term durability

6. Deluxe Squash Starter Kit Series

The Deluxe Squash Starter Kit Series from Python Racquetball is not only designed for one level of player. They have options that range from beginner level all the way to the advanced level. I had the opportunity to test out the intermediate level racquet and find out whether it is best for intermediate players or for beginners.

The set features a Wilson Blade racquet designed from top quality materials, and since it is immensely durable, it should last you in the long-term. The racquet cover keeps everything nicely protected and will enhance the longevity of the racquet, while the large interface enables users to ensure they hit the ball correctly and sweetly.

For me, the only real downside is the price, and unfortunately, this racquet is rather expensive to buy if you are looking for the entire set. The set should be ideal for beginners and intermediate players to help you hone your game and take it to the next level.

  • plus-circle
    Good durability
  • plus-circle
    Large interface
  • plus-circle
    Lightweight design
  • plus-circle
    Includes a durable and stylish cover
  • minus-circle
    Quite expensive

7. Black Knight Bandit 3 Squash Racquet

The Black Knight Bandit 3 Squash Racquet features a much shorter handle, but this has been made up for in the size of the interface. While the racquet is made from top quality materials, you will likely find in the more advanced racquets, it is also quite heavy with medium stiffness in the strings to create a decent sweet spot.

As one of my first racquets I tried out, the racquet seems to be much better for the newcomer and the player who is new to the intermediate level. It is quite heavy but should ensure decent connection with the ball and the larger interface will ensure that you never really miss the ball when playing stretching shots into the corners of the court.

It has been fairly priced, making it ideal for not only intermediate players but the more avid beginners to start out with as well. The only downside might be the additional bump in the weight that might cause some problems for the weaker and smaller players.

  • plus-circle
    Decent sweet spot
  • plus-circle
    Reasonably priced
  • plus-circle
    Large interface
  • minus-circle
    Shorter handle
  • minus-circle
    Quite heavy

8. HEAD Micro Gel 145 Squash Racquet

The HEAD Micro Gel 145 Squash Racquet is the final racquet on our list for intermediate players. As mentioned before, HEAD is one of my favorite brands, and they put a lot of time and effort into creating some of the best racquets on the market today. The racquet might seem a little too heavy for weaker players but will cover this in terms of durability.

As an intermediate player, this is certainly one of my favorite racquets to play with. The added weight seems to work in my favor, and the longer stem extends the overall reach one has to make those almost unplayable shots against the walls. I also find the design to be incredibly stylish and practical, making for an excellent beacon for playing squash.

As for the price, the racquet is expensive, and it borders close to the more advanced racquets. One thing you should also keep in mind with this racquet is the fact that it can be used for the advanced level as well and the balance it offers the user just seems to be perfect with what any player might desire when playing.

  • plus-circle
    Stylish design
  • plus-circle
    Large sweet spot
  • plus-circle
    Great for power players
  • plus-circle
    Great durability
  • minus-circle
    Quite expensive
  • minus-circle
    Might be a little too heavy

Top 2 Best Squash Racquets for Advanced Players

While I have seen them in action and had the opportunity to test my skills against a couple of them, these players tend to be extremely quick and powerful. Their fitness levels are off the chart, and if you are one of them in search of a new racquet, we have chosen 2 of them that should be perfect for you to continue on this level:

9. Tecnifibre CarboFlex 125 Squash Racquet

The unstrung Tecnifibre CarboFlex 125 Squash Racquet is certainly one of the best racquets on the market today. I had the opportunity to see how it works and whether or not it is worth the high price you will have to pay if you want one of them.

Made with a teardrop shape, this racquet is the racquet used by the current world number one Mohamed El Shorbagy. It is extremely lightweight and works perfectly for players playing a fast-paced and aggressive game. It might not have the power of the other racquets, but with superior fitness and skill, you will outplay anyone.

The racquet is quite expensive, but you receive excellent durability and the ability to run around the court with maximum freedom and without the feeling of something holding you back. I would certainly recommend this racquet to anyone looking to enter the top level of the sport with a competitive chance of beating the pros.

  • plus-circle
    Excellent durability
  • plus-circle
    Extremely lightweight
  • plus-circle
    Large interface
  • plus-circle
    Great for fast-paced players
  • minus-circle

10. TECNIFIBRE Carboflex 125 S Squash Racquet

Last but certainly not least, we have the TECNIFIBRE Carboflex 125 S Squash Racquet and this Graphite racquet is probably the best racquet you could find on the market today if you are playing at an advanced level. It is lightweight, but still heavier than the previous racquet and should be ideal for players that love to play power shots.

I tried out this racquet during practice once and simply holding it in your hand, you feel the added confidence coming into your system, and this makes you feel like a better player. It works perfectly for the fast-paced game as well as the power game, and you should have the best of both worlds when using it on the court.

Once again, the price seems to be quite expensive, and this could dissuade a couple of people from leaping. However, if you are looking for the best possible combination of durability and lightweight, this should be the racquet that you invest in.

  • plus-circle
    Extremely durable and stylish
  • plus-circle
    Perfect for power players
  • plus-circle
    Offers you versatility
  • plus-circle
    Great for virtually any shot
  • minus-circle

Squash Racquet Buying Guide

Understanding the features that make squash racquets so unique is something you always need to keep in mind as well. The top squash racquet features intricate features and whilst choosing our list; we used some of the features the experts advised us on to ensure that we give you the best squash racquets to choose from. Here are the top features you need to consider when choosing a squash racquet:


The weight will all depend on your power and strength level. When selecting a racquet, you will need to keep the weight in mind, as this will also have a major effect on your fatigue level. Smaller players will look for something below 130g, while the power-oriented players will look for more advanced racquets that have some added weight to play those smash shots.

The weight also has an effect on your playing style, and if you are an attacking player, you will be moving around the court much more. Defensive players might be inclined to play with heavier racquets, and this will give them the power to outplay the attacking player.

Throat Shape

The throat shape will come down to personal preference, and the teardrop shape is the most common choice among players for the extended reach it will offer them. These racquets also tend to have a much better sweet spot, but they might lack some durability when it comes to playing those scraping shots of the walls.

The closed throat racquet has a smaller sweet spot, but they are a little more potent as well. These racquets are designed for the more astute players among us, and it will offer them much better control over the ball as well. Depending on your skill level, you will need to choose between the closed throat and the teardrop shape racquet.

Best Squash Racquet Reviews



Having balance in your racquet is important, but you will need to decide if you want even or uneven balance. Many of the beginners and intermediate players are advised to play with balanced racquets as this makes the game a little easier but does not give you your very own and unique playing style.

The pros, on the other hand, love to have the maximum weight at the top of the racquet. This makes it possible to transfer the power around the racquet, and you will be enabled to play more technical shots. As a beginner, I recommend looking for an evenly balanced racquet to get you started on your way to becoming an intermediate player.

Strings and Tension

The type of string you choose also depends on your playing style. One of the common misconceptions is the fact that tighter string tension will offer more power. However, the opposite is true, and you will see high string tension in more technical players, while the powerhouses will play with lower string tension.

The quality, on the other hand, is something you need to put some thought into as the better type of string you use, the more control you will have over the ball. Top quality strings will offer you more grip and maneuverability when playing an intricate shot that could beat your opponent. Fast-paced attacking players should look for medium string tension and the best possible quality string they could find.


The grip is an important part of the racquet, and while all racquets come with virtually the same grip, you will need to find one that matches your personal preference. One thing I always do when purchasing a racquet is giving the current grip a go. Once this does not suit me, I will gladly find a different grip and use this.

All of the racquets on our list can be customized, and this means that you will have the ability to change the grip to meet your personal needs and also improve the grip to ensure that the racquet never slips out of your hands as the sweat starts building up in your hands.


Finally, you will look at the price. The more expensive racquets are for more advanced players, and this means that they are made from better materials and include some better string that will offer some additional benefits to the users. I always say that the racquet is one of the most important pieces of equipment for squash and you will definitely not want to skimp on the price.

Squash Racquet Reviews


Top Squash Racquet Brands

Any racquet sport has got the same brands, and this is because they try to maximize profit. However, like you, all players have their specific brand that they are drawn to, and this will make all the difference in the world. During my playing time, I have come across a couple of brands that I feel are the best and here is an overview of each of them:

1.    Dunlop

With a history of being in the sport for more than 100 years, Dunlop is one of the leading brands that you could choose from. Nowadays they primarily cater for the beginners, but they also offer good quality racquets for the intermediate players. Dunlop is mostly known for tennis and golfing equipment, but they also have one or two specialized squash racquets that can be used by the more advanced players.

Dunlop is also listed as the official producer of the balls used in the PSA tournaments, and I would personally recommend them for beginners to get into the sport.

2.    Harrow

Harrow is a US company established back in 200, and they cover a wide range of sports that are mainly for women. This does not mean only women use their racquets as they offer great quality intermediate racquets and they are also a sponsor of a couple of the leading players in the WSA. Harrow is still one of my favorite brands I would recommend to women.

3.    HEAD

Personally, I find HEAD to be one of the best racquet companies in the world. This US Company started out by producing quality Alpine skis and eventually took on the world of racquet sports. While they might be more suited for tennis players, the quality of there products seem to be unrivaled, and I have used HEAD as one of my racquets for a long time. 

One thing you should keep in mind is the fact that their racquets do seem to be quite expensive and this might push some people into cheaper brands.

4.    Prince

Prince is another US Company, and the name is derived from Princeton. The company has been in the game for many years, and they are some of the best competition for brands like Wilson and HEAD. They also cover a wide range of sporting equipment, and I find prince racquets to be lightweight and perfect for attacking players.

Top PSA players like Ramy Ashour and James Willstrop are all users of these racquets at a professional level, but we should also mention that they are quite affordable as well.

5.    Wilson

Wilson is one of the oldest racquet sports brands in the world, and they started out originally as a meat packing company. Wilson eventually expanded into making strings for tennis racquets and later branched out into creating the racquets themselves. Wilson is not only one of the most affordable brands if you are looking for quality, but they are recognized almost anywhere in the world.

Peter Barker is one of the top PSA players in the world, and he prefers playing with a high-quality Wilson squash racquet.

6.    Technifibre

Technifibre is French Company that started out with strings and stringing machines. Today they are one of the top companies, and their racquets are used by some of the best players in the world. Technifibre is also quite expensive, and they use high-quality Graphite materials in all of their racquets.

I would personally recommend this brand to the advanced players as the racquets are lightweight and offer perfect balance with the weight at the front.

7.    Black Knight

Black Knight is a Canadian company that specializes in creating squash and badminton racquets. They are not as popular as some of the other brands, but the quality of their racquets is quite superb. I believe that this is a brand to look out for and have used a couple of their racquets; one can certainly see the possibilities are endless for them.

Squash Racquet Buying FAQs

While this article should cover all of your questions, there might still be a few questions that many people have when it comes to these racquets. We have decided to search forums and scour the web to see which prominent questions many people still ask about these racquets. If we have missed one of your questions, you could still feel free to ask it in the comment section below.

What is the most important aspect of Power and Control?

Understanding whether you are a power player or not will come down to the shape of your body and your size. If you are smaller, you should have superior speed and this will make you perfect for running around the court from end to end. If you decide that you are an attacking mobile player, you will need to look for control to try and outsmart your opponent.

On the other hand, larger players tend to be much slower on the court, and this is where power will come into play. You will need the extra power to overpower your smaller opponent, and you will play a more defensive game. By playing a more defensive game, you should be able to stay in control if you have more power.

What is the big difference when it comes to balancing?

We have already touched on this subject, but it is something that we feel is important to the new players. As a new player, you will need to look for overall balance in the racquet, and you need to ensure that your racquet is evenly balanced. This ensures the ability to learn the game and keep control of the racquet.

The more advanced players will have added weight in the head, and this leads to some more power with each swing. It also allows the player to manipulate the ball much better through control. Even though this sounds nice, it will take some time to master and develop your very own playing style.

What is the best material to use for the racquet?

Personally, I prefer graphite for the lighter weight and the added durability. Carbon also offers this, but it can be extremely expensive and might be overpriced if you are not an avid player. Beginners should stick to aluminum to start with. These racquets tend to be a little heavier, but they have excellent durability for scraping and scooping shots.

As you move up the ranks, you may move on to tungsten and even fiberglass. However, fiberglass is not the most durable of materials on the market, and I would personally try to avoid it at all costs unless you are an extremely careful player.

Final Thoughts on These Racquets

Selecting the best squash racquet is certainly a fun and daunting task, but now with all of the information, you should have the knowledge and the capabilities of doing this. I would personally recommend all of these racquets to the respective players, but with so many more racquets, you might also like something we might have missed.

We would like to thank you for reading this article and also like to encourage you to share your thoughts on the best racquets. Please let us know in the comment section if you have used any of these racquets or which ones you would have added to the list.

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