Best Badminton Shoes 2019, Top 12 for Men and Women (New Review)

You need to have shoes that are the right fit for comfort and a few other factors that help them during your badminton game. 


According to a common misconception, any boot can be worn to play this sport

However, there are weight, balance, and grip on the surface factors that make it essential to choose the right kind of shoes.

Here’s the kicker:

This piece has all the information about buying the best badminton shoes for men and women.

The thorough buying guide with products to compare and to help you find the right kind of shoes.

With product reviews, you can also have a better idea about the market.

We have even answered frequently asked questions so that you may have clarity.


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Top 6 Badminton Shoes for Men Table



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Asics Men's GEL-Rocket 7 Volleyball Shoe


ASICS Men's GEL-Upcourt Indoor Court Shoe


adidas Performance Men's Ligra 4 Volleyball Shoe


Head Men's Speed Pro Lite Indoor Low Shoe


Yonex Men's Power Cushion SHB-02 LTD Limited Edition Badminton Shoe-Bright Red


Yonex SHB01LTD Badminton Shoes

Top 6 Badminton Shoes for Women Table



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ASICS Women's Gel Upcourt Volleyball Shoe


ASICS Women's Gel Rocket 7 Volley Ball Shoe


Mizuno Women's Wave Lightning RX2 Volleyball Shoe


New Balance Classics Women's WL515 Sneaker


Yonex SHB 47 EX Indoor Court Sports Shoes 2017 New


Yonex Aerus 2 LX Women's Badminton Court Shoes

Top 6 Best Badminton Shoes for Men Reviews

1. Asics Men's GEL-Rocket 7 Shoe

The Asics Men’s shoes are footwear that is best for many sports including badminton. Its versatility makes the product a little more loveable than usual. The first attraction that you will find in this pair is the number of different colors that it has to offer.

These shoes have a custom-made footbed that is designed keeping the court in mind. The outer sole is made from rubber which is more non-slippery, and the innersole is made of rubber that reduced tension from your feet. The middle of the innersole is molded to acquire the natural shape of the feet. The shoes are lightweight and are made to carry the player for a comfortable game. The material of this pair is synthetic and durable.

  • plus-circle
    Synthetic material increases durability
  • plus-circle
    Molded midsole provides massive comfort level
  • plus-circle
    Outer rubber sole stops slipping, and inner rubber sole makes better control over feet
  • plus-circle
    Lightweight makes it easy to carry
  • minus-circle
    There is no air mesh for ventilation

2. ASICS Men's GEL-Upcourt Indoor Court Shoe

Another one of Asic’s shoes are custom designed for men and are versatile for indoor court games including badminton. The gel technology that the company offers makes the inner sole of the shoe more cushioned and comfortable. The material of the product is synthetic with different layers that help in styling along with making the shoe safe for wearing while playing.

Furthermore, the outer sole is custom designed for indoor court games which ensure no marks left behind. The shoe has standard sizes, and it comes with a small option of colors. These boots are also waterproof and last a long time even after washing them. The shoe holds soft support on the sides for the comfort of ankles. You can also use these shoes for daily runs and walks because of their exceptional fit and comfort.

  • plus-circle
    They are made from synthetic material which is additionally waterproof
  • plus-circle
    Gel technology provides additional comfort
  • plus-circle
    Outer sole is designed to be scratchless in indoor courts
  • plus-circle
    Inner sole is made from rubber for comfort

3. Adidas Performance Men's Ligra Shoe

Adidas is a well-known brand name that produced sports shoes like no others. The variety of vibrant colors for men’s shoes is the first attraction that this product contains. This footwear is made from a synthetic material along with textile to make it stronger and to provide strategic support. This pair of shoes also has an air mesh that allows ventilation.

Moreover, the outer sole is made to ensure that no scratch marks are left behind on the court. These shoes are designed to be lightweight and provide maximum support for weight shifting during the play. The rubber insole makes the player more comfortable wearing the shoes for a long time. The insoles are also targeted to keep the natural shape of the feet and avoid any injuries.

  • plus-circle
    The material is synthetic and textile for strategic support
  • plus-circle
    Custom outer sole leaves no marks on the court
  • plus-circle
    Insole allows natural shape of the feet

4. Head Men's Speed Pro Lite Indoor Low Shoe

The Head men’s shoes are designed to be used in indoor courts and for playing with more power on your feet. The boots are made of 80% synthetic and 20% nylon mesh which makes the material rigid and long-lasting. The speed technology is to make the shoes as if they are not even there and allows users to have a very natural and naked feeling of comfort.

In addition, the company also offers an energy bridge that transfers the energy from the heel to forefoot while you shift your weight. The mesh is a cooling system that makes the feet more in comfort than other shoes offer. This product is provided in various sizes and multiple colors as per the users’ preferences.

  • plus-circle
    Synthetic material increases rigidity while nylon mesh allows ventilation
  • plus-circle
    Speed technology makes the shoes more natural
  • plus-circle
    Energy bridge allows better weight shifting
  • plus-circle
    Insole is shock absorbent
  • minus-circle
    Outers sole may leave scratch marks behind

5. Yonex Men's Power Cushion Limited Edition Badminton Shoe

The Yonex shoes for men have this limited edition shoe in a bright red color that stands out in many features. The shoes are made of a synthetic and waterproof material that is additionally durable. Furthermore, the article is P.U leather along with being polyester mesh for breathability. The outer rubber sole allows more grips on indoor court sports meanwhile the insoles help in better weight balancing with the midsole being the natural fit.

This product is made to be very light along with shockproof to avoid any injuries to ankles and feet. So keeping your feet safe, you can enjoy a tough game too. The Yonex shoes are designed to make the game more in power and comfort.

  • plus-circle
    The shoes are made of P.U leather along with a synthetic material for durability
  • plus-circle
    The polyester mesh makes feet more ventilated
  • plus-circle
    Insoles are designed for weight balancing
  • plus-circle
    The shoes are shockproof to avoid injuries to ankles and feet
  • minus-circle
    The toe box is very narrow

6. Yonex SHB01LTD Badminton Shoes

Another one of men’s performance shoes by Yonex makes it a very trusted brand. This pair of vibrant shoes makes a list because of the different qualities it offers. The shoe is made from a mix of polyurethane leather and polyester mesh. The mesh is to make sure that the shoe stays ventilated, the feet stay cool, and it’s easier to move the feet around in the shoes without causing suction.

Moreover, the rubber outsole makes the grip on indoor surfaces more balance and helps the game to be under control. This product is super light which increases the energy in the feet. The insole has a power cushion of three pieces in the forefoot, heel, and full length. The shoes additionally come with extra pair of laces.

  • plus-circle
    The power cushion allows more comfort and energy to the feet
  • plus-circle
    Super lightweight encourages more energy
  • plus-circle
    The mixture of synthetic and polyester mesh makes it durable
  • plus-circle
    The shoe has a mesh for ventilation
  • plus-circle
    Bag for storage.
  • minus-circle
    There is little ankle support in the shoes

Top 6 Best Badminton Shoes for Women Reviews

1. ASICS Women's Gel Upcourt Volleyball Shoe

Asic’s women performance shoes are primarily designed for women athletes that play indoor sports. The shoes are in multiple different colors and sizes that are designed for women. The synthetic material of the shoes allows stronger and more durable shoes. Rubber insoles increase the comfort and stability while the outer gum rubber insoles make a better surface grip in indoor games.

Moreover, the gum rubber on the outer sole ensures that there are no scratches caused by the court with the shoes. The gel technology in Asic’s shoes provides softer and more comfortable soles which are shockproof to ensure that no injury is sustained while playing an intense game. The sizes of the shoes are perfect for women of all ages and all skill levels.

  • plus-circle
    Synthetic material increases durability
  • plus-circle
    Gel technology increases level of comfort
  • plus-circle
    Outer sole is made to have a tight grip and leaves behind no scratches
  • plus-circle
    The shoes are shockproof
  • minus-circle
    There is little back support for these shoes

2. ASICS Women's Gel Rocket 7 Volley Ball Shoe

Another one of the Asic’s shoes is on the list because of their features and because of the performance they give to the players while specifying the gender. The gel rocket shoes have an inner sole of gel that makes the shoe safe and cushioned which in turn causes the shoes prone to injuries. The material is textile along with synthetic which increases stability.

Asic offers the Trusstic system in their product which ensures that the weight shifting does not imbalance the shoes and the player.  The shoes are designed to be low top which makes them safer around the heel and the ankle. This product is extremely lightweight and comes in different colors and sizes for athletes to choose according to their preference.

  • plus-circle
    Gel rocket technology makes the soles soft and immune to shock
  • plus-circle
    Textile and synthetic material increases durability
  • plus-circle
    Trusstic technology ensures that weight shifting does not affect the balance
  • plus-circle
    Low top shoes increase safety of ankles
  • minus-circle
    The outer soles are not made to be scratch-less

3. Mizuno Women's Wave Lightning RX2 Volleyball Shoe

The Mizuno shoes for indoor courts designed for women are one of a kid and hold many different features for the users to enjoy. Their synthetic material makes the shoe sweat proof, and the mesh allows the shoes to remain breathable and keeping the feet fresh. The Mizuno wave cushion service gives the shoes a comfort of the next level along with being shockproof.

Additionally, the midsole of the inner sole is enhanced to allow the feet to stay in the natural position. Mizuno further offers Dynamotion fit technology which makes the fitting natural; it also reduces stress on the feet. The Dynamotion groove technology makes the shoes more flexible and allows users to bend and play aggressively. The shoes come in a variety of different colors too.

  • plus-circle
    Wave technology makes shoes comfortable and shockproof
  • plus-circle
    Dynamotion fit makes it fitting and reduces stress
  • plus-circle
    Dynamotion groove increases flexibility
  • plus-circle
    Enhances midsole helps feet remain natural in shape
  • minus-circle
    Outer sole has a weak grip on indoor courts

4. New Balance Classics Women's WL515 Sneaker

The new balance classic women’s sneakers come in two different colors along with many features that make the product a good buy. The synthetic material is to make the shoes more rigid than ever allowing players to play an aggressive game along with being comfortable. Not only is the material synthetic, but the innersoles are also manufactured, and they are removable.

The insole is EVA and is color coded for the right place of stress for the sole. The shoes provide balance and control in the game because of their design. They are made in sneaker form, so they cover and protect the ankles from injuries too. They are designed to stay the same throughout the first and last wear and do not stretch.

  • plus-circle
    Material makes the shoes more rigid
  • plus-circle
    Players can put soles of their own choice too
  • plus-circle
    The inner soles are synthetic and color coded
  • plus-circle
    The insole is EVA
  • minus-circle
    Outer sole grip is weak

5. Yonex SHB 47 EX Indoor Court Sports Shoes

Yonex is a brand that produces high-quality sports shoes for men and women. These indoor shoes for women are ideal for badminton games which are professional and amateur.  The shoe has insoles that feature the Yonex power cushion technology. This technology allows any shock to be absorbed and transfer the absorbed energy into positive for a better and controlled game.

This pair of shoes is designed to have a light grip on the ankles to keep them safe without having to suffocate them. The outer sole is designed to provide a tight grip on indoor courts which make the shoes safer for a good play. These shoes come in one color however they are loaded with features.

  • plus-circle
    Yonex power cushion technology reuses shock energy into positive
  • plus-circle
    Light grip around ankles keep them safe with suffocating them
  • plus-circle
    Outer sole provides maximum grip
  • plus-circle
    Ventilation holes help keep feet cool

6. Yonex Aerus 2 LX Women's Badminton Court Shoes

The YonexAerus Women’s shoes are primarily designed for female badminton players that want a game with natural control over their feet along with style. These shoes come in different colors for vibrancy. Fabric and leather are mixed to make a durable body for the shoes; added is the double Russell mesh for breathability against all the odds.

The hyper MsLite technology makes the shoes 10% lighter than other shoes; this feature makes the feet feel as natural as possible. The power cushion supports weight balancing movements which help in increasing the speed. The sole is EVA and provides more comfort than any other sole. The high-quality midsole ensure that these shows promote the feet acquires their natural position.

  • plus-circle
    Power cushion allows weight balancing in a controlled way
  • plus-circle
    Double Russel Mesh provides ventilation
  • plus-circle
    MsLite technology makes the shoes lighter
  • plus-circle
    Midsole allows the feet to keep their natural shape
  • minus-circle
    The outer sole can leave scratch marks
  • minus-circle
    The shoes may get damaged easily because leather is not sweat proof

Badminton Shoes Buyers Guide

The following buying guide will help you understand what aspects to focus on while buying the best badminton shoes for yourself.


One of the most significant aspects of buying badminton shoes is to consider the player that shall use the shoes. There are many small and considerable differences in shoes for different players. The following are briefly discussed.

i.    Gender: An essential factor to consider is that gender of the player. Contrary to popular belief, men and women do have different styles of shoes not only because of the color. Women’s feet are a sleek and more different than men’s. Hence, the sizes of the shoes vary. The comfort level and targeted insoles also are designed that way. 

ii.    The skill level of player: The skill level of the player also makes an impact on the shoes that are chosen. Professional players may want to go for the light shoes that will give them more free movements according to their shots. Meanwhile, amateur players need to go for more massive shoes so that their feet can stay controlled while they focus on their game.


Of course, the next important step is to consider the inner and outer soles of the shoes. The soles are the foundation of shoes which eventually determine how your movement will vary and how your feet will handle the stress. Choosing the wrong soles can bring a negative impact on the game too. The following is the guide to soles.

i.    Inner soles: Inner soles need to be a thing and cushioned on at least the midpoint. Badminton shoes need to have thin soles to more shockproof than regular shoes. The insoles are also supposed to maintain the feet shape and reduce as much stress as possible.

ii.    Outer soles: The outsoles need to have a firm grip on the badminton surface. They need to be made of a material that does not lose friction or does not leave behind scratch marks.

Even though different players need to have different types of shoes, it is very wrong to go for the ones that are suggested. After narrowing down the requirements, customers are recommended trying them on and checking if a particular pair fits them correctly as per their choice or not. Remember, there is no uniformity in shoes; it is all up to your preference.


Sports shoes, especially for badminton, need to be ventilated. Keeping the feet breathable allows reduced heat, better concentration on the game, and helps in making sure that the feet do not tire quickly. Ventilation is usually provided with an air mesh on the structure of the shoe. Sometimes there are small holes made without a proper mesh which works too. Ventilation is one factor that is crucial and shall not be missed out while buying the badminton shoes.


Getting badminton shoes that are made out of leather or material that is not sweat or waterproof will enable them to wear out and be ruined early in the purchase. Since you will sweat, you need to go for shoes that are synthetic material. Synthetic material is robust, durable and does not get ruined by water quickly. Most shoes may have a find cotton layer inside them to absorb the sweat. These shoes tend to stink easily and fade in color sooner than others.

Buying shoes that are water and sweat proof will also help you clean them with ease. Some of the pairs are washable in the machine with your laundry. These kinds are the ones that you can consider for feasibility.

Badminton Shoes Reviews

Image: http://www.hindustantimes.com

Top 7 Badminton Shoe Brands On The Market Today

1.    Yonex Badminton Shoes

Yonex is Japanese Company founded in 1946. The company started out wooden manufacturing products, and in 1957 the first badminton racquets were designed and created. Yonex is regarded as the first brand to sell and develop true badminton racquets, and many companies followed suit after seeing the amount of success they have found.

Yonex is not only renowned for their racquets, but for the quality of their shoes as well. Made from top quality materials, they tend to keep the shoe lightweight, and through my personal experience, I have seen Yonex shoes are incredibly durable as well. Players like World Champion Lee Chong Wei is one of the players that love to play in Yonex footwear and has been an excellent ambassador for the brand and the shoes.

In my personal experience, I have found Yonex shoes to be rather slim, but they still offer maximum foot protection. This is perfect for any user to stay safe on the court. The different styles and color schemes are also a great draw, and Yonex certainly puts a lot of effort into their shoes to make them stand out from the rest of the competition.

Top 3 Yonex shoes that you could look into:

  •  Power Cushion Men’s/Women’s 65 Z
  • Power Cushion Men’s Wide
  • Power Cushion Men’s/Women’s 03

Yonex still has many more great shoes, but by being fortunate enough to test these 3, I can recommend them to anyone looking for a great Badminton shoe.

2.    Adidas Badminton Shoes

In the world of sports apparel, the Adidas brand is undoubtedly one of the most well known for the quality of their shoes. This brand originally started in Germany, and their main focus was mainly creating athletic footwear for the German athletes. In later years, they moved into general sports, and this made Adidas blow up into the world superpower brand.

Adidas puts a lot of emphasis on the quality and the weight, they also feature technology like Adiprene, designed to reduce the strain on your feet and joints and this could also reduce the risk of injuries. The most significant drawback of Adidas is the narrow fit of these shoes, and they are quite slim, which means not everyone can wear them.

I like the durability and the torsion technology that makes each step feel natural and gives you more mobility when moving around on the court. While Adidas may be a world-class brand, you could snap up a couple of their shoes at really affordable prices and Adidas is not as overpriced as many people might initially think.

Top 3 Adidas Badminton Shoes:

  • Adidas BT Feather Badminton Shoes (Quite expensive)
  • Adidas BT BOOM Badminton Shoes
  • Adidas BT Feather Team Shoes

These 3 shoes are diverse, and when looking at the prices, you will find one that meets your skill and budget. The BT Feather shoes are more advanced and they are designed for the professional badminton player.

3.    ASICS Badminton Shoes

ASICS is one of the first brands to start incorporating gel cushioning into their shoes. The gel is free to move around the shoe, and this provides constant shock absorption if you are on the move. ASICS originally started out designing running shoes but has made the transition to other sports apparel as well.

Personally, I love the decent durability of ASICS and the fact that they are also one of the cheaper brands when it comes to footwear. While I will not personally choose them for badminton, I find them to be some of the best running shoes on the market today. Most of their shoes are also designed for indoor sports, and this means that your badminton shoe can be used for action sports as well.

My favorite part about ASICS, aside from the gel inserts and the extraordinary cushioning is the style. Their shoes turn heads, and they are the perfect design for those with wider feet as well. As I have already mentioned, they are affordable, and I would recommend them to beginners in the world of badminton.

Top 3 ASICS Badminton Shoes:

  • ASICS Gel-Fireblast Court Shoes
  • ASICS Gel-Beyond Indoor Shoes
  • ASICS Gel-Hunter 2 Indoor Court Shoes

ASICS does not design shoes specifically for one sport, and the versatility is something that will give you great value for your money.

4.    Nike Badminton Shoes

Probably the most famous brand in the world, Nike started as a Basketball brand, designing sneakers and shoes for top basketball teams in the 1970's. However, they emerged as a top sports brand, and today they rule most of the sport in the USA and offer sponsorships to all the top players in the world.

Nike is perfect for indoor sports, and they have made a living and a name from providing shoes. However, when comparing their shoes to some of the other brands, I have seen that Nike tends to lose its grip much faster. The upsides of their shoes are certainly the fit, and since they are somewhat wider, they should offer much more comfort from the start.

Nike is one of the best brands, and they are probably a top seller around the world, but I would not recommend them as the best for badminton if you are playing at a professional level. They are quite expensive, and they just don’t seem to offer the same top quality cushioning you might need for bouncing around on the court.

Top 3 Nike Badminton Shoes:

  • Nike Air Zoom Cage Shoes
  • Nike Air Zoom Ultra Shoes
  • Nike Air Vapor Advantage Shoes

The great thing about all of these shoes is the versatility and the comfort. These 3 shoes can also be used for tennis and running or walking. After playing with Nike a while, they are a decent brand, but for the price, you could find better.

5.    Victor Badminton Shoes

The word Victor is derived from the word Victory and has been around for than 50 years. They specialize in providing badminton footwear to many of the top players in Asian Countries like China but are still competing with some of the top brands like Adidas and Nike. The brand focuses on pushing the limits of their equipment and designing new and unique products with modern technology to help you flourish.

After testing a couple of their shoes, it turns out that Victor is undoubtedly a top quality brand and they offer high-quality products. They have shoes for virtually any foot type and should you have problems; they will have something to accommodate you. While these shoes are not expensive, I believe that wearing a badminton brand is something that you should keep in mind when striving for quality.

Victor turned out to be one of my favorite brands and to be honest; I was quite skeptical to wear them at first. The shoes offer excellent cushioning, and they are wide enough to keep your feet from feeling overly compressed. I would recommend Victor to anyone serious about badminton.

Top 3 Victor Badminton Shoes:

  • Victor A960 Series Shoes
  • Victor A610 II Shoes
  • Victor SH-P9200-FX Shoes

The great thing about Victor is that you will be able to choose between support and speed. This will accommodate your specific needs on the court and ensure that you can get the best possible results.

6.    Mizuno Badminton Shoes:

Mizuno is much similar to brands like Nike and Adidas, and they are one of the oldest companies in the world. Mizuno was first founded in 1906 by two brothers, and they have subsequently evolved into a massive sporting brand. Mizuno does not specialize in one sport, but they can be seen as a jack of all traits brand. However, Golfing is now their main focus.

Players like Tiger Woods also used Mizuno clubs until he became a professional in the 1990’s and through my personal experience, I have found Mizuno to be extremely underrated by many people. Their shoes are incredibly durable, and they put a lot of time and effort into combining some of the best technology they have.

Regarding pricing, I find Mizuno to be one of the entry-level brands when it comes to sporting equipment, and this includes badminton shoes. Mizuno offers decent quality shoes at affordable prices, but they are not the brand that you will be using as you become a professional. I also found Mizuno to be perfect when it comes to creating children’s footwear.

Top 3 Mizuno Badminton Shoes:

  • Mizuno Wave Hurricane Indoor Court Shoes
  • Mizuno Wave Twister 4 Indoor Court Shoes
  • Mizuno Cyclone Speed Indoor Court Shoes

As I have mentioned, when comparing these to some of the top brands, you will find them to be a little cheaper and easier to buy as a beginner.

7.    Li-Ning Badminton Shoes:

Li-Ning is a Chinese sports company known for sponsoring some of the top Chinese national teams in all different sports. They are not particularly well known around the world for their badminton shoes, but they do offer some decent shoes at some affordable prices.

Li-Ning is now headquartered in the USA, and they have seen a ton of success in the mainstream market. The company is still seen as entirely new, but they are trying to change everything, and this makes them unique when compared to the rest.

After testing out a couple of their shoes, one gets the feeling that they are almost on par with some of the top brands. However, something still feels missing when using them for prolonged periods. This is especially if you are used to some of the other top brands around the world. I would once again say that Li-Ning is excellent entry-level brand and their shoes can be picked up at great prices when compared to the top brands.

Top 3 Li-Ning Shoes:

  • Li-Ning Multi-Accelerate TD Men’s Badminton Shoes
  • Li-Ning Lin Dan Hero II TD Badminton Shoes
  • Li-Ning Metal X III Badminton Shoes

While these shoes vary significantly in price depending on the one you need, they are all extraordinarily stylish and quite durable. These are perfect entry- level badminton shoes.

Which Brand Would You Choose?

Now that you have a better understanding of badminton shoes and which shoes are the best, you will have somewhere to get started. Personally, I believe all of these brands are great, and the one you choose will come down to budget and skill level.

Please share your thoughts on these brands in the comment section and let us know if we might have missed any of your favorites.

Frequently Asked Questions

Customers have many questions about selecting the best badminton shoes. We have looked into the problems and answered a few for you right here.

Is It Important for Each Gender to Wear The Specified Shoes?

No, if you are a woman, you can get the men’s badminton shoes and wear them if you find them to be more comfortable. The reason the two are different is that women and men have different sizes in feet and they require a different level of cushioning because of the difference in the muscles.

Women’s shoes also tend to have more focus on preserving the joints since they tend to be weaker. However, if you find men’s shoes to be more comfortable, you can use them.

Which Ones are Better, High Tops or Low Tops?

High top shoes cover the ankle and provide support to the joints and protect them from injuries while low tops have exposed ankles. There is not a specific requirement, but it is better to choose the ones that cover your ankles.

While balancing weight and shifting your position, you may put stress on your ankles. Without ankle supports you may get a sprain or even a fracture. Hence, buying high tops are recommended.

What Is The Advantage of a Molded Midsole?

The natural shape of our feet is an arc which some people do not have and are flatfooted. Flatfooted people do not weight the body divided adequately on the feet which causes them to fall or lose their balance quickly.

The midsole enhancement allows the pressure to be balanced artificially. Meanwhile, people that have arced feet may lose their shape if they do not have the right cushioning. Therefore, molded midsoles are essential.

Can I Wear Squash or Tennis Shoes?

Badminton shoes are designed to have a firm grip on the wooden surface where they are played. They are light weighted, and some of them have unique enhancements that help in the position of the feet with each shot, the different features makes it imperative that players go for professional badminton shoes for their game. In rare cases, if the required shoes are not available, squash and tennis boots might do the job, but they might affect the game.

Can I Get Slip-On?

Slip-on shoes are comfortable to go set of shoes that do not need to be tied. They are suitable for daily use but are not recommended for badminton. Lacing up the shoes enables players to tighten and loosen them according to their choice. Slip-on tend to relax with time, and soon enough they might stretch out. Laces are always better for any sport since player get a freehand in selecting the grip.


After reading this whole piece, you may have had a better idea of what the best badminton shoes are. The buyer's guide may have given you an insight into the focusing aspect while the frequently asked questions may have answered your thoughts. We have reviewed products to help our readers understand what the market has to offer.

Each product has its features and its cons which are highlighted to help you know what you can find in various price ranges. If you are still confused as what to buy then go with our Editor’s pick. For men, the recommended product is Asics Men's GEL-Rocket 7 Shoe, and for women, it is ASICS Women's Gel Upcourt Shoe.

While you buy the outcome of your choice, keep in mind these specifications. Remember that you have to focus on the quality of the product because that can affect a whole game depending on what level you are playing. If you want your shoes to last longer than take time maintaining them according to the direction that comes with the pair.

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