Butterfly Tenergy 05 vs DHS NEO Hurricane 3: Which is Better Rubber?


Rubber is the most important thing in all your table tennis gear.


Butterfly Tenergy 05 rubber sheet and the DHS NEO Hurricane 3 table tennis rubber sheets are discussed in detail. So, you can gain a clear understanding of which product is better for you.


We review and compare them.

Let’s get started

Butterfly Tenergy 05 Rubber Sheet

The Tenergy 05 rubber sheet is designed by Butterfly is a very professional product. It has a world class speed and spin and is also sensitive to incoming spin. This product is designed for a professional game. It allows you to achieve a high-speed spin, which is required by the professionals. New technology has been used in this product that improves the quality of the rubber.


  • The rubber combines Butterfly's high-tension technology with their recently developed "spring sponge."
  • The spring sponge technology allows the rubber to hold the ball on the racket for a longer time than normal.
  • In the Butterfly Tenergy 05, the new explosive sponge is combined with a tensioned top sheet to provide maximum surface grip.
  • It is in the super speed category.
  • The surface of the rubber sheet is inverted.

High-Tension Technology

Tension is incorporated into the sponge, as well as into the rubber sheet. This causes the rubber to remain adhesive without needing a protective film. The surface is not stained, even if it is exposed to oxygen due to the tension incorporated. The tension, as it is evenly distributed, stops the rubber from becoming deformed.

Spring Sponge

A spring sponge is a porous sponge that is already boosted. It has a catapult effect on the ball. The pores are smaller compared to other rubbers and hold air inside that expands and contract, just like a spring. Due to this, you have better control over the ball.

Tensioned Top Sheet

In this technology, the top sheet is stretched before it is glued to the sponge underneath it. This helps in reducing the loss of energy when the ball strikes with the racket and, in return, causes an extra spin. Another thing that the tensioned top sheet does is changes the force that your opponent and yourself apply on the ball.

This product is recommended due to its high speed and high spin. It is one of the fastest rubbers in the Butterfly line. If you start using it, you will improve your game very much so. This rubber sheet gives you high control of your game and is perfect for close table play, as well as for playing 4-5 feet away from the table.


  • Gives you more control of the ball, as the new technology allows the racket to hold the ball longer.
  • It has high speed and high spin.
  • The rubber is unflappable.
  • The rubber keeps its speed throughout its life.


  • The spin does not last throughout the whole life of the rubber sheet.

DHS NEO Hurricane 3 Table Tennis Rubber Sheet

DHS is a renowned sports equipment company, and like all its products, the DHS NEO Hurricane 3 table tennis rubber sheet is a professional and high-quality product. The speed and spin it surpasses almost all other rackets. You have a choice of the color, as it comes in two colors.


  • NEO sponge technology. The manufacturer has added special glutinosity which provides high speed and a stable arc.
  • It produces high speed, as well as a low fast loop and fast spin.
  • It comes in an airtight pack, which helps in keeping it fresh.

NEO Sponge Technology

NEO sponge technology gives you better control of the game. It gives you a precise arc and helps you hit the exact spots you want to hit.

Special Glutinosity

This means that the rubber has somewhat of a glue-like texture. This kind of texture allows better control for the player. Even though it takes time to get used to it, once you do, you can achieve a precise and stable arc.

Pimples In

This is also called reverse rubber and is the most widely-used type of rubber. The pimples are inside of the rubber rather than outside. This technology gives you better control when compared to the rubber that pimples out, which is designed for advanced players.

This product is basically for players who are looking for more control in their game. I will not say that it is not for advanced players, but it is mainly designed for players who are willing to take their game to the next level. It helps you get to the advanced player level. Hence, if you want to gain control over your game, this is the rubber for you.


  • It helps you gain control over the game.
  • Good spin and blocking abilities.
  • The rubber allows a stable and high-speed arc.
  • It works well for backhand and forehand loops.


  • Its tackiness does not remain for a long time.

Final Comparison

I have about four years of experience in playing table tennis. While reviewing these products, I noticed that both are of very good quality, and we cannot say that the quality of one of the rubbers surpasses the other, as both different target classes of players.

If you are an advanced player, then the Butterfly Tenergy 05 is the rubber for you, as it allows a high speed and spin. Controlling the speed may be difficult for you if you are an intermediate player. Another thing that makes this rubber perfect for the advanced player is the spring sponge technology. It helps the player have control along with high speed.

The DHS NEO Hurricane 3 table tennis rubber sheet is perfect for you if you are an intermediate player. The tackiness of the rubber gives you more control and even helps you learn how to chop the ball. The arc that you can create with this rubber is also very stable.


This article is written to give you an insight about the best rubbers on the market for table tennis rackets. Both rubbers mentioned are very high quality, but they each target a different class of players. The Butterfly Tenergy 05 rubber sheet gives higher speed, while the DHS NEO Hurricane 3 table tennis rubber sheet gives better control.

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