Best Badminton Stringing Machine Reviews 2019 | Easy Buyer’s Guide

Here’s the deal:

When you’re serious about playing badminton, you’re more likely to invest in high-end rackets to help improve your game. And they need to be restrung. 


You can cut this expense by restringing your rackets at home with a stringing machine.

To help you find the perfect one, these best badminton stringing machine reviews were compiled.

Best Badminton Stringing Machine


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Gamma Progression II Els Tennis Stringing Machine, Diamond/Black


Klippermate Badminton Stringing Machine


GAMMA X-2 Tennis Racquet/ Racquet Stringing Machine

Top 3 Best Badminton Stringing Machine Reviews

When you’re looking for a stringing machine to use at home, you’ll want to make sure that you’re getting one of the best products possible. To make sure of that, it’s best to compare the top products on the market. Here, the top three products are reviewed to allow you to do just that.

1. Gamma Progression II Els Tennis Stringing Machine

This top of the line stringing machine features a six-point quick-mount support system that can pull anywhere from nine to 90 pounds of tension. It has universal string clamps that are diamond-coated for the proper pressure for badminton rackets as well as a diamond-coated rotational string gripper. The teeth spacing on the machine makes it useful for all racket types, too.

It comes with a hex set wrench, a straight awl and a pathfinder awl, bent nose pliers, straight pliers, and diagonal cut pliers. There is also a 360-degree turntable rotation complete with a locking brake as well as quick-action swivel clamp bases. It is 110 and 220 volt compatible, too.

The digital control panel allows you to change the tension and has nine memory settings for your convenience. You can change the pulling speed, knot function, the pre-stretch, and do internal diagnostic checks, too.

Like any product, however, there are pros and cons to the Gamma Progression II stringing machine:

  • plus-circle
    Optional foot pedal switch and floor stand
  • plus-circle
    5-year limited warranty available
  • plus-circle
    Short time for stringing when compared to other machines
  • minus-circle
    Lack of information in the manual for rackets and string patterns
  • minus-circle
    Not very portable due to its large size
  • minus-circle
    It’s more expensive than other machines

2. Klippermate Badminton Stringing Machine

This is one of the best-selling machines in the US and is the only stringing machine entirely made in America. It’s used by players all around the world who are looking to save money by stringing their rackets at home. It provides accurate stringing with precision tension to one-half pound (tension available from 10 to 32 pounds).

It features lightweight clamps for easy stringing along with a full toolkit (awl, plier, and two clamps). You also get two string packages (33 feet each, one white synthetic, one darker) and one grip package, unlimited tech support from the Klippermate customer service team, and a complete instruction manual.

There are pros and cons for this stringing machine as well:

  • plus-circle
    Unlimited lifetime guarantee on the machine and the tools
  • plus-circle
    30-day money back guarantee after the purchase
  • plus-circle
    Affordable price for good quality (around $200)
  • plus-circle
    Durable and strong.
  • plus-circle
    Bag for storage.
  • minus-circle
    Manual only offers instruction on tennis rackets, not badminton rackets
  • minus-circle
    Instructions seem to be a little vague if you don’t already know how to use a stringing machine
  • minus-circle
    Included awl is too big for badminton rackets
  • minus-circle
    Screw that holds racket is too big for badminton rackets and might cut the string when removing the racket

3. GAMMA X-2 Tennis Racquet/ Racquet Stringing Machine

The Gamma X-2 comes complete with a full set of stringing tools to help you get the best stringing to fit your needs. This is a quality machine made by a trusted brand that has been creating stringing machines for over 25 years. It can fit on a tabletop for your convenience and features a lightweight, strong anodized aluminum construction along with diamond-coated rotational grippers.

Included in your toolkit are a straight awl, a pathfinder awl, a hex wrench set, and straight pliers with a cutter. There is also a built-in drawer and tool tray to hold the tools so they’re easy to access as you string your racket. You also get three sets of Gamma strings and a guide to follow for stringing rackets.

With this machine, you can tension anywhere from nine to 90 pounds thanks to the 360-degree rotating turntable that allows for easy stringing. The machine also has two floating clamps and a two-point mounting system to keep your racket in place. Finally, you get a limited lifetime warranty as well as round-the-clock tech support.

The pros and cons of the Gamma X-2 are the following:

  • plus-circle
    Included tools and materials
  • plus-circle
    Wide range of tension
  • plus-circle
    More portable than other models
  • plus-circle
    Affordable price for a top brand
  • minus-circle
    Manual isn’t very useful for inexperienced stringers

Buyer’s Guide – What to Look for in a Stringing Machine

When you’re looking to buy any kind of product, there are certain things that you should look for to make sure you get exactly what you need. Yes, you should look at the price of the items available, the features, and their overall use but there are specific things you should look for when purchasing a stringing machine. Here, the different features you should look for in stringing machines are outlined for you.

Personal Usage Pattern

You have to make sure that the stringing machine you pick will fit your individual needs in terms of how much you’ll use it. If you’re looking to restring rackets frequently, you’ll want something that will be durable, easy to use and have functional features. This kind of machine can be more expensive. However, if you’re only looking to use it a few times a year, you can get away with a cheaper machine with fewer features.

Tension Options

Every stringing machine will have different tension settings. Some will only pull strings to 30 or so pounds while others can pull around 90 pounds of tension. Think about what you need and make sure the stringing machine you pick can meet those needs.

More so, machines will have different ways of operation. Some are manual and work by crank and others are electric. The manual machines obviously take more physical effort to set the tension while the electric machines use a motor and a computer chip to sets the tension. The manual machines are less expensive, of course, but the electric machines are easier to use. Think about what you prefer when looking at models.

Mounting System

The different machines on the market also vary in their mounting systems. These are determined by how many contact points are used on the racket to hold it as it’s strung. A machine can have as little as two contact points and go up to around six points of contact. When there are more points of contact the process ends up taking longer, but the racket will be more stable. A machine with two points is less expensive and faster but it’s been found that the frame can twist during the process.

String Clamps

Some machines have fixed clamps while others have floating clamps. Fixed clamps offer more consistency regarding tension but these types of clamps are usually only available in the expensive models. The floating clamps work fine and are more commonly found in standard stringing machines. Decide on which one you’d prefer and choose a machine that fits your clamp preference.

Size and Price

There are different sized stringing machines available. Some are portable and fit on table tops while others are larger free-standing machines on a pedestal. If you travel to tournaments and want to bring your machine along a smaller machine will suit you while the larger machines are for people looking to only string at home.

There are also different price ranges for stringing machines. You can find some smaller machines for under $200 and there are other machines on the market that cost over $1,000. Consider your budget along with your needs and look for the machines that fit both.

Badminton Stringing Machine Buying FAQs

1. How accurate are stringing machines compares to professional equipment?

Drop weight tension systems (the electric models with the computer chips) are usually accurate to within a pound more or less of the set tension. Spring machines (manual cranks) need to be calibrated after some time because the strings can stretch which can affect the tension precision.

2. What are the clamps made out of?

The clamps on a stringing machine can be made out of either steel or plastic. There are also some clamps that are made of molded or synthetic material. Those along with the plastic clamps are considered to be less durable than steel. They are reported to lose strength over time, so they won’t properly hold the tensed string.

3. How long does it take to string a racket?

This depends on how experienced you are stringing a racket. If you’re a beginner, you will need some time to become familiar with the process. Once you do, the average stringing time is around 30 minutes. This can vary depending on the machine type, though.

4. Do larger, more expensive machines do better work?

The size and price of the machine depend more on what you’re looking for than on how good it works. A stringing machine of any price and size will get the job done properly, but if you want specific features, you’ll likely pay a higher price. Think about what you’re looking for in terms of frequency of use and features and choose the size and price that fits within those parameters.

5. Are all rackets strung the same way?

The process of stringing rackets is the same, but different brands or models might call for slight modifications. Similarly, tennis rackets, badminton rackets, and other rackets might call for various techniques. The manuals that come with each machine will tell you what you need to do to string specific rackets. You’ll find stringing patterns in most guides or on the company’s website, too.


The information found in these best badminton stringing machine reviews have hopefully helped you better understand what is available and what they can do for you. With this information, you can figure out what suits you the best and make the best purchase decision for your needs.

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