Palio Legend 2 Table Tennis Racket Review (Unbox and Tested)

If you are a Table tennis lover, then you must know the importance of:

  1. Practicing it  
  2. Quality of the racket you are playing with.


We will discuss in detail the Palio Legend 2 Table Tennis Racket and case by which you can improve your game and conquer the match. Here is your Palio Legend 2 Review

Why do we recommend Palio Legend 2?

Palio Legend 2 Table Tennis racket is uniquely designed keeping in mind the determined players. It has a design that is made to generate powerful strokes and make the opponent nervous. Moreover, it is different from other rackets as it is heavy than the normal ones.

It would be better for players who already have excelled the Table tennis and are ready to take control of their games using a little heavier racket. It would give a new dimension to your gaming skills. We recommend this amazingly designed racket because its sponge is quite hard and that makes it possible to give a fine spin plus good speed. 

Palio Legend 2 is best for whom?

If you are doing well at Table Tennis and you have a name for your club, and everyone admires your playing skills, you need to give it a new turn. By changing your racket and that too of good quality will further polish your game skills, and you can earn more names.

Some people feel lack of interest in their much-loved game at a point. This might have many reasons. One of the reasons can be your average racket. If your racket is not good enough, you will never be able to maintain a good game and ultimately lose. People become anxious at such a point or stop playing the game. Instead of stepping back, you should change your racket and feel the difference.

What’s more

The Palio Legend 2 Table Tennis racket is a perfect tool for all those who are determined to play a good game. Those players who play at club level can easily fall for this amazing racket. It is designed in a way that it generates a maximum stroke, giving the ball a fine spin and a good spin. Furthermore, it is a bit heavier than the normal ones, but then again the professional players will feel ease in playing with it and give their best with the fine strokes.

It will perfectly suit those players who already know much of the playing skills and want to have a natural control of their strengths (Intermediate Players). They can easily achieve their motto by the Legend 2. The Palio Hadou has a hard rubber sponge by which you can easily guess that it will give you a high-level game.

All those people who want to have an easy going game but are determined to win and improve their game should give this racket a try.


Palio Legend 2 Table Tennis is not a random racket that you come across. It has been designed meticulously considering all the needs of a professional player. Moreover, it has some amazing features that highlight it among other table tennis rackets.

  • It has Palio Hadou rubber that is strong enough and doesn’t change even after many games.
  • Palio Hadou rubber is approved by International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF).
  • Blades are capable of giving power and a better feeling for the player.
  • Gives maximum power and gives a fine spin.
  • Offers a good spin and a bit less control.

Palio Hadou Rubber

The paddle is designed uniquely with rubbers extremely strong. These Palio Hadou rubbers are not the ordinary rubber; they are designed for a long life. They don’t easily get destroyed or damaged. Also, they are approved by ITTF (International Table tennis Federation) which means they are highly trustable.

The special kind of sponge makes it possible for the player to generate a good spin and also speed. Due to its sponge and rubber layers, it provides the player the power they require.

Comfortable Handle

It is designed with such precision that a person doesn't find a flaw in its structure. Moreover, the handle is extremely comfortable and easy going. It works well with the rubbers attached to its top, and there is no possibility of their separation.


The racket not just comes alone but also with a case. You can keep your racket safe whenever it is not in use. This way it stays away from the damage that might lurk nearby. You can easily put your racket in the case and place it somewhere safe when out of the club.

Pros and Cons

  • plus-circle
    The strong rubber used in its manufacturing.
  • plus-circle
    Gives full power to the player.
  • plus-circle
    Helps to generate maximum power from the stroke.
  • plus-circle
    Due to its heaviness, it gives a fine spin and a speedy shot.
  • plus-circle
    Its handles are extremely comfortable and easy to handle.
  • minus-circle
    May not the best for advanced level players.
  • minus-circle
    Heavier than the regular rackets.


Table Tennis is a light game that attracts some people from every age group. It is a game that does not require much physical exertion unlike other games and can be played both indoor and outdoor.

We reviewed this amazing product Palio Legend 2 Table tennis racket that has a unique design and game. Players who want to up their game are highly recommended to use this racket.

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